Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Humor, Tear Jerker, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Aunt, Nephew, InLaws, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

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"Hey Charles?"

"Yeah Princess?

"Claire told me about your discussion concerning me."

"What ... exactly did she tell you, K?"

"That it's OK with her, if we fuck each other."

"If you're going to be crude — nothing's going to happen — is that clear?" I said to my lovely stepdaughter.

"Sorry, Daddy — so, when can we 'make love' with one another?"

"That's better, Princess. Well, I'd like to be through this whole flashback thing, maybe in about two or three more days, a week at the most - Can you wait that long?"

"I've waited almost 25 years, Charles. I can wait a few more days. But you've been so detailed, talking about every city, just about every performance. Can you move things along, so I don't have another birthday before we 'hook up?"

Chuckling at her, I said, "I'll do what I can, Princess — All of these memories are still so very fresh in my head, especially with my four hot ladies, who I traveled the world with together everywhere."

"We did go to a lot of places, Daddy — I want you to visit 'my happy place, ' too?" She said flashing that still magical grin at me.

"Kalista, I can't wait to visit your 'happy place, ' here comes Claire. Be a good girl."

"Oh, I will — Daddy."

"That's OK, Princess — stay up on his lap. Where are you in the story honey?" Claire asked, sitting by my side.

"Talking about getting our driver's licenses, dear."

Although Claire and I have our own place now, we go across the street just about nightly for dinner and to talk about the upcoming events in the lives of the five persons in the C-Cask.

We usually end up in the spa, regardless of who's house we have dinner at, or hold a meeting. We also asked our Moms to give us some driving lessons, so we can get our own licenses, and our own car.

After only back for eight days, many things have happened; Claire and I both scheduled and passed our Ohio Drivers License tests, both written and driving, so we're legal ... to drive. I thought we'd go back to Martins for a vehicle for us, when we went to replace our Corporate Suburban.

Roscoe Martin, the owner, had a Touchscreen Computer setup in his showroom nowadays, for someone to 'Design Your Own Vehicle, ' so Claire and I first selected a 'Suburban 4WD 1500 LS, ' then picked 'Blue Topaz' as the exterior color and an 'Ebony' interior. We also added the 'Convenience Package' along with the 'All-Star Edition, ' and pimped out the interior with some high-end upholstery and carpet treatments.

After all was said and done, our new Suburban would cost us around $50,000 — However, I told Annie and Sarah I wanted to try and deal this time on my own, even though we could easily pay for this vehicle. I'd been reminded of something my Dad said to my Mom when we went out shopping for cars a very long time ago, "Never pay full-price for a new car!"

"Roscoe, since we got our first Suburban from you, how many SUV's have you sold, anyway?" I asked.

"Charles, I'm proud to say Martin Chevrolet was the highest selling SUV Chevrolet dealership in the state of Ohio, we sold almost 800 of them in the past two years — and I'll admit that's double what we did the previous two years. All because of Charles & Claire."

"I'll make you a deal Roscoe, I'll pay you cash for this new Suburban, if you cut the price in half?"

I saw him thinking about it, but he didn't seem sold on the idea.

"Charles, I don't know about that?" he replied.

"Roscoe — How about if we buy two of them, one more, only Red instead of Blue Topaz, for the price of one, this offer is good for five minutes."

I walked away and went over to where the ladies were standing, facing them. "What's he doing," I whispered.

"Looking through his inventory I think, about to make a counter-offer?" Sarah mentioned.

I looked at my phone to see how much time had passed, one minute left.

I was waiting ... and it didn't seem he was in a hurry to do anything.

I turned around, "Roscoe, times up - Let's go ladies, we're shopping somewhere else, that Ford Dealership down the street had some new Excursions on its lot, didn't it?"

"Charles, wait please?" Roscoe was sweating, "A cash deal, no payments?"

"No payments — We write a check right here and now, for the price of the two fully equipped Suburban's, less 50%, or we take our business to Whitey's Ford, down the street?" I said.

Unhesitatingly, Roscoe said, "It's a deal." I walked back to him and we shook, I asked Sarah for a signed check.

Roscoe went to his computer and worked out a final gross price of $112,658 for the two vehicles. I wrote the check for $85,000 and handed it to him.

The shock was instantaneous, "Charles, this is too much?" he said.

"Roscoe, you're a good man, who deserves a fair price. Call us when you've got the Suburban's in - you busy this upcoming October 15th, it's a Monday?"

"What's going on that day?" he asked.

"Claire and I are getting married; bring some banners, hand out some business cards, and watch us tie the knot?" I said.

To my surprise, I saw him take the check I just gave him and he tore it up into very little pieces.

Walking over to me with his hand extended he said, "Consider both of them a wedding present, you two are perfect for one another, I'll see you there, can I bring Caroline?"

"Absolutely, we'll send you some infield tickets in the next week," I said.

After about 15 minutes of paperwork, we left, with the paperwork to show we owned two, brand-new Chevy Suburban's.

Upon checking her email Sarah announced, "R. Kelly is in jail, he won't be there for the wedding, do we want to replace him? I'm sure we could get a replacement."

"Nah, if we need to fill, Michael and his Orchestra can play some music. Who's singing what exactly, Sarah?" I asked.

She replied, "Starting at five pm, or thereabouts is,"

Kelly Clarkson, singing 'Because of You" and 'Hear Me'

Jack Jones, singing 'The Impossible Dream' and 'Feeling Good'

Alicia Keys, singing 'Fallen' and "No One'

Blake Shelton, singing 'She Wouldn't Be Gone' and 'Home'

The Golden Staters, singing 'The Sweetheart Tree, and 'May each Day'

Leanne Rimes, singing 'The Rose and 'I Will Always Love You'

"Oh my god, I love that song, Charles," Kalista said, breaking into tears. Claire went up to her and said, "We'd better invest in some tear proof make up, shouldn't we Kallie?"

"Is everyone OK for me to continue?" Sarah questioned.

Kalista nodded as she and Claire sat down next to each other, holding each other by the hand — I had my arms around the both of them.

"Next is the R. Kelly slot — How about we let Michael sing something right here?" Sarah said.

"Let's put in Michael, doing 'At This Moment' and 'Moondance?'" I suggested.

"OK, after that will be Sarah Bareilles, performing 'Love Song' and she'll play the piano and sing 'Gravity.'

Next, The Freshman Fifteen, doing 'Sweet Dreams' and 'I'll Try, ' which ends our first hour of entertainment.'

"Have all of the Newman's and McArthurs been invited to the wedding?" I interrupted.

"Of course, over six months ago - we've got confirmations from just about all of the Newman's, McArthurs, Moynihan's, and Rollins we could find. The Charles and Williams family are also coming — all told it's almost a hundred people - Oh - and Jimmy Bradshaw will be there as well," Sarah said with a very satisfied smile on her face.

After a glance towards Claire for an OK, I went over to Sarah and gave her a nice kiss in appreciation of all of her work on this. As we separated, I got a wonderful smile and a silent 'thank you' from her as well.

"Annie helped on this as well, Charles?" she nodded over to Mom, who stood up and was waiting for me.

With a chuckle I stepped over to Mom and she had her arms out — ready to accept my 'thanks' and we enveloped each other in a very smooth and soft kiss as well. She tasted so good...


"Sorry Claire, my Mommy needed a little love, don't you Annie?" I said to Claire as I looked into my mother's eyes and actually saw want in them. I pulled away as I went back to behind and between my dancing partners.

"Can we continue this in the spa, please?" I asked.

"Your place or mine, Loverboy?" Sarah responded.


"You ladies change and meet us over at our place in 15 minutes, OK —- after our spa we can go out to dinner somewhere, I feel like showing you ladies off."

We all settled back into our spa, and Annie took over announcing who was performing what, using her IPad.

"OK guys, starting off the second hour of entertainment is,"

The O'Jays, singing 'Sing a Happy Song' and 'Love Train'

Usher, singing 'There Goes My Baby' and 'U-Turn'

Sheryl Crow, singing 'All I Wanna Do' and the theme from the James Bond movie, 'Tomorrow Never Dies'

Faith Hill, singing with her husband Tim McGraw, 'I Need You' and by herself, 'Over the Rainbow'

Filling with emotion I said, "My God, how'd we get so many big stars to perform for nothing — We're just a couple of sixteen-year-olds getting married?"

Seeing tears in my eyes, and wiping some from her own face Sarah said, "Charles, don't you realize this yet — You're a star, no ... you're a Superstar, along with your wife Claire and the Amazing Kalista. Until the 'Honey Tour' was realized, I'd been contacted by a number of organizations for the three of you to come and perform on tour with them?"

"Like who?" Kalista asked.

"Mainly other singers, who wanted you to tour with them, like Harry Connick Jr, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Feinstein, Reba McIntire, K D Lang and a few others as well. I could have had you sign with one of them, they all offered tons and tons of money — but I knew you wanted a change of pace, so worry about your wedding, like 90% of guys do, and enjoy this time to yourselves," Sarah said, her eyes glistening.

"You and Annie are the very best at what you do, Sarah — how do I pay you back for all of this?" I said licking my lips at the thought.

Mom said, "Be careful what you ask for Honey."

Everyone broke into laughter at Annie's remark.

"OK, let's finish the second hour, then head off somewhere for dinner," I said.

"And dance, Lover?" Claire said leaning back into me.

"Maybe; Sarah's right, let's take it easy for a while, we've years to dance, years to love one another, so let's just enjoy this time," I said.

Annie started back up,

"Captain and Tenille, performing 'Love Will Keep Us Together' and 'Lonely Nights'

Al Green, singing 'Call Me' and 'Look What You've Done for Me'

Heart, performing an acoustic 'Alone' and 'I've Got the Music in Me'"

"And that is the end of the second hour, lets meet over at our place in 15 minutes, is that enough time for you two kids?" Annie said grinning at me a little.

"Give us 25 minutes OK, Mom?" I said back.

Claire said to me at dinner, "Charles, I don't want to dance before the wedding."

Swallowing a bite of dinner, it took me a moment to react, "You mean the dancing before the entertainment we talked about? That's OK, Claire-Bear - we don't have to if you don't want. I love you, and we're getting married that night, so it's fine. We can still dance after the wedding, correct?" I said.

"Sure, what's planned for that?" she asked.

"Oh, that's Top Secret, 'Need to Know' — I don't even know all of the details. Michael, along with Annie and Sarah are working that all out," I said.

"It's called 'plausible deniability, ' dear?" Sarah said. "If Charles doesn't know, you can't wrangle it out of him, can you?"

"You're getting smarter, mother," Claire said.

"And more beautiful, Sweet-Lips," I said, feeling an elbow in my shoulder.

"So," Annie said, "Brian is your best man, and your groomsmen are your brother Steven, and Claire's brothers Ken and Josiah?"

"Yes, I asked them while we were on tour, and they all consented. Who're your bridesmaids again, Claire?"

"Well, K is my Maid of Honor; Susan Williams, and my older sister Esther, and Brian's sister Karen are my bridesmaids. My mother is giving me away, and I'm getting married to the hunkiest, sweetest, best tasting man I know," she said, tapping my nose with her fingertip.

I reacted, "Oh, do I know this guy, he sure seems a real lucky son of a bit..."

"Charles," mom interrupted, causing smiles and giggles all around.

"We have to go and get me sized for a wedding dress, do you have any suggestions about the dress, Charles?" Claire said, with a bit of larceny in her voice.

"Strapless would be pretty, because of your pretty shoulders and a couple other reasons as well?" I said, with Kalista giggling and Claire slapping at me, but unable to hold back her own laugh as well.

"Something else, Claire — I know wedding dresses have been traditionally white since the 1850s, but I can think of so many other colors you would look prettier in, like a real light blue, or a medium pink — and it needs to be danceable. We'll have over 100,000 reasons to dance a few dances alone - I actually have a couple in mind," I said.

She turned my face to hers and after looking closely, said, "OK, I will, Lover."

We finished dinner and headed home, with me driving and my fiancée snuggled up next to me. We dropped off the ladies, saying goodnight to them and we pulled into our driveway.

In the 'danger zone' of Claire's cycle, I used a condom that night, and it was so wonderful, making love to this redhead that I fell in love with at first sight. Thinking back to that evening often, I find myself just looking at her, whatever she's doing. She usually senses that I'm watching her and turns to give me a smile - a great big one.

We've started to do most things together - cook, wash dishes, do the laundry, and lots of little things around the house. I went online and purchased a Multi-Station Exercise Gym, putting it outside instead of the bedroom. They actually use a gun cartridge system and literally bolted it to the cement slab on the other side of the outdoor patio, only about eight feet from our spa, where we often would strip and spa naked, which felt naughty, but nice.

We'd included a nice cover for the Gym Set. I still worked out, picking her up and doing lifts holding her. I got a complete 20-piece dumbbell set, including a rolling rack that was easy enough to roll inside the house when necessary.

The wedding dress she ordered came in, and I was shooed out of the room as they all got to see it. We stopped and had a late afternoon meal together. Afterwards, we all got in the Moms spa and went over the third hour of entertainment.

"Before Sarah and I go over the final hour of performances, Charles — tell us how many days until ... everything?" Annie said.

"OK, there are 53 days until the wedding, 55 until the Honeymoon, Mom did you ever make reservations for the three of you?" I interrupted myself.

"Yes, Charles — We're on the same island as you are, but in a different Hotel?" Sarah answered.

"Ooohh, that's too bad Mom, but Charles and I can chaperone ourselves, can't we Lover?" Claire said pushing herself up against me real close, nibbling at my lips.

"I think they're glad we're not in the same hotel?" Kalista said with a smile.

"We are K — very glad," I said.

We all heard Sarah's laptop ding.

She checked it and announced, "Jennifer Warnes is bowing out, personal family crisis, just a minute, everybody?"

She typed and selected, using the mouse pad infinitely better than I ever could, and with a great big smile on her face said, "Bill Medley will be bringing his daughter, McKenna Medley, who is going to perform with her dad. Kristin Chenoweth goes into rehearsals for a new Broadway show, and won't be here, so no reunion for her and Idina?"

"Wait a minute, I had an act on standby, in case this happened," Sarah said, again typing feverishly. After a couple minutes she got a ding. "Mr. BJ Thomas will be here, he'll replace "Moondance' with 'Rainbows Keep Falling on My Head?'"

"OK, the third hour is,

Maroon 5, singing 'Sweetest Goodbye' and 'The Way I Was'

Taylor Swift - 'The Story of Us' and 'A Perfectly Good Heart'

Shirley Bassey, is singing 'As Time Goes By' and 'S' Wonderful'

Hayley Williams, with someone called Weezer, is singing, 'Rainbow Connection' and 'The Only Exception'

"Oh, Charles — you're going to just love her version of Rainbow Connection, I just know it?" Kalista said breaking into that smile that broke my heart so long ago.

"If you say so, Princess," I said giving her a kiss on the forehead, and hugging both her and Claire.

Bill Medley and his daughter McKenna, singing 'Unchained Melody' and 'I've Had the Time of My Life'

Celine Dion, finishing up the entertainment portion of the evening, singing, 'The Power of Love, ' 'Because You Love Me' and 'My Heart Will Go On!'

"That's it, the evening's entertainment, then there are a couple of pre-wedding songs, and the wedding happens, then you two dance for the masses, potentially, 111,000 people," Sarah said, with flair.

"Sarah, please put the laptop away, I've a present for you," I said turning to Claire and getting the OK. I looked over at Annie and she gave her OK by an almost imperceptible nod.

"Sarah, you may become my Mother-in-law in 53 days, but right now, I can say without equivocation - I love you."

She pulled me to her and we started a very small but still smoldering kiss, as I had my hands above her waist and on her back, but I pulled her all the way up against me as we broke apart for a split second and reconnected in a much more erotic kiss that would last as long as the ladies in the spa would let us.

Although I was kissing her, I could tell the spa was emptying as they all got out and walked away, leaving us to our ... moment. I took my hands and moved them both to her butt cheeks and our groins started rubbing up against each other, driving my now fully stretched speedos into her dainty bikini bottoms. She took my arm and got hold of my hand and put it on her breast, underneath her bikini top. I looked down and said, "Spectacular, Sarah — but I have to leave now, don't I?" I said so very quietly.

"Not yet, Charles — one, one more minute please, I need you right now, for one more minute ... oooohhhhhh, Go-o-o-o-dddddd I'm cumming, Charles."

"Oooh-ugh, I am too, my wonderful spectacular Sarah, are you safe?"

"I've no ovaries, Charles — it would be a miracle for me to get pregnant - but if I could, I'd so want your baby."

We both kissed each other again, with her gnawing at my lips. We finally broke apart and looking deeply into each other's eyes, I said, "Thank you, I've wanted to do that for such a very long time — you know, we can never do this again?"

I walked away, about to get out, when I heard her say, "I know."

After she fixed her top, I helped her out and got her on her way upstairs as I headed home across the street.

What will I say to Claire?

I got in the house, locking the front door and walked up the stairs, to my moment of truth. I went into our bedroom just as Claire was climbing into bed, with her Orgy shirt on. I got some boxers from the dresser and went to the bathroom and dried completely and changed into the boxers. I walked back out and climbed into bed.

Nothing so far, I turned over to go to asleep.

"Did you fuck her?"

"No, I did not."

"Goodnight, Charles."

"Goodnight, Claire-Bear.

I woke up to the sounds of someone sobbing - it was me.

I felt so dim-witted for what happened in the spa with Sarah, how could I possibly get Claire to understand the inevitability of that moment that we had last night.

"What's wrong Charles?" the voice of Claire said, piercing through my heart.

"I don't know if I can talk about it, Claire? I feel so mixed up in my head. I practically made love with your mother, in the spa with everybody watching. If that isn't fucked up, I don't know what is."

I felt a hand on my back, as she moved into position behind me like we used to do all of the time. "I love you," I heard softly in my ear. "We don't ever have to talk about it, if you don't want, Charles."

"I don't ever want to go to bed again with you ... with something like this between us; I cheated on you, with your own mother, I mauled her with my lips and my hands, I touched her bosoms, we both orgasmed, it felt so good at the time, but I feel like shit now," the tears kept flowing.

"Charles, I knew that you and Sarah would have a sexual moment like that eventually? Your mother told me how you felt about her, and I was willing to let you 'make your mark' with her, but you better have that all out of your system now, or you'll never have me again!"

"I understand Claire, I told Sarah that when we separated last night; no doubt it will be a little uncomfortable between us for a while, but it's for the best, because you're who I'm getting married to in 52 days."

"Hey Lover, you wanna start something, or is one McArthur woman in 24 hours more than you can handle," she said reaching down into my sweats and grabbing me, making me hard. "Hmmm, football feels nice."

"Believe me, kiddo — that mother of yours is a piece of work," I said as I turned around and expressed myself putting my hands on her breasts and kissing her all over her face.


"Hey Mom, what's up?" I answered.

"Ken called, and said he'd be over to take pictures at noon, see you then," Annie replied, hanging up.

"Do you think my Mom told your Mom what happened?" Claire asked.

"I doubt it, Annie sounded too casual just now. Oh, Ken's coming over to re-take all of the pictures at noon at their place!"

"Can I stay here, underneath you and just smile and fall back asleep?" Claire said.

"Your period is due the day after tomorrow, today would be a great day to have some unbelievable sex, wouldn't it?" I said.

"Every time we have sex, it's unbelievable, Charles, have your way with me, please?" Claire said as I push forward into her, causing the most wonderful moan I've ever heard...

I've heard the term make-up sex before, so I guess that is what we had, and we awoke to take a shower, get dressed and each put together a sort of 'go bag' of additional outfits, and wandered over to the Mom's house.

We knocked and Kalista opened the door all dressed up in the Micro dress. She grabbed Claire and they went off together as I walked into the living room, finding Claire and Annie cuddled up together.

"Hello, ladies," I said.

Annie said, "Hi honey," Sarah said, "Lookin Gooood, Charles."

Mom slapped her as I sat down, took out my phone and started to listen to music.

"What's that song, Charles — it's pretty?" Annie said.

"'Make You Feel my Love, ' by Adele," I answered.

It got quiet again as the song played on.

"Is that going on the Honey Tour?" Sarah asked, with a giggle.

"I think so, as a routine for Princess and me," I said.

When it was over, I started 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' by Bonnie Tyler.

"What's wrong, Charles?" Annie asked.

"Nothing's wrong, I didn't sleep real well last night, OK?" I said.

"That's no way to talk to you mother, young man," Sarah said.

"Did you guys talk last night or this morning?" I asked, looking at Sarah. Her reaction told me she hadn't.

"About what, honey?" Annie asked.

"Nothing, have you ladies picked out what you're wearing today?"

"You usually tell us what you want us to wear, so we were waiting for you before we got all gussied up," Annie responded with a cute grin on her face.

"oh, ' I responded.

"Charles — What is going on with you, anyway?" Annie asked, getting up.

"Ask her, it's not my place to tell you," I said, getting up myself and walking out to the back yard, dropping my bag on a chair as I walked around thinking about the events of the last 24 hours.

"Oh, there you are Charles," Claire said, coming out to join me, apparently. Kalista was with her.

I heard yelling inside the house, unable to discern anything specific. I saw Claire's eyes filling up, so I walked over to her and we just held each other for a while.

"Why are Annie and Sarah yelling at each other, Charles?" K came up to us and asked.

I did my best to explain, withholding only the most explicit of the details.

It had gotten quiet inside, much too quiet for anything good to have happened, so we all walked back inside and found the two of them feverishly making out on the sofa, so I took the girls back outside. I got my phone and caught Ken, telling him to hold off for about 30 minutes.

After about 15 minutes we saw them come outside, waving us over to them.

Mom said, "Kids, Sarah and I just had a long discussion about..."

"I told Kalista Mom—she knows most but not all of the details of last night. I hope the two of you have made up, Claire and I made up earlier this morning," I said, getting a slap on the shoulder.

"That's my street smart son, isn't it?" Annie said.

"And my almost Son-in-law — where's Ken? He's never late," Sarah said looking at her watch.

"I called him and pushed him back 30 minutes, ladies — my Cask needs to look their very best, so get inside all of you and make your selves as pretty as I know you all are. First, all you get in your black multi-ways, in strapless design please?"

"There's my Charles," Annie said.

They all changed and came down looking exquisite. I'd changed into my black silk button less shirt, and a knock was heard at the door.

I let in Ken and Sarah Jane, who whistled at me, "Finally, a buff guy for me to drool over, like my hubby has been, over your harem Charles."

After they got set up, Ken asked, "What first Charles?"

I called my 'harem' out to oohs and awws.

"First, the new five heads picture?"

It was posed, and he took a series of pictures.

"Next, Me and each of my Harem, separately and together?"

They were posed similarly - That's ten poses, maybe ten more?

"Claire and Kallie back to back next please?"

This looked so good, the two of them together.

"Girls stay where you are, I'm slipping in between you, OK?"

"Wow Charles, that is a really hot picture, un-tuck your shirt?" Ken said, taking a few poses.

"Annie and Sarah, same pose please?"

They got in position, just as the girls had.

"Me by myself, Sarah Jane take these pictures, please?"

She smiled and said, "Sure thing Hot stuff."

Everybody giggled, laughed or snorted as Sarah Jane took the handheld and talked me through some poses, including a couple with my shirt off completely. When done, she put the camera down and took a deep breath. "Ooh, that was the most fun, I've had taking pictures ever, Charles," Sarah Jane said.

"Charles honey put your shirt back on, OK?" mom said.

There was a group 'Awwww, ' including Sarah Jane, as I did as Annie had asked.

"OK, Kalista in Micro, Ladies in Yellow, Claire in Red Multi-Way, still strapless design — GO change."

"Wow, Charles — you sure know what you want today?" Ken said.

"Just very motivated to get all new pictures/posters out there Ken," I said.

"Well, you sure have gotten all buffed up, haven't you?" Sarah Jane said to me with the cutest smile on her face. She's a pretty good flirt; Ken was smiling as he was getting ready for the next round of pictures.

"I started working out during the International Tour, did you guys get the Athens PayPerView? None of us have seen it yet?" I said. Sarah Jane never stopped taking pictures of me all through my change of shirts.

"Yes, it was absolutely amazing, Charles — did they tell you what to say?" Sarah Jane asked.

"No, it was all me. I did have someone in my ear telling me how much time I had to speak between songs, but the rest was just me trying to sell posters and dance with my girls."

The ladies started making their appearances - Kalista, Claire and the Moms walking down the stairs holding hands.

"Kalista, show Ken what you got, OK?"

She walked over to in front of the backdrop, and went directly into the most kittenish look I ever saw on her face, with Ken taking pictures as fast as he could.

"Ladies, you know what I want here, correct?"

They came over and did the most quasi-erotic poses as Ken started to sweat a little — so did I.

I got in between them as they turned towards each other moving in close, dropping down a little, so the shot was me with all of 'the girls.'

I sent K, Annie and Sarah back up to change into their red multi-way dresses.

"Claire come over here please, and we'll replace our dance pose picture. Ken do you have fast enough film to catch her in a Rondé, that's a specialized dance move?"

"This is all digital, Charles — shouldn't be a problem?"

"OK, we're going to dance in place and you can take pictures as you can?"

We started to Waltz in place, as I heard everyone run back down to watch, as Claire picked up her leg and did a perfect Rondé, as we did a couple of our one-armed spins.

"Goddam it, that was great," Ken said, catching himself, apologizing just as quickly.

All of my girls were in red now.

"Annie and Sarah, Kiss pose please?"

They got on either side of me and as they kissed me at the same time, Ken took the picture.

"Girls, same pose please?"

The ladies stepped out, to be replaced by Claire and Kalista, in the same exact pose.

"Everybody together; me in the middle, then the girls, then the Moms, please?"

"Everybody get closer please?" Ken said.

We all turned to our sides, Claire in my arms, Kalista behind me, with the Moms on the outside.

"A little closer, please?" Ken asked.

"If I was any closer to Claire, I'd be on the other side of her?" I said, causing our fivesome to all giggle and Ken took the picture.

"How many is that Charles?" Ken asked.

"Twenty-one, Kallie have Claire see if you fit in her shimmy dress, Claire, you get in the Micro — they'll be single pictures of each of you."

They hurried up the stairs.

"Annie and Sarah, change into your grape multi-ways for our last picture, and thank you for putting up with such a demanding schedule. The three of us will go dancing sometime soon, OK?"

"You've got a deal, Charles?" they said together as they walked up the stairs, again holding hands.

"They've gotten quite close, haven't they?" Ken asked.

"Yes, they have, very close?" I re-iterated.

The girls came back down, excited and beautiful.

We got an over-the-shoulder shot of Kalista, and a full-length front shot of Claire. Annie and Sarah came back down, I sent the girls to change into their grape Multi-ways.

I got a couple of chairs in front of the cameras; I put Kalista in one, legs crossed, directly facing the camera. Claire was also in a chair but facing to K's right, but looking into the camera. Next Mom was behind Kallie, leaning forward giving me a pouty look, like I'd asked for. Lastly Sarah, standing between the forward leaning Annie and the turned Claire - I wanted her to be with her arms stretched out, showing how confident she is; and asked Ken to take three dozen pictures as quickly as he could. I wanted this to be a 'Ladies on the Prowl' type picture.

We all looked at them, with Ken congratulating me on my design of the finale picture.

"Charles, could I enter that into a contest I know of coming up?"

"Sure thing, just get their names right, is all I ask," I remarked.

"Charles, do you want only these newest pictures as posters now?" Ken asked.

"Yes, but keep the others from before, OK?"

They broke down their stuff, and they were gone as quickly as they came.



"Hello, this is Charles Newman?"

"This is Roscoe Martin, Charles — come and get your Suburban's, they're ready to be picked up."

"Cool, see you in about 20 minutes," I said.

I called Mom, "Hey Red, the Suburban's are here — let's go get them OK?"

"Sure sweetheart, Get over here and we'll be ready as soon as you get here?" Annie said.

Claire had come out of the bathroom naked and I said, "The Suburban's have arrived, we're going to get them just as soon as you're dressed, Beautiful," I said, slapping her on her beautiful bare butt.

She pulled on a Charles & Claire Sweatshirt and sweatpants, slipped on her shoes and voila — she was ready.

We crossed the street and knocked, Sarah let us in, "You know you guys don't need to knock, just come in?"

"Well, we don't want to catch you underdressed or making out on the sofa, or something," I said.

"Making out on the sofa, wouldn't Freud call that transference?" Sarah said.

Claire and I laughed at that 'too close for comfort' remark of Sarah's, as we all gathered up and headed on out to Martin's Chevrolet. We arrived to find Roscoe and his daughter, Caroline, waiting for us with a banner hung between the two SUVs that said, "Congratulations Charles & Claire."

After shaking hands with Roscoe with a photographer there to take pictures of it, Caroline gave both my girls big hugs, and came over to me. She was older ... taller ... and prettier.

She asked me for a kiss, and after getting the OK from Claire, I gave her a nice chaste, on the lips kiss, causing her father to give me a first class "AHEM" which caused a flurry of laughter from all of the people who had surrounded us, both salespersons and customers alike.

Waving goodbye, Claire and I got into the red one and Annie, Sarah and Kalista got into the blue topaz one, after signing over our two-year-old Suburban to Roscoe. We headed home to Springfield.

We got home and my phone rang, "Hello Ken, what's up?"

"Charles, didn't you say something about wanting to give a poster to everyone who came to the wedding, sort of a souvenir?" he remarked.

"Yeah, the new Five-Heads Picture?" I replied.

"The picture that I think turned out best was the 'All Five Standing' shot, all of you are standing and laughing, it just seems so ... spontaneous?" Ken remarked.

"We can use that one, no problem — I want it pre-autographed, how do you propose we do that?"

"Just each of you write your name, using one of your autograph pens on white copy paper, and scan them, and send them to me. I can scale them and Photoshop them in; I suggest we number the posters sequentially in the corner and call it a 'Limited Edition' How's that sound?"

"Magnificent, young man — we want 112,000 of them, ready by the time the wedding gets here in 48 days, actually they should be ready in 45 days - is that possible?" I asked.

"They can produce 120 an hour; can we put all other orders on hold, then I'll have them by October 5th?" Ken said.

"Sounds good, slap a nice and pretty 'suspended' on our website concerning the posters, I've been so busy lately, how are T-shirt orders doing?"

"Fabulous. Let me call them and place the order on the posters, I'll send you guys a couple ASAP. Bye," Ken said hanging up.

I put everyone through their paces getting a good autograph from everybody, and Sarah scanned and emailed them all to Ken.

I'm getting a really cool brother-in-law.

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