Cheating Wives #1 "I Knew Her Well

by jack08180

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A chance encounter with a friend while away on a business trip allowed us both to submit to long held desires. What happens in vegas, after all....

I knew her. I knew her well.

She was a friend after all. I had spent many hours getting drunk with her and her husband, along with the other women in our social group. There had been more than a few make out sessions with her and my girlfriend that both I and her husband had been witness to.

There had been plenty of tension from the start.

I had heard from my girlfriend that she was unhappy in her marriage


Lack of passion

Ready for a change of pace

Ready for some excitement

I had expressed my interest privately on several occasions of course, but she wasn't ready to make that next step. I couldn't blame her. I wasn't married after all, so I couldn't begin to understand what she might be going through.

But here, in this time, in this place, in this situation, who knows what might happen.

She was an executive at an accounting firm and I knew that she often went on business trips. As a product manager for a security company, it wasn't uncommon for me to travel as well.

Be it chance or fate, who knows, but as it would happen, we were in the same place, at the same time. Only in Vegas could something like this happen.

I had found out through casual conversation what hotel she was going to be staying and booked my room there. I gave it a day for her to settle in as I had a work do to as well. The second night though, I ventured downstairs through the maze of flashing lights, smoke and noise. It was virtually impossible to find your way around inside a Vegas casino, since it was designed that way. Trying to find a specific person in the place was the needle in the haystack.

After two hours of weaving in and out of the endless rows of slot machines and gaming tables, my eyes were burning from the smoke and my head throbbed from the endless barrage of noise and lights.

"I'm an idiot" I muttered to myself as I headed towards the elevator.

And then I saw her.

Ironically enough, I saw her shoes first. Her long, pale legs were capped off with bright red 5 inch heels. I had seen them on her several times in the past; her legs were certainly no stranger to me. My eyes traced my way up her legs to a tight black dress which was also not unfamiliar to me. She was sitting at one of the slot machines, slowly sipping a tall glass and attempting to amuse herself with the flashing box in front of her.

I watched her for a minute, trying to work up the courage for what was to come next. Finally, knowing I had nothing left to loose, I pulled out my phone.

"Don't say anything." I nervously texted to her.

I held my phone and watch her. A moment went by when she finally realized that there was a noise coming from her purse. I saw her reach into her back and extract her phone. Her expression was one of confusion as she read my message, then lifted her head and looked around the room.

I made my way around the rows of machines and approached her from the side. My eyes were fixed on the long red hair flowing from the back of her head as I neared her. She had given up looking around the room for me and was reaching for her glass as I neared her. My hand brushed her ring as I grabbed her wrist and she jerked her head towards me with a start. Her eyes open wide in shock as she realized who was standing next to her and I motioned her silence with my finger.

She studied me for a moment with her big green eyes and then slowly nodded.

I backed away from her and held out my hand to help her off the high stool. Wordlessly, we walked hand in hand towards the elevator. She looked at me nervously as the elevator rose to the 48th floor. We made our way in silence down the hallway towards my room. Our hands touched again as I opened the door to my room and I held it for her. She slowly walked her way inside and I took the opportunity to admire her legs and backside again.

We paused at a low table where I had left a bottle of champagne on ice in case my mission had been successful. I poured her a glass and she took it silently and walked straight to the window, staring out into the artificially lit night's skyline of Sin City.

I walked to the huge sectional couch and watched her for a while as she slowly sipped her drink, trying to read her thoughts. She still had not turned to face me, and I was beginning to wonder if would actually go through with anything.

Perhaps she thought we were just going to hang out as friends?

Perhaps she was already drunk and not able to make a decision.

Perhaps she would run as soon as I touched her.

Perhaps she would...

Only one way to find out.

As I watched her finish her glass, I slowly stood up and moved towards her. Her body shifted slightly towards mine as I approached her from behind, my hand brushing her ring again as I took the glass from her hand and dropped it on the floor to the side of us.

Her back arched slightly as I put my hands on her hips, sliding them down her curves. I paused as my hands went for the zipper in the small of her back.

She gave me a slight nod.

I was lucky enough to be behind her in the dark, less she sees the grin that was slowly spreading across my face. The zipper reached the top of her ass cheeks and I slid my hands upwards towards her shoulder blades, spreading pushing the straps of her dress outwards. She let her hands drop to her sides and her dress fell in a pile on the floor at her feet.

She stood there in the dim light, her pale skin and long red hair glowing from under her black bra and panties. I moved closer behind her, unzipping my slacks. At the sound of my belt she sighed a little and put her hands on the glass, her back arching gently as I pulled her panties to the side.

She groaned loudly as I sunk into her, her body pressing backwards against mine.

It was a groan of relief, of months of tension being released in one fateful push.

She pushed against me now harder and more frantically as my hands held her hips, thrusting forward to meet her anxious movements. I pumped her hard, pushing my months of frustrations out into her tight pussy. She reached up and pulled her bra strap off her shoulder and pulled it down, exposing one of her firm breasts and then eagerly grabbed one and squeezed it roughly as I slammed into her harder and faster. I grabbed the back of her bra and tore back apart, hearing the stitches of the clasps rip as the fabric fell away.

I reached up and grabbed the tops of her shoulders, pulling her down deeper onto my cock. She groaned loudly as I sunk my cock as deeply into her pussy as I could as she kneaded her own flesh roughly. We stood there, against that window, our bodies joined in sweaty, forbidden pleasures for what seemed like hours. Her core was unbelievably tight, wet and very very willing. I pulled one hand away from her shoulder for a moment and brushed her long red hair over the other, leaning down and kissing the back of her neck. She moaned softly as I moved towards her ear, still pumping my cock in and out of her.

"I'm not going to last much longer." I whispered in her ear.

She nodded and shoved her ass back against me harder, bucking her body against mine in an even more aggressive attempt to feel me deeper inside of her. My hands moved to her hips, pulling her back against my groin as hard as I could, pushing me into her wetness as deep as my shaft would go.

Her pussy contracted around my shaft and it was more than I could take. She sensed what was coming and pulled herself forward, my cock pulling out of her with a groan of massive disappointment. She then quickly turned around and dropped to her knees, eagerly taking my wet cock into her mouth and sucking me to completion. I put one hand on the top of her head and the other on the window to steady myself under the onslaught of her mouth, yelling loudly as I unloaded my cum into her waiting mouth. She grabbed my ass in her hands, digging her long fingernails into my asscheeks as I pressed deeper into her mouth, filling it with my sticky mess. The amount of my load surprised us both, and the excess spilled out of her mouth, slowly dripping down her chest and onto the tops of her breasts.

I finally softened and she relaxed her grip. I pulled out slowly and she pulled away, falling back on her heels. I looked down at her, still gasping for breath as she wiped the cum off her breasts and lips. She looked up at me with a smile, sticking her finger into her mouth and sucking it off.

I grinned back at her, still panting a bit.

"So, that's a mighty comfy looking bed you have over there." She finally said with a grin.

"I agree." I replied with a smile.

"I think we might have to check it out."

"I think we might."

With that she stood up, her legs a bit shaky, and walked over to the low table. She picked up the other glass and filled it, then as I pulled the rest of my clothes off and walked over the bed, quickly emptied it into her mouth.

"Thirsty?" I asked.

"You know how to make a girl work up a sweat." She replied with a smile, putting the glass down and walking towards me.

I finally got to see her in the fleeting light of the city. Her firm breasts barely moved as she walked towards. Her long red hair flowed over her pale flesh and the black thong and red heels contrasted so well against her flesh.

"I see." I replied as she approached, sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly stroking my cock.

"I see you have something for me." She said, a grin spreading over her face.

"Oh really? See something you like?" I asked.

"Maybe." She answered, dropping to her knees in front of me.

I dropped back on my palms as she grasped my cock, slowly sinking her mouth down on it.

Her eyes never left mine as she bobbed up and down on my dick, dragging her tongue all over my shaft. I started to buck my hips upwards as she pushed down, teasing my cock head with the back of my throat. She was never quite able to take it all, but certainly enough to set my nerve endings on fire.

She pulled away and looked up at me.

"Help me." She said, not quite demanding, but not quite asking. Again, a certain about of pleading was behind her eyes.

I nodded as she sunk back down on my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down as I pushed my hips upwards. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat and begin to push through it as she started to gag and pulled away.

With a loud gasp she pulled off my cock, her face down as she tried to catch her breath. She glanced up at me as she sunk down on it again and I repeated the process, pushing her down as I thrust up and again, I felt my cock head ram a half an inch down her throat.

Again she pulled away but this time she stood up, pushing her panties down and climbing onto my lap. I slid backwards on the bed and held my cock upright as she sunk down on it. She took it to the root with a loud sigh of satisfaction. I moved my hands to her ass and helped her rock back and forth on my cock, her hair flying around her like flames as she took my shaft deep inside her. I sat up and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pushing herself down on me as her hips rocked around in circles, her exquisite pussy enveloping my cock.

The sweat was pouring off the both of us and one of my hands slipped on her slick ass cheeks, sliding down her crack and brushing over her anus. She froze and shivered for a split second, then continued to ride me, but this time moving more back and forth than in circles. I looked at her and smiled, then rubbed my finger a bit more firmly over her ass crack. She gasped loudly but cracked a grin at me as I pressed it into her back door a fraction of an inch.

"Never done that before." She gasped between rotations on my lap.

"What do you think?" I asked, wiggling it around.

"Don't know yet." She panted a reply, but her smile was showing through.

"Fair enough." I replied, pushing my finger slowly, but firmly into her back door.

She froze again, her nails digging into my shoulders and her body arching deeply backwards, hair flying. I could feel her ass clench around my finger several times, but it eventually relaxed.

"How's that?" I asked.

"Strange..." She moaned a very aroused reply.

"Like it?" I asked with a grin.

She lowered her head to meet my gaze. A smile spread back over her face.

"Yeah, I think I do." She whispered.

"Good. Now shut up and ride me." I demanded with a smile.

"Mmmhmm." She replied, resuming her back and forth motion on my shaft with more energy than before. I timed my finger with her hips, slowly pumping my finger in and out of her ass. Her noises and motions were significantly more enthusiastic now.

The grip her ass had on my finger eased slightly and soon I was pumping it freely in and out of her rear. Every time I pushed inward, I could hear the pitch of her voice increase a few octaves. So easy, in fact, I decided to push it a bit. The next time her hips rocked backward, I added a second finger and pulled it towards me, joining the first in her ass. She let out a loud yelp and her head shot upwards, eyes wide in shock as her back twitched a bit at the intrusion.

Slowly, she lowered her head to meet my gaze.

"Naughty boy!" She whispered teasingly, not an ounce of anger in her voice.

"How is it?" I asked.

"Next time you're going to do something that let me know please!" she scolded.

"You still didn't answer my question." I replied with a grin.

"I mean, a girl has to get ready before you stick something in her butt!" She continued, grinning.

"You still didn't answer me."

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