Jenny Goes Undercover
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jenny's husband asks her for help. He is an undercover cop. Jenny is unwittingly duped into being used by both sides of the law.

Jenny Marie Jenkins turned off the sprinkler in the back yard and put away the shears. She piled the cut spirea branches into the big plastic garbage cans spaced along the hedge. With the branches that were sticking out cut off, it would be easier to run the riding mower closer to the hedge. She dusted of the fine white flowers that had gathered on her clothing.

The grey wool hunting socks that were folded over the top of her chocolate colored lumberjack boots were covered with the little critters that had blown off of the plants as she cut them. Her cut-off Levi's had quite a few of the flowers trapped in the folds at the edge of her shorts where they had been turned up. "I need to just cut them and hem them a little shorter." She thought to herself. On the other hand, the length of her cutoffs seemed tied to her attitude for the day. If she was going into the store, she usually left them turned down with the edges just about mid thigh.

When she was working in the garden in her back yard, she turned them up as far as they would go to get more sun. If it was a real nice day, she would take them off and just do work in her bikini bottoms. The same with her top. The thin light cotton shirt with ivory buttons was tucked into her waist band now, but she might also work with the bottom rolled up and tied in front of her, or she might even just work in the bikini top.

In this particular case, nobody seemed around, so she took the cotton top off in order to shake out the flowers in them. Jenny took of her huge straw Stetson and bent over to shake whatever flowers she might have in her hair.

She heard Joe's Wrangler turn into the gravel drive. She could tell what kind of mood he was in before he got into the house. If there was gravel flying, and the door slammed, she knew he had had a miserable Monday. He had been promoted to undercover vice several years ago and had been ecstatic about it at the time. As time went by, he became more and more frustrated at the cases he had been solving. The age of the arrested people stayed the same. He on the other hand was getting older. It was harder and harder for him to strike up a friendship or form a bond with the people he needed to break many of the cases.

"How did it go today, hon?" Jenny asked as she kissed him on the cheek and grabbed his arm as they walked into the house. "Same damned problem." He said in frustration as he threw his keys on the table in the entry and hung up his jacket.

"What's the problem now?" she asked, not really that concerned.

"It's that fucker Sam Cromwell. We know he is bringing in quite a bit of stuff from Mexico, but are having trouble tying him into it. He always seems to have somebody else doing the dirty work and he never seems to have any bank accounts or anything that ties him into the stuff we find." Joe put a cold cup of coffee into the microwave and set the timer.

"What would it take to get the information you need?" Jenny asked.

"Well, any kind of undercover cops we need can only last so long. Once they testify in court against somebody, everybody knows who they are. We have had to go farther and farther out into adjoining departments to find somebody else. The best way to gain this guy's confidence is with a woman. We have used up all of our decoys. Most of the others who might entertain the thought can't get their husband's or boyfriend's permission. Once they are identified, they are in danger.

"I'm sure you will find somebody soon." Jenny said as she handed her husband the hot coffee and kissed him on the top of his head. Joe sat there motionless for a few moments. He turned to look at his wife in her short, short cut-offs.

"Jenny, how would you like to make some good money?" He said like an idea just hit him.

"What do you mean hon?" He was always full of whacky ideas.

"We live in Kansas. The case I am working on is in Missouri, across the border. They would never know you. It might work."

"What are you talking about?"

"We need to get somebody to find out where Sam Cromwell keeps his money, who works for him; how the drugs get here and who he sends them to. He would never suspect you."

"Honey, I am 48 years old. You said so yourself that most of these guys are young. How could I gain his confidence if you can't?"

"Well honey, you could easily pass for a woman way younger than forty eight. You have a side to you that appeals to all men. I don't think it would be a problem."

"What would I have to do?"

"We would have to find a way for you two to meet. If you are around him much, you could overhear who he talks to. Maybe you could slip a GPS into his car or something. We can think of something if you are willing to take the chance."

Jenny was skeptical. "I guess I'll think about it." She said as she pulled the leftover spaghetti and meatballs out of the refrigerator and turned on the timer in the microwave. The rest of the evening melted into small talk of what their grown daughters were doing and the problems they were having.

A couple of days later, Jenny was out in the yard again, moving the paper bags of lawn waste to the edge of the drive for pickup in the morning. Her husband came rolling up the drive on two wheels and showering her with small gravel.

He grabbed her hand and walked into the house with her. He threw his leather briefcase on the table and pulled out several files. "Look what I have so far." He said as he spread several piles of paper on the table.

"There is a Jennie Marie Munson who is the same age as you. She has lived most of her life here in town and moved into the east side of town about four years ago. She was the city librarian until she recently left with a man to get married and go to Seattle. We have continued to pay her rent on her apartment and bought her car. You are going to get her job for the next six months. She kept pretty much to herself, so there aren't a lot of people who know her. What do you think?"

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"I mean we have a pretty good cover for you. We could come up with some way to meet the guy and see what information you can get from him. What do you think?" Jenny could see that she was not going to get anywhere by resisting. He had already done so much work, she could hardly back out now. Maybe she could slip some kind of GPS in his coffee; he would drink it and they could track him.

"How dangerous is this going to be?" she asked.

"Well, hon, I hope you don't have to see the guy much and maybe you will be out of it soon. On the other hand, it could be dangerous if he ever finds out that we are married or who our daughters are."

Jenny didn't say anything, which to her meant she had not committed herself to anything. To Joe, it meant she had not objected, so everything was good to go.

"I'll come home tomorrow with a better plan." He said. In the meantime, why don't I take you somewhere nice to eat? It's Wednesday night." Jenny was too wrapped up in the excitement of going out to eat that she didn't realize what her lack of objection meant.

The next day, Joe came home and sat down at the dinner table with her. He was not so giddy now. "O.K. here's the deal as it stands right now. We have tapped his phone enough to know he will be meeting some friends Saturday evening at Guinevere's in the old Garment District at 8:00. We are thinking you can go there with some friends and bump into him somehow. You have to find a way to make contact with him. You may have to take a couple of your friends with you, or we could have a couple of the women officers go with you for company. There are several problems here. If you go with several women, he might pick one of the other women. I'm not sure what you can do."

"I'll take care of it, hon." Jenny replied without actually thinking through what she had just said. Joe gave her some photos out of a folder showing Jenny that Sam Cromwell looked tall and well dressed with an athletic build. Fortunately Joe had absolutely no idea Jenny once enjoyed incomparable sensual pleasure with a dozen different black team mates during 4 years in college. Sam Cromwell's appearance eerily resembled them.

All day Friday Jenny was totally preoccupied with her collegiate memories. Freshman year at college she was more often than not with a senior, Nkwame, one of the more popular football players. She had been a cheerleader and they were study buddies, but hadn't dated. Nkwame did not need to graduate. He had been assured by all the pro scouts that he would be taken in the first round. Both were sure he was leaving school making the dance after winning the bowl game her freshman year their first date rather than just hanging out.

No matter how hard she tried Jenny could not erase vivid memories of both being equally unsure. She clearly remembered Nkwame being disappointed without any sex that night. He was almost begging to go to a motel. As an alternative Jenny pulled her old Geo Tracker into a secluded spot in lovers' lane.

He had gotten her top, bra and panties off. Jenny was reluctant to stop or go any further. Against her best judgment, she allowed him to guide her hands to his pants. She unzipped him and helped him down with his jeans. This 300 pound lineman was well over six feet eight inches and could hardly fit in the passenger seat.

Once she helped him scoot his seat back and lower the back, she lowered her own seat and sat to the side of him on her knees. She grabbed the soft gathering of loose foreskin just below the crown with her left thumb and forefinger. They talked as she pulled the foreskin out and up away from him. They tried to keep the conversation informal and casual as she worked him into an immense erection. She ran the back of her hands along the sides of him. She leaned over and kissed the tip softly.

"Are you going to miss me when you are gone?" she whispered to him as she held the tip against her left cheek and turned her head so her entire left cheek, her lips and nose grazed the sides of him as she turned her head slowly back and forth. He groaned, unable to intelligently respond. He wasn't evasive. He was powerless to react.

They were in the car for several hours; talking about their uncertain futures as she kissed and rubbed him. She did not want to get pregnant. The young boy was in too much ecstasy to care how he was getting it. This was better than any regular fuck he had ever been a part of.

Jenny finally got the courage to put her lips over the tip. Rather than bob up and down on him, she used it to steady him as she caressed his shaft with her delicate fingers. She used her tongue to flutter across the tip while he was talking. Eventually he erupted. Jenny was too green about these things to know quite what to do. Until Nkwame's departure after the NFL draft evening study sessions at the library always ended with mutually satisfying oral sex. Jenny fondly remembered the joy of learning what signs to look for to keep Nkwame's cum from getting all over her.

Attending college on a track scholarship she dated almost every discreet black team member from spring semester of her freshman through the end of her senior year. Four years of developing her innate sensuality enabled sexual gratification to steadily evolve from oral sex to lasciviously sheathing their magnificent black cocks with Magnum condoms to become friends with benefits. Wistfully Jenny recalled how liberal, open-minded collegiate classmates, faculty and coaches accepted her interracial associations.

Graduating college meant leaving interracial sexual pleasure behind her. For twenty-five years since returning home to Kansas Jenny kept her experience with black lovers secret. Well aware of how conservative and biased Jayhawks are and having married one, she was unprepared for this unforeseen opportunity. Even without a clue about her collegiate sexual proclivities Joe can neither think his wife can possibly avoid forsaking their marriage vows while undercover with black men nor claim ignorance of the old adage, "Once a woman goes black, she will always go back."

After carefully considering all her options over a sleepless night, a singularly focused Friday, and a very nervous Saturday morning she finally realized her long suppressed sexual preference would be a tremendous asset while on this undercover assignment. Winning Sam Cromwell's trust and confidence undoubtedly meant showing no reticence for sex. Jenny concluded the persona of an entirely different woman while undercover has to be the complete opposite of the faithfully married mother of two for the past twenty-five years. Absent any fear of pregnancy like with her black fuck buddies in college, Jenny wanted to enjoy as many black men fucking her bareback as often as possible for at least as long as it takes to close Joe's case, and most likely long after.

Saturday evening, Jenny took the car of the woman she was to pretend to be. Since both of their names were Jenny, her daughters didn't need to know much. They would call her "Mom" anyway.

She had gone over to Marie's house. They had agreed to meet there. Jenny had left home wearing her usual matronly dress that went to the floor with a large bag that fit over her shoulder. When she went into her daughter's house, Ginny and Marie were sitting at the raised kitchen counter on bar stools having a couple of drinks. They were having a good time until they saw what their mother was wearing.

Before she could discuss her plan to borrow more appropriate clothing Marie blurted, "Come on, Mom, we're going out to the Garment District. They will all be young couples. You will look out of place." Ginny returned from Marie's bedroom with a bundle of clothes in her arms.

"Take off those clodhoppers and try these shoes on" she said as she handed her mother a pair of dark boots. They were suede and zipped up the sides to just below her knees. The boots didn't show under the long dress.

"Take that dress off Mom." Ginny said as she tossed her a dark silk button front dress. Jenny pulled her dress off over her head and started to put the other one on.

"Oh, God, no Mom, you can't just throw another dress on. Your bra straps are going to show. Take off the bra. You can't have those straps showing on a dress like this.

Jenny unbuttoned the top half of the new dress she had just put on. She lowered her head so she could reach around for the clasp. The nude colored fabric didn't hide melon sized 38C breasts with no sag to them after having two children. Her daughters marveled at their mother's build and at forty-eight she didn't need the bra. Her long-stemmed coral nipples defied gravity as they stuck out enticingly from her alabaster white breasts.

Initially Jenny was embarrassed by nudity in front of her daughters. She smoothed her hands down the sensual feeling silky dress and tentatively asked, "How does it look?" Her persona began transforming from Jenny Jenkins to Jenny Munson as a glance in the mirror revealed how provocatively the dress showed off her nipples.

"Well first of all, your panty line shows. You need to take off those Mother Hubbard granny panties" the girls both said and then giggled. They couldn't believe they had gotten their mother to go without a bra and were stretching their luck with the panty command.

Jenny turned in the mirror. Yes, she could see the panty line at the top and bottom. She looked at her daughters. They did not have panty lines. She did not realize they were wearing thongs, and figured if they could do it so could she.

Jenny Jenkins would have been apprehensive about her daughter's dress only reaching down to the middle of her thighs. It would pass the catholic school test of being within the edge of her fingertips. So unbeknown to her two children Jenny Munson's persona easily acquiesced to their urging and chiding.

They walked out and got into Ginny's four-wheel Wrangler. It was summer and her husband had taken the doors and top off of it. Ginny drove and Marie sat in the back. It was not easy for Jenny to get into the high four-wheeler with high heels and a short skirt. It was even more awkward because she knew she had no panties.

The drive from Ginny's nice house to the Garment District was short, but there were lots of stop lights. Jenny had to keep her small clutch purse over the hem of her dress because of the wind. No matter what she did, the wind seemed to flutter the too short dress up enough that other drivers could see quite a ways up her thighs. Jenny Jenkins was embarrassed, but Jenny Munson kept telling herself these were strangers who she did not know and would never see again. Both personas enjoyed a twinge of sensual excitement over repeatedly seeing proof this forty-eight year old MILF could still turn heads.

When they got to Guinevere's Jenny was behind her two daughters as they entered. Even though there was a good twenty four-year age difference between them the three women could have passed for triplets. They all had very long reddish brown hair, freckles and a mind-bending tan for redheads. Their identical Dolce and Cabana sunglasses pretty much sealed the deal.

Jenny momentarily caught her breath when she spotted Sam Cromwell. She recognized him from both newspapers and case file photos. He was sitting near the middle of the room with several other men in business suits. He was much taller, even seated, than the pictures indicated. He had retired from the local NFL team because of repeating knee surgeries ... He looked like he could still play.

The hostess seated them at a table for four up against the full height glass window wall facing the street. The whole room full of diners had quieted when the three women walked in. Their identical fashionable sunglasses seemed to set them apart. It was like sitting in a strip joint with twenty nearly naked dancers walking around. Yet everybody fixes their attention on the one good-looking clothed girl that comes in with a date.

Jenny and her daughters ordered drinks; then the food; and then desert. Sam was watching but it didn't seem like there was any diplomatic way for one group to approach the other. Jenny knew she had been charged with introducing herself by her husband. A lot was riding on this evening.

After the three women seemed to have been lost by the waitress and could not get another round of drinks, Jenny got up. She walked across the room just past Sam's table delighted to see he was following her the whole way with his eyes. The sexy redhead seemed oblivious to the stares of most of the men in the room as she went into the bathroom. She checked her makeup while totally morphing into the uninhibited character she had decided upon while undercover. The transformation began while changing clothes and during the ride here and solidified with their first eye contact. Not wanting Sam Cromwell to harbor any doubts about her availability she unbuttoned a couple of buttons both on top and at the hem putting her two best assets on full display. Either in spite of or more likely because of being her vice detective husband's target, getting Sam Cromwell to fuck her before this case closed is intended to make Joe a cuckold.

Exiting the ladies' room with provocatively showing more tits and legs, she strolled nonchalantly to the bar. She raised one leg to get herself up onto the high bar stool. Jenny deftly hoisted herself up on the stool and crossed her legs provocatively allowing the dress to part below the open buttons. Most of her bare legs were now showing.

As a faithful wife of twenty-five years this was a shocking but still marginally tasteful display of skin. If her hair had been bleached blond and frizzed out instead of the natural red and woven into a French braid, she would have looked tacky. If she had worn a short red dress instead of the dark one with a couple of unbuttoned eyelets, she might have looked tacky. Instead of looking like a twenty five dollar hooker, brief eye contact with her quarry assured her of Sam Cromwell's interest in what appeared to be a several thousand dollar a night escort at the bar.

Jenny paid for the drinks; tucked the small clutch purse under one arm and picked up the drinks before pivoting the stool so her knees were pointing directly at Sam Cromwell. When her left leg met the floor, she still had her right leg up on the bar seat rung as she took her time dismounting. For a couple of seconds her thighs were bare high enough that Sam Cromwell and everyone else could see the edge of her tan line before the short dark dress closed like window drapes thus ending the intentional floor show.

Jenny could care less what everybody else saw. She succeeded in provocatively getting the undivided attention of Sam Cromwell. As she walked by his table, she stumbled and spilled some of one of the drinks on him.

"I'm so sorry sir. These floor tiles are a little uneven and I caught my heel on the edge of one of them." She said winning an Oscar for the on cue flow of tears. Leaning forward during the entire incident presented him with an unimpeded view of her proudly displayed white 38Cs. Besides communicating her availability Jenny implicitly conveyed absolutely no reservations with this handsome black man fucking her.

"That's O.K. miss. It'll clean up." He quietly replied. She could see in his eyes that her come-on was successful. Pretending to be embarrassed, Jenny made her way back to her table and succeeded in distracting her daughters with their long overdue the drinks.

She took out one of Jenny Marie Munson, Librarian business cards and wrote her cell phone number on it. She got back up and walked over to the group who appeared to be ready to leave. "Please take the clothes to any dry cleaner's. I will pay for their cleaning and bring them back to your office." She said as she handed him the card.

Sam looked at it. "Thanks. Miss Munson. I will text you my address. If you are nice enough to bring it to my office, I will pay you back by bringing you back here for dinner. Thanks for the card. I will keep it." He said as they left.

By the time Jenny returned and sat down, her phone beeped. "My name is Sam Cromwell. My address is and phone numbers are..." and he had all the information to return the clothes.

It was late by the time Jenny picked up her car at Ginny's and drove to Jenny Munson's former home. She pulled into the garage, quietly exited into the rear alley and into her own car. Halfway home her phone beeped again but she couldn't be distracted in the unusually heavy traffic.

Jenny had forgotten to change back into her original wardrobe before she got home. "Wow! You look fucking fantastic." Joe said with his eyes popped out like gold fish.

Jenny opened her cell phone and laid it in front of him with only the first text message already opened.

Joe's only reaction was, "Good fucking job, honey!" Belatedly wrapping his arm around her without any affection would have been irritating if not for the anticipation of reading the second undisclosed text message from Sam Cromwell. Jenny avoided her husband by busying herself in the kitchen until Joe went up to bed.

Jenny was unsure of what to expect with Sam Cromwell's second text message. Taking a deep breath she fingered through the menu saving the first text message before bringing up the second text message with an attached picture of Sam. "It is an unparalleled privilege to meet such a gorgeous woman this evening. Please do me the honor of attending dinner theater with me on the evening you return the suit from the cleaners. Sam."

Jenny texted her response, "Sam you honor me with your invitation. I gladly accept." Sam's picture was saved into the cell phone's "my file" before confirming removal of the message text. She didn't dare retain such a romantic text message from her husband's nemesis. Receiving that very enticing offer eliminated all remaining reluctance with being manipulated into an undercover assignment.

Every interaction thus far with Sam Cromwell reinforced the old adage, "Once a woman goes black, she will always go back." Four years of exclusive interracial dating had successfully imprinted the correlation between sexual pleasure and black men into Jenny's psyche. During the following week she often found herself unaccountably aroused. Whenever she felt the sexual edginess she would retreat to privacy so she could open her cell phone my file and fantasize about the black man in the picture fucking her while she temporarily took the edge off.

Several days went by before she got another text from the Dry Cleaners. "Mr. Cromwell's suit is ready to be picked up today any time after noon." Jenny forwarded the text to Sam and added: "I can have the suit at your place anytime you want. I can have dinner anytime you want."

The text came back: If you get here at four O'clock, I can take you on a tour of our office and we can find someplace nice; better than Guinevere's, on one condition. If you wear the same lovely clothes, I will be your slave for life."

Jenny smiled at the ending. She had actually made contact. Her husband was still gone, and she would have to leave before he got back. She was on her own.

Jenny picked up the clothes. It was an expensive dry cleaning bill, but she put it on the credit card that had been given to her as part of her new identity. She drove the Wrangler to Sam's office. It was in the river bottoms. Lots of the old office buildings, warehouses and train loading docks had been rehabbed into contemporary office buildings.

Sam's office was in an old warehouse. It was several stories high. Several of the inner bays had been removed. Instead of a brick building with fourteen feet of head room and huge wooden columns every twenty four feet, the middle fifty feet was a clearstory up to the roof. The offices around the atrium had walkways and doors into individual offices. There was a central receptionist at the main entrance. When Jenny announced herself, she was told where his office was.

The elevator was a glass enclosed cab with a nice view of the entire clearstory. There were lots of flowered and hanging vine plants along the handrails at the edge of the atrium.

Jenny opened the door to Sam's office and walked in. There was another secretary, reception area, private office, large meeting room and a private unisex toilet. The secretary took the dry cleaning and hung it in the coat closet. Jenny stood and shook hands with him as he came out of his office.

"How was your work today?" Sam asked as he offered her a seat in the Mies Van Der Rohe chair. The short dress was O.K. in a dining room chair, but the Swedish seat was very deep from front to back and only about a foot off of the floor. The cold white leather was very comfortable.

"Oh just another day at the office" she smiled and giggled nervously. They talked for a while before Sam guided her up out of her seat. He seemed even bigger now that she was near him than he previously appeared.

Sam had his arm around her back to steady her as the elevator descended. It is awkward going down the elevator the first time when you can see outside. Her high heel boots were not the steadiest support on an elevator moving down. He had pulled her comfortably close to him on the way down. She had no reservations about putting her arm around his waist for more support as they descended. In her Jenny Marie Jenkins persona it would have been very awkward for her suggesting too much closeness too soon. However, in her Jenny Munson undercover persona she did not hesitate to enticingly plant her unfettered booby into her black paramour's side.

It was hot and Sam took off his coat and tie. He walked over to the red 1966 Carroll Shelby Cobra that was parked crosswise in three stalls at the corner of a parking lot that was half full. He opened the passenger door to help her in. For a very brief moment Jenny was embarrassed at her position. The aluminum racing seats had just a little padding and seemed just inches off the floor.

Jenny demurely tried to sit almost sideways to keep her dress together. Sam kneeled down on the parking lot in his $200.00 slacks. He pulled the shoulder straps together and snapped the clasp shut. He pulled the lap belt across her waist and snapped it shut and pulled it snug. He reached under the seat and pulled out the last belt that fit between her legs and into the clasp on the lap belt. It wouldn't fit with her dress the way it was.

Sam looked into her eyes as he started to unbutton her dress. Since it was pretty short already, there weren't a lot of buttons to open to get the belt to snap. Even so, Jenny unabashedly left herself exposed almost to her crotch. Jenny seized the unexpected yet fortuitous opportunity to provocatively reveal her sexy body to her very desirable black date. She sat there with her thin top squeezed down against her body leaving her proud nipples straining to explode through her dress. There was no hiding what was and was not beneath the garment.

Sam got in and started the engine. It didn't have any mufflers. There were a series of baffles at the end of the four tail pipes. It wasn't unreasonably loud, but had the low clear rumble that sounded like a Harley that had been race tuned. It would hardly run at idle, but ran effortlessly at about 140 mph.

They took the long way through town back to the local dinner theatre. The theatre was noted for having celebrities from Hollywood and New York being the main characters in plays and musicals. Sam had box seats along the side. After the dinner was over, the table was pushed to one side and Sam sat next to Jenny. The program that night was a musical. It was a "play" about the "Buddy Holly Story." There was some beautiful music and Jenny lost herself in it. Not daring to text or call her husband for fear of exposing either of them for what they were doing effectively dismissed any Jenny Jenkins worries about what her husband might be thinking.

During the music, Sam reached over to hold her hand. His hand was huge. His thumb was gargantuan. Pretty soon he moved his chair closer and moved his left arm from holding her hand to being wrapped around her shoulder. She had not forgotten how revealing her dress was when she sat down. During the play, she provocatively allowed the hem line to ride high up on her thighs. It was too dark for anybody else to notice Sam put his right hand on her blatantly exposed thigh.

Jenny sensually caressed the back of Sam's hand to convey acceptance. His left hand pulled her into him. Without any hesitation she laid her head against him. She definitely wanted to not only encourage him, but also could not afford to have him feel rejected. Besides the arousing foreplay with this prospective extramarital lover, she still had to gain this sexually attractive black man's confidence enough to plant the tracking device as Joe had instructed her to do.

When his right arm pressed onward, she already had made the choice to accept his titillating advances. Her mind was racing so fast with lascivious images of what she wanted her handsome black date to do with her. As a result her only reaction was to not stop him. When he couldn't go any farther, she felt another button being undone. She gently placed her hand over his, urging his fingers to discover she is pantiles.

Meanwhile, he reciprocally took her hand and guided it over to his crotch. Jenny stared at the stage, her mind oblivious to who was there but enthralled with what Sam and her were doing. Jenny Jenkins would have drawn her hand back wondering what her husband wanted her to do and how far was she supposed to go for this investigation?

Sam looked down at her. Their eyes met. It became clear who was in charge. She stared at the stage as Sam's hand opened the rest of her buttons to her waist.

She had to do it. Her heart thundered as she willingly opened her fingers and wantonly closed them around the mountain in his trousers. Closely examining his magnificent phallic bulge provided unequivocal assurance her first extramarital lover is at least very well hung and hopefully knew what to do with his big thick black cock.

It didn't really matter to Sam how much they actually did there in the theatre. He had established in his mind that she had accepted him for whatever he wanted to do. He was curious what she saw in him. Why was she caving in so easily? Did she know what he did? He was going to have to look into her background and find out more about her. He was also going to see how far he could push her.

Sam changed positions. He moved his right hand up to her neck and slowly began unbuttoning her dress from the top. Momentarily reverting to Jenny Jenkins her mind raced for a path of escape. "What could she do to get out of this?" her mind screamed.

Upon realizing Sam had the top open to the bottom of her breasts she quickly resumed her Jenny Munson persona. Soon he would have the entire dress open. There were others above them on the opposite side of the small theatre that could see into their box if they took time to look across the theater.

She had received more than her share of interest from the other patrons probably because she was a white older woman with a younger black man. When the lights came up, she would be naked with a black man's fingers in her hot white pussy while she had her hand lustfully wrapped around the huge tent in his pants. Would he want more? Jenny knew she wanted to more than placate him as often as possible to make up for twenty-five years of doing without black fucking before some future unspecified date when her husband had what he needed.

When his hand pulled the sides of her top apart and wrapped his fingers around her left nipple for close inspection in the dim light, Jenny cupped her left hand around his neck and drew his head against her breasts. Her right hand squeezed responsively along his crotch. "Please, Sam I want you to do me any way you want but I'm afraid somebody might see us. Can we leave so I can fuck you the way you seem to want me to do?" Hopefully her forthright offer conveyed her desire to be treated as a lady in public and a wanton wench in the bedroom.

Sam had seen enough. He knew he could press the issue if he wanted. He decided he had a good thing and not to push it too much. He helped her re-button her dress. They held hands the rest of the evening. In spite of fully assimilating the persona of Jenny Munson, it would have been devastating for her to be undressed as much as she had been if the lights had come on. Stares of both bigotry and envy accompanied departing hand in hand.

"Are you going to take me to my car now?" she asked hesitatingly when they were in the car. "I would be insulted if you didn't come up to my place for a last drink. Suppose I drop you off at your car and you follow me back?" Jenny was ready to agree to anything; grateful to have gotten out of the theatre fully clothed before the lights went on.

Once she got in her car, and was following Sam, she dialed her husband on the concealed throw away cell phone. "Joe?" she whispered.

"Where the fuck are you? Do you know what time it is? I was worried. What's going on?" he asked. Jenny explained the bit about the laundry. She explained that she had gone to dinner with him.

"Joe, he wants me to go over to his place for another drink. You know what that probably means. What the hell have you got me into? How can I get out of this?" Jenny was faking a plea into the phone. There was a long silence. Neither of them said anything. "I guess you need to do whatever you feel you have to do, Jenny, honey. There's a lot riding on whatever decision you make. Come home if you want."

He should have said "Get the fuck home. You are my wife. This job is not that important. I will find another decoy." There was none of that. She was on her own. She wondered if he ever considered the consequences of his wife having to be intimate with black men. It's a sure bet the thought of her cuckolding him never entered his mind. If she stays, then it will be all on Joe.

Of course if she went home, Sam would find somebody else to entertain him. She would resent her husband for coming so close without fulfilling the sexual desire his scheme reawakened. Her husband would probably resent her for not finding some way to plant the GPS or getting other information on him. Reverting back into the quiet and faithful lifestyle she suffered through for the past twenty-five years will be almost impossible.

Jenny's eyes began to water. It wasn't the wind in her eyes. It was from anxiety about how tonight might either fulfill or crush her sexual needs. Either way, she tried to convince herself she could handle it.

Tonight was far more important to her than any similar circumstance in high school and college. In high school as a freshman, she had dated the most popular boy on the football team. Although he had increasingly pressured her to have sex, Jenny had been pretty good about not letting anybody go any farther than she was willing most of the time. She had given in more than she had intended after the junior and senior proms. She had allowed the boy to undress her and she had fondled him more than she wanted.

Maybe tonight would be a far more sophisticated adult version. Jenny was optimistic that her feminine skills would prevail. She almost always got her way with a certain look. Tonight she would make full use of it. On the other hand if tonight failed to fulfill her interracial inclinations, then she would place the GPS she had in her trunk under his car when she left.

When they arrived, she could tell that Sam had company. Jenny parked off to the side of everybody hoping for their early getaway. The house seemed somewhat unostentatious. It wasn't really a house. It was more of a compound.

The main house wasn't huge. On each side of the house was a three car garage sitting at a 45° with the main axis of the house. There was a cedar fence in the breezeway joining the separate buildings. In the back, there was a long bathhouse at the far end of the pool. There were stone fences that connected the two story carriage houses and bathhouse.

Sam guided Jenny into the main family room and introduced her to the other guests. The array of expensive cars they had passed left little doubt that these young men had more money than they could have earned doing legal work.

Sam walked her around and showed her the entire compound. Most of the men were black and very distrustful of a white woman. This was clearly no bimbo. They were even more distrustful of a sophisticated looking woman who looked like she was smart.

When Sam brought her back, a small group of young men had formed. "Sam, what are you going to do with this woman? She is nothing but trouble. She is probably either a plain clothes cop or a high priced hooker trying to get your money. What is it Ms. Munson?"

Jenny was momentarily stumped. What could she say? "I guess I'm whatever you think I am" she answered with all the defiance she could muster. Fortunately she still had her Dolce & Gabanna' sunglasses on. They added an air of mystery and defiance she did not feel. "I'm here for you Sam. What do you want to do?" she said as she leaned against him and wrapped her right arm around his left.

If she had been an undercover police officer, she would have vehemently denied it; so Sam knew she was not that. If she had been a high price hooker, she might not have denied that. Sam wasn't sure quite what to think.

"I bet she's wearing a fucking wire." Somebody said. "If she's wearing a wire, she's a cop. They wouldn't let her in a place like this without a fucking wire." Sam looked at her. He was pretty sure she was not wired.

"Take of those fucking clothes. Make her open her purse. Search it." Jenny clung tighter to Sam.

"Well?" Sam said; not caring either way. If she would take her clothes off, then great. He wanted that anyway. If she was willing to strip to show she wasn't a cop that was better for him. He would just take her upstairs and fuck the hell out of her. There was a long silence where nobody moved or said anything.

"Strip bitch." The vehement words hurt. The words hurt because nobody stood up for her. She had been abandoned by her husband. Now even Sam was not defending her. She looked up at him. Their eyes locked. She could see he was going to be no help. She wasn't sure how she would even get out of the house now. This was the "fuck or walk" situation she had tried to avoid all of her life. "Don't ever isolate yourself with more than one man you don't know" she had been told by her mother and most girls she knew.

Sam removed his arm from hers and pulled back about five feet. It was her show now. He was going to watch. Jenny fidgeted and shifted her weight from one foot to the other, trying to decide what to do. Tears of frustration were slowly forming in the corners of her eyes. "There's no fucking way out" her mind screamed.

Fixing her gaze above the men in front of her, she stared at a painting as she raised her fingers to the top of her dress. She tried hard to give herself over totally to the Jenny Munson persona as her fingers pushed the top button through the first eyelet. One by one, she opened each button until she was open to the waist. As she bent a little to reach the next button, she could not stop the sides from gapping open. Her right breast tumbled out and the coral wreath around her pink nipple shone like the hope diamond.

Competing feelings of anxiety and eroticism were vying to see whether Jenny Jenkins or Jenny Munson would emerge victorious as she continued with the buttons. When the last one was open, she stood straight up. She crossed her arms in front of her with the intention of sliding each side of her dress off that shoulder.

"Put your fucking arms down to your sides." She heard somebody say. Her lower lip trembled as she lowered her arms beside her. The ceiling fan seemed to know what was going on as it fluttered the sides of her dress. Her breasts were covered, but the little pubic hair she had was framed between her alabaster white bikini tan, the sides of her dark dress and the golden tan of her legs and abdomen. She had allowed her daughters to talk her into shaving so nothing would show when she wore a bikini. She had a small landing strip above her cleft. From the top of her cleft, she was bare all the way down. Her reddish brown patch was a little thicker in the middle and thinned out to a soft Hawaiian fir type of soft fleece at the edges.

The men didn't really know what the most erotic part of her was. They could see the tears from her large green doe eyes as she defiantly took off her dark glasses. Conversely the muscles in her abdomen churned in erotic anticipation as she stood there in her high heeled boots and her dark glasses in one hand.

"Well I don't see any fucking wire on her. Has anyone looked in her purse?" She bent over to pick up her purse and held it out in front of her for anybody to search. Nobody checked. At this point nobody cared. They were transfixed with the red haired, green eyed goddess in front of them. She belonged in a fucking museum. Clothes were an abomination on this woman.

"If she's not a cop, she's a fucking whore." She heard someone in the back say. The words hit her like an anvil. She had raised two beautiful girls to adulthood; tended her garden; did scads of volunteer work at church and they called her a whore. Never the less it was safer for her if they thought she was a whore. She could not really afford to have them go look in the trunk of her car and find the tracking devise.

"May I please go now, Sam?" she mewed timidly as if afraid to wake anybody.

"If she's a fucking whore, let's see it." Somebody said, not really willing to see the naked woman leave.

"Suck my dick, whore." Someone shouted. "Yea, suck a dick. Let's see it. Suck a dick before you leave."

Jenny tried to force a smile. This is not how she envisioned this night going as she looked over at Sam. He was still undecided. He too, was not sure why this woman would put up with so much shit. What was it that she wanted?

Sam came up to her. One of the men came over and bought over an oak captain's chair. Sam sat down in the chair. He tugged on Jenny so that she sat down in his lap.

Sam adjusted her seating so that she had one leg on each side of his right leg. He tapped her left thigh and she parted her legs a little more. Even sitting on his lap, he still towered over her. He moved his right hand over to cup her left breast; and with his thumb and forefinger began rolling her nipple around; stiffening it. Jenny moved both of her hands over his as if to draw the rest of the audience's attention to what he was doing.

Jenny felt his left hand on her labia. She could feel one of his large fingers snaking over to her slit. It paused for a while. Then like a little boy not sure what he was doing, he began to work the ends of his fingers into her; looking for the main passage. Once he found it, the finger slid slowly forward exploring and tickling her as it went. Jenny moved her left hand down and sensuously urged his fingers deeper no longer caring about modesty if this foreplay meant Sam intended to fuck her.

Jenny turned her head against him, closed her eyes and dropped her head in erotic appreciation for what he was doing. Even with her eyes closed, she sensed the presence of somebody in front of her. When she opened her eyes, there was another man every bit as big as Sam in front of her.

He grabbed the hand she had over her breast and guided it to his belt. There was no mistaking what he wanted. Jenny's face flushed as she turned to look up at Sam. "Is this what you want?" she looked desperately up into his eyes hoping she had misunderstood. He had a blank look as dark as an Alaskan night. "P ... p ... p ... please ... S ... S ... Sam ... please don't make me do this. I just thought it would be you and me. Is this what you want me to do for you?"

The sucking and gurgling sound of his fingers slowly inching their way in and out of her was the only sound in the room. Jenny laid her head against his chest as she resigned herself to reaching up for the belt. The man moved closer so it was easier for her to do with just one hand. Once she had the belt open, she popped the brass button on his jeans. When she pulled the zipper down, the sound seemed deafening. She looked up at him hoping for a reprieve as she leaned forward to put her thumbs between his briefs and hips. With his help they both slid his jeans down to his knees.

As she bent forward to help lower his jeans, the gargantuan black cock slipped out of the briefs and grazed her face as it swung free. The heat from the suede textured grey crown brushed her as it swung past. Jenny flinched. The massive amount of heat gave her an indication of how big it was. Even though it was still semi-flaccid, she could tell that not much more than the crown was going to fit in her mouth. "Oh, fucking God" she thought. Some of the abstract ideas that had been slowly building were now real. Like a slap in the face; the thought of "in her mouth" slowly washed over her as the reality of the situation sank in. It was not an abstract idea now. It was waving in front of her nose.

Jenny quickly dismissed the idea of just getting up and running away from what looked to become an impromptu gang bang. Where could she go? What would happen if they followed her home? She had nowhere to go. She had no options without endangering her family.

Jenny put the thumb and forefinger of her left hand around the base of his shaft and leaned her forearm against his abdomen. She reached up with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand and pinched firmly on the loose foreskin at the bottom of his shaft just behind the crown. She rolled it hard between her fingers and tugged on it until she had stretched it beyond the tip. She puckered her lips and kissed the end softly. Like a clown blowing up a balloon, it swelled in length and girth. Unlike the balloon, you didn't have to tie a knot in the end to keep it from going down. One touch of her soft delicate lips was like giving him four Viagra pills. The only problem was trying to keep it from exploding, and it would eventually do that.

Jenny closed her eyes as she guided the tip across her face; from her left cheek, across her lips to her right ear. She used her nose to rub the end of it; smelling it and caressing it. She rubbed the tip across her closed eyes. The constant caressing of her face was enough stimulation to get him off without it entering her mouth, so the man pulled back enough for him to regain his composure. He didn't want to ejaculate this easily. He held her by the ears an inch or so from the end of his tip. Jenny stuck out her tongue; flattened the end and fluttered it; desperately trying to get him off without having it actually in her mouth much like she did with Nkwame their first time.

He waited for a while hoping it would soften up enough to prevent any premature eruption. Jenny looked up at him hoping this was a signal he was done. He was just trying to regroup. Pretty soon, his hands shifted from the side of her face to the back of her head. It was time.

Jenny leaned forward and opened her lips. With one hand in front of the other, she allowed him to enter until the edge of his suede crown was covered by her lips. She held it there, fluttering her tongue around him.

Using her soft lips to cradle the end and keep it steady, she used her fingers to stroke him slowly, twisting the tight skin in a circular motion as she brought them up and down the shaft. The man's head went back over his shoulders as his hands tried to force the shaft down her throat. Jenny used her grip against her chin to keep most of it from being forced down her throat. Her grunts and mewing let him know she was resistant to the idea of all of his big thick black cock going down her throat. They both knew she was not going to absolutely end the ordeal. She was tacitly resistant, but not outright insubordinate.

Jenny recognized the symptoms when it happened. She recognized his body tensing up. She recognized the shudders as they began to build. She heard the groans starting and the pulling of the hands on the back of her head. The first eruption burst out between his shaft and the left side of her cheek.

"Open your mouth; wider. Stick out your tongue; wider and further." He screamed. Jenny tilted her head back and closed her eyes as the next shot went high and over the top of her head into her hair. The next went lower; into her eyes and nose. She choked and sputtered, fighting for air as the next blast filled her mouth as she cradled the tip on her tongue. The bobbing and swaying of the ebony monster was like somebody had lost their grip on a fire hose as it sprayed her face.

Jenny had both hands on his abdomen and thighs, desperately trying to break away from him; yet knowing she shouldn't if she knew what was good for her. Her mewing and choking stopped until his shuddering subsided.

When his spraying subsided, he told her to clean him off. She stretched her tongue out and continuously turned her head licking and cleaning him like a mother cleaning a newborn calf. As the man turned to pull up his jeans, Jenny could not believe this totally deflating interracial experience after so much recent anticipation.

The men let her alone until she regained her composure. Sam took his fingers out of her and massaged her neck and shoulders, trying to sooth her however he could.

Jenny was still balanced on Sam's thigh with her head bowed. She refused to rise to a sitting position until somebody put her dress in her hands. She used it to wipe off her face and numbly put it on and began buttoning it.

"I'll walk you to your car." Sam whispered into her ear. Once she had her dress buttoned, he took her hand and walked her to her car. "When will I see you again?" he asked.

"What's the point?" she replied.

"I don't feel right the way this thing ended. Suppose I give you a job at my office? I can pay you more than you are getting at the library." Jenny didn't say anything as she stepped up into her Wrangler.

Her drive home was a blur of emotions. "Exactly what had she accomplished tonight?" she wondered. When she got home, she reverted back to Jenny Jenkins, but didn't give her husband the whole story.

"Well, I went to meet Sam like you asked. I had dinner with him. I went home with him for a last drink. You can imagine I neither cared for the way I was treated nor what I had to do to get out of there. I didn't get a chance to plant any GPS or anything. He did offer me a job promising to pay me more than what the library offers. He must have investigated me to some extent and seems satisfied that I work at the library. What do you want me to do?"

Her Jenny Jenkins persona hoped he would say to drop the whole thing; that she had already done more than enough. She hoped to hear that he would not permit his wife to subjugate herself to any kind of humiliation or unwanted sexual ordeals. She wanted to see some outrage in his eyes at what she had implied she had to do with Sam.

Instead, the twenty-five year-long Jenny Marie Jenkins identity was destroyed by his words: "This is a fantastic opportunity for us. With you working for him, we can find out all kinds of things about his business."

Her silent mental reaction, "I am really going to enjoy having to fuck and suck everybody in his organization for it" underscored her disgust with his insensibility to her indignation and left her more determined than ever to cuckold Joe. Jenny tossed and turned, unable to sleep that night. In the morning, her husband had made coffee and had fresh doughnuts like nothing had ever happened.

Jenny came down wearing one of her husband's t-shirts. It hit her just below the crotch. The thin material of the worn garment did almost nothing to hide her coral nipples. He handed her a cup of coffee. "Everything's going to be alright" he said as he stood behind her and rubbed her neck and shoulders. However, his manipulative words and tender manners only exacerbated the indignity of last evening. "Hopefully the next time I have foreplay with Sam he'll fuck me with his big black cock. If not, then I have no qualms with that huge black associate I sucked off fucking me with his gargantuan cock" she silently countered to herself.

The strained mood didn't last long as her cell phone beeped with a new text message. "Can you meet me in my office in an hour?" It was from Sam. She showed it to her husband. He didn't say anything, but the sparkle in his eyes told her he was all for it.

"I'll be there as soon as I can" was her reply.

Jenny parked her car in the visitor's spot right by the front door, telling herself she had not been hired yet, and was technically entitled to the spot.

Her reddish brown hair had two small braids started at her temples. The braids were pulled back and clipped with a jeweled butterfly that kept the rest of her hair out of her face. Her boot-cut Levis hung down over her high-heeled suede boots that zipped up the side. Her blue, oxford cloth cotton men's dress shirt had buttons that kept the collar stiff and in place. Her thin leather chocolate jacket looked like the "All Saints Lana Leather Jacket." It had a wide collar with zippered pockets that looked like a women's' version of Marlon Brando's "On the Waterfront" or "The Wild One."

The secretary escorted her right into Sam's office as soon as she came in. He took her into the conference room; closed the door and brought a cardboard box up onto the table.

"You are going on a trip with me. We are going to make several stops and I need you to do some things." Sam pulled several things out of the box. One was another pair of boots like the one she had the evening before; a large black Stetson; a chocolate colored full length duster; a large matching purse; and a laptop computer. "You can wear what you have on. Here is your passport including visas to get into France, Switzerland, Spain and Lichtenstein and the plane tickets. There is also a laptop computer.

"Take off your clothes." Jenny turned red. Was he finally going to fuck her right there in the office?

The wall between them and the corridor was a Pilkington Glass curtain wall system with bolts in each corner through Planar stainless steel fittings. The secretary was sitting at the reception desk just outside the window with her back to them. A FedEx driver was having her sign for a package while looking right at Jenny in the meeting room. Jenny looked up at Sam like a deer in the middle of a bridge over the Grand Canyon. "Sam..."

Sam raised his hand and clicked a button on the remote. The curtain wall turned into an obscure cloud. This still didn't make matters much easier. He still wanted her naked in his office. With her heart in her throat, Jenny pushed her chair back from the glass topped table, crossed her legs to remove her boots. "What next?" She began unbuttoning her shirt. When that was done, she pulled the shirt tails out of her jeans. "Stand up" he said. Jenny stood. He looked at her but said nothing. Reluctantly Jenny began unbuckling her belt, unsnapping the brass button and unzipping her jeans.

She looked around quickly to see where the secretary might be as she tugged down her Jeans and panties. She sat down and bent her head as she reached back to unclasp her bra and set it on the glass table.

"Stand back up." He said. Jenny did so. Sam reached into the box and pulled out one of the most magnificent diamond necklaces she had ever seen. The band around her neck must have been four inches wide; all large diamonds. The front of it dropped down in a scalloped design to the center of her breasts. There must have been several millions of dollars of diamonds in it. There were also emeralds and jade. He walked around behind her to drape it over her neck and shoulders and fasten the clasp.

He went back to the box and pulled out two bracelets that were about four inches wide with the same design of clear, pink diamonds, emeralds and rubies. He made her extend her arms as he placed them around her wrists.

"Put one foot on the table." Jenny sat; put one hand each over her breasts and vagina and placed one foot on the table. Sam brought out another bracelet that was almost the same as the one on her wrists and tightened the clasp. His eyes told her to switch feet. He placed another on her other foot.

He held out another diamond that was as big as anything she had ever seen. It looked somewhat like an oversized earring. "You will have to go out and get your belly button pierced. This has to be worn there." He said.

Before you go, take these pills and medicine 24 hours before the flight. This is what you need before a colonoscopy exam." He held up two rubbers full of uncut diamonds. "Guess where these go?" he smiled. Jenny was too numb with everything that had happened to respond.

Go home and get ready for a flight. Don't pack much more than one small bag that you can carry; like a backpack. I'll let you know in a few days when we go. I was just fucking with you on the stripping thing. I know you didn't need to take your clothes off for this demonstration about where to wear the diamonds go; but you are such a sight to behold, I couldn't pass it up."

Jenny seductively responded, "Seems like such a shame to waste my nakedness since the wall cloud provides us privacy. While I prefer being treated like a lady in public, I am more than willing to be your uninhibited whore in private. Do I have to beg? Then I will. Please fuck me Sam Cromwell!"

Jenny delightfully helped Sam strip his clothes and lay back on the table with her knees pulled up to her boobs and legs spread wide. Reaching between them as he leaned in to passionately kiss her Jenny guided his magnificent ebony meat into her wet and wanton white pussy. Finally getting her too long delayed black fucking is even more of an illicit pleasure since she is cuckolding her insensitive ass of a husband.

During the next twenty minutes the black and white lovers left their missionary position for cowgirl facing toward and away from Sam. For ten minutes she lay face down across the table while taking Sam's big black cock deep inside her continuously convulsing cunt. Suddenly she tightened up feeling cold liquid pouring over her rosebud. It took everything she had to willingly give her anal cherry to this big thick black cock. Amazingly within five minutes Jenny was passionately begging Sam to fuck her ass deep.

Jenny could not believe the phenomenal number of orgasm she enjoyed from both her ass and pussy. After cleaning Sam with a washcloth in the unisex bath she tidied up herself. Thanking him once again for the best fuck of her entire life Jenny departed.

Her high heel boots were not the steadiest support on an elevator moving down. This time Sam's not with her to steady her as the elevator descended. Intense discomfort as a result of losing her anal cherry made going down the elevator as awkward as the first time for an entirely different reason and carried over even more so when gingerly sitting on her car seat.

After backing out of the visitor slot Jenny fortunately noticed a black Humvee in her rear view mirror. All the way back toward center city from the docks that Humvee remained about the same distance behind her. Spotting a big chain drugstore Jenny pulled off the street into their parking lot. The Humvee coasted into the next side street and pulled to the curb confirming she is being followed. Inside the drugstore Jenny called to inform Joe of being followed and they decided she had better spend the night at the decoy house.

The first order of business upon arrival at Jenny Munson's former residence will be to take care of her sore bottom. Ducking into the drugstore was not just to contact Joe. While there she purchased four fleet enemas, half dozen various flavored douches and two different aromatic bath salts. Stepping into the warm shower she first used one strawberry douche followed by body wash to cleanse the remaining cum from her boobs, lower back and genital area. Next she lay on the shower floor in a fetal position. Inserting the first fleet enema was almost as painful as the evacuation process. The second fleet enema was only slightly better.

After filling a hot tub with aromatic bath salts Jenny settled in for a long soak and time to think. Renewal of interracial interest accompanied by reminiscing and deciding upon her options during the week prior to the first date with Sam kept her in a constant state of sexual arousal. After far too long of a hiatus being left no choice but to orally satisfy one nefarious associate of Cromwell's proves she can handle being an undercover slut. Finally seducing Sam Cromwell into an hour of fabulous sex concluding with giving up her anal cherry is most definitely the highlight of her role in the undercover operation.

The next day was Jenny's last day to work at the library. In between human resources out-processing and a farewell party she found a private moment to call her husband on a throw-away-cell phone. Informing Joe she is sure she is being followed meant her decoy apartment was no longer a safe place to meet. Her husband responded, "Since you are probably being followed we dare not meet at our home. We have to be a little more secretive about where we meet. Meet me at Gabriella's. I can get away in a few minutes."

Joe hung up quickly leaving Jenny not quite sure what to do next. She didn't know what Gabriella's was, but she didn't have anywhere else to go, so she thought she would just go early, get a drink and maybe something to eat.

She looked at the address her husband had texted and typed it into her GPS. She drove downtown looking for it. That's when she remembered. There had been an X-rated theatre in a part of town that had been scheduled for demolition so lots of upper end condos could be built there. The theatre didn't want to move and there was no XX zoning that they could be moved to, so they paid the theatre a million dollars or more and moved them into an upscale building and paid for the remodeling. They had an upper end strip joint on the first floor and a theatre on the top floor. Jenny couldn't see herself spending two hours in the strip bar, so she parked her car and bought a ticket for the theatre, where she could hideout until her husband got there.

Jenny paid her money and the attendant buzzed the door to let her and another couple ahead of her into the theatre. It was small. It had an aisle down the left side and about seven seats per row. Jenny followed another couple in and sat in the row just behind them. Jenny was in a row close to the back where she thought she would less likely be seen. The two rows must have been for handicap seating, because one of the seats was missing at the end of each, so a person in a wheelchair could sit there without sticking out in the aisle.

Jenny sat in the seat at the end beside the handicap space, and right behind the other couple. They had no sooner sat down, than the men in the theater all moved to sit behind, in front or beside her and the couple in front of her. Jenny was stunned. She came here to be innocuous; instead she was now in a crowd of mostly black men.

The black man beside her asked if she was there to meet with other couples. Stunned she could only shake her head to indicate: "No." With that, the attention seemed to center around the other couple. She could see that the young girl in front of her was moving as she was watching the show. She could hear the older man's zipper open. As soon as that started, another man moved into the wheelchair space next to the young girl and began unzipping his own jeans. The girl looked up at the man to see what his expression was as she began to fondle her husband. Another man behind her began working her blouse open and fondling her breasts.

The young girl leaned into the man standing in the aisle and opened her mouth to accept his black cock. She now had one black cock in her mouth; one in her right hand and a black man behind her on his knees groping her breasts. Another black man soon moved over and dropped to his knees in front of her. He raised her dress and started licking her.

Jenny was astonished. What had she walked into? Other black men began moving in on her again. About that time, a shadow crossed her. She looked up and her husband began working his way into her aisle. He whispered to the black man sitting to her right. He sat up and moved over to her left so Joe could sit down next to her. Joe sat down and put his arm around her.

"Honey, I waited outside for a while because I think you've been followed. We have to keep up the appearance that we do not know each other."

Jenny was stumped. "What are we supposed to do?" she whispered back.

"What happened on your visit to Sam's? Tell me what happened. See what the couple in front of us is doing? We are going to have to play along like this is a random meeting." Jenny's nipples were already hard and her pussy very wet as she watched the young girl in front of her sucking the stranger to her left, and playing with the cock of the man seated to her right.

Protecting her cover took precedence over twenty-five years of inculcated marital sensibilities. Jenny looked at the screen and reached for the buttons of the jeans of the black stranger at the left side of her face. Her husband pulled her closer so he could hear her whisper the details of her meeting and trip. Jenny tried to keep her gaze fixed on the screen as the huge ebony cock swung free of the jeans.

Joe had his head against hers so he could hear what she was saying as she reached up to stroke the cock with her left hand. It was right in front of her nose now as she used the back of her forefinger back and forth along the bottom of the strange phallus that bobbed in front of her face. Joe tried to mask his curiosity as he listened to his wife hesitantly recounting the afternoon's encounter as she brushed and caressed the soft underside. Joe watched it grow as she pinched the soft loose foreskin just under and behind the crown. As she masturbated this very well hung black stranger in front of her obsessive spouse Jenny could barely disguise the ecstatic pleasure of openly cuckolding her husband.

Jenny could feel the men gathering around her as she gradually used more fingers to encircle the black salamander in front of her. The man grew impatient with her caresses. He brushed her hand aside and grasped it with his own. She felt his other hand on the back of her head; turning it sideways to face him. Jenny looked defiantly at her husband as she felt the man's grip tighten and turn her. With the fingers of one hand in her hair to steady her head, he used the other to wipe the end of his cock across the side of her face. He brushed it across her eyes and nose. He pushed the glazed tip between her soft lips brushing the front of her teeth. Jenny withheld opening her mouth until her husband whispered into her right ear, "You're going to have to go along with this to convince anybody that followed you that you are just here to meet random strangers; otherwise they will think you may have come here to meet me."

These were not words of sympathy. These were not words of anguish. Nor were they words of outrage from the man she thought she loved. These were the words releasing her from years of sexual repression. Jenny softened the muscles holding her jaw shut. She watched the girl on screen groaning in mock ecstasy as she seemed to be mirroring the same movements as she openly accepted the first of many big black cocks that afternoon in front of her husband.

The two scenes together, created their own movie. Jenny formed an inviting oval with her lips to shield the heavily veined ebony shaft from her teeth as it entered her succulent mouth. The gurgling sound of air escaping from the sides of her mouth as she wantonly deep throated the stranger's black cock combined with the groaning from the woman on screen created a very erotic scenario for the men around Jenny. They saw her sucking the big black cock into her mouth and throat while subconsciously tying the sounds on the screen to her. All of these erotic scenarios combined with her wanton exhibitionism affected Jenny too. The formerly faithful married white woman imagined the actresses' cries of ecstasy were coming from her own willing mind and body, hopefully forcing her cuckolded husband to wonder whether she is faking willingness to protect their cover or losing herself in the undercover operation's more prurient aspects.

Like the scene in front of her, another black man stepped in front of her and dropped to his knees. At first he was the only one unbuttoning her jeans. Then she felt her husband helping him. The gesture of her husband licentiously helping to raise her as the other pulled her jeans off eliminated any qualms with letting her slut out. Her husband helped get the last of her jeans over her boots; folded them and set them under her.

The man bent his head down between her legs and fished with his tongue for her opening like a blind newborn puppy searches for his first meal among a litter of five others. She felt her husband reach his arm up behind her knee and raise her right leg up over the arm of her seat. She felt one of the men behind her reach over the seat and do the same with her left leg.

She now had a black man's tantalizing tongue probing her hot wet white pussy; she had her mouth around a cock at her left and two more men were guiding her free hands to their exposed phalluses. Being the second time after twenty-five years of self-denial Jenny was well aware of the eruption in her mouth and the geyser that shot over her face like an unattended fire hose. Almost all of the other black men took turns with her hands and mouth since they would no longer eat her pussy and she wouldn't let them fuck her. Once the men saw Joe put several large denominations of bills in her shirt pocket, others followed resulting in hundreds of dollars in twenties and fifties sticking out of her shirt pocket. With her attention directed toward pleasuring three black men at a time she was vaguely aware of her husband kissing her on the cheek while telling her, "We shouldn't be seen leaving together." before he left. Instead of limiting anymore of them to blowjobs and masturbation Jenny wantonly invited every remaining black man in the theater to fuck her after her husband left.

Had she really been followed or was the huge black man with the gargantuan cock she had no choice but to suck in front of Sam's nefarious associates being here merely a coincidence? If so, then she was relieved he waited until the others left to join her. Remembering her lascivious thoughts about him after her husband's reaction to her date with Sam Cromwell she wantonly spread her white legs in welcome. Even though her freshly fucked pussy was well lubricated handling such a huge cock was a challenge. Her final black sexual partner of the day being such a fantastic fuck left her incomparably satisfied and her husband irreversibly a cuckold.

Ironically Pandora's Box had been opened by her own husband. Regardless of the circumstances she was forced by her husband to sexually pleasure several black strangers. By choice rather than revenge she will exclusively continue sexual pleasure with black men, either as short term or long term extramarital lovers.

Jenny went home to her "decoy" residence totally astounded by the events of the day. She thoroughly douched to cleanse her very well black fucked vagina and cervix. While showering to erase all traces of the theater orgy Jenny mentally assessed her current predicament. Forced into a group oral and masturbatory orgy by her husband initially limited Jenny's opportunities for retaliation. As soon as Joe left three of the four remaining black men rapidly power fucked her and left right away. No one but the black man she now knew to be following her remained in the theater.

They began with the erotic movie as an appropriate background and ended nearly an hour later in a dark, quiet theater. Never intending to be an inquisitor Jenny certainly must have pussy whipped her last black lover into confessing his name is Abdul, he emigrated from Morocco, and he is one of three assigned to monitor her. This North African being an incomparable fuck Jenny found even more amazing than the valuable information.

Jenny followed the same after sex cleansing as the day prior, but with only one enema. While soaking in the bath salts Jenny had different circumstances to think about. Abdul being the best black lover she has ever had was convincing enough to let him ease his huge cock in her backdoor and delightfully open up her ass. Vividly remembering the dozen black team mates during college, Sam Cromwell and first three blacks after Joe left the theater compelled Jenny to conclude Abdul is the illicit highlight of not only today, but also her entire interracial sexual history.

Why should she any longer tolerate a white "supposed" husband's insensitivity, manipulation, and evident willingness tacitly with Sam Cromwell and today at the theater directly force his wife into sex with multiple black men for his own ends? Considering the aforementioned negative traits, was Sam Cromwell's lack of support at the end of their first date really any different than her husband? Whenever this undercover operation concludes "decoy" Jenny Marie Munson's continual sexual involvement with black lovers will never permit Jenny Marie Jenkins to suddenly revert back to the former faithful wife of twenty-five years. Knowing she can never give up sexual ecstasy with black extramarital lovers permanently seals Joe's fate as a cuckold.

The next morning, the phone rang. "You need to take those pills and medicine. Do not leave your house for any reason today or tonight. Get to my office at 7:00 tomorrow morning for our flight." It had been Sam. Well aware Abdul or others were watching her Jenny did exactly as instructed. Actually she spent most of the day and evening on her toilet. Early the next day she began her morning shower with removing the large butt plug, then an enema and ended it with squeezing a tube of lubricant inside her rosebud.

When she got to Sam Cromwell's office she had to remove her clothes to get the jewelry on as he had instructed. Ass fucking from Abdul's huge cock and wearing a large butt plug ever since made it easier to insert the two condoms of raw diamonds into her anal cavity. "We're going to the airport in different taxis. Here is a new throw-away phone we will use to communicate. We do not know each other. We will not sit with each other. You can call or send me text messages. Our two numbers are the only ones on the phones. When you are done with each message, erase it." Sam told her.

Now Jenny had a better idea how the drug business was run in his company. All the money from sales and purchases were converted to diamonds. They were cleaned so there was no remote possibility that dogs trained in detecting drugs or guns could smell what she had. Full body scans will only reveal jewelry being worn in plain sight but her navel piercing covered most of what appeared to be excrement remaining in her bowels.

Jenny was used to transport all the diamonds so if she got caught somehow, Sam could not be implicated. They were going to go to several countries to deposit diamonds and jewelry in safety deposit boxes. The numbers of the keys could be emailed and encrypted so that others could make new keys and obtain the contents. Each box was for a separate transaction in a different bank. Jenny was not accompanied to any of the safety deposit boxes. She was searched to verify she had not removed any contents other than what was directed. Each time, Jenny was able to use another throw away cell phone to email notes and codes to a site her husband had set up for the police.

Initially the most frustrating aspect of these trips abroad was no contact of any kind with Sam. The intense rush following each drop heightened her sexual arousal. After-drop searches were conducted in her hotel room by different members of Sam's world-wide organization. Every one of those nefarious associates considered it their right to demand her white pussy and she was only too willing to get some much needed black fucking.

In between trips Jenny remained estranged from Joe in deep cover living at the "decoy" residence. Every time she went to "work" at Sam's she habitually sucked his black cock but never got fucked. Assigning her a 24/7 live-in body guard was totally unexpected.

Not surprisingly Joe's only concern seemed to be an effective line of communication. When abroad she utilized the same electronic site her husband had set up for the police. Development of a remarkably simple non-electronic system became her communication method whenever home. While this turn of events put an additional strain on the police task force it conversely reduced Jenny's anxiety level.

Jenny was thrilled to have Abdul, her favorite black sex partner at the movie theater, as her body guard. With the most phenomenal extramarital lover she had ever had living with her Joe was no longer merely an estranged husband, but rendered inconsequential. Abdul's almost daily craving for anal sex quickly evolved into Jenny agreeably altering oral/vaginal into anal/vaginal double penetration whenever one of Abdul's sexy black friends visited. Immersion into North African culture included hosting hashish water pipe parties which usually escalated into Jenny covering their cock knobs with hashish for either enhancing oral sexual pleasure, double penetration both ways or letting three at a time ecstatically make her sexy white body air tight.

Discovering after her last drop that the contact site set up by the police was shut down initially confused Jenny. After three unsuccessful tries she dumped the designated phone. Using another burner cell phone she warned Abdul to disappear into Chicago's Arabic-Muslim community and meet her at the L main station on the Loop in thirty days at noon.

Sam flew back a day before her as usual and was arrested upon arrival. His entire network of domestic and foreign business partners were also arrested by Interpol and the FBI. Successful convictions were based on the contents of the different safety deposit boxes and transactions. All went well for Jenny's husband because he was responsible for masterminding the whole operation. One bright thing about it was the task force knew Jenny and her residence were under continual surveillance but erroneously assumed it to be by a number of Sam Cromwell's local crew. Having deliberately kept him off of every report, Abdul was never implicated and no warrant was ever issued for him.

Jenny would not be around to celebrate Joe's new celebrity status as a genius crime breaker. Joe knowingly subjected his beautiful wife to what he was forced to admit were sexual abuse and other unspecified atrocities in order to break the secrets of Sam's organization. Their lawyers and judge mistakenly concluded Joe's actions to be valid reasons for divorcing him. Unknown to them and particularly in Jenny's case, "Once a white woman goes black, she will always go back" truly applied. Jenny was never again going to deny her sexuality just to please close-minded, unaware Midwesterners.

Jenny provided enough information to her husband to convict Sam of drug violations, but not enough to drain all of his accounts. Jenny kept most of the bigger accounts off of the evidence list. When Sam was sentenced to life without parole and went to jail, he was never going to be able to get to the other accounts that only he and Jenny knew about.

Jenny decided to live a life of relative obscurity. Obscurity meant foregoing a wealth commensurate ostentatious lifestyle, but not a life of poverty. Obscurity also meant privacy. A bankrupt, remote ranch located along the Sawtooth Range in Teton County, west/central Montana was her first acquisition.

While the divorce was in process Jenny successfully underwent detoxification from hashish after vacationing in Chicago. Jenny met Abdul as arranged. Their extremely passionate reunion was breathtaking for her. Reciprocally she proved to her lover how much she adored his huge black cock in all of her bodily orifices. Arrangements were solidified for Abdul to relocate to Choteau, Teton County, Montana in six months.

One month later Jenny easily seduced a very handsome and well-endowed black pilot while vacationing in St Louis. Her beautiful white body and sexual talent had Reggie so enamored that he tendered his resignation with the St Louis based corporation for whom he had been flying to accompany her. Their first four months was focused on modernizing the ranch house, building a landing strip and acquiring a turbo prop plane.

During the first and second weeks of the fifth month in Montana Jenny arranged for each of her two daughters to separately visit for seven days on consecutive weeks. Besides reuniting the purpose was to introduce them to an interracial lifestyle. Marie preempted Jenny's intended purpose by sucking Reggie's big black cock while the plane was on autopilot somewhere over the Black Hills and almost wore him out that week.

Fortunately Ginny's husband was a staunch urbanite and workaholic declining to accompany her to the ranch. It only took three days and two nights for long-time married Ginny to willingly try her first black cock. With Jenny's concurrence Ginny indefinitely extended her stay to remain longer with her first extramarital lover. Willingly sharing Reggie with Ginny evolved into a steadily increasing romance just as Jenny had planned. Three weeks later Jenny received the private investigator's report containing proof of Ginny's husband's marital infidelity enabling her to file for an uncontested divorce.

Meanwhile Abdul sent word he would arrive on schedule. Reggie flew Jenny and Ginny to Choteau meeting Abdul as he arrived on the puddle jumper flight from Helena. Six months later there was a double civil ceremony in Fairfield, the county seat of Teton County. Thirty years after her introduction to black cock Jenny was finally able to freely share her sexy white body with her extraordinarily well hung Moroccan husband.

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