More Than Hanging Out
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My best friend went to visit his dad for two weeks but his mom suggested I could come hang out with her.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation  

I didn't have a lot of friends when I was growing up but I did have a best friend, Joel, who I hung out with a lot. We had similar interests and really got along well. He was either at my house or I was at his; we were that close.

So, one summer, when I was fifteen, I was over at his house one day when, at lunch, he told me that he was going to visit his father for two weeks.

"It'll be so boring just hanging around my house by myself for two weeks instead of coming over here," I carped as his mother brought a plate of sandwiches to the table.

"Well, I can't help it, John, I gotta go," he said, sounding just as frustrated as I did.

"Well, John, you can always come and hang out with me. I'll be here all by myself anyway," his mom said.

Joel laughed, adding, "Sure, good idea, my mom's cool, she's fun to hang out with," and we went on to talk about other things.

So, the next two weeks rolled by and by mid-morning on Monday, I was bored. Both my parents worked so there was just me and I soon was itchy for something to do.

I remembered Joel's mom saying I could come hang out with her and I'd always gotten along well with her; she always told me I was like a second son to her. So, I went out and walked down three doors to Joel's house and rang the bell.

"Hi, John, you remember, right, this is when Joel's at his Dad's?"

"Yeah, but you said if I got bored I could come hang out here with you, right?" I answered.

She pushed open the screen door, saying, "Of course, I was just folding laundry, you can come keep me company, then we can have lunch, how's that?"

I followed her back to the kitchen where there was a big basket of clean clothes that she was folding or putting on hangers.

We sat down and she asked me how my weekend was and we chatted for a bit about this and that.

Joel's mom, Mrs. M, I called her, was really easy to talk with, she was younger than my mom and just seemed more like one of us.

She finished the clothes, then leaned toward me, saying, "Um, I've kind of been wondering if you and Joel might have started doing things with girls at all, doing any sexual things?"

Of all the things I might expect to talk about with Joel's mom, that one really came out of the blue.

"I ... um, I don't think ... you want to know about Joel? Is that it? About him and girls?"

"Well, yes, if you don't mind telling me. I realize that you both are getting to that age."

"I don't think so, I mean, he would have said something, I'm sure."

"How about you, John?"

"Girls, um, no, I did kiss a girl last year but that's all."

"So, no sex with girls, yet. How about yourself?"

"Myself?" I asked her not exactly understanding her question.

"Playing with yourself? Masturbating? Getting some relief and pleasure that way?"

She didn't blush but I sure did.

"I ... well, I've kind of, um, some."

"I would expect that boys your age would be masturbating quite frequently, John, at least every day, maybe more. It feels so good and it's really quite easy, right?"

"I guess."

She laughed softly, then said, "Perhaps you would like to learn some new ways to feel good, some that are even better than doing it with your hand?"

Maybe I should stop right now and tell you about my best friend's mom. Mrs. M, her real name is Lauren, is just about my height, five-six, and has a nice body, she's not plump or fat at all. Her hair is blond, medium length, often in a ponytail, and she frequently wears shorts around the house. Her legs are really beautiful. Her boobs are medium-sized, nice and round. I know that because I've seen her in a bikini getting a tan in her back yard. And one time I saw down her blouse when she leaned over and her boobs were bare, I saw them all including her nipples. She looks good, really good.

Her soft hand slid over my arm and waited.

"I ... I guess so..." was all I could get out and she said for me to go down the hall to her bedroom and she'd be there in a minute.

Of course, all kinds of things were going through my mind, everything from it being kind of a joke, something that I really was misinterpreting, or, maybe, just maybe, it was really about sex.

I knew where her room was, of course, and went in and sat on her bed waiting. Then she came in and stood there in front of me.

"If you will be honest with me, John, I think we can help make you feel really good, okay?"

I nodded and she asked me, "Did you masturbate yet this morning? You can tell me."

"I ... um, before I got up," I said as softly as I thought I could get away with.

"It was nice? Did it feel good?"

I nodded.

"Would you show me how you do it?"

She was asking me to jack-off, take it out and jack-off.

"You want to see?"

"Yes, John. Then we can talk about how to make it feel even better, lots better."

"And you want me to do it? While you watch me? Like with my pants off and all?"

"I've seen penises before, John, yours will hardly be the first. So, yes, I want to see how you do it, then we can talk about how to make it even better, lots better."

Well, I don't know what you would do but I stood up and started pulling my shorts off then stood there, still unsure of what to do, with my briefs all poked-out, of course.

"You're looking like you're ready, John, go ahead," she said and I went and pulled them to the floor and kicked them aside.

Then she asked me to take my teeshirt off as well which I did.

"Do you use anything, John, like hand lotion or baby oil?"

"I tried baby oil but it was really messy so I usually use some lotion or soap if I'm in the shower," I told her and she went into the adjoining bathroom and came back with a bottle.

"It's fragrance-free, so you won't end up smelling like a flower garden," she said, handing me the bottle.

"You won't tell Joel we're doing this, will you? He might be mad."

"Don't worry, this is just between us, John, no one else. I just want you to know there are many ways to feel good, not just one or two. You can start, I want to see how you do it."

So, well, that's what I did, I squirted some lotion on my palm and took my dick and started.

"Is it feeling good?" she asked and I nodded. "Try twisting your hand like this when you go up, twist it over the end, over the head."

I was getting lessons in jacking-off from my best friend's mother, his pretty mother.

So, it tried what she suggested.

"How does it feel?"

"Mmm, yeah, good," I told her.

"Now try doing it like this," she said showing her fingers wrapped around her hand with her thumb pointing down and pulling up over and over as she twisted her hand so I tried it like that.

"I like that, too, feels good," I told her as I pulled up and back.

"Now try holding your hand steady and move your hips back and forth like you're fucking your hand. Move your cock, not your hand."

I couldn't believe that she was using words like that, words that we boys used all the time but just never heard adults say. But I tried it and, oh man, that felt so good.

"Like that, John?"

"Oh, wow, that's like the best so far. How do you know so much?"

She laughed and only said, "Well, I just do, that's all. Ready for more?"

By now, I was pretty eager about the whole thing so I told her I was ready.

"Okay, open your left hand and hold your cock with your right. Now take it and rub the head around and around on the palm of your hand, do it on that part right under the head where it feels so good. Put a little more lotion on your palm first," she told me and I did it slowly rubbing in circles.


"Oh, that's really good. It feels like I could go for a long time like this."

"Have you had your cock sucked, John?"

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