Repairing the Porch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An erotic tale of a married couple who enjoys their open relationship.

A few months back I was tasked with doing repairs to the back porch. Nothing major really but repairs in need none the less. When I woke up that Saturday morning it was around 7 am. I stretched and yawned and rolled over an snuggled up against my wife. She's 41 5' 4" tall 115lbs great ass and nice B cup titties. When I pressed up against her my cock started to get hard. I kissed her neck. She groaned, not a horny groan mind you but that "it's Saturday morning, and I want to sleep" type groan. I reached around and cupped her tit and nibbled her ear. Then I slid my hand down into her panties and found her clit. Within a few seconds she pressed back against my hard on with her ass. After a few minutes I threw back the covers and rolled her over on her back, spread her legs and moved down for breakfast. I started kissing and nuzzling her clit through her panties. She gasped and groaned again this time the groan singled for me to eat her pussy.

I moved the material of fabric that covered her moistening cunt and began to dine. My hard cock pressed against the mattress as I pleasured her. It didn't take long and she was on the edge of climax. However it was at that moment I got up off the bed and started toward the bathroom.

A disappointed look came over her face. Why did you stop she asked me. I smiled and said I have to start that porch hun. Gees she exclaimed that's mean. I leaned over and kissed her and said I will make up to you. You're damned right you will she said. After I brushed my teeth she came into the bathroom. Still mad I asked? No she said, but still horny no thanks to you. I hugged her and said I'll go fix breakfast, get your shower and wear something sexy. Why she asked me. I smiled and said because I want you to and Al is coming over to help me with the porch. She raised an eyebrow and said oh really. Yes I said. And if I don't she asked? Well I said maybe I'll be too tired to finish what I started. With that I headed to the kitchen.

Shortly after I had fried up some bacon I heard Al's van pull into the drive way. I walked out back and around the house and singled for him to come around back. I thanked him for coming to help me. He said no biggie and that he had nothing else to do.

We got started and after about 4 hours the project was done except for some cosmetic touches. I asked Al if he wanted something to drink. He said sure and he said he would load his tools and be right back. I walked into the house and almost fell backwards. My eyes were as huge as half dollars and I almost forgot to breath. There stood my wife in the kitchen. High heels, thigh high hose, and a micro mini skirt with matching top. And no panties. Sexy enough she said? All I could do was nod.

She asked where Al was. I told her he was putting his tools away and was coming in for something to drink. She said have you paid him yet? No I replied. Think he'll settle for a blow job instead of cash? Oh I bet you could convince him I said. She giggled and said well we'll see huh? I guess we will I said in response. We heard Al walk up onto the porch and he knocked on the door. Come on in I said loudly. The door opened and Al stepped inside. His reaction to my wife standing there scantily clad was a classic. Instantly his eyes widened and he said Oh I'm sorry and started to go back out the door. No no I said, come on in Al. Are you sure he asked? Yes said my wife, we're sure. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, and no wonder.

I said Well Al I was going to give you cash for helping me this morning, but the misses here wonders if a blowjob would be payment enough? Al stood there wide eyed and almost unable to speak. Huh? Was his response. I laughed. She walked over to him and took him by the arm and said, Would you rather I give you a blow job or do you want cash for helping my husband? Al was still pretty dazed. Well ... uh ... I ... uh was all he could say at first. Then he looked at me and said, Are you guys serious? Yes replied my wife, I simply nodded my approval. His knees were shaking slightly. Well ... sure ... I would love a blow job he finally stated. My wife giggled and said Well then sir let me pay you for your labor.

He leaned back against the counter. My wife asked him Do you like my outfit? She spun slowly around. Al took a deep breath as her ass came into his view. My cock was rock hard. I love it when she teases and adore her when she pleases. It was obvious from the bulge in his jeans he liked what he was seeing. She stepped toward him and knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans and then unzipped them. As she pulled his pants and underwear down his cock sprang up right in front of her mouth. Mmmmmm, she purred, you're mine she said to his cock. And without any hesitation she opened her lovely lips and began her magic.

Her mouth enveloped Al's manhood and he took a deep breath. His eyes rolled back into his head as she cupped his balls. I stood watching my sexy slut wife and I squeezed my hard cock through my jeans. Every so often she would moan softly as she sucked and bobbed her head back and forth on his dick. Al placed his left hand on the back of her head and barely muttered the word Damn. My wife loves sucking cock and it was obvious Al loved her sucking his. My wife would look up at Al and admire the look of gratification on his face. I bet you've wanted her for some time now huh Al I asked him? He looked at me and wasn't sure how to answer. I said come on Al we have been friends for at least 3 years now right? I know you've lusted after her, I said laughingly, right? He smiled and said I will admit, I have always wondered what that sweet ass looked like uncovered. Well I said, now you know.

Al looked down at my wife and with an excited tone he said, I'm going to cum. Mmmmm my wife purred and she kept right on sucking. He placed both hands on her head and within a few minutes his hips began to buck and his body shook. My wife was working that cock so as to get every drop of cum it produced. Like a pro she swallowed his protein offering. All moaned and trembled. When he had delivered his last morsel of man juice my wife stood up and said There sir was that payment enough? Al smiled a huge smile and asked, Are there any other projects you guys have planned? My wife and I giggled. Al said well I have to go for now. My wife said let me walk you to your van. All fixed his pants and the three of us strolled to the drive way.

She opened his door and I said to my wife, Stand up there hun and let me snap a pic. She smiled and I took out my phone and snapped a pic of her standing in the doorway of his van. She hugged and kissed Al. He thanked us and we thanked him and as he started to drive away I told him I would send him a copy of the pic. Wow Thanks he replied and then drove off. The misses turned to me and said, Now mister you're going to finish what you started this morning. Well I said kiddingly, If I must. And she and I went inside. The rest I am sure you can figure out.

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