The Pleasure Bunnies Short Story Anthology
Chapter 1: The Ballad of Becky D'Arcy

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Harem, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Prostitution, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Ballad of Becky D'Arcy - A series of short stories set in the Pleasure Bunnies universe.

All was quiet in the dorm where on-site Pleasure Bunnies resided. After being kidnapped, captured, or otherwise coursed, each Pleasure Bunnie was brainwashed into devoted service to its superiors. The Bunnies who were not just over-sized sex dolls or mindless automatons stayed here, either waiting to be purchased or assigned to a Master or Mistress, or working in one of the site's departments.

At 6am, all alarms went off for the Bunnies who had been put to sleep at 11pm the night before. Becky D'arcy was one of the those Pleasure Bunnies. The blond Bunnie's blue eyes snapped open at the chime playing over the speaker in the corner of her part of the apartment. She slid up on her pillows and automatically, as brainwashed into her countless times, looked at the spiral now playing on a panel next to the bed. A bright pink spiral danced across the screen, putting her into a light trance as the screen slowly faded to display her routine for the day. After a minute, Becky tapped a pink tipped nail against the screen to acknowledge she understood her commands and would obey.

Naked, the curly haired blond stepped out of bed and into a pair of pink platform heels. Becky, like many Pleasure Bunnies, was conditioned to always need to wear high heels. This wasn't a lot different from her previous life, so she conformed without much hesitation. She swayed out of her apartment, briefly pausing to notice her roommate Ariel was still on the overnight shift at the on site Gentleman's Club and would be sleeping during the day. Her heels clicked across the hard floor of the hallway as two other Bunnies smiled and waved to her as they followed Becky towards their communal shower.

The shower was circular with numerous heads that sprayed out so two Bunnies could stand under each. Becky slipped off her heels, handing them to the man who ran the showers during the morning shift, and padded quietly into the shower. Without Ariel there, she often just stuck to herself in the showers. About 30 other Bunnies were at various shower heads, some lathering each other, a few so enthusiastically they were obviously programmed to do it, but Becky kept to herself. A rather curvy blond named Courtney was at the next shower head, passively washing herself.

Becky soaped up and washed her toned, sun kissed, legs that began her 5' 4" frame and her hairless midsection. A pink-tipped manicured hand washed underneath her augmented DD breasts and she wiggled a little bit while washing the bottom of the right one, which was quite sensitive. She washed down her face, holding her hair up so her bouncy curls would not get more than damp.

Some of the Bunnies chatted amongst themselves, but Becky remained quiet. She'd never been the brightest girl, but her reprogramming did not involve some kind of bubble-brained bimboness, like Courtney for example, but more focused, devoted, service. Idle chatters with her equals just didn't feel that important to her.

After toweling off, Becky watched the last of the shower water swirl into a large drain and then reacquired her platform heels and outfit for the day. The blond would wear a light pink miniskirt and a sleeveless pink top which cut off near her belly button. The skintight top sat snug against her augmented breasts.

Becky sat down at one of about 50 desks that held a large mirror and an assortment of makeup supplies. Her name was written in pink cursive writing on the top of the mirror. She applied some green eyeshadow and other makeup to look her best. Look her best pleased others, which brought her great pleasure. After playing with her hair for a moment, a sudden command, remotely sent from somewhere, slipped into her brainwashed and chipped mind. A half minute passed as the blond assessed the command. She swung out of the chair and walked as quickly as the platform heels she wore let her to her next destination.

A soft knock at the door interrupted William Cullen's discussion with a potential Pleasure Bunnie buyer. "One second," he said, holding up a finger as he walked to the door. At the door stood Cynthia, his secretary, a beautiful brunette Bunnie. "Sir, Miss D'arcy is here, Sir."

He smiled at the sweet girl. "Great, send her in." He opened the door a bit more as Becky swayed in, a determined, conditioned, look on her face, as she came out from behind Cynthia. William made eye contact with Becky and nodded encouragingly.

Becky snapped to attention as Cynthia shut the door to return to her duties. "This," William began with a slight pat on the girl's mini-skirted bottom, "is Becky. She is one of our finest Pleasure Bunnies. She has served on and off site for about six months and is available for purchase. I thought Miss D'arcy would be a good example of what purchasing a Pleasure Bunnie can offer you.

William pushed the top button on the remote in his hand. Becky dropped to her knees immediately, staring straight ahead. The life left her blue eyes as the beautiful blond waited for command. The potential buyer, a European businessman, stood up and walked over to the girl. "Wow, fascinating." He observed her for a long moment, while William took a seat on the edge of his desk. The buyer turned back to him after carefully examining the girl. "She will stay this way until commanded otherwise, correct?"

William nodded, "we offer the ultimate in compliance," he began before gesturing to the remote in his hand as he pressed another button. Becky blinked once and raised herself gracefully and snapped to attention. The empty look returned to her beautiful face, curls bouncing as she stopped in place. After a moment, her back stiffened, breasts thrust out, and her head slightly tilted to the side. The buyer took a step back as it happened, but was clearly pleased by the performance.

William never felt like he was a good salesman; thankfully, the merchandise spoke for itself. He stood up off the desk and handed the remote to the man. "Try her out." He showed the buyer the buttons they'd already tried. A push of another button put Becky on all fours, ass pushed up, platform heels sticking out from behind her. The girl looked straight ahead, eyes glassy and body frozen like a statue.

Becky felt so good just mindlessly obeying her controllers. No thinking, no decisions, just pure obedience. She blinked a few times as the ability to think slowly came back to her. The buyer was gone from the room, but William knelt down next to her. "You did well, Becky, but, unfortunately, he did not purchase you."

Becky frowned. "I am so sorry, Master!" Her beautiful blue eyes began to tear up, but stopped as he put a hand on her arm.

"No, no, no. You were a good example. He will definitely be a buyer, but he just wanted something else." Becky still pouted, which caused William to hug her. "You just weren't right for him, but that doesn't mean you're not a good Bunnie." He put a hand on her neck. "You're beautiful, and very pleasing."

Becky smiled now. With a pat on the bottom, William sent her off to her next task as he walked back over to his desk to answer a page from Cynthia.

After William cheered Becky up, she left him and traveled across their underground campus to the training center. Along the way, she was stopped twice by workers who wanted to check up on the girl's destination. Quietly, she recited it and was let go.

Inside the large training center, she stood inside the door for a moment. One Bunnie jogged on the track while another three were working out in deep, deep, mindless trances. On the left-hand side she found her destination, which was the long series of treadmills where she worked out to further refine her short, but rather shapely, legs.

Becky's personally assigned trainer Jonas was just walking out of his office when he noticed the curly haired Bunnie heading towards the treadmills. "Hello, little doll," he greeted her as she smiled at him. Becky could feel her mind slow down a little bit as the handsome European man explained what she would be doing today.

Becky has been a Pleasure Bunnie for awhile, and could work the treadmill herself, but Jonas loved to do the spiral induction on the treadmill's screen himself with each girl. "Now," he started, as her alluring green eyes focused on him, "I am going to set your mileage for the workout."

He pushed a button and the treads beneath Becky began to move, causing her to start walking slowly. Her gait had been adjusted to a rather sexy sway. Hundreds of miles in very high heels on these treadmills had crafted her body to perfection. "Keep watching the number as it goes down." Becky stared at the four miles, which became three point nine, and then her body went on auto-pilot as the hypnotic spiral above the numbers triggered a deep trance for her. She would follow the on screen directions and recreate the perfected sway that would make her please. Becky's only thought at this point was of pleasure ... of giving pleasure to her superiors. Jonas left her to her workout.

After her workout, Becky dreamily took a quick shower, redressed, and did her makeup quickly before leaving the pink walled locked room to head to her photo-shoot for the new "PB Modeling Enterprises" modeling site that she was a star on.

Well, Becky wasn't necessarily a star, but her persona, "Busty Becki," certainly was. Busty Becki loved to show off her DD's and undress in a variety of ways during photo-shoots. Becki did not do nudes, an idea William had after reviewing other sites already online, and "borrowing" some of their models, and made a good amount of money for the corporation. Most of her shoots involved fan requested fetishes or fantasies. Whatever pleased her Masters, the curly blond thought as she entered the photo-shoot area, would be fine with her. With a determined look, she walked, heels clicking across the floor, towards her main photographer, a handsome man named Phillip, who performed a number of duties around the facility.

Before she reached him, Phillip toggled a button on the small remote that came out of his pocket. Becky blinked a few times as she became Becki, a cheerful and very obedient little angel who walk as quick as the five inch heels she wore allowed her to hug her dear controller. "Master!" she squealed and she hugged him tightly, augmented breast squished against him.

Phillip grinned and hugged the sweet girl back. Generally, he was know to be a very kind controller who treated the Bunnies kindly and did not abuse his position that often. He had recently taken on his own Bunnie, who was being reconditioned for his use, so his relationship with Busty Becki was mostly platonic despite the programmed persona being enslaved to his will.

Phillip pulled away and ran a hand over the obedient girl's neck. Becki stared at him with puppy dog devotion, a feminine sigh coming out of her as she thrust her breasts at her Master. "We have only one set to shoot for this week." He pointed at a dark haired woman, who towered over the tiny girl in her pair of high heeled boots. "Lady Melinda over there will be assisting us." The woman wore a latex outfit from head to toe, which hugged her own hyper augmented breasts, the high heeled boots over it. A pale face was highlighted by piercing dark green eyes.

Phillip touched Becki's collar, which got her complete attention. She smiled at her controller, deeply enthralled to the nice man.

"You will be a good girl during the shoot." He paused to take Becki's manicured hand off his sweater. "The last Dominatrix set we did with 'Airhead Ariel' was one of our highest rated sets yet."

Becki cut in. "I was the Domme!" She clapped a few times. "Ariel was a very bad girl." She pouted a little.

Phillip mentally frowned, but smiled at the girl. The "Becki" persona tried way too hard to be the opposite of Becky, who was a focused and very determined Pleasure Bunnie. "Yes, well, I think what we will do here is have Melinda paddle you in various stages of undress down to your underwear. He turned to Melinda, who nodded reassuringly at the plausibility of the shoot.

While Phillip took his camera out and set up the lighting, Becki and Melinda briefly conversed about the best way to do this. Upon deciding on something, Melinda gently nudged the girl to the ground, where she authoritatively stood over the Pleasure Bunnie. She grabbed at the girl's collar and Phillip began snapping pictures of Becki looking up frightened, then lovingly, then lowering her eyes, then also bowing at her Mistress' feet.

Becki ended up, skirt off, but not her heels, on Melinda's lap as the older Domme paddled her with a hair brush. Phillip realized that the girls needed implements with their names on them. Some people would probably be turned on by that. He continued taking pictures of her. Moving in closer to get Becki's facial expression as the girl cried out, then moaned, then, around the twentieth strike, looked more submissive and under Melinda's control. That was her programming kicking in. Discipline from a superior always led to a passive, docile, Pleasure Bunnie. The gradual evolution of an unruly Becki to a gentle dove during the spankings would be a best seller.

Melinda then commanded Becki to strip off her top, which Becki did slowly, methodically, and rather sexily. Down to her standard bra, panties, and heels that were the signature of her non-nude website, they took some shots of her standing at attention, breasts thrust out while Melinda observed her, a mixed look of discipline and pleasure on her face. One of Busty Becki's biggest selling points was her ability to look so deeply vacant. She could play bimbo, slut, girl next door, or slave with the slightest adjustment of her face.

The final shots of the set were of Becki kneeling at her Mistress' feet, bowing to her and then being dragged by the collar toward the bed. At the end, Mistress Melinda was sent back to her regular position as a trainer and Busty Becki was tranced and sent off to her next destination, where she would wake up.

Becki slowly became Becky again as she walked across campus to her apartment again. At her door, she entered her pass-code with the pink tip of a nail and paused as the door swooshed open. Inside, she ate a quick lunch, just a salad and an apple, and then settled in for a few hours of downtime.

In their bedroom, Becky found Ariel sleeping, naked, a vapid smile on her face even in sleep. The vapid, almost mindless, fuckdoll thrived in her empty-headed obedience. Becky was apparently destined for other things.

The curly haired blond passed the time masturbating before redressing for the afternoon. She had earned the self pleasure through being such a good girl all morning. Her loud moan was not heard by her roommate, who was in an "off" mode while sleeping.

As she prepared for her afternoon task, a sudden blankness came over Becky. She stood, frozen in place, green eyes empty, for a minute as an update to her programming came in through a wireless feed to the chips in her brain. After the minute passed, Becky continued cleaning up and checking herself one last time in the mirror before leaving as if nothing had happened.

After redressing, a slight air of self pleasure coming off of her, Becky made her way down a few elevators to a deeper part of their complex where a Gentleman's club was housed. This club was used by off duty staff to unwind, many actually did just have lunch or dinner there, and to entertain guests or potential Bunnie buyers. On any given day, there could be as many as five to ten buyers somewhere in the complex, so it was important to give them somewhere to see Bunnies at their most sexual.

Becky did a few shifts a few in the club, often dancing for a few hours and then entertaining guests or potential buyers. Occasionally she would be a hostess, as she was instructed today by the manager, but not before a late lunch break long blowjob before she changed into a very short miniskirt, tube top, and a different pair of platform heels. The blond put on her best ditzy smile and began serving guests, workers, and a few buyers who were lingering near where Bunnies danced trying to get a feeling for what owning a Pleasure Bunnie would entail.

One of them, a Japanese businessman, seemed to find them unreal as he stared at them. Becky wandered over, hips swaying seductively, and tried to get his attention away from the former sorority girl sliding upside down a pole in front of him. "Hello, Sir," she began, smiling at him. "How are you enjoying your time here? Is there anything Becky can get you, Sir?"

The man, dark haired and probably around 30, looked her up and down a few times and looked back to the dancers on stage. "I am just browsing here. I am ... a little bit amazed by what I am seeing."

Becky nodded. This was pretty common. She put a hand on his suit jacket arm, trailing the tip of a nail against his wrist. "They are very much real. Each Pleasure Bunnie exists to please, Sir." She leaned a little closer, cleavage exposed from her pink tube top. "How can Becky assist, Sir?" Her smile was genuine. He seemed like a nice man; she wanted to help as much as possible. An overriding part of her programming made her strongly desire personal ownership as well. Perhaps this could be the one!

He looked thoughtful for a moment, but then took her sun kissed hands in his own. She gently squeezed in acquiescence. "How about you tell me more, over dinner?"

He said it like a question. That was something Becky would have to help him with. There was no need to ask a Pleasure Bunnie a question like that. She began to lead him towards a private dining booth, getting the attention of another hostess. "Of course, Sir, Becky lives to please." She smiled warmly at his nervous grin.

They ate dinner and talked. He was curious how Becky got there and the differences between Bunnies like her and one on stage right now. Becky explained that some Bunnies where just living dolls who existed for their next command. Sex and service were their lives. This was unlike more independent Bunnies like Becky, who had minimal agency over themselves, but were still under control.

Buyer and Bunnie continued to chat as they finished dinner. "How do I take control of a Bunnie like you?" He asked, more confident after their conversation.

"Sir," Becky began, smiling flirtatiously, "by speaking to Becky, you took control of her until she is of no use to you anymore this evening." The curly haired blond came around the table and snuggled up to her controller. "Becky exists to please you, Sir. How will she please you, Sir?" She ran a pink tipped nail over the slight bulge in his pants.

"Is there somewhere we can go to be more private?" Becky suggested his quarters and he agreed to it. The Pleasure Bunnie made eye contact with another hostess, who nodded to her in acknowledgment that Becky would be ending her shift elsewhere.

At his door, Becky idled while he swiped the lock so they could enter the room. The Japanese buyer kissed her as they entered the room. "I want you," he commanded more authoritatively, which made the Bunnie wet with glee. He threw her on the bed and began to strip off his clothes, while she seductively slipped out of her own minimal clothing. Last, she slid off her shoes, flirtatiously holding them in her hands before dropping them on the floor.

He came over to the bed. Becky found him very appealing, a nice body and flat stomach. She lowered her eyes, but then looked up with a docile, incredibly sexy look on her face, "Sir, how will Becky please you?"

The buyer's next actions could be called rape, if you could rape a Pleasure Bunnie, as he threw her back on the bed and held her down as he fucked her rapidly. Becky clenched herself around him and screamed out in pleasure as his cock pounded into her. Bunnie came as her controller did, his loud and triumphant cry almost overcome by her girlie scream.

The buyer fell on the pillow panting and laughing joyfully. "I want a doll, a doll who can fuck like that." Becky looked at him eagerly, having grown a little attached to him as the night went on, "but only like that." She frowned a little, disappointed. Noticing her frown, he pulled her close. "You are sweet, and incredibly sexy, but I am not interested in a girl ... of substance."

"Sir, Becky could be reprogrammed and made to fulfill your needs." She stared at him, pleading blue eyes growing stiller, trying to please.

He shook his head slowly. "No. I already know you can be something more than that. I want..." He paused, trying to find the right word. "Something that is devoid of that. Which means I don't want to know her before she is mine."

Becky nodded slowly and put her head against his chest. "Becky understands, Sir."

They kissed again and Becky began to get dressed. The buyer got into the shower and did not acknowledge her as she closed the door behind her.

In the hallway, Becky found herself moving towards the elevator at the end of the hall. An urge to travel a few floors up suddenly came over her, probably triggered somehow by something.

In the elevator, Becky reflected on how she had become a Pleasure Bunnie. She had always been a follower, mostly right behind her best friend Jessica Kanko, who she never got to see anymore. It all began with an internet modeling CD she got in the mail. A few nights later, Jessica called her and told her to meet at the mall because a few hot guys were there for them.

Both were captured and triggered into obedience. After being brought into slavery, Becky was reprogrammed to exist to please. She wasn't really unhappy with her life; the blond found it simple to do as she was told and be happy doing it. There weren't a lot of worries for the girl, just obedience.

As the elevator's doors opened at her destined floor, Becky suddenly realized where she was going as her mind came out of its programmed haze. A sweet smile came over her face as the message that had been wirelessly sent to her programmed mind earlier in the day streamed through it again and again: "You're a good girl, Becky D'arcy," followed by instructions to join Master William when her duties were done for the evening.

She gently knocked, the knock of a feminine, docile, slave. A Korean Bunnie, in a pink maid uniform with white stockings, answered the door and allowed the girl in. Another Bunnie, a pale, incredibly sexy, redhead stood at attention, also in a maid uniform, as if frozen in time.

Out of a small study came William. "Ah, don't worry about her." He looked at the maid. "You are dismissed for the evening."

"Yes, Master," she declared as she moved to the guest quarters. The red-haired maid came to life suddenly and looked around, waiting for command.

William took Becky's hand in his own, a finger trailing against a pink tipped nail. "I saw what happened to you just now, so I am glad I had you triggered to come here." It troubled even him how little his secret view of her serving that man troubled the Pleasure Bunnie.

Becky sighed loudly and William pulled her into a hug. "You are a good girl, Becky. We will find you the right person." He paused, rubbing her back gently. "Until then, we are happy to have you here."

Becky looked up at him on her high-heeled tippy toes. William leaned down to kiss her gently. Becky reacted to his actions and threw herself on him, allowing her superior to toss her towards the bed. Tearing at each other's clothes, they made love as the two vacant maids in the kitchen and living room acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Until something more permanent came along, pleasing a man like William made life worth living.

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