Chris Incident
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Blackmail, Slut Wife, Mother, Son, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The continuing sexual chronicles of Mrs. Sara Bergman

Sara stands five foot two and weighs in at a heft one hundred and thirty five pounds. Her weight would change from month to month by as much as ten pounds. She had auburn colored hair but colors it a golden blonde and wears it styled short and curly. She has a figure of 36ddd 30 34.

She had a little love handle at her belly and some on her upper arms. She has a round face, full lips, and a somewhat pronounced nose. Her eyes are blue and look really nice in the round face she has. Her skin tone is very white, almost pasty white, but not quite. She burns quite easily and rarely tans. Her breasts sag more from the sheer size of her boob than from gravity. She had half dollar size areola and nipples that when pronounced cause small bumps to rise up from her areola.

She gets turned on when she see's men looking at her and seeing the men get hard on's. I called that a prick teaser she called it casual flirting. When she walks even in a supported bra her big boobs bounce and if comments are made about her jiggle she takes offense and calls the cat calls perverts. She claims it is demeaning. The bra's she wears are either one size too small or custom made as her size is hard to get in any standard women's store. I once tried to get her to go to a custom fitting store and she called me a sexist pig and the sad part was she really meant it.

It was a Tuesday afternoon that I got the call from my wife. I was at work and she rarely called me there. She was very serious and said that we needed a husband wife talk when I got home. It ruined my day because I had detected on the phone she had been crying.

When I got home, a little earlier than normal, she was dressed up more than usual. She even had hose on. I wondered what was up. She sat down in a chair opposite to me and took my hands in hers and looking me right in the eyes said she was being blackmailed. I wanted to know more right away but she stopped me. She said she was going to show it all to me and tell me the whole awful story. She had gone out with a friend of her's (another girl friend) and gotten really high.

The wives were tanked she said and then they met the really young boys giving them a ride in Sara's friends minivan. There was some groping and the next thing she knew she was having sex with two of the five boys they picked up. Her girlfriend, work mate, had a video camera and took pictures of Sara virtually raping the boys. Sara showed me a copy of the tape and I had to admit it did look like she was forcing herself on the two boys because at least one of them was tied. I had asked her how that had happened and Sara had told me that she only remembered bits and pieces and actually had forgotten about the tape until recently. The tied up boy actively and verbally kept telling her no but she forced it anyway. It turned out the kid was a cops son. The police were looking for her but they had so little to go on; no name, no pictures and the minivan didn't belong to Sara. Eighteen months went by before the tape surfaced again this time in the hands of a neighborhood kid that was friends with my son. They were both the same age, but Chris Thomas was stringy, gangling and had a sharp nose with beady eyes. He stood about five ten and was more bone than flesh. I knew from previous experience the youth had lusted after my wife but I just chalked it up to teen hormones and my wife's natural endowments plus her near constant teasing. That all came back to bite her in the ass with the tape. Chris showed it to her at his house, she had gone there originally to drop off some games that her son had borrowed and that he wanted back. After seeing the tape Chris told her that he wanted to see her nude and he wanted a deep throat blow job. Sara argued with him telling him she was old enough to be his mom, she was the mom of his best friend, she knew his mom (an alcoholic divorced lady more drunk than sober) and she was old and fat. Chris threatened to send it to the police.

I remember the tears and the sobbing as she said she did the same thing with Chris but he was firm in his demands and told her that this was only the start. She needed to get that; it wasn't a one time deal she would be his or she would be in prison. Sara still sobbing took off her clothes. She had been wearing tight shorts and a sweat shirt plus sneakers. He made her strip out of everything then spent the better part of a half hour fondling her oversize boobs. Sara told me that she didn't think he realized then how stimulated she got from the fondling of her boobs and the playing with her nipples. She argued with him, she was always good at stalling, about the blowjob telling him she wasn't very good at it and even hated it with her husband. She had told me his response to that was that he was going to teach her not only how to give him good blowjobs but how to deep throat. She'd only performed deep throat once or twice before and she hated it. Sara said she hated it even more with Chris because he made her repeat until she got his full seven inches in her mouth and to the opening of her throat and it took almost an hour and a half to accomplish this feat. The blowjob started with her on her knee's and progressed to his bed where she sat next to him and tried to complete what he demanded while he felt up her breasts bouncing in his hand (her words as I remember, not mine). Sara said in a way after all the gagging and the repeated attempts at getting him off it was better when he came in her throat because she didn't have to taste his ejaculated fluids. After making him cum in her throat he spewed the last squirt in her face and told her not to wipe it off. When she was dressing he told her to leave her bra, it was a souvenir of her first blowjob. She wiped his cum off her face on the way home (he lived about a block away, just down the street). Sara said she was embarrassed to walk in public braless her boobs very obvious and unsupported in her own neighborhood. The very next day he called and told her to be ready for him in high heels and the orange colored terry clothed robe she had. She was to be nude under the robe. He had sex with her in our bedroom with her standing in front of the dresser with the mirror. She was naked and he told her he liked seeing the reflection of her bouncing boobs as he banged her from the rear. She had a strong climax with him which left her red faced and embarrassed. She got him hard again with her mouth and then he did her ass hole. She screamed and begged him to be more gentle. She told him she had a virgin asshole and he told her as he came inside her rectum that it was no longer virgin. A couple of nights later she spent the better part of the night and the early morning with him in his bed. She told me she had gone over there all dressed up because he demanded it. She performed a command strip (he told her what to take off and then she did it) in his bedroom while in the next bedroom his mother was snoring off another drunken binge. The sex was just that she claimed. It wasn't love making it was just sex and she knew she had to put out. The next time he embarrassed her to the extreme was in his tool shed behind the house. He had her get in a sleeping bag that was ripped open at her breast line. He locked the bag shut so that only her boobs were out and then invited a couple friends over for some 'titty play'. The friends could guess who she was but the rest of her body was hidden from view. Sara confessed to me that after several sweaty hours of this she had an intense masturbated orgasm. Her breasts are very sensitive. Shortly after that he demanded I become involved. He wanted to have sex with her in front of me.

Now I knew why she was all dressed up when I got home from work. He was due over that very afternoon and she had to perform for him.

The kid leered at her when he got there and acknowledged me asking if I knew 'how things stood'. When I said I did he told my wife to strip to the waist and use her boobs on him while I was supposed to stimulate her clit. Even though it was embarrassing I did a sort of perverse enjoyment out of making my wife climax while she was giving the neighbor kid a jug fuck. Her climaxing made him shoot his wad earlier than what he wanted. He promised me that he would not show too many of his friends her charms but told us both that eventually she would be shown to some of his closest friends, the ones he felt sure could keep their mouths shut.

Repeated sexual encounters took place between him and her over the next few weeks and he even made her do a exhibitionist topless dance in front of a bedroom window which he knew a peeping tom was using to get his rocks off. She even was forced, while I was there, to press her big naked boobs up against the window pain and hold them there for five long minutes. I thought five minutes was a short time until he made her do that. It was an eternity after that and she agreed. I heard the peeper grunt and groan outside the window as he got off from my wife's boob squashing against the window pane.

Chris then wanted me to have sex with her and even though I protested I finally gave in because I did not want to see her going off to prison. It was intense sex and Sara came multiple times which up until that experience I never had seen or felt from her. It was after the sex in front of him that I began to realize that she was a slut. Even if she hadn't started out that way she was becoming one. I have to admit her oral technique is really stimulating. Before it was just a little more than a dick licking but now I could slide from the front of her mouth all the way to the tightness at the back of her mouth and it is a real sexual turn on to feel your cock bend as it goes down into her throat. I can see why Chris got enjoyment out of it when I saw evidence of her throat swelling because my erection was sliding into her mouth and down her throat. The occasional gagging she does when her gag reflex is triggered only adds to the excitement of the deep throat oral sex. I thought it would be humiliating for her but when I checked her labia lips they were more than moist and very swollen. She was getting off on this!!

That is pretty much the basics. A story could be made out of that I suppose but I don't think I will. My pride is kind of suffering and she definitely made me feel less than adequate as a protector provider, especially when she parades around the house topless showing her big breasts off to everyone that comes over when Chris is there. It is kind of strange though. I still look at her symmetrical slightly sagging boobs as attractive breasts; Chris and his friends call them tits and melons and jugs. I guess it is all in the perspective.

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