Well, I Sure Love It
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Cheating, White Couple, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My four best friends told me they didn't really like giving their husbands oral sex. Well, I sure love it, so I volunteered.

This all started with a group of friends of mine, four women that I've known for some time now.

Well, actually, it started when I was fourteen, to be totally accurate. That was when I sucked my first dick. Jamie Akins was the possessor of said appendage and one day he asked me to come over to his house, which I did, and when we were up in his room, he just took it out and asked me.

Now, maybe you would have said no but I didn't. His penis was actually quite beautiful, long and slender and pale pink. It was the first one I'd ever seen and I just fell in love. Not with him, with his cock.

"Would you suck it, Angela? Until I cum?" he asked, just like that, a simple, direct question. And I answered with my lips sliding over the pretty head and sucking until he cummed in my mouth.

Oh, did that make Jamie feel good but, that day, up in his room, when he groaned and I felt the throbbing between my lips and the warm, thick liquid spurting into the back of my mouth, oh, that was something I've just never forgotten.

It was the first real sexual pleasure I'd ever given someone and I loved every second of it. Maybe you, too, love to suck a man's cock. Or maybe you don't; there seems to be plenty of women (and men, too, of course) in both camps. But for me, I loved giving head. Jamie got sucked-off every afternoon after school until he went away to college.

There were others, as well. Many others. Like I said, I love sucking a penis and it doesn't matter if it's hard or soft. I love them both. You may wonder why I like a soft one to suck but feeling it grow in my mouth is a super turn-on for me. And In college, there were several of us in the dorm that held open house on Saturdays and there were guys lined up all through the hall waiting their turn. I'm sure you think I'm a slut but I sure got a lot of what I wanted.

Now, I do love receiving oral sex, my pussy thrills at a man's tongue (Should I confess that it thrills to a woman's, too?) and I have often traded oral sex with getting my own.

That's something I've offered many times to my husband, Dan, for us to give one another oral sex, but he seldom seems interested. And that's even after he's been away on a business trip for a week, a fairly frequent event. I figured he'd be especially horny but, no, he'd fuck me and that was usually it.

So, we can get back to my group of girlfriends. These are strictly friends, there had been no sex between any of us, at least that I knew about, though our conversations almost always included sex. Since we were all married, our talk was often complaints about sex; it just seems that few couples ever achieve the perfect balance between the wants and needs of the two partners.

And, among the five of us, that seemed to be the case. It all began one Friday night when we were all out on a girl's night, when Deb said, "I just get sick of Chase asking me for a blow job all the time. I keep telling him no but he just keeps asking."

"Oh, girl, my Paul loves his cock sucked but, well, I used to when we were dating and all but, well, he doesn't get it much any more," Jessica added.

Then Shirley laughed and told the group, "I told Ken that he should go out and buy himself a blow job. He even said he would if he could be sure not to catch some evil germ from it."

"Jerry's the same way. Maybe all guys are. I love it when he does me but I try to get out of it when he wants it," Brenda said.

They were now looking at me, so I told them my situation with Dan, "I don't know how it happened but Dan really doesn't like his sucked. He was okay with it early on but now when I offer he just changes the subject."

"It's something you like to do?" Jessica asked me and I told them I did, ever since that first time.

"I need to switch hubbies with you, Angela," Shirley said, closely followed by Brenda.

"Yeah, maybe I should have you come over and give Chase what he wants," Deb joked.

We all laughed but then, Jessica leaned close and asked, "Would you do Paul, if I set it up?"

Every head turned to her and the table got very quiet. She seemed to be sincere, not kidding.

"I ... it would have to be a secret, I wouldn't want Dan to know."

"So, you might?"

"Yeah, I think so. Just as long as we can keep it quiet. Might be fun," I said grinning impishly. "I can't really believe I'm agreeing to this," I added.

"Well, let me pass it by Paul, see what he says, I won't tell him who it is until it's all ready to happen, okay?"

I told her that was fine and it wasn't long before our group broke up and we all went home.

The next afternoon, my phone rang and it was Jessica.

"Hi, Jess, what's up?" I answered.

"What's up is my husband's cock, girl. I asked him if he'd like a friend of mine to give him a blow job. Oh, did he say yes in a hurry. So, if you were serious, he's all for it. You should see the bulge in his pants."

"Well, I guess I've got a promise to keep. When should we do this?"

"How about tomorrow night, it's a Tuesday, could you get away for a while? Maybe tell Dan, um, you're going shopping with me for a dress I need for, um, a party or something?"

"Yeah, sure, how about right after work?"

We agreed and the next afternoon I drove to her house and she let me in, saying that Paul was upstairs waiting.

"I really think he's expecting a joke of some kind. That I'm just putting him on. Are you ready to suck him?"

"It's crazy but I am, I've been horny all day thinking about it," I told her and she started up the stairs with me right behind her.

As we walked into their bedroom, Paul was sitting on the bed.

"Oh, it's you Angela. She wouldn't tell me who this was supposed to be. Is this really legit?"

"Get your clothes off and you'll find out," I said.

He looked at his wife then began taking his shirt off as I opened my dress and pulled it off, standing there in my bra and panties and high heels.

He stood and was undoing his belt when he said, "You really mean this?"

"Get it out and find out," I said and he was soon naked standing there. Paul was a fairly large man, over six feet and pretty stocky, not fat, just muscular and his cock was nice-sized, long and thick.

"Should I leave?" Jessica asked and her husband said he didn't care, if she wanted to watch, it was okay with him and I said it was fine with me.

So I went to their bed and sat on the edge as he moved up to me. I took his cock in my hand, hard and warm, and kissed it softly on the head, then began licking circles around the tip. I was so wet that I knew my panties were already soaked.

Then, I made my lips very soft and relaxed and slid them over the head to suck softly over and over as my other hand rubbed under his balls.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, this is so good," he moaned. Out the corner of my eye I could see Jessica, now naked, in a nearby armchair, her legs splaying over the arms, running her fingers in and out of her pussy as Paul watched his wife masturbating while I sucked him.

He was breathing pretty heavily by now and I started taking longer sucks on him, though I couldn't fully take his full length inside. But I knew it was enough, this man was enjoying every pull of my mouth. As was I. I had spread open and now had a finger inside me as I sucked on him, the whole room was filled with enjoyment.

I pulled back some, now sucking mostly on the head as I ran my tongue underneath along that place that feels so good right under the tip, then taking some circles around the end, then back underneath again; I knew that would be good.

But, I didn't want it to be too quick, I wanted Paul to remember this, after all, I'm proud of my oral skills and it was something that I was enjoying as well.

"You sure look happy, hon," Jessica said to her husband as I sucked his cock.

"Oh, am I ever. This is so good. I owe you both," he groaned.

"Well, I'd love a good fucking and maybe Angela would like something from you. She said she didn't get much oral from her hubby any more. Would you like Paul to give you oral? I wouldn't mind."

Well, I was busy with a mouthful of hard cock at the moment but the idea of a new man down between my legs was arousing; wouldn't it be for you? So, I thought that this might turn out being more than I'd originally counted on. I did like oral sex and it was something my hubby rarely was inspired to give.

I did nod so I think they both knew I was interested but right at the moment I was most interested in getting Paul's cum shooting into my mouth.

"Oh, yeah, man, I'm gonna ... uh, UUH, UUH, um, mmm," he groaned as I felt his cock throb and the warm spurts splatter in the back of my mouth as I knew I'd given him all the pleasure I could. I never quit sucking right away, knowing that it still feels good for a minute or two after. And, I wanted all his cum, every drop.

So, I went a little longer, then held the shaft and licked around the head, getting everything that oozed out.

"Oh, Angela, that was just the best. You are so good. I'd be glad to do you if you want. Seems like it's okay with Jess."

His wife nodded so I dropped back on the bed and slid my panties off, widening out for him. She was still sprawled on the chair fingering herself as he knelt down and kissed my pussy, rubbing his tongue in the center as his index finger moved over his lips rubbing over my clit.

Then, I felt his fingers open me as his tongue began flipping up and down inside me.

"Mmm, wow, that's so good," I groaned as he went on licking and tonguing me, his eyes looking up, watching me.

He built me up and up where, finally, I just exploded. It had been about six months since my husband had given me an oral orgasm and when this one hit me I realized how much I'd missed it. But this was evening things out, I was getting the oral satisfaction I was craving and so was my friend's husband.

I sat back up and pulled his head to mine and kissed him, thanking him for getting me off.

"Oh, Angela, you did me so well, I just wanted to do something good for you," he said as Jessica got up and come over to us. She arched down and felt her hubby's cock, then said, "If you'll suck him hard, you can stay and watch us fuck."

So, I thought, why not and crouched down and got him good and hard and she bent over the bed and he gave her a hot doggie-fucking.

After that, I sucked him some more, then we all got dressed and they both kissed me goodbye, holding hands at the door as I drove away. Everyone was happy, I thought, everyone got what they wanted.

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