Helping Brittany Again

by TheWatcher58

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I'd helped Brittany before to put together some furniture, and I'd helped myself to her delicious body. Now she's back again wanting more of the same body treatment. Who am I to deny a young lady the benefit of my old cock.

I was taking it easy in my unit on a lazy Saturday afternoon when I heard a short knock on my door. I wasn't expecting anyone so I was at a loss as to who it could be. I was surprised when I opened the door to find Brittany at my door. She looked sensational in her short shorts and tight t-shirt.

My eyes scanned up and down her, from her eyes to her toes. Yumm ... her feet were bare and her toes painted with a pale pink polish.

"Come on in Brittany. It's so good to see you".

As she walked on in, my mind flashed back to the last time that Brittany had entered my unit. A trail of discarded clothes started at the front door that time, and ended at the side of my bed. We had fucked up a storm a couple of months ago. It was sensational for me - a 53 year old male fucking a petite 20 year old girl, and loving every minute (and hour) of it.

She stopped in my lounge room and faced me.

"Hi. You helped me sooo much last time. I was wondering if you could help me again" she enquired.

"Have you brought some more furniture?" I asked her.

"No..." she hesitated before continuing " ... could we fuck again?". She looked me right in the eye with a pleading look.

"Fuck yeh!!!" was my immediate reply with a massive grin on my face, followed by a laugh that she joined in with.

Thirty seconds later we were naked on my bed. She has a sensational body - petite, slim with barely there tits with large hard nipples, and a pussy totally devoid of hairs. Her dark hair was cut in a page boy style.

Our lips had been together almost the whole time since she asked to be fucked again. She had the softest of lips, and the most inquisitive of tongues as it parried with mine. My hand was caressing her tits and tweaking her nipples; whilst her hand was stroking my fully erect and fat 10 inch cock. She plastered her body to mine as we attempted to devour each other.

Finally we broke the kiss to catch a breath.

"Fuck ... I'd sorta forgotten just how big you were" she moaned. "You know that you have ruined me for any other guy ... I've had a few fucks since last time here, and none of them did much for me".

We kissed again for another couple of minutes before she spoke again.

"I made them all wear condoms. I wanted to be safe for you ... I want you to fuck me bareback." she whispered in my ear. My cock jumped in her hand when I heard that news.

"Ooooooh ... he loves that!!" she groaned as she felt my cock jump and twitch in her small hand.

She wrapped her free hand and arm around my neck and pulled me closer as we mashed our lips together. Her hand and my throbbing hard cock became wedged between us, with her hard nipples boring into my chest.

My lips slipped from hers and laid a trail of kisses along her jaw bone up to her earlobe. I nibbled on her lobe for a few seconds before sliding my tongue into her ear. She tensed immeasurably with that intrusion. I licked a few moments more before nibbling under her lobe before latching my teeth and lips onto her neck to impart a hickey on her neck.

"Oh god.!!!" she groaned as I sucked on her neck. I moved a little to make the hickey even larger on her neck. Her hand went to the back of my head and pulled me harder against her neck.

"Mark me ... mark me..." she chanted.I obeyed by moving again to enlarge the bite mark until it stretched a full four inches from the base of her ear to approaching her collar-bone.

"Ooooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuccckkk!!!" she shouted "I'm cummmmmmiinnngg". Her body convulsed as a large orgasm racked her body, and I could feel her juices running down my thigh as she humped her pussy against my thigh.

I slid down between her wide spread thighs and brought my lips and tongue to her pussy. From memory, she tasted absolutely divine last time. She doesn't have much in the form of pussy lips - just a tight crease hides the entrance to her tight cauldron.

I ran my tongue along the middle of her crease with my taste buds picking up on her beautiful taste. Applying a little more pressure and my tongue parted her crease slightly, revealing a wetness that would soon coat my cock as it slid deep inside her pussy. Pushing a little harder and my tongue parted her pussy lips. Her inner heat and aroma teased my senses as my lips and tongue were treated to a wet and tangy pussy meal.

"Oh, oh, oh ... fuuucckk!!!" she groaned as I teased the tight entrance to her pussy canal with the tip of my tongue before retreating and sliding up to tease her clit. A couple of licks to her clit before I returned to her pussy canal entrance for a tongue stab into her boiling cauldron.

"Oh fuck, I'd forgotten just how gooood you are with your tongue" she moaned. "Oh fuck me ... fuck me with your tongue!!!" she pleaded as I teased her a little more before spearing my broad tongue as deep as I could manage into her boiling pussy.

Her hot juices coated my tongue as she came hard on my tongue. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!! cummmiinnnggg" she screamed as her body convulsed and her juices sprayed forth. She came hard for about 10 or 15 seconds before she settled back onto the bed. Her body would twitch every 10 seconds or so until she became calm.

"Oh my fucking god!!!" she exclaimed "I feel completely shagged already and I haven't had your beautiful cock inside me yet". She reached down as she spoke and grabbed my rock hard cock, grasping its shaft as she milked it, readying it for its journey inside her deliciously tight pussy.

The journey was about to start as I shuffled between her widespread thighs, nudging her very wet pussy entrance with my cockhead. I pushed a little and parted her lips, running my cock up and down between her very wet lips. I rubbed it over her clit a few times, causing her to moan louder. Then grasping my cock by shaft base, I slapped her pussy lips with my cock. I was going to spank her delicious pussy with my cock.

Slap ... slap ... slap...

My cock made contact with her pussy lips. They reacted and blossomed open, almost enticing me to plunder her depths immediately. I resisted and kept on slapping her pussy. I could hear her juices building and sloshing around just inside her pussy. With a few more well placed slaps, her pussy fountained its juices high into the air, spashing all over my chest with some hitting me in the face.

Brittany's body convulsed and she screamed as her massive cum racked her body. I fell back down and rubbed my face into the wet mess that was enveloping her pussy. Her juices coated all of my face and I thrust my tongue deep into her engorged pussy to lap up the juices still leaking from her hot fountain.

"Ahhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccckkk!!!" she shouted as a new orgasm racked her body. The flow of her juices increased once again, painting my already glistening face.

"Oh god ... oh god..." she chanted as I now teased her clit which had sprung from its hiding place with all the extra stimulation.

"Please ... please fuck me..." she groaned.

Again I shuffled up between her very wet thighs, resting my still throbbing cock on her bald pussy mound. She propped up on her elbows to watch me.

"You want it?" I asked her.

"Fuck ... yesssss!!!" she answered.

"You'd better put it in then" I replied, teasing her by rubbing back and forth across her mound.

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