Pie for the Kids
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young trophy wife's entire life is changed by a visit to the dentist. She makes the mistake of combining alcohol with a drug the dentist prescribes and her stepsons take advantage of the effect they have on her.

I'll admit that sometimes lately I drink a little too much. I'm not a lush. I don't drink and drive. I don't get so plastered anyone would notice. I can still walk without reeling and I can still talk without slurring my words. No one who has seen me after I've had a few drinks ever realized I was feeling the effects of the alcohol. I'm a good little trophy wife. I maintain the image. Above all else I do everything in my power to avoid embarrassing my husband. One of the items near the top of the long list of sins that can end an executive's career with a Fortune 500 company is a wife who has a drinking problem.

I've been married for five years to a wonderful man who's fifteen years my senior. I'm twenty-seven now. I met Craig the day I graduated from law school. He graduated from the same university fourteen years ahead of me and he was in town for some annual event hosted by his fraternity. We met at a party that night and we clicked big time. We seemed to have everything in common and we spent the evening ignoring everyone else on campus while we discussed it.

By three o'clock the next morning when he drove me back to my apartment in his Mercedes I was having second thoughts about moving to North Carolina to take the job I landed there. Craig works for a major manufacturing firm in Ohio and at the time was only months away from being named senior vice president in their legal department. He parked in front of my apartment building but neither of us wanted the night to end. We sat there talking until dawn, by which time we were both well on our way to being deeply in love.

Finally, just as the sun was coming up I said, "I hope you'll believe this, Craig. I've never invited anyone up to my apartment before. I'm not a virgin. But I..."

He put his finger over my lips to shush me and said, "I understand. I don't care about your sexual history. It's none of my business."

He meant it, too!

After that evening everything happened so quickly it's almost all a blur. We became engaged the next day. I moved to Cleveland to be with him a month later. A month after that we married.

My friends understood. Or at least the ones who met Craig understood. He was ... he is amazing in every way. He's incredibly intelligent and has a fantastic sense of humor. He listens when I speak. He's considerate. And it doesn't hurt that he's so handsome he takes my breath away.

There were a lot of people on Craig's side of the aisle who disapproved because of our ages and because of the speed with which it all took place. No one said anything. I encountered no open hostility. But I could see in their eyes the disapproval some of them felt, especially when Craig wasn't standing by my side. They were more careful to hide their true feelings if Craig was nearby.

We still run into that on occasion. But we don't let it bother us. What does bother me, the reason I drink a little more than I should, is that much of the time I'm bored out of my skull. I was all prepared for an exciting life practicing law. I worked my butt off for that degree. Now I'm employed full time as Craig's wife and the mother of his two sons from his previous marriage. He talked me out of working. He was diplomatic about it and made it sound like a discussion. But it boiled down to the fact that he doesn't want his wife to work. That's probably something we should have discussed before we got married but it didn't come up. We both had our expectations and assumptions. But love conquers all, right?

This is as good a time as any to tell you about Craig's two boys. Lee is fifteen now. Kirk just turned fourteen. They're nice enough kids, I guess. They resented me for taking the place of their mother in the beginning. I think they've pretty much gotten over that now. We aren't especially close but at least there's no open hostility. We aren't close but we get along. That's about all I can say about our relationship.

The boys get along well with each other. I suppose that's to be expected since they're only a year apart in age. But they're as different as night and day. Lee is larger and gives the impression he's at least a year or two older than his actual age. Kirk is just the opposite. He's smaller than Lee, though he's already larger than I am. And especially when standing next to his older brother he gives the impression of being at least a year younger than his actual age. Although Kirk gives the impression of being more bookish, Lee is actually the better student. While they're both very intelligent they aren't nerds by any means. Both boys are heavily involved in sports and are excellent athletes.

In order to stave off the boredom I volunteer one day a week with meals on wheels. I work out at the gym. I run errands for what sometimes seems like an army of people; Craig, the kids, various organizations I've been steered into joining by Craig or the wives of the other company executives. And, of course, I keep things running smoothly in our huge home.

I network with the other wives, all of whom are older than me and politely try to hide the fact that they look down on me because of my age and the nature of our whirlwind courtship. They're all much too polite to call me a gold digger to my face. But their lips seem to automatically curl up into a sneer when they say my name. Well, my nickname.

My name is Pierette but no one calls me that. No one who knows me has ever called me that. Since shortly after I was born everyone has called me Pie. I had hoped to get away from that nickname and all the off color remarks it engenders when I went away to college. Somehow it followed me. It followed me on to law school and when I moved to Ohio to get married it soon caught up to me here. In some ways it wasn't so bad when I was a kid. There were a lot of double entendres from the guys who always have just one thing on their dirty little minds. But we were kids. Everything was transitory and to be honest, I sometimes found their remarks amusing. It's very unfortunate now. I'm a fledgling member of Society now; Society with a capitol S. Appearances are important. Apparently you can't call a person Pie and respect them.

Most afternoons I drink two or three or on a particularly bad day four stiff drinks, partly in an effort to help me cope with the catty women who play such a large part in my life, but mostly to build a wall between myself and boredom.

I was handling it, though. And everything would have been fine if I didn't start having headaches. Over a period of several weeks I spent hours visiting all kinds of doctors, everyone but the podiatrists seemed to get in on the act before someone finally figured out that my problem was my wisdom teeth. After I was subjected to every test known to man some genius suggested I see my dentist. It turned out that I had to have two wisdom teeth removed.

That doesn't sound like a life changing event. But it was.

I've never had so much as a cavity in my life. I was terrified by the idea of having two wisdom teeth extracted but those headaches had to go. I went in for the first extraction and survived. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I was bothered more by the sounds of the tooth being removed than any pain from the procedure, until later when the Novocain wore off!

I took the pain pills the dentist prescribed but they didn't seem to help. I spent two days in agony before the pain finally began to abate. I almost decided not to return for my next appointment. When I got the call to remind me of my next appointment I even told the girl on the phone I wasn't certain I'd be able to make it. When I told her why, she assured me that the dentist would discuss the pain issue with me and work out some way to better manage it if the standard treatment doesn't work for me.

Before the second extraction I told the dentist how bad the pain was after the first one and that the Vicodin he prescribed for me had absolutely no effect. He offered to up the dosage but when I refused he reluctantly offered me a stronger drug. I didn't mean to be difficult. I'm a go along to get along kind of girl. But I just don't think Vicodin has any effect on me.

I swallowed my fears and went through with the extraction of the second wisdom tooth and I stopped on the way home to fill my prescription. By the time I got home the bleeding already seemed to have stopped. I could feel the pain lurking in the background like a malignant apparition from a bad horror movie. I knew it was going to return soon. I thought it best to start taking the drugs before the pain took hold. But first I needed something to steady my nerves.

I know all about not drinking and taking pills. But all the better drugs have that warning and I've never had any problems in the past when I ignored them. I don't mean to imply that I take drugs often. I don't. But by the time they've reached my age I'm sure most people have had occasion at some time in their lives to take a prescription pain pill for something.

I changed into my bikini, fixed myself a strong drink and went out to the patio. I took a pill and sat in the sun for about half an hour. I started feeling a little woozy so I moved to a lounge chair in the shade and relaxed, sipping slowly on what was left of my cocktail.

I don't think I ever truly lost consciousness. But I seemed to lose control of every muscle in my body so gradually that I wasn't aware it was happening until suddenly I was paralyzed. I remember reaching for my glass to take another sip and my arms wouldn't move. The amusing thing is that I wasn't all that concerned! I tried my legs but they wouldn't obey either. Still not alarmed I resolved to relax and enjoy my inactivity until my muscle control returned. I suppose my lack of concern was due to the narcotic effect of the drug I took in conjunction with the alcohol. In retrospect, maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all.

I can't even guess how much time passed before I saw movement beside my lounge chair. Lee and Kirk were home from school. They had already changed into their trunks and were planning on using the pool.

Lee asked me if I was alright but I couldn't answer. He leaned over, shook my shoulder gently and asked again. Kirk sounded worried when he asked his brother, "Should we call 911? She doesn't look right, Lee."

Lee thought about it a moment and then, with a surprising amount of disdain in his voice he replied, "Nah. The bitch is just plastered. She got drunk and passed out."

They stood over me still, apparently not realizing that I can see them, though it was as if I were looking at them through a thick fog; as near as I could tell my eyes were only open about an eighth of an inch. And I can hear them even if I can't respond. It seemed like several minutes passed before Lee said, "She sure looks hot in that bikini."

Kirk ignored him. He leaned over and picked up the prescription bottle from the table beside me and read the label. A minute later he exclaimed, "Jesus, Lee! She ain't plastered, she took this with alcohol. We better call someone. This could be serious."

Obviously much less concerned, Lee grinned and said, "I better check to see if she's got a heartbeat."

He leaned down again and I had cause to question his knowledge of human anatomy when his hand came to rest on my right breast. He snickered and said, "She's okay, Kirk. She's just sleeping real, real heavy."

"Jesus, Lee! What if she wakes up? Get your hand off her ti ... boob!"

Lee squeezed my tit a couple times and finally straightened back up. He continued to stare down at me and said, "I have a feeling she ain't waking up anytime soon. We could have a little fun here and she'd never know the difference."

I heard the fear in Kirk's voice when he timidly asked, "What do you mean?"

"This is our chance, man! This is our chance to see a pretty woman naked. We can touch her. Hell! We can fuck her if we want! She'll never know she got fucked! I've seen you looking at her. You can't tell me you wouldn't like to see her naked."

Kirk was silent for a long time. I thought he might try talking some sense into his older brother. I was wrong. Finally, in a breathless voice that made it clear he likes the way his brother is thinking he asked, "You're sure she won't wake up?"

"Yeah. She's out of it."

More silence. Then Lee added, "I've got an idea. I know how we can do this and make sure she don't say anything if she does wake up."

Kirk moaned, "Oh god, Lee. You're going to get us killed."

Lee chuckled and said, "Listen, go up to my room. Get my camera and the tripod. Get yours, too. We'll record this. We'll make it look like she's awake and going along. Even if she does wake up she won't dare tell dad. We'll have proof we didn't do anything to her she didn't want done."

Kirk thought about it for a minute before his lust outweighed his fear. He apparently decided that Lee's offer is too good to refuse. I've been listening to this discussion and feeling my blood pressure rise. But no matter how hard I try to move my arms or legs, no matter how hard I try to speak, my body only seems to be concerned with involuntary muscle movement, my heart, my lungs, they're working fine. I just can't move so much as an eyelid on my own.

After Kirk ran off to get the cameras, Lee sat down on the edge of my lounge chair. He smiled at me as his hand returned to my chest. His fingers closed over my right tit again. He moaned, "Damn! I've wanted to do this since the first time I saw you. Looking at pictures of naked women is pretty hot. But every guy my age is dying to see a real live woman naked for the first time, to touch her tits and her pussy, and most of all to put their dicks in her. I'm gonna do that to you today, Pie. I'm going to take your bikini off and I'm going to look at you. I'm going to touch you all over. And I'm going to spread your legs and fuck you. I may even stick my dick in your mouth for a while. How about it, Pie? Do you like sucking dicks? I bet you do. A hot little cunt like you! I bet you love sucking big fat cocks."

He thinks I'm unconscious! He thinks I can't hear him! I wish he was right. I find it incredibly disturbing that his mind works that way. I know we don't have the best stepmother/stepson relationship. But to hear that filth from his mouth, to know his mind works that way! Surely that isn't normal! And he was only ten the first time he saw me! Ten year olds don't think that way ... do they?!

Lee's fingers trailed slowly down my stomach and finally came to rest over the mound between my legs which I instantly discovered has not been numbed by the drugs and alcohol. For just a moment I was happy I can't make a sound. I'm shocked by how good it feels when his hand cups my sex and gently squeezes. Even over my tiny bikini bottoms his warm hand sent chills of pleasure shooting through me.

I can feel the pressure of his finger against my slit. I know it isn't an accident that he's applying pressure there. I'm mortified. But in part that's due to the fact that if feel so damn good! I tried to tell myself my reaction is just another side effect of the alcohol and the drug I took. Please let that be it!

Lee moved his finger slightly and I felt the pressure focus just a bit higher, right on my suddenly throbbing clit! This is so wrong! I have to stop this!

I struggled against the paralysis that still has me firmly in its grip. How long is this going to last?!! I have to put a stop to this! How will I ever be able to face these two boys again?! How will I be able to face my husband?!!

Lee began to gently rub the area around my clit. How does he know to do that?! Boys his age shouldn't know anywhere near that much about female anatomy ... should they? They didn't when I was that age. Or at least I don't think they did.

I can't move. I can't speak. But I can see his face through my partially open eyes. It makes me ill to see all that lust on the face of my fifteen year old stepson. I've always wished I could be closer to the boys. But not this close!

Lee had been gently massaging my clit for several minutes by the time Kirk finally returned. He burst out of the patio door, his arms loaded down with cameras and tripods. He's breathing heavily. He's obviously been running.

He hurried over to where his older brother is still massaging my clit, which much to my dismay is enjoying the inappropriate attention despite my determination not to respond to his touch.

Kirk came to a sudden stop and stared down in awe at his brother's hand. Lee looked up and said, "She likes it. She likes it a lot. She may be unconscious but her body likes what I'm doing."

Kirk almost panicked. "May be!! What do you mean she MAY be unconscious?!! Damn it, Lee! You really are going to get us killed!"

"Calm down! She's out of it. Look at her. Her eyes are glazed over. She hasn't moved a muscle since we got home. I'm playing with her pussy and she's just lying there."

"Maybe we oughta call someone, man. What if she needs a doctor?"

"Relax, Kirk. She's fine. She's breathing steady. Her heart is beating. She's just plastered from taking those pills with alcohol. Shit. This serves the bitch right. Trust me. She ain't gonna remember a thing."

I wish that were true! This scene is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I'll never be able to look these two boys in the eyes again.

Lee finally removed his hand from my mound and stood up. They set up the tripods and attached the cameras to them. They started to place them so that they were aimed at me but Lee paused and said, "Wait. This isn't going to work. We need to get her out of that lounge chair and lay her out flat."

"What if she wakes up?!"

"Think about it, dummy. Wouldn't you rather have her wake up while we're moving her than while we're taking her bikini off or worse yet, dicking her?"

They stared down at me for a moment before Lee said, "Go get a blanket out of the linen closet. We'll spread it out over there in the grass and do this there."

Kirk isn't normally so amenable to taking orders from his brother. But he turned and hurried off without a word.

Lee moved the tripods onto the grass and returned to sit on the edge of my lounge chair again. He smiled down at me confidently and said, "It's almost a shame you're going to have to be unconscious for this, Pie. I'd love to see the look in your eyes when I shove my cock in your mouth or in that sweet little cunt of yours. Hell! You might even have enjoyed this if you weren't so fucked up."

There was a brief pause. He reached out and placed his hand back on my tit and said, "But then, once we record everything you're going to do here today on a DVD there's no telling what you might do to keep someone like dad from seeing it. I don't see any reason why we can't do this again, with your eyes open next time. I have a sneaking suspicion that once we put that DVD together and show it to you you're going to be willing to do anything we want from now on."

His fingers were just starting to squeeze my nipple when Kirk came running back out with a blanket in his arms. Lee stood up and they spread the blanket out between the tripods. Then they returned to my paralyzed form and Kirk asked, "How do you want to do this?"

"It shouldn't be hard. She can't weigh much. Let's carry her over there on the lounge chair. We'll use it like a litter. We'll put it down beside the blanket, lift her up and put her down in the middle of the blanket. Ready?"

That's what they did. Although they're only fourteen and fifteen years old they're both big boys. Lee is nearly fully grown and Kirk isn't much smaller. They had no trouble lifting me up and carrying me the short distance to the blanket. Kirk was hesitant to actually touch me when it came to lifting me onto the blanket. But after a dirty look from his brother he reached down and grabbed my ankles. Lee stood at my head. He reached under my arms and cupped my breasts in his hands. He smiled and asked, "Isn't it great that she comes with handles?"

They moved me to the blanket and set me down gently. I had hoped that moving me around might jostle me enough that somehow I could shake off this paralysis. It didn't, which caused me to start to worry that it might be permanent. But that fear was pushed to the back of my mind when the boys moved the chair out of the way and positioned the cameras for my imminent rape.

With the cameras in position, Lee said, "I'm first."

Kirk is apparently fine with that. Lee approached the blanket but at the last minute he said, "Hey! I've got a great idea! This is going to look a lot better later if we have some close-ups. Take your camera off the tripod and move around getting close-ups from different angles while I do her. Then when it's your turn I'll get the close-ups."

Kirk still seems a little timid. But that doesn't mean he objects to what they're doing. He's just afraid I'll wake up. He nodded, adjusted the obvious erection in his trunks and removed his camera from the tripod. He nodded to indicate he's ready and it began for real.

It didn't begin the way I anticipated. I expected Lee to make quick work of removing my bikini before exploring my naked body briefly and then raping me. I'm not certain I wouldn't have preferred that! Instead, he stretched out beside me, cradled my head on his forearm and began to caress my hair and face with his free hand like a lover. His gentle touch was surprisingly pleasant! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to believe he's a virgin, though I suppose with all the adult entertainment available today he's had many opportunities to pick up clues about how to make love to a woman.

Much too quickly he leaned down and touched his lips to mine. I felt his tongue begin to work between my lips as Kirk came in for a close-up of our kiss. That I wasn't returning his kiss didn't seem to bother Lee. His one sided kiss gradually became more and more passionate until I suddenly realized that if I weren't paralyzed I might very well have begun to respond! I mentally slapped myself in the face and tried to think of other things. That became more difficult when his hand lightly danced down the surprisingly sensitive skin of my neck and upper chest and began to tease my breast again.

He's certainly not in a hurry. The passionate kiss went on and on until eventually, still without breaking the kiss, he began to work his hand under the top of my bikini. Instead of freaking out I found myself thinking it's too bad his father doesn't enjoy foreplay this much!

My bra, brief as it is, inhibited his manipulation of my breast. He finally eased his hand out from under the material and worked it up off of my breast. Kirk gasped at the sight of my exposed flesh but then was silent. My left breast was exposed and Lee stopped kissing me long enough to lift his head and enjoy the view of what may be, what should have been the first living, breathing tit he's ever seen. That came out wrong. I don't mean that mine is the first tit he should have seen. I mean that at fifteen he shouldn't have seen one at all. Oh, you know what I mean! He lifted the other cup from my right breast and caressed them both for a moment before leaning back down and kissing me again.

It doesn't seem right that I'm unable to move or speak but my body tingles from being exposed and from my stepson's gentle caresses. If I can feel, if I can enjoy, why can't I move?!

And why in the hell does it excite me so that my two young stepsons can see my breasts?!!! This is so wrong!

Lee finally tired of kissing my unresponsive lips. He began kissing and licking his way down my neck and upper chest until he reached my exposed breasts. He paused to reach under me, untie my bikini top and remove it. Then he turned his attention to my tits. When his lips first closed around my nipple I became truly aware of just how good a kisser he is. Only when the warm, wet sensations closed over my erect nipple did I realize that I'm responding to his kisses. I'm being raped! Granted, it's a gentle rape. It's a pleasant rape. But it's rape nonetheless. I'm being taken against my will ... and I'm enjoying it!!

Oh god! How will I ever live with myself?! And what must this look like to the camera? I'm not moving or speaking. But to a casual observer that only means I'm not resisting. The camera doesn't know I can't move. The camera only knows my nipples are exposed and erect. It must look like I'm complicit in this slow, erotic assault!

Lee moved back and forth between my breasts, licking and sucking and gently biting until I found myself wishing I could moan with pleasure, that I could put my arms around him and hold him! And yes, I know how horrible that sounds.

He was still nursing on my swollen breasts when I felt his hand at my hips, slowly pulling at the strings holding my bottoms in place. I felt one side come free and then the other. The cloth went slack and pulled away slightly but remained in place over my sex for just a moment; a moment in which I think all three of us were holding our breath. Only a moment, though. His hand gripped the little piece of material and he pulled it out from under my butt.

I heard Kirk mutter, "Oh my fucking god!!"

Lee tossed my bottoms aside and his hand came to rest on my upper thigh. He lightly caressed my thigh and then worked his fingers over my mound, teasing my sensitive flesh for a minute or two. He slid a finger through my embarrassingly wet slit and no doubt playing to the camera he said, "You're sopping wet, Pie. You must be as horny as I am."

The disturbing truth is that he's right. I'm shocked at how turned on I am right now. I've had fantasies of being helpless, of being tied up and taken. Those fantasies didn't involve my stepsons. But even so, I can't deny that lying here helplessly while being used as a sex toy plays into my fantasies. I'd slit my throat before admitting it to anyone. But what's happening here isn't nearly as unpleasant as it should be!

It wasn't long before first one and then two of Lee's large fingers began to probe my pussy. I quickly found myself wishing I could beg him to stop. But only because I fear that if he doesn't stop soon I'm going to have an orgasm.

He finally did stop, just in time. I don't know if he noticed or not, but my breathing has become much more labored than when he started molesting me. I can't help wondering how an orgasm would have manifested itself in my present condition. Would I have cried out? Would I have moved? Would it appear as though I'm a willing participant?

My feverish thoughts were interrupted when Lee turned onto his back and worked his trunks off. He kicked them away and turned back onto his side. His hand returned to my pussy and even more astounding, his large cock came to rest on my upper thigh just inches from my drooling pussy.

I say astounding because this fifteen year old boy's cock is larger than his father's, much larger! It isn't porn movie large. But it's well above average. Looking down through slotted eyes the way I am it's hard to say for certain. If I had to guess, though, I'd estimate his cock is eight inches long if not longer and probably close to two inches in diameter! And he's not yet fully grown! He's just a fucking boy!!

It soon became a lot easier to estimate the size of his cock. He held it in his hand and moved the head of it around my mound for a moment until it was glistening with my juices. I thought he was about to take me. God knows I'd have welcomed it. Or at least I'd have welcomed it until I came to my senses. That's when my conscience would have become fatal.

But he didn't move up over me and force that large sex organ into my hot, wet orifice. Not yet. Instead he got up onto his knees and moved up until his erection was suspended over my face. I stared at it in awe, watching it throb in anticipation. It's dramatically larger around than any of the other cocks I've ever seen in person! I knew immediately what he intended. My reaction to that knowledge wasn't what I would have expected if I'd been thinking that far ahead.

I enjoy sucking cocks. I haven't done it a lot. Or at least I haven't done it with a lot of guys. I didn't do it in high school. I was too stupid. I was a virgin when I graduated from high school. But I dated half a dozen guys during my years in college and law school. I ended up in bed with all but one of them and as I became more comfortable with the act I incorporated oral sex as normal part of lovemaking.

In the beginning I did it to please my lovers, although to be honest the idea of sucking a boy's cock has always appealed to me. Unlike many of my girlfriends, before long I wasn't doing it just to please the men I was with. I was doing it because sucking a nice hard cock turned me on. It still does and I've become very good at it. I'm no Linda Lovelace. I can't take a cock down my throat. But I can please the hell out of it with my mouth and I don't mind at all when I end up with a mouthful of nice, warm, cock cream.

All that being said, however, I didn't expect to be staring up at my stepson's throbbing cock and wishing I wasn't paralyzed. I was all but consumed with the desire to give it the sucking it obviously deserves!

It must be the drugs and alcohol. They aren't just affecting my body. Obviously they're affecting my mind as well. There's no way I'd ever be thinking the obscene thoughts that are swirling through my confused brain at the moment if I were in complete control of my faculties. But knowing I'm not in my right mind doesn't seem to be helping. My mouth is watering for a taste of Lee's very handsome cock. Even as I wonder if I'll drown when he cums I'm well aware of how badly I want that large piece of cock meat in my mouth!

I stared at it, strangely thrilled by the sight of it glisten in the bright sunlight just two inches from the tip of my nose. Even though my vision is still fogged I can see it quite well. The top half is covered with a thick coat of lube and each time it throbs more of that clear liquid oozes from the surprisingly large hole in the tip.

If I could move I'd open my mouth, I'd stick out my tongue and taste it, slurp up those precious fluids. I'd pay homage to that marvelous slab of male meat with my lips and tongue. Even knowing that I'd hate myself later the desire to taste my stepson's impressive cock is irresistible. I tell myself, "It's the drugs, Pie! The drugs have taken away your inhibitions."

And I know that to be true. But even knowing it I want that cock in my mouth! I can't help feeling that my desire isn't due entirely to the effects of the drug I took.

He doesn't put it in my mouth, though. Not right away. He begins to paint my face with it. He wraps his fingers around the base and just like he did with my mound a moment ago he begins to run the large knob at the top of his sexy cock all around my face. He starts with my lips, leaving a thick trail of his juices in his wake he coats my lips and then moves it in ever widening concentric circles until it seems like my entire face is coated. I'm furious with myself because I want to stick my tongue out and clean my lips. I'm upset with myself because I feel that need and I'm upset because I can't satisfy the desire.

Eventually, though, he brings the head of his cock back to my lips. He presses it into the opening and my slack jaw parts easily to admit him. I worry for a moment about the fresh wound from which my wisdom tooth was only recently removed. But his cock doesn't come into direct contact with that area and I'm quickly distracted by the realization that I can taste and I can smell.

As his cock enters my mouth he gasps and exclaims, "Oh my god! Kirk! Oh shit! Wait until you feel this! It's so fucking hot and wet! It's fucking heaven!"

I hope he doesn't cum. I can't swallow. But instead of feeling fear that I might choke on a mouthful of his cum I feel disappointment. Because there's nothing I'd love more right at that moment than for my stepson to fill my mouth with a load of hot, fresh cum.

It's the drugs, Pie! It's the drugs!

But even so, as he begins to move four or five inches of his cock gently in and out of my mouth I struggle against the paralysis. Not to get free. Not to push him away. I struggle to close my mouth around that beautiful cock and suck the juices from it.

I can't help noticing that when his cock reaches the back of my throat I don't gag. I'm relieved that he stops there; he doesn't try to force his cock into my throat. But wouldn't it be nice if there was some drug I could take that would have that effect on my gag reflex without paralyzing me!

He doesn't fuck my mouth for long. He wants to. He wants to cum in my mouth I can sense it. That doesn't make me a mind reader. It's what guys like to do. But he thinks I'm passed out. He must realize I might choke on it if he does. So before he can lose control he pulls his cock from my mouth and straightens up.

It's time! He moves down and spreads my legs apart. He waits while Kirk gets a good close-up of my vulnerable pussy. He invades my needy opening with two fingers again, demonstrating to the camera that my body is more than ready for his cock. He moves into position between my legs and leans over me, his weight resting on his arms planted firmly on each side of my helpless body.

I feel his cock come to rest for a moment on my stomach. It feels every bit as large as it is. I hate myself for thinking it, but I want that thing inside of me! I want my stepson to fuck me. And I pray that despite the drugs I'll be able to enjoy it the way a girl should enjoy a cock like his.

He moves his hips and the head of his cock slides down over by belly, trailing down through my damp opening and thrilling me with its touch. I'm mildly amused by the thought that it's a good thing I'm unable to move or speak. It's good that he isn't able to see and hear how anxious I am to feel his throbbing cock inside me. Because if I could right now I'd wrap my arms and legs around him and beg him to fuck me. There'd be no way to explain away a DVD with that on it!

There's no need to beg, though. He's as anxious as I am. He fumbled around for a moment but finally I felt the head of his cock pressing against the right place. There was no resistance at all. It slipped right in as if it belongs there. I would have sighed with pleasure as his cock entered me. Thankfully I'm unable to make even that sound. His response, however, more than made up for my lack of one. In contrast to my mute acceptance of the pleasure I'm experiencing he did sigh loudly. He sighed and he swore under his breath until his cock was finally buried to the hilt in my welcoming body.

Lee's eyes are closed and his head tilted up toward the sky. There's a look of pure ecstasy on his face as he exclaims, "Oh god, Kirk! It's even better than I thought it would be! Her pussy is hot and tight and wet. It feels like a ... oh fuck, man! It feels like a pussy! There's nothing else like it! You're gonna fucking love this!"

Unfortunately, it feels that good to me, too. It feels at least as good as I thought it would. His cock is nearly twice as big around as the next largest cock I've ever had and the difference is more noticeable than I would have imagined. My toes would have curled if I were able to move them. It's incredibly frustrating that I can't wrap my arms and legs around him even though I know how awful that would look on the DVD they're going to make of what they're doing to me here this afternoon. Oh my god! Can I be this weak?!!

No. I'm not. It's the damn drug. It must be! I have never even imagined a scenario like this, not in my kinkiest fantasy. Not with two boys. Not with my stepsons!

There was a long pause before he started fucking me. He left his cock buried in pussy while Kirk circled us with his camera ... and I don't even care! At this moment the only important thing is not the existence of a humiliating sex movie starring me but how wonderful that pole of male flesh feels inside of me.

I probably needed this a lot more than I should have. After five years of marriage my sex life with Craig has dwindled away a lot more than I thought it should have. I know he's older, but forty-two isn't that old! And I know he works hard. There's a reason senior vice presidents of large firms make so much money. When he's in town he works long hours. Sixteen hour days aren't even unusual. Worse yet, it also isn't unusual for him to call me and tell me to pack a bag for him because he's on his way to the airport for another week out of town.

It isn't that he neglects me, not on purpose. We're still very much in love and he shows it when he can. But life just seems to get in the way ... a lot. I don't expect him to need to make love as much as I do. But understanding the problem doesn't solve it.

Now, as Lee began to fuck me with his surprisingly mature cock while I lay there helpless, splayed out under him on a blanket in the grass, I found myself imagining that my wrists and ankles are tied to stakes in the ground; that my stepson isn't fucking me sensuously but raping me brutally. As my strange reality and my perverted fantasies came together I discovered that my ability to attain mind bending orgasms has not been affected by the drug I took.

I remain mute. I'm still unable to move a single muscle. But my body shuddered violently as I experienced a series of incredible orgasms. Lee knew it, too. He moaned and exclaimed, "She's cumming! The bitch is having an orgasm! Fuck me!! Oh god! Her cunt is clamping down on me like a vise!"

No. Fuck me! PLEASE! Keep fucking me! It feels so damn good! God what a cock! DVD or no DVD this can never happen again. But there's no denying that I'm enjoying the hell out of it while it's happening. There's nothing I can do about that and so I'm not even going to try.

And then it got better! He swore again and picked up the pace, driving that large cock into me like a beast in rut. It was wonderful! I enjoyed a string of orgasms so strong I was certain I'd pass out for real. It went on and on until with one last, violent lunge he tensed up and shuddered violently, twitching occasionally as he experienced his first shared orgasm; his first orgasm with his beautiful cock buried deep in the vagina of a woman.

His orgasm seemed to last nearly as long as mine did! It seemed like minutes passed before his body stopped shaking and he rolled off of me. He lay beside me with his eyes closed, panting and gasping for the longest time while I, still under the influence of that damn drug, lay quiet and still. My breathing seemed slightly more labored. But the only real sign that I'd just enjoyed a rather violent sex act was that my body was covered with a patina of sweat that had rubbed off of Lee's body and onto mine.

Kirk is still filming. But the expression on his face behind the camera is an even mix of awe and eager anticipation. I wish he was almost anyone else. I never expected it to happen. I never wanted it to happen, not for real. But another of my fantasies is sex with two men. But not with my stepson, not with a fourteen year old boy! One look at Kirk's face and the bulge in his trunks, though, and I know there's no stopping it now. I suspect that even if I suddenly regained the use of my paralyzed muscles I couldn't stop this from happening now. The strong odor I detect in the air around me isn't just the smell of sex. It's the strong scent of arousal, of lust. If I tried to stop this now I'm sure they'd hold me down and rape me for real.

The embarrassing truth, though, is the thought of that happening still turns me on. Even this, what they're doing to my helpless body turns me on. There may come a time when I can forgive them for what they're doing. I'm not certain I'll be able to be as generous with me.

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