Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Celebrity, Tear Jerker, Incest, Mother, Son, InLaws, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - (All music mentioned available at iTunes)

"Charles, thinking back, the idea of having Ken set up our website was a boon for many reasons, wasn't it?" my still hot as hell mother-in-law Sarah said to me, while crawling up on my lap.

"Absolutely, Sarah – he was just as important to our success as anyone else has been," I said agreeing as she nibbled on my ear, generating some pressure in my slacks.

"Ooooh, Charles – you want to take a break from telling the story. We're the only ones home, and I know I can relieve some of that pressure I'm feeling."

"Sarah, you've been teasing me for over 20 years now. One of these days, I may just take that leap again, and you will be the one not walking for a week," I said kissing her on the back of her neck.

"Oh, Honey – I may be closing in on my 66th birthday, but I know I could STILL 'rock your world?'" she said moaning a bit and putting my hand on her heaving bosom.

"Sarah, I fell for you the day I first walked through that house in Columbus, and saw your beautiful, flaming red hair. All these years later, you've hardly changed. Your hair never stopped being that wonderful shade. Your eyes have been as alluring as my wife's and your devilish figure hasn't lost a bit of its ... drawing power. That having been said right now, I must stay true to my wife, especially with her being pregnant again," I affirmed.

"Just remember, Charles – I'm not getting any younger. I'd sure like another 'tall drink of Charles', before I leave this world," she said.

"Sarah, I promise – On my Honor – that I will give you what you want. We're only barely halfway through this story, so hold on – don't wriggle your butt so much, OK?"

"To quote the late and beautiful Whitney Houston, 'I Will Always Love You', Charles," she said. ###

"The Honeymoon Tour," I blurted out loud, coming out of a dream that I suddenly didn't remember clearly.

Claire woke up and said: "What?"

"The name of our Tour - instead of the Absotively-Posilutely Tour, we'll call it 'The Honeymoon Tour'," I said repeating myself.

"That's nice dear, come back to sleep," Claire said mumbling a little.

I pulled my covers back up and got in behind her and nuzzled a bit.

"Is my fiancé feeling frisky this morning?" Claire said turning towards me and breaking out into one of her marvelous smiles.

"I guess, but still ... all we can do is kiss?" I asserted.

"Kissing is Fun, So Have Fun Kissing," Claire said laughing at her own play on words.

"We usually do, Sweet Rack - we usually do," I said as I rolled over on top of her, kissing her all over her face, causing her to giggle.

She grabbed me at the waist and rolled back over on top of me ... with our lips still connected. She started to run her hands up and down my chest, staying above my belly button, but the results of her rubbing hands, happened anyway.

"Ooh, Charles – the football feels kind of nice this morning," she said.

"Yes it does, but we can't."

"I know - but it's nice to know everything works," she smiled.

"Yes Claire - everything is in perfect working condition," I said looking up at that beautiful face that I get to see every single morning - first thing!

"When do we meet Michael at the airport, Lover?" Claire said playing with her hair, while her generous bosoms were both crushing and titillating me.

"We leave for Vancouver at noon - it's only six-thirty in the morning, so let's go back to sleep, OK?" I asked.

"Can I stay here up on top for a while, it feels so nice - and I mean ... everything?" she giggled.

"Do you have panties on, dear?"

"Why?" she answered coyly.

I reached to feel for her panty line, and I didn't feel one, so I rolled over and said, "Claire - we have to be more careful - right now we have only a thin piece of fabric between the football ... and the red zone."

I rolled her off of me.

"So - you like my red zone?" she said very provocatively.

"Do you even understand that reference?" I asked.

"The Red Zone, is anywhere inside the 20-yard-line. You can score ... real easily, after getting there, am I right?"

"Yeah," I said feeling even more turned on, after she said that.

"Well, I love your football Charles," Claire said as she got right up behind me with her hands rubbing my chest.

"Yeah, I know - let's get back to sleep."

"I love you," Claire said.

"Bakatya - Sweet Rack," I replied as we fell back asleep. "Only 406 days until we're married."

"Cool," she said pushing herself back up against me.

We were packing up for our trip, two suitcases and a backpack each. I did tell everyone to pack a soft suitcase inside their suitcases, for the things we may purchase on this global excursion we're starting. I took some of our finished cases downstairs, and saw Annie and Sarah all packed up, and making out on the sofa.

They noticed me, but didn't really stop what they were doing. When their lips separated, Sarah said, "Who knows how long before we can get all snuggly again, come here Annie?" She lip-locked my mother right in front of me, just as Claire and Kalista came downstairs, with Claire helping to bring K's stuff down.

"I still don't understand why they can touch each other like that, and we can't, Charles?" Claire said loud enough for everyone to hear, causing K to giggle.

After finally breaking up the current kiss, Annie said, "We're old and bold, and you're young with tongue."

Everybody laughed at her intentionally adult Dr. Seuss moment. I went up to get the rest of Claire and my stuff.

"Everybody got their phones and laptops, along with the chargers?" I said causing both Claire and Kalista to head back upstairs.

I came back down saying, "You know ladies, you're right about one thing - we won't get much chance to do this," I said walking up to Annie and giving her a great big sloppy kiss. I felt her melt a little, but she blushed at me and wiped me off.

Sarah was waiting for her turn, and I took a lock of her hair and put it behind her ear and went in for the kiss, her lips tasted just like I remembered, and so did her tongue...

"Charles Xavier Newman Junior!"

Ah – shit!

I turned around quickly - she'd never used the 'Junior' before.

I saw Kalista's face light up and she looked over to Claire, with her silent request. Claire laughed, and waved Kalista into me.

Oh, this 10-year-old can kiss, and she went for the gusto, actually biting on my lower lip a little. When she was done, she got out some tissue and wiped Annie, Sarah and herself off my face. She giggled, of course.

"Let's go," Sarah said breaking the moment up.

As I walked by Claire, I gave her a kiss, trying at least in spirit to make up for the Bon Voyage kisses I gave everyone else.

Annie said, "Naughty naughty boy, Charles," she slapped me on the butt, as she walked by Claire and me kissing.

We arrived at the usual place at the airport, and there was a larger jet this time. I saw Michael come out of the hanger as our stuff was being loaded on, and he said, "I got a bigger plane Charles, partly because I'd been wanting one, and partly due to your concerns about flying in and out of some of the less than pristine airports. It's a Gulfstream G550, only one previous owner, holds up to 18, and has fore and aft lavatories."

"This means that we never have to switch to a commercial airline, doesn't it Michael?" I assumed.

"That's exactly what it means Charles - and we can go close to 6,750 miles between landings, so get in and get comfortable. We leave in 20 minutes," Michael said.

"Aye, Aye - Captain," I said saluting him.

The Pilot announced, "Hello again, to the Charles & Claire Contingency. Our flight today is just under 2,300 miles long, with our new 'warp drive' it should take us about five minutes to get to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Just kidding - We'll be wheels down in just under seven hours; so lay back, and put on some Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra music if you'd like."

"Fun-ny guy," Michael said quickly putting a smile on his face.

"A pilot with a sense of humor - that's pretty cool, Michael," I said.

After we took off and were at cruising speed, Annie went over to Michael, sat on his lap and said, "You're still my favorite crooner Michael," and gave him a peck on the cheek.

For the next hour or so, I explained to Michael all the new routines we'd learned.

"I didn't think you were satisfied with what you already knew Charles," Michael responded with a chuckle.

I went back to my seat and Claire got up on my lap and we fell asleep that way for the rest of the flight.

We landed at Vancouver International Airport - there was a stretch limo waiting to take us where we were staying.

"Sarah - where are we staying?" I asked.

"The Granville Island Hotel," she replied, "Where are we performing, Michael?"

"The Vancouver Convention Center - we're in the largest space - it holds just over 6,000 people, Sarah," he responded.

We were let off at our hotel, with Michael coming to get us the next day at ten o'clock in the morning. We have a day of practice, and then three performances before we move on to Calgary, Alberta.

We were taken to our room, with a king-sized bed, while the rest of them went to a room with two doubles. It being only about three-ish local time, I called Sarah and told them we were taking a tub and a nap - we'd meet up for dinner at six pm at the Dockside Restaurant, down on the first floor.

It wasn't a Jacuzzi or a Whirlpool, but the tub was big enough for two, so after changing and such, my fiancée and I were in a bubble bath together. All the amenities in the bathroom made it quite the luxurious space. With this beautiful young lady on my lap, I couldn't keep from kissing her on her neck, which in turn caused her to giggle, and her jiggle which generated a you-know-what.

"Charles, you certainly have been 'hard' to ignore lately, is it me, or what?" Claire asked.

"Of course it's you - my god, you're so gorgeous and you have such a magnificent body that can't be ignored. I'm constantly concerned about my body's reaction to you - It's not like I can ignore your face, butt and chest - I love you," I said tearing up a little.

We got out, dried off and changed for a nap – Wow! The sheets felt so slick and satiny, I put an alarm on my phone and we fell asleep. My football was quite comfortable!

The Dockside Seafood Restaurant was amazing. Their menu had three categories of food; Water, meaning salmon and halibut and such; Land, meaning chicken, beef and lamb; and Pasta, meaning linguini and other such foods.

Our server, Marco, couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of Annie, whenever he came back to the table. I asked Sarah to express herself carefully, the next time Marco showed back up.

Coming back to ask us how everything tasted, I saw Sarah's hand on Annie's thigh, which Marco noticed ... changing his focus to Kalista at that point.

It was nice to have someone not fawn over us; I assume he didn't have a clue as to who we were. When we asked for our check, I handed him our Corporate Card and after glancing at it, he suddenly appeared quite flummoxed.

"Oh, Mr. Newman - I've all of your posters, my favorite is ... is the five heads," he recovered quickly as he went off to ring up our card.

He came back with a nice looking gentlemen who made a point of placing the card back in front me, saying, "Charles & Claire will eat for free, as long as they stay at the Granville Island Hotel."

I thanked him and I got out my wallet and handed our young man half the tip I would've otherwise given, as we got up to leave.

I leaned into him and said, "It's better when you don't drool over the patrons."

We all left.

We walked back up to our rooms, saying goodnight to Annie, Sarah and Kalista as we got on the elevator to go up to our floor.

Claire pushed me to up against the wall, as she began to kiss me all over my neck, finishing on my lips. The elevator stopped and an older couple got on board. They glanced over at us, as the woman said, "They have a good idea there, let's go back to our room Honey?"

The man waggled his eyebrows at me and said, "Whatever you want, Sharon!"

We laughed at that, with Claire showing off her ring. We all got off on the top floor, going different directions but waved 'bye' to each other.

"Charles, that was so much fun, kissing you like that - I wonder about the couple that we ran into, you think that they're making love right now?" she said as she turned to have me unzip her dress.

"I'd think so, Claire," I said removing my shoes and socks.

"What exactly do you think they might be doing?" she asked removing her dress and taking off her heels and dance panties.

"Well, it would depend on how much patience they had," I thought out loud, as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my slacks.

"So, maybe they're doing what we're doing, just ... taking off their clothes?" she wondered, as she took off her earrings and pantyhose, leaving her in only a lacy bra and panty set that were bright pink.

"I'd think that they were probably naked by now, with both in bed enjoying each other," I said unbuckling my pants, dropping them and picking them up to keep the crease nice, leaving me in just my boxers.

Claire crawled into bed, raising the covers for me, as I turned off the lights to our room.

The next morning, we got up ready to rehearse, changed and knocked on the ladies door. Kalista welcomed us in, as she was dressed and ready to go.

"Did you two sleep OK?" Kalista asked. She often made this her first topic of the morning, since Claire and I started to actually sleep together. I think it was her way to determine if we've broken any of our 'Mom's Rules'.

"I slept like a log, Super K," I said.

"Yeah, except for our ride up in the elevator, our evening was uneventful," Claire said trying too hard to appear disinterested in anyone's response.

"What happened in the elevator?" mom asked as she walked into the room, tucking in her blouse.

"Well, we were making out, and an older couple came in and said how what we were doing looked like fun, so they headed up to their room to do that 'old black magic'," I said with a snicker.

"And what exactly did you two do?" Sarah asked coming in putting on an earring.

"Oh, we had a discussion about what they might be doing as we prepared for bed," I remarked.

"Oooh," Sarah said.

Annie and her looked at each other and they broke into laughter, but didn't explain themselves.

"Mom's got the music - Sarah's got the slippers, let's go wait for our ride?" I offered.

We waited all of five minutes, before the sky blue limo pulled up from before, and we were on our way to the Vancouver Convention Center.

We got there and were ushered in to where we found Michael and the gang tuning up. We went through all the usual hellos.

"Charles, what do you have in mind for our Set List here in beautiful Vancouver?" Michael said getting straight to the point.

I replied, "Well, I remembered you saying we'd be getting a raise on this tour; therefore, I assumed we should have a full two hour set, each 55 minutes long, with a ten minute break. We get a raise - you have to raise prices - the audience expects more."

"Charles, once again, your logic is perfect," Michael responded, "A two hour set adds about 15 to 20 minutes to the evening, so the value stays high, don't you think?"

"Between your singing voice and these young ladies looks, the value is always high, Michael," I responded.

Claire and Kalista each gave me a kiss on the cheek for that.

I went on, "So why don't we take our Carnegie Hall Set lists, change them up a little, and see how that works?"

"Sounds like a plan, Charles," Michael said.

"Hand me the MBP please, Sarah?" I asked.

The MPB is the MacBook Pro; the last Apple Laptop that still had a CD drive installed. We took it, and blank CDs, when we knew we'd be making CDs on the fly. We also kept it up to date with all of our music, all the time. We now also had a MBA, a MacBook Air, but we had to travel with an additional CD drive to make CDs with it.

"Here it is Charles," my second favorite redhead said.

I got it and, in less then five minutes, I'd reworked the two Carnegie Hall lists into Canada 1 and Canada 2, figuring we could tweak them, if necessary, as we traveled through the beautiful provinces of Canada.

I spun the laptop to show Michael my set list idea, and a great big smile came across his face.

"Charles, I'm not one to do much on a computer, mainly because I've been too busy performing most of my adult life, but that is truly amazing. You've got a great mix of rhythms, along with a break for yourselves. I see you've added some Canadian Singers into the mix, good job," Michael said.

"Tell us, Charles - Who's doing what?" my fiancée wanted to know.

"Canada 1," I started.

"Wonderful World - The Orchestra – No Dancing"

"Everything - The Orchestra - Charles and Kallie"

"Putting on the Ritz - Piped in - Charles & Claire"

"My Heart Will Go on - Piped in - Claire and Kallie"

"Cry Me a River - The Orchestra - Charles and Kallie"

"The Best is Yet to Come - The Orchestra"

"Heartache Tonight - The Orchestra - Charles & Claire"

"Home - The Orchestra - Charles & Claire"

"I'm Not That Girl - Piped In - Kallie, Charles & Claire"

"Alone - Piped In - Kallie and Claire"

"Crazy Little Thing - The Orchestra - Charles and Kallie"

"Every Breath You Take - Piped In - Charles & Claire"

"12 songs, just over 48 minutes - an hour with applause," I said.

"That really is quite amazing that you organized that so easily, your brain organizes things differently then ... most of us guys," Michael said looking over at Sarah.

"Oh, I still have most of the regular guy stuff in my head too," I said looking at Claire with a blush - She licked her lips at me.

"OK, Canada 2."

"Anema E Core - The Orchestra – No Dancing"

"You're Nobody - The Orchestra - Charles & Claire"

"Bad Girls - Piped In - Kalista and Claire"

"Charles, we don't have that ready yet?" Kalista declared.

"We can work on it, all right girls?" I asked.

"OK," they said together.

"Colors of the Wind - Piped In - Charles & Claire"

"Real Emotion - Piped In - Charles and Kallie"

"Until it's Time for You to Go - Alan, Charles & Claire"

"You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby - The Orchestra"

"Eso Beso - Piped In - Charles, Claire and Kallie"

"You Light Up My Life - Piped In - Charles and Kallie"

"Firework - Piped In - Charles and Kallie"

"Daddy's Little Girl - The Orchestra - Claire"

"Can't Help Falling - The Orchestra - Charles and Kalista"

"It Had Better Be Tonight - The Orchestra - Charles & Claire"

"You Raise Me Up - Piped In - Charles & Claire"

"Are you OK with us finishing with a 'Piped in' song, Michael?" I asked.

"That's all right - it's a very beautiful piece of music and Josh sings it very well," Michael admitted. "Is that it?"

"Yup - Canada 2 - 14 songs - just about 50 minutes exactly," I said. "65 minutes with applause - If they want an Encore, how about 'I've Had the Time of My Life?' You and Sarah could sing it, if we needed it?"

Looking directly at her, I asked, "Sarah - feel like performing?" I didn't break eye contact and started to walk towards her, turning on the charm, licking my lips and smiling at her.

"OK - OK Charles, turn it off - I'll do it," she said causing everyone who heard her, to laugh.

"That list good - Michael?" I asked for assurance.

"Great! Hey guys pull out Anema E Core, it's been a while," Michael said with a chuckle.

We proceeded to go through the list, including only the songs they were playing for us. When finished, Michael cut us loose to work on our newest routines. We got a cab to get back to our hotel, and went to the counter and asked if there was a place we could practice our dances in. They mentioned something they called their Bridge Room, or their Quarter Deck.

They showed both to us, and the Quarter Deck was perfect. We asked for a single table to be setup so we could play our music, and they readily did it on the spot, even putting a nice clean tablecloth on it. Boy, these folks are so very accommodating.

We set up the laptop to only play the non-Bublé songs, but we first worked our premiere Disco Song – 'Bad Girls'. Thirty minutes later, Kalista and Claire were much more satisfied. We took a quick meal break, back at the Dockside, and then we went back to work, nailing down all the rest of our routines.

There wouldn't be time for the girls to change into or out of disco clothes, so tomorrow it would have to be all in the usual show clothes. We'll figure it out. That's what 'the Moms' are great at!

We all went up to our rooms and Claire and I took a nap.

Claire and I woke up wanting to dance, so we got up, changed back into rehearsal clothes and I turned to her and gave her a kiss.

"Uh-oh, I see it in your eyes Charles. What are you planning?" Claire said her woman's intuition on high alert.

"Change into your shimmy dress, Claire - We're going to go dancing ... alone!" I said.

She stripped down to her underwear and got her dress and left to the bathroom. She came out looking amazing, with a touch of makeup on, and the upper portion of the shimmy dress filled to it's ... maximum.

I put on a dress shirt and tie, along with my black pants. My phone was in my pocket and we left to go the Backstage Lounge, figuring our celebrity might get us past the ropes.

We walked arm in arm the 300 yards that it was between our hotel and our destination. The guy on the ropes did something of a double take, before he broke into a big smile and simply said, "I'm Joe – Thanks' for coming to the Backstage Lounge, Charles & Claire - I assume you're here to dance, our DJ tonight has all of your music. He heard you were coming into town to perform, and had hoped you'd come in. Jeff, take my place - I'm escorting Charles & Claire inside."

Suddenly you heard our name hop from person to person in the place, a sudden charge of electricity coursed through me, as Claire held my hand and we followed Joe to the dance floor.

Without warning, everybody cleared off the dance floor, and a rising sound came from all around us, these people were yelling and cheering and applauding us - All we'd done was enter this place.

Abruptly, we heard titles of our routines coming from the crowd, 'Footloose', along with 'Circle of Life' and 'Six-Pack', so I headed to the DJ, and asked for Michael Bublés version of 'Feeling Good' as Claire and I went to the middle of the dance floor as the music started.

"Birds flying high..."

Her eyes went directly into mine, as we started to dance this Samba, with her leg on my hip, as we performed this routine for the first time in a while. Every Rondé she did caused a sensation as we twirled and Sambaed to this wonderful piece of music, as I grabbed her real close to me as we danced the end of this dance kissing, causing a big whoop from the crowd.

I felt my phone vibrate as I pulled Claire from the lounge, back into the dining area.

I looked at the phone and saw it was ... Mom – Shit!

"Hi Mom, how are you guys?" I said, as though my smiling as I said it, might help somehow.

"Where are you two? I had housekeeping open your room and found you were gone. Sarah, Kalista and I've been freaking out a little, none of us knew either where you were, or about any plans you had. I repeat - Where are you?" mom said with a bit of zeal.

I quickly responded, "You guys change and come join us - at the Backstage Lounge. We just finished performing 'Feeling Good' and they love us here. Don't make us come back - and don't blame Claire, this is all my doing," I threw myself at her mercy.

"I certainly expected you two to do a number of things I never did when I was 15, but going into a bar, after dark, is just a little bit insane, don't you think?" she said working herself up a little bit more.

"Change into your sexiest dresses and get down here, Joe the Bouncer told me he thought you were a doll - and it's a Lounge, not a Bar, all right?" I asserted.

Claire leaned in and said, "Annie, it's fun - come join us, they want us to dance some more, bye?" She hung up on my Mother.

"Now they have to come and get us, don't they?" Claire said smiling and full of herself.

We went back in, to tumultuous applause and I yelled out 'Marry You' to the crowd, as they cleared the floor again. We got into position and I nodded to the DJ as we started the routine. The entire crowd was singing with Bruno, as Claire and I caught a groove and improvised a little, but still did the basics of this popular song and routine. I picked her up at the end and we kissed, to the encouragement of this crowd of twenty and thirty something's. Joe stayed ready to handle anybody - who tried anything!

There was a lot of smoking and liquor in the air, so I asked Joe to help us out for a while. He sat us down back in the dining area, asking what we wanted to drink. He yelled at the bartender ... as three absolute knockouts just walked into the place, Kalista in front, then Annie with Sarah in a strapless dress soaking up all the whistles that started the moment she walked through the door. Some were from the ladies in the Lounge.

Joe helped Mom then Sarah, while I got the chair for Kalista, and we were sitting around the table waiting for our drinks. Joe brought them to us, and turned to the ladies asking them for a drink order.

Joe is about six foot six, blond with blue eyes and probably in his thirties. Sarah and he ... had a moment I believe, but I saw Mom grab her by the hand.

Mom and Sarah both ordered a beer while Kalista got a soda. We were all staring at each other, waiting for the first volley.

Kalista said excitedly, "What have you danced to so far?"

"'Feeling Good' and 'Marry You' - if we can stay, I'd like to do a dance with you, Princess?" I said looking at my mother who was really looking marvelous, including some pretty earrings. I got up and kneeled behind her and said, "I'm sorry mom. I woke up with a hitch in my get-along, as you used to say, and I wanted to take my girl out dancing. I found this place on the computer and it was close. What do you think of Joe the Bouncer?" I asked.

She blushed, as she said, "I've already got someone who cares for me, I don't need anything or anybody else. You kids got really lucky tonight!"

"No he hasn't ... but he might?" Claire said not really helping matters at all.

I held my Mom for a bit as she shrugged off my arms and said, "Oh you - go dance," Sarah nestled up to her as I got my little sister up to go.

I grabbed K by the hand and walked back in, this time to strains of, "Kal-lee, Kal-lee, Kal-lee" as we walked back up to the DJ and asked, "Do you have Katy Perry's 'Firework?'"

He had a surprised look on his face, but said, "Yeah?"

I walked Kalista out, ready to perform one of our newest routines, that nobody had yet seen. She looked nervous - I kissed her on the cheek and nodded to the DJ.

After it started, K fell into that rhythm that amazes me, with her hips really startling the crowd, as we performed this Cha-Cha for a crowd, for the first time. She was smiling and dancing while looking straight into my soul. When she did one of her Rondés, the crowd went bonkers; applauding each time she did it. They started singing with Katy, as we did the routine with a higher energy than before, I threw her into a couple of spot spins, again making the crowd go absolutely berserk as the song ended cold.

She went up to me about to lay a big one on me, but I reminded her of our 'crowd rule'. We bowed to the group and went back to our Party of Five.

"Kalista, remember when people are closer than 30 feet away, you and I can't kiss on the lips, it sends the wrong vibe," I said.

"Sorry Charles - that was so amazing! The electricity in that room was ... something else," K said.

"So have you got it all out of your system Charles?" Annie asked still looking a little pissed.

"I think so, Wow! What a lot of fun, I think at least one person in there was smoking pot?" I said.

"And how would you know what pot smells like, young man?" Sarah said with a snicker in her voice.

"Back at the Summer Memory's Dance, there were some kids, who had gone off to smoke a joint - they asked me to join them, but I said 'No'. I smelled their breath and that's how I found out what Mary Jane smells like."

As we left, I shook Joes hand, and told him we may be back again.

I took my girl's hand as we all walked back to our hotel. Not having had anything to eat for a while, I asked if our lovely chaperones would like to join 'The Talent' for dinner. Mom knew when I used that term I was being facetious, but the rest of them looked at me in amazement, as Claire and I laughed at all them for a change.

We went into the Dockside Restaurant and had a little late dinner, and then headed off to our rooms. As we were walking up to their room, Mom pulled me aside and said, "Charles - everything worked out OK, and I'm not against you two going out like that, but a heads-up would be a great relief in the future. Not all places are like that, you know."

"I understand completely Mom, it's just that I had the chance to be out with the woman I love - I'd have protected her if anybody had gotten fresh," I said getting emotional.

"Goodnight Charles, see you at ten in the morning - goodnight Claire," mom said smiling.

"G'night Annie," Claire said in return.

We headed up to our room in the elevator. It was a very different elevator trip from before. We held each other's hand, but said nothing to one another.

As I opened our door, I asked Claire, "Was there any moment tonight that you felt uncomfortable, because of the fact we were alone in a bar?"

"To be truthful Charles, I wasn't sure," she said, "I went along with you and we had a blast. However, I see what your mother is saying about this, that someone could've just grabbed me, I guess, and hurt me, taken me or worse."

"So, you don't think I could've kept any of those things from happening to you - I'd die to protect you - that's how much I care for you! I guess Mom was right, it was a bit impulsive, wasn't it?" I said almost in tears.

"Oh Charles, don't ever stop being impulsive, I really like most of your impulses - you know that," she teased.

We walked over to the bed, I turned her around and undid the back of her dress for her and shooed her off to change for bed. She grabbed the shirt I just took off and smiled and walked into the bathroom. I stripped down into my boxers and climbed into bed. She came out looking amazing with my shirt on - a single button holding it on her. She climbed into bed and we fell asleep, with her right up behind me, just like every other night.

I don't think I could fall asleep without her behind me, nowadays.

Our rehearsal the next day went well, and the girls were more than satisfied about all the numbers, including the Disco routine. We also went through our encore piece, providing Michael and Sarah an opportunity to flirt while they sang together. I saw Mom keeping an eye on the two of them, with nothing, too terribly overt happening.

The performance that night was amazing, with Michael starting off with his moody but jazzy sounding version of 'What a Wonderful World', and K and I followed it up with our 'Best Foxtrot EVER' to Michaels' rhythmic version of 'Everything'. All through the evening, the crowd got up and applauded for us all.

When Claire and I got up to dance to Josh Groban's haunting version of 'You Raise Me Up', the crowd stood up in anticipation, and stayed standing through our entire routine. I'd developed a new hold for us to use, starting with this song. My hands were high, above her hips and her hands were holding mine. Claire called it our 'sugar bowl hold'.

Even though I was focused on Claire during this routine, I caught, out of the corner of my eye, our audience swaying to the song as we poured our emotions out in this dance.

When the break and key change came along, we switched to the traditional 'closed hold', and the applause started ... for the entire last minute and a half of the song, we stayed true to our original choreography, but finished dancing and kissing at the same time, causing our standing ovation to become a cheering one as well. Vancouver loved Charles & Claire - and the Sparkling Kalista.

Michael came out and got them all to sit down.

"Charles, how many days?" he asked.

"404, Michael," I replied. Claire smiled at me.

"Ladies and gentlemen, next year, 404 days from today, on October 15th these two magical performers ... are getting married," he said.

There was a gasp throughout the audience with this wedding announcement. Michael went on, "If you'd like to celebrate and be there with them, going on sale starting today are 110,000 invitations - all you have to do to get one, is go to their website and order a complete set of their 20 posters. You'll receive a Golden Ticket to be at their Wedding at the Ohio Stadium, in Columbus, Ohio on October 15th next year - that same day is also Kalista's Birthday, she turns 11 that day."

Kalista came out to cheers and shouts and we all bowed to Michael, to his orchestra, and to the first of many sold-out audiences on this Tour.

All through that first month on the International Something Special Tour, while traveling through the provinces of Canada, we had audience after audience - just like that first one.

Ken had called to tell me that the orders were going out better then expected, regarding the hand stuffing of the Wedding Ticket. He'd said that they could barely print the posters fast enough to accommodate both the regular orders and the 20 PAK, as it was being called. Every day, all 1,100 allotted Wedding Tickets sold out, and there wasn't anybody buying blocks of them in any kind of quantities, as I'd been so worried about.

Our cancelled two weeks in South America were replaced with four performances in San Francisco, then four in Hawaii as well. We'll travel to Australia and have four days to ourselves before the performances start there. We'll be in Australia to celebrate Kalista's Birthday.

We touched down at San Francisco International Airport, finding out we're performing in the Grand Ballroom of the South San Francisco Convention Center. Sarah announced we were staying at The Pacifica Beach Resort, albeit a bit pricy according to her. We'll be there for six days, one to rest, one to rehearse and four performances. We hadn't changed our set list since we started the ISS, so I figured we'd adjust it a little.

We checked into the hotel, with Claire and I getting our own room with a Jacuzzi, Kalista got her own room - connected to ours - and Annie and Sarah got their own room, on a separate floor of the hotel.

"Hey K, want to join Claire and I in our nice big Jacuzzi Tub?" I said knocking on her door.

"I've got my own tub, but thanks anyway - maybe later. Lock the door if you want privacy - I understand," Kalista said through the connecting door.

"OK!" we said together.

I started the Jacuzzi tub, putting some bubble stuff in it, as I saw a goddess walk into the bathroom, wearing only her underwear, this time it was an all-white bra and panty set.

She got in the tub wearing that, and smiled up at me, saying, "Oooh, Charles this feels so good ... come on in?"

Only being in my boxers, I figured ... what the heck and got in, sliding in behind her - getting underneath her.

Whether she was aware of it or not, her underwear became completely transparent when wet. I couldn't keep from looking, but she took my hands and wrapped them around her midriff.

"Isn't that a beautiful view?" she said looking out the window.

I wasn't.

"Yes, I can see the hills of San Francisco right in front of me," I responded.

"What ... oh – you! So, you like the view from where you are?"

"Yeah, I can't wait to climb those hills."

"There is a flatland as well for you to explore," she said with a giggle. "Along with a deep cavern."

"Yowser," I said squeezing her even tighter.

"We'll be in Australia for Kalista's birthday, Charles - What do you have planned, if anything?" Claire asked turning around so we were face-to-face now, and ... chest-to-chest.

"I haven't planned anything past making out in the tub with my fiancée - come here?" I said.

We placed our lips to each other and very slowly, I had my hands on her back moving them down to her delightful, but dangerous butt.

While we were kissing each other, probing our tongues into each other's mouths, I reached inside her panties and pulled her butt cheeks all the way up against me, with my football completely up against her ... red zone. This was indeed our most sexually charged moment in our young lives together, our kisses growing deeper, and me getting firmer.

I pulled myself out from under her, and got out of the tub, barely catching my breath. There were still a lot of bubbles in the tub, and I saw Claire unstrap her bra and hand it to me, as she lay back and started to moan, a little louder this time.

"Charles, that was soooo close - wasn't it?" she said with her eyes closed. I couldn't see her hands.

I saw her doing what could only be removing her panties and handing them to me as well. She moaned again as I watched my future spouse become hopelessly aroused by what came oh, too close to happening.

"Charles," she said so very breathlessly with her eyes still closed, "I've been on the pill for over 45 days now - Anytime, I'm all yours."

I left the bathroom and changed out of my wet boxers, standing naked and completely hard, less than ten feet from my naked fiancée. For a split second the vision of us together formed in my mind. I'd promised 'the Moms', Kalista, and Claire. I changed into sweats and went out on our balcony.

Fifteen minutes later, she joined me outside on the balcony, in one of the fluffy robes the hotel provided.

"Penny for your thoughts, Lover?" she said suspiciously eager for a response. She was running her hands over my chest as we talked.

"Are you wearing anything under that robe, Sweet Rack?" I asked.

"What if I wasn't Charles? What would you do if I were completely naked underneath this robe? Would you kiss me - or more?" She articulated with a really nasty grin on her face.

"Claire, you know how close we just got in the tub, are you really going to press this? My head is a jumble of feelings, emotions, promises made - to each other and to both of our Mothers. As much as I want you ... we must wait. Please wait for me - I'll wait for you, all right?"

She dropped the robe, showing she had on her Orgy shirt and, I hoped some panties. I laughed as I walked up to her and smiled at this vision of loveliness.

We made out on the balcony for a while, then I took her by her hand, we went back inside and crawled into bed and fell asleep, snuggling.


"Hey Mom, how's it hanging?" I said seeing her name pop-up on my cell.

"Maybe I should ask you that, Lover?" she responded with a snort. "Meet you guys in the lobby in 60 minutes, OK?"

"Sure thing Beautiful. How was your first night alone with your new best friend?" I asked.

"Very nice thank you very much. How about you two?"

"We took a luxurious bath together, lots of bubbles - lots of kisses. She has a suit that goes completely transparent when wet, she ended up in the tub naked."

"What!" I believe my mother was gasping.

"Alone - but she asked and I was a 'good boy' - kinda. See you in 60, Beautiful," I said hanging up.

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