This is the seventh book in the GC Series and the third book in the Adventures of Eric Olafson, a Neo Viking from Planet Nilfeheim. Book GC V: Eric Olafson, Neo Viking's focus is on Eric's upbringing and his home planet. It introduces us to his character and several events and conditions that form and shape the young man he has become. GC VI: Eric Olafson, First Journeys follows Eric's first adventures away from home and his journey to the Union Academy. Now his adventures continue in GC VII: Union Fleet Cadet

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This Book is dedicated to Timo and Billy, who have not stopped believing in me and my stories and continue to help me to tell these Stories as they should be told.


The Year is 5015 (Old Terran Time). Eric will soon turn eighteen and he has been accepted at the United Stars of the Galaxy Fleet Academy on Planet Arsenal II.

He was born on Planet Nilfeheim. Eric is 198 cm tall and weighs almost exactly 90 kilos. Right now he has long blonde hair that he wears braided as is traditional for New Viking men. He has gray eyes and some say he moves with the same purpose and grace as a Tiger or Nubhir Wolf.

The Colonists of Nilfeheim received genetic tailoring before they left Earth to better adapt to their harsh new world. Like everyone from Nilfeheim he has a greater tolerance to freezing temperatures and is able to stay submerged under water for a very long time, has a set of gills and eyes that are adapted to see well under water thanks to a second set of clear eyelids. His muscles are denser than that of a standard human, allowing him to swim longer and deeper. Due to these adaptations, he has greater endurance and is much stronger than a standard human of his size. He left his home world seeking to become a Star ship captain in the Union Fleet.

He loves fish, has a very clear sense of honor and hates unfair situations. Even though he doesn't like to admit it, he carries the same short temper of his father and is more often than not ready to face a challenge with his fists or weapons. This and a secret desire he tries so hard to suppress, get him in more trouble than the average guy.

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