Finding Adaptability of the Gay-Virus
Chapter 1

It has been approximately one year since the gay virus hit. The world as we knew it has ceased to exist, we are now living in an the era of free love or the era of "Buttsecs" as some would put it.

Life goes on, as the saying goes. but we now march to the rhythm of a different beat. In this new society people still go to work and come home to their loving family, it's just the type of loving is different.

Yes, it isn't strange to see naked men and women walking down the streets (if the weather permits) or to see men on the street fucking like animals. Though a rare sight you could even find men, boys or dick-girls fucking women out in the open (more often than not the women is a family member).

Families need not worry about inbreeding because the rate of birth defects is close to 0%. We are thinking it has something to do with the virus. On that note I would like to say that I am happily married to my lovely daughter Kimmy (Kimberly) Johnson, a dick-girl.

Oh! Let me introduce myself. My name is Simon Johnson; it was my daughter that infected me. I was married at the time but she was turned into a "Hole" (more on that later) she is still around but she is more or less a pet. I also have two boys who have been infected with the BP-strand. I'm not sure but I think they infected each other, but it could also have been their friend that infected them ... but I digress.

I am a researcher at Finding Adaptability of the Gay-virus or F.A.G. for short. I will take you on a tour of our research facilities and explain our findings.

First off I have to say we still have not found the origin of the virus, or the purpose. the only findings we've come up with was "Ground Zero" was not just one place but multiple zones and they all seem to be small rural areas, farming communities or small towns, and by the time we the rumors spread to the larger cities they were already infected to the point of no return. So that being said let us continue to our tour of our facility, and even more, get an in-depth look at our society.

First off our study on the main gay-virus The Ass-strand or the A-strand:

As you can see with subject A-32; the muscular physic and round posterior, or bubble butt if you will. The sphincter becomes increasingly sensitive and release a liquid, much like a female organ would. The male sex organ also grows about a quarter to twice its size and thickness, the average penis size nowadays is 9 inches. This is a common effect of the Gay-Virus A-strand. With this strand the urge for heterosexual sex is reduced to zero, but there is a way to return the want for pussy; if the subject is cross contaminated with the Futa-strand (F-strand for short) early in the infection. After approximately a month after full infection of the A-strand the preferences are set and the subject will only be attracted to the male species. The physical effect of the A-stand to the female body is pretty much the same as the males but with no muscle growth and the vagina would dry up no longer producing the liquid needed for lubrication. Also the mind deteriorates into that of an animal. This is the common problem with the A-strand, the creation of "Holes" Holes:

A sad pathetic creature that only lives to be used, Unlike "Births", Holes cannot reproduce nor do they have any cognitive thought. Most can only say "fuck me" "yes" and "more"

Some families keep Holes around as pets and buy a dog to breed with it. Most keep them out of an odd sense of respect for family (most were once mother's, sister, cousins)

As you know my wife is a Hole, and I was turned with the F-strand, so the bitch got what she deserved. Her "man" is now living happily with his three boys fucking him. Though he was turned with the A-strand he shows full signs of a bottom. On a side note; I go to his house often and fuck his brains out as he screams sorry over and over. His boys watch and cheer out "fuck that fag!!!" I'm going there tonight (devious smile)

Anyway, now that we know how Holes are made and we know how to prevent them. Like the men infected with the A-strand the females are "cured" the same way by cross breading them with the F-strand. We even have found that the Sissy-strand (S-strand) or the Boypussy-strand (BP-strand) will work just as well but only on the prevention of Holes, I will explain why later. Within the females the virus moves slower than in men. The time limit is about two and a half months, but in realty if the infected female does not receive treatment within roughly one and one quarter of a month the brain damage will be irreversible. Even after the effects of the A-strand is set (two and a half months after infection) when introduced to the F, S or BP-strand the vaginal lubrication returns.

It is illegal to make a hole on purpose, those who violate this law is sentences to castration. So you would think this doesn't happen very often but you'd be surprised ... more on this later

Most males infected with the A-strand still act like men. That is also one of the defining traits of the A-strand. Most of the world is infected with the A-strand cross bred with another strand. This strand is the most infectious and at the same time extremely flexible as a virus. All the other strands need certain criteria met, before infection.

The next strand is the Futa-strand or F-strand:

At first a rarity Dick-girls are becoming more and more common. When they first appeared only one in very two hundred thirty females going through puberty would become one. Now it is one in every five. The key factor is virginity. Now there are not many guys chasing after girls the virginity rate has gone up and so has the dick-girl rate.

The change appears late in puberty. Some do not change till sixteen or seventeen and some change way earlier. The earliest reported age was 12 but it is rare.

My little girl became a sexy dick-girl at the tender age of fifteen, she is now sixteen, I walked in on her jacking off and she sprayed me. We had sex for the next three days straight grin...

Well anyway, if you look at subject F-17; she is a sixteen year old dick-girl- Oh!! Lucky us she is jacking off, as you can see her penis is about thirteen inches long, the average size for a dick-girl. For some reason most dick-girls are bigger than most men. The biggest penis recorded so far was twenty-three inches, and let me tell you I was only able to fit it two thirds of the way in before I found the limits of my ass. That's the best part of being in F.A.G. we sometimes get to be part of the experiment.

Also see her slender frame, bubble butt and average size bosom. I can tell she was infected with the A-Strand first and then it mutated into the F-strand during her puberty period.

If she was infected with the S-strand after the mutation into the F-strand she would have larger breast and larger hips, and a smaller penis.

The BP-strand is rare in Dick-girls but not unheard of. The results would be a slender body, the smallest penis of the three, extremely small breast, and the juiciest bubble butt you've ever seen. Just in case you're wondering my sweet Kimmy was infected with the A-strand, most likely from her Hole of a mother, they took bathes together a lot.

As I said before those infected with the A-strand can enjoy pussy again when cross infected with the F-strand and those originally infected with the F-strand keep ninety percent of their male persona. Those infected with other strands, their minds go through a drastic change and even cross infected are never the same. So the common practice now is the intentional infecting of young boys with the F-strand. But some men instead will infect their sons with the BP-strand to keep them cute forever. It is illegal to infect even your own son with a strand they do not agree to. So unless the men are extremely powerful or rich, it is the boy's choice to be infected with whatever strand they want. On a side note; if they don't decide by the age of nine they will get the generic F-strand. There are also boys who at a young age want nothing to do with the opposite sex and choose to be infected with the A-strand.


We cannot talk about the F-strand with talking about "Births", even though dick-girls are still technically women, they cannot have children, and the worst are Holes, the bare instinct to copulate but no longer understanding why and even worse they've lost the to. So to prevent anymore holes young girls are injected with the F-strand. This makes fully functional women (if they don't turn into dick-girls) they are the only ones that can bear children. Our main purpose is still to multiply and these women are our future.

That being said my wife and I are talking about inducting a birth into our marriage, wish us luck.

Now the boypussy-strand, BP-strand:

This boy, subject K-8, as you can see, may look only ten or eleven but let me assure you he is actually seventeen. The BP-strand almost turns back the hands of time, making boys as old as twenty-three look as young as twelve. But not every and anyone can be infected with this strand.

This strand is picky, first thing if the strand is introduced early enough most boys can accommodate the virus. Second, the strand can no longer activate after about age twenty-five. Third, it will not work on anyone that is dominant even if someone injects the Bp-strand from birth into the subject. If the boy is dominant it will not work. All viruses lays dormant until near full maturity and then activates so the strand changes nothing until maturity.

The most common feature of this strand is the small penises. The largest recorded size was seven inches, but the most common size is five inches. Also out of all the strands the bubble-butts the BP-strand produces is the most enjoyable, trust me I know I have two hot boypussies at home that i make sure I pound every night. and just in case you're wondering (pulls out picture) the ten-year-old-looking one that's holding his cheeks apart, showing off his hole just turned fifteen, and the thirteen year-old-looking-one will actually be twenty in a few months.

The reason their asses are so good is the elasticity of them it can accommodate almost any monster and revert back to its tiny size in an hour instead of the normal twelve hours for most every strand.

Moving along to the Sissy-strand or S-strand and the Dominant-strand or D-strand:

We don't know much about the D and S-strand except the fact that it only affects a small group of men. We first thought it would not affect dominant men, like the BP-strand not affecting dominant boys but that is not the case here, we took a well-known dominant male. This video of him fucking his son with careless abandon, this 5'11" two hundred and ten pound man was infected with the strand and well this is the result. I introduce you to subject W-75, as you can well see he is now only 5'5" and more than halved his weight. His hips are more pronounced and he has closes to A-cups. His penis also reduced in size from a thick fourteen inches to a mere six inches, not like it matters he only wants to be dominated. That is his son fucking him right now on the flip side his son has grown in size in more than one area, and he has become dominant we call him W-76. Strand we call the Dominant-strand or the D-strand. These two strands are more of a mystery than any other.

It seems the infected subjects of either strands can infected family members, for the most part, not every member will become infected. But if they do get infected the first to infect the new host becomes the opposite. E.g. if the potential infectee fucks the one with the S-Strand the subject will become be infected with the D-strand and vice-versa. Those infected with the S-strand, as mentioned before, become smaller in many ways. They become very submissive, to the point where they no longer use their penis, it seems they can only get satisfaction analy and enjoy being dominated. The exact opposite happens to the ones infected with the D-strand. They grow in size and their thought pattern changes into that of a dom, to the point of abuse, but the Sissies love it.

Also as far as we know dick-girls and boypussies cannot be infected with the D-strand but some can be infected with the S-strand. As far as we've tested those infected with the F and BP-strands and cross infected with the S-strand cannot infect others and are not as masochistic those with just the S-strand.

There might be more strands out there that we don't know about but we are vigilantly searching for more. And also looking for different ways this virus can be used for the betterment of our society.

This virus has more mysteries yet to be revealed. the few things we've learned are

1: those infected with the virus is immune to cancer, AIDs, HIV, and other diseases. Too bad it doesn't cure the common cold.

2: birth defects are almost unheard of; the virus changes our DNA to the point where those defects are not even a factor.

3: those born with said defects are healed through the rapid changes in DNA. Some people born blind, without a limb, or even def., are even healed. Sadly it does not heal those who lost limbs, sight, or hearing, it only changes DNA. But we here at F.A.G. are looking for a way to use the virus to regrow or reclaim what people have lost.

4: and a small note on how the virus keeps both male and females looking young beyond their years.

Ok I know that was long but we are not through yet we still have the "How the Gay-virus" changed society. So let us have a short two hour fuck brake and we will go on. That was perfect timing I see my wife and two boys now. (looks at watch) dam I wish we had more time...

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