A Surprise Turns Wonderful
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was at my family's lake house masturbating when sister's best friend walked in behind me and watched.

My sister and I grew up with parents who were quite successful; Dad was an oncologist, Mom was an economics prof at a small, private university. So, money was never a problem, we always went to good schools, attended camps in the summer, lived in a nice house with an in-ground pool and spent lots of time at the lake cottage our parents owned about an hour from home.

So, life growing up was good, we both went to college, Melissa became a chemical engineer and I became an insurance broker. Now before you start thinking I was hounding people by phone all day, no, I specialized in business insurance helping to cover the risks that occur which, if serious enough, can even sink major corporations.

I had mostly large and medium-sized businesses as clients and the thing I especially liked about it was being an independent broker who could take time off mostly when I wanted to. I always stayed in touch anyway with my laptop and cellphone, so it has really been a great career.

Our father had passed away nearly ten years earlier, I was twenty-six at the time, Mel was twenty-eight. Then we lost our mother about eight months ago to a fast-growing cancer.

As we all know, getting over these things is never easy and my sister and I are very close. She's married to another chemical engineer and he's given her a lot of support on getting through the worst of it.

I'm single; I came close about four years ago but then I think we both just began seeing some flaws in one another that began to give us each second thoughts.

When our mother died, she had already sold our family home and many of its furnishings but she had kept the lake house in the family for Mel and I to inherit which, now, of course, has happened.

It is a three bedroom home with two baths and an outdoor shower, a dock, and a boat shed. It was in pretty decent shape, though, in the last few years, the routine maintenance had been largely ignored. That was something that had weighed on my mind and I decided not long ago to take some time off and go up there and bring the place back to the condition it should be.

Now, I'm not the best handyman in the world but I do know how to paint and caulk and fix most things when they need fixing. So, I took my tool kit and paint and brushes and rollers, all that kind of stuff, and loaded the car up on Friday afternoon and drove up there to stay for the next six to ten days. I parked around back to unload the stuff and store it all on the covered back porch.

I did some minor work that evening but Saturday was when I was going to paint the bedrooms a fresh color and had decided to do it in the nude. It was summer and while the heat hadn't really gotten bad yet, I just figured it would be cooler and easier to do it naked so a shower would clean me up after just fine.

Right after lunch, sitting there in the kitchen, finishing the beer I'd opened, my cock was hanging between my legs when it began to slowly rise. I had my laptop with me, of course, and decided to have a bit of fun time before getting back to painting.

So, I went into the bedroom I was doing, turned on my laptop and got a porn video going of a threesome of two girls and a guy, got my bottle of lube and stretched out on the bed and dribbled a little lube on my hand and began.

I was deep into my pleasure when I began feeling the tip of my cock tingle with excitement, now knowing I was just moments from cumming.

I closed my eyes as my hand felt the throbbing of my ejaculation as my cum splattered down on my abdomen and stomach.

Opening my eyes, I sensed something and turned my head to see a woman standing behind me with her mouth open.

"Oh, shit," I gasped and quickly pulled the covers over me as I heard her say, "Omigod, sorry, Melissa said you wouldn't be here. I'll ... I'll wait in the kitchen, sorry."

I was pretty sure who it was. My sister had a close friend who had become widowed a few years ago and had been having a difficult time of it trying to cope with all the feelings of loss.

I got up and dressed, knowing I had to try to handle this in an adult manner and steeled myself to go to the kitchen and apologize.

As I walked in, I told her, "I'm so sorry. I really apologize for that. I had no idea anyone was coming up here this weekend. I'm so sorry."

"Well, it was rather unexpected. Melissa gave me her key and I was coming up here to kind of get away from things. I'm sorry I didn't ring the bell first. Oh, I'm Alex, Alexis Morrow. I think we met at a party Melissa had about four years ago," she said extending her hand.

"Yes, yes, I remember. I really can't believe we're meeting again under such uncomfortable circumstances. I'm really sorry."

"Oh, well, it was really my fault. I didn't see a car and just came in."

I laughed and told her why I'd parked in back, then offered her a glass of wine or a beer.

"Maybe this will make us forget what happened," I told her as I got us both a glass of Pinot Grigio.

As she took it, she laughed, saying, "Well, I might not want to forget it, Andy, I don't get to see much in the way of anything spicy these days. And my mother, when she caught me once, told me that those urges are natural and part of life. So, my mom approves."

"Here's to your mom," I laughed as I clinked her glass.

"It's funny. I had asked my husband, oh, it was soon after we'd gotten married if he'd do that while I watched and he didn't want to do it. I'd always wanted to watch a man do it. Today, I finally got my wish. So, thank you, Andy."

We finished our glass of wine and I helped her bring her things in and left her to unpack.

Knowing that this would eventually get back to my sister, I decided to call her from the kitchen and tell her what had happened.

So, I got Melissa on the line and told her all about it.

"Oh, is she leaving, coming back home?"

"No, she's in your room unpacking. I just wanted to let you know," I told her.

"Well, I'll tell you probably the best thing for Alex right now would be for my little brother to show her a specially good time this weekend," my sister said as Alex walked back into the room.

"I don't think I'll tell her that, Melissa," I said and Alex gestured for me to hand her the phone as I whispered that I'd told her what had happened.

"Hi, Mel. Seems I surprised your brother here when I came in."

"So he's told me, rather put on a show, he tells me."

"He told you what I saw?"

"Yes, I thought it was funny."

"You would, Mel, you would. Actually, while I was stunned at the time, it was pretty hot to see."

"Well, I'm glad you're not upset. Are you staying the weekend, then?" my sister asked her.

"Yeah, I think so, I really need the change. I'll call you when I get home. Here's Andy," she said as she handed me the phone.

"Don't tell her this, but I hope you two have some fun this weekend. She's really a very pretty woman and I think you two would be good together."

"Okay, well, bye, and I'll keep that in mind,"I answered as we ended the call.

Alex and I sat down as I poured more wine and she began to tell me more about her life and loss.

"It was funny. We had a great sex life but for some reason he would just never masturbate for me no matter how many times I'd asked. We'd do everything else but he just wouldn't do that."

"Well, maybe it's because for most of us we start out pretty young doing that and it's totally private. It's a part of our lives at that age that we keep to ourselves."

"You're probably right. Well, I did finally get to see it, right up to the end which was pretty exciting. I think maybe it was worth waiting for."

I laughed telling her I was happy that she was happy.

"Well, that's something that I haven't been much of since Doug was killed in Afghanistan. It's been almost three years and it's still pretty raw. I'd always wanted children, that's seeming less and less likely," she said as she began to cry.

I stood up and went to her pulling her up into my arms. I had been really bothered by our involvement in what I viewed as such a hopeless war and I was holding one of the real victims of that war in my arms as she sobbed.

We held each other until she regained control, then when she looked up at me, our lips came together.

It was lovely, her lips so soft, her body so tight against mine. Our kiss ended and we looked at one another, then we came together again in a kiss that was changing, more passionate, more intense.

Her tongue eased between my lips as my hands lowered to her butt, pulling her tight against me, pressing my erection to her. Her hands were over me as well, as we stood there making out in the kitchen. What had started out as a sad moment was turning into something far different.

We kissed like teenagers for five or so minutes, then she pulled away and asked, rather breathlessly, "Would you do it again, Andy? Could I watch you do it again?"

"You really liked it that much?"

"Oh, it was such a turn-on. Especially the end."

"Well, maybe you could help me out and let me see you while I do it?"

I know that was really pushing things but, well, like any guy in such a situation, my dick was doing the talking.

She smiled up at me and said, "If I can keep my panties on."

I nodded and took her hand and we walked down to my bedroom.

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