What Happened Under the Moonlight
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I had my eyes on my best friend's daddy so when it was his birthday, I came up with the perfect gift.

I shivered in the cool air as I sat by the cabana waiting for him. I knew he'd gotten my e-card. But what had been his reaction when he found it?

Here I waited for him. Not wrapped up with a bow but sitting on the chaise dressed in a robe that covered my red bikini.

Everyone had given him their birthday present except me. I hadn't brought anything to my friend's house when I spent the night.

Except myself, and some things in a night bag ... but I knew why I had accepted Tiffani's invite to help her celebrate her father's birthday.

Tiffani had been an accidental pregnancy that pushed two college students to marry earlier than planned. Her father traveled a lot as president of a securities firm and her mother had headed back to school after raising Tiffany and her younger brother Luke. Luke was overseas doing his military stint before he'd go to college and eventually work for his father.

Devlin had arrived back from a job last night to celebrate his birthday. A few years shy of 50, he cut an impressive figure. His body hardened by his training when he'd been a mercenary. He's always been rough around the edges.

That's why he fascinated me. I'd watched him from a teenager's eyes until I'd grown older and now having just turned 19, I viewed him much differently.

I knew he viewed me differently too. I'd known that since the night at the beach house. I'd accompanied Tiffany's family to barbecue after a day of swimming and sunning on the exclusive strip of beach. We'd been cleaning up, me and Devlin while Tiffany was outside and Gloria his wife was running an errand in town.

The tension had been building up between us all day. The way our eyes met on their way to look at something else, anything else but each other. The way he had carefully embraced me when I had arrived being oh so careful where he placed his hands. His wife wasn't too far away after all and neither was his daughter.

I knew he had learned to be careful before I entered the picture. But that just fascinated me all the more about him.

"So what you think of the beach here?"

His attempt to keep it casual while we had washed dishes and put them away in the cupboard ... with him dressed in shorts and a casual shirt and I in my pink bikini which showed off my tanned skin and cutoffs which accentuated my legs toned by running.

"It's great," I said, putting a dish aside, "When I'm older and settled in a career I'm going to have a house like this one to retreat to..."

"Yeah it's great ... when I'm home after an assignment," he said, "So relaxing, the water's warm and the kids have always loved it."

I didn't want to be reminded that one of his kids was my best friend. So I tried to keep it casual, though my heart beat inside my chest.

"Thanks for inviting me ... coming back from my first year at college it's been so stressful with exams."

"But you're doing very well aren't you," he said, "Sometimes I wish Tiffany had your outlook on the future. I doesn't give it much thought."

I wasn't thinking about Tiffany right now but I smiled anyway.

"Yeah well it's not always what it's cracked up to be," I said, "I feel like I've missed out on a lot."

"Like what?"

I felt suddenly shy under his intense gaze. His dark hair slightly rumpled and his grey eyes crinkled at the corners from years in the sunlight. When those eyes looked at me like now, it made my insides heat up.

"Like going to parties ... making lots of friends ... having a boyfriend."

He smiled.

"There's plenty of time for that," he said, "You're very pretty I. I imagine you've attracted your share of attention."

"Maybe but I just don't have the time..."

"Now you do ... now that it's summer," he said, "I know you have that job at the nursery ... Mac's a good guy."

"Yes he is ... and I've loved working for him in the summers," I said, "Maybe it's time to make time for finding someone ... at least for the summer."

I felt something change in the air between us. He reached out and played with a strand of my hair.

"Damn I ... what I just thought," he said, "I should be shot for it."

I liked the way his fingers felt when they brushed my skin.

"For what ... what were you thinking?"

He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"No ... forget it ... we're almost done here and Gloria will be back soon."

I took a step toward him.

"Not yet I won't ... please tell me ... did I do something wrong?"

He shook his head.

"No ... but I'm about to ... damn I'm hardly a saint I ... I've had my moments ... but I love my family."

"Nothing wrong about that and what about me makes you say such a thing?"

He looked away.

"When I look at you ... I don't see my daughter's best friend, I see a beautiful young woman," he said, "and I think about what I want ... and it's not for your ears."

I tilted my face.

"You mean you want me?"

He turned away then and I knew I got my answer.


He looked at me again.

"I want you too."

He sighed.

"You don't know what you want."

Irritation hit me at his attitude.

"How do you know," I said, "Are you inside my head or do you just want to get inside my pants?"

He rubbed his forehead.


"I want you to be my lover this summer ... no commitment."

"I'm married..."

I nodded licking my lips.

"I know ... but my parents were married and it didn't last so what does it mean anyway?"

He looked at me, and the conflict I read on his face. I knew I had his attention.

"How many lovers have you even had?"

I couldn't answer that question.

"I take it that means none? I what the hell are you thinking? You need to find a nice guy your age..."

I smiled.

"You're nice ... and guys my own age don't get me."

I took one step closer to him, carefully measuring it.

"Come closer Devlin ... please..."

He resisted as I knew he would but his eyes examined me and lingered on all the wrong places. So I moved even closer to bridge the gap. I then reached to place my hands on his broad chest and after I did that, I leaned closer so I could reach his lips. my mouth bruId against his and he didn't pull back. I deepened my kiss, carefully exploring his mouth with my own. His stubble scratched my skin which I liked.

"Oh I..."

His hands reached to cup my breasts slowly at first but once he got his hands on me I knew he wouldn't stop. He rubbed the fabric of my bikini against them, I knew he'd felt my hardening nipples.

"Devlin ... please..."

He kissed my back, even harder, so practiced it nearly took my breath away. I knew he'd kissed many women. His hands cupped my breasts squeezing them slightly as he maneuvered me against the sink. I felt his lips trap my own between them, sucking at them before releasing them and I felt my head spin. His hands on my breasts made them ache. It made another part of me much lower ache too. I moved that part of me against him, coaxing a response.

He groaned and I took that as a cue to slide one of my hands down to his groin and cupped the bulge underneath it. I rubbed it feeling it grow and push against fabric to reach me.

"I ... god..."

"You like that," I said, "I do too..."

He kissed me harder, and I felt his tongue probing my lips, trying to find a way to breach them to slide into my mouth.

"We can't do this..."

I gently squeezed his cock fighting to get out of his pants.

"We are doing this..."

I started to unzip his pants to get closer to him. I felt him push me harder against the sink and one of his hands slip between my thighs pressing against my pants. I knew right now he wanted to pull my clothes down and fuck me against the sink ... god I wanted him to do that. But with Tiffany outside ... not to mention his wife ... not a good idea...

"Devlin ... we have to stop."

"You're the one who got started I..."

His breath sounded uneven.

"Don't start something you aren't willing to finish."

I sighed as he slid his hands into my cutoffs ... too too close...

"I want this ... god I do but not here ... I don't want anyone to do about us ... and what's we're going to do."

He sighed withdrawing his hand but both of them to cup my ass.

"Okay so when?"

I straightened my clothes in front of him after he took his hands off of me.

"Soon ... god I can't believe it..."

"Believe what?"

"That I came on to you..."

"Me neither but now that you did," he said, "You've gotten me thinking how much I want you..."

I nodded.

"Okay ... I'll let you know ... when."

We separated enough so that when Tiffany came in to ask I to go take a walk on the beach with her, I didn't suspect.

Close enough ... but next time...

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