Halloween and the Goblin

by rodeotexas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Zoophilia, Rough, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Goblin creates sexual mayhem among the suburbanites of a neighborhood during the Halloween season

The young attractive couple, Kate and Dan, had recently purchased the huge old Victorian house. They knew it would be a huge renovation project but have plans to operate it as a bed and breakfast. Dan was an architect and Kate an Interior Designer which enabled both of them to work out of the house. It was the grandest house on the block but sorely in need of restoration. Three months before Halloween they had moved in with their two huge but loveable Rottweiler's, Amadeus and Rolf. Amadeus seemed to be Kate's dog always by her side while Rolf was the inquisitive one, starting games and wanting to explore and always wanting to be with the husband.

The neighborhood was mostly young couples and a few middle aged couples, drawn to the area and its fine old houses near the town's center, renovating and restoring the old houses to their former hand-crafted charm and beauty. All the neighbors were extremely friendly, pitching in to help out with each other's restoration efforts on a particularly challenging problem or lending experience to those less experienced.

It was only after they moved in that their new neighbors informed them the old rambling three story house had a reputation as being haunted. The realtor had told them the house had been sold numerous times during the last fifteen years after the original long-term owners, but had explained that each of the previous owners had not realized what a job it would be to fully restore the multistory Victorian house to its former glory with all its Old-World elaborate wood craftsmanship inside and all the handcrafted gingerbread trim on the outside. The neighbors somewhat contradicted what the realtor had said, in almost every case, a youngish couple had purchased the large house, and after a year or so, almost always it was the wife that insisted on selling the house. Strangely, right after Halloween it always went up on the market.

In the two weeks leading up to Halloween they had put in a lot of effort decorating the exterior, with all its possibilities the house lended to elaborate decoration for the season and both of them were already planning Christmas decorations.

For the past few nights both Dan and Kate were troubled by strange dreams, even nightmares, compounded by the creaky old house with its extensive elaborate woodwork and grand wooden stair cases making noises as the temperature/humidity changed. Both laughed off their troubled sleep as too much imagination and the work they had put in for Halloween.

They planned a special evening for Halloween night after the trick or treaters had finished their rounds. The moon was full and particularly bright. A few of the younger childless couples in the neighborhood had come over to socialize and enjoy the festivities of the costumed children that came up to the house for treats. Kate and Dan had easily overdone the elaborate decorations of the old Victorian house which had been transformed into the main attraction for this Halloween night for blocks around. The adults too were costumed for the night with the women wearing "adult" versions that were tantalizing and bordering on the risqué. All of them had several drinks and the little mini-party got quite boisterous and more than a bit lewd by all. After the children had stopped coming by, their guests finally departed late in the evening.

Dan and Kate worked their way through almost two bottles of champagne after their guests had left while they cleaned up. As a surprise Kate had put on a new sexy nightie from Fredericks of Hollywood and both had retired to the master bedroom in the third story turret, both more than tipsy. The round expansive room was especially appealing as it was extremely large in space and almost surrounded on all sides by tall seven foot windows. The moon brightly illuminated the large space within and the very amorous couple on the king-size bed.

He was kissing her legs. He loves to kiss her legs. Her legs are long, tight and athletic. Indeed, every inch of Kate was a lovely vision; she was tall, toned and very athletic, with full firm breasts, small nipples and areolas. Back in college she had most of her pubic hair removed by laser except for a small decorative design. She had been the university homecoming queen her senior year and made extra money modeling swimwear during her graduate school years.

Dan started by kissing her left ankle. He crawls to the bottom of the bed, shoving the sheets out of his way, and begins kissing her ankle. He moves up her leg, kissing her calf. He lifts her leg up off of the bed to kiss the back of her calf, his tongue licking her skin. He slides his tongue up her leg to the back of her knee. She shivers and her small nipples become erect. He lays her leg back down on the mattress and slowly moves up her thigh. His hands precede his mouth, gently stroking her skin.

He runs his tongue up her inner thigh, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin. His hard cock is rubbing against the mattress. His mouth approaches her pussy. He licks the skin at her heated crotch quickly and then moves over to her other leg, teasing her. He sucks at the skin on her right thigh. His hands move up her body and slide under the chemise that she wore especially for both of them tonight. He straddles her right leg. His amply endowed dick slips out of his silk boxers and slides along her smooth leg as his kisses begin to move down her thigh.

Kate writhed against the sheets. She reaches down and grasps the hair on his head. She pulls his head to her highly aroused wet pussy, wanting to feel his tongue inside her. He obeys and moves his head back up to her crotch. His hands slide along her stomach and reach up to fondle her firm large hard nipple breasts. She grabs one of his hands and pulls it out from under her chemise. She brings the hand up to her mouth and begins sucking on the index finder.

His tongue moves between the hot swollen lips of her pussy. He laps gently up probing between the wet lips and gently flicks her already hard clit. She moves his finger in and out of her mouth. Her tongue slides along the finger. His hand massages her breast and pinches the nipple gently, causing her to emit a small moan. She wraps her long legs around his back and tilts her pelvis up towards his mouth. He pushes his tongue inside of her tight entrance and starts thrusting his tongue in and out. Always he marveled at her tightness, it even felt tight around his tongue, and the marvelous adaptability of her tight pussy to accommodate his substantial cock, Kate had the tightest pussy of any woman he had ever known, and he known plenty before he had met Kate. He rubs his cock against the mattress, wanting to feel it inside of her.

Then Rolf started whining at the door as he stared at the door with his ears pricked and his massive head cocked sidewise.

Kate sucks his finger into her mouth. He moves his tongue up her pussy and sucks her swollen hard clitoris into his mouth. He begins flicking it with his tongue rhythmically. Her hips jerk uncontrollably against his mouth.

Rolf again whines loudly and starts scratching at the door.

Dan quickly yanks his head from between her legs. He rolls over to the other side of the bed and sits up and yells at Rolf to stop, before he damages the woodwork. Kate curiously looks at her husband

"that's strange, neither he nor Amadeus had ever scratched at the door before to be let out"

Both dogs knew better and were extremely well-trained.

Rolf looked inquisitively at the amorous couple now sitting up in bed looking at him.

"Dan," Kate says, "Go take care of him." She sighs, holding her arms tightly to her chest. Dan looks at her. She looks so incredibly sexy tonight. Kate had surprised him with the very sexy and erotic chemise. He wanted her so bad.

Rolf loudly whined and stood at the door. Dan yells, frustrated and horny. He brings his hand over to her leg, sliding it up her thigh. She grabs his hand.

"Stop it, Dan," she commanded, "Go see what he wants. His stomach may be upset and it's a long way down and through the house to get him outside, and you will be the one cleaning up the mess if you do not get him outside in time!" Kate releases his hand and strokes it softly. "I'll still be here when you get back and I'll still be wearing this." She stretches out along the bed, sensuously arching her back. Her full hard nipple breasts push out against the chemise. He can see the nipples pushing through the thin see-thru fabric. Her darkly tanned body showed off her tanlines from the skimpy Rio bikinis she favored and put many another woman ten years younger to shame. He leans over and presses his lips to her mouth. She kisses him deeply. Then, she pushes him away. "Hurry back," she purrs.

Reluctantly, Dan stands up from the bed and pulls his pants and shirt on. The new picket fence is not yet complete and that meant getting dressed and putting leashes on Rolf and Amadeus. Rolf is waiting expectantly at the door. Dan calls for Amadeus but he just looks at Dan and closes his eyes, lying on the floor next to the bed on Kate's side.

"Fine, it's just Rolf and me then but you will have to take Amadeus out later if he wakes us up!"

As soon as Dan turns his back, Amadeus looks at his mistress and seeing no sign of discouragement jumps up on the large bed and lies down on Dan's side of the bed.

Dan looks back at his wife. She's lying in the bed, her back leaning against the headboard, one leg stretched out straight along the bed, the other propped up with her foot resting against the mattress. The chemise is pushed up high on her thighs, her legs slightly spread, he can see between her legs, and her aroused swollen labia openly parted.

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