Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, White Couple, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When my daughter moved in with me, I had to tell her about my two live-in girlfriends. She soon made it three, then her girlfriend began visiting us as well.

I went through a particularly nasty divorce after I caught my wife fucking her boss. I was thirty-three at the time and the father of Brenda who was thirteen when it all happened. My ex had custody of her and I received pretty generous visiting rights even though my ex and I really didn't like having to communicate with each other.

In the three years since, I have moved on with my life even though the first year or two was pretty painful. I'd bought a nice house, a house that was in the countryside complete with an in-ground pool and I had acquired a girlfriend, Pam.

You would notice Pam, she is a honey-blond with a curvy figure and beautiful from head to toe; literally, her feet were gorgeous, just perfect.

It wasn't long before I was given the privilege of seeing her, all of her, and naked, she's beautiful. She was twenty-seven and soon after we met and were fucking, she told me that she was bisexual and that she also had a girlfriend, Julia.

Well, I sure was happy with our sex, it was phenomenal and I was getting just about all I could handle so I just accepted the fact and told her I was fine with that.

So, some months went by and we were now talking about her moving in with me and she said she'd like Julia to live with us as well.

"I'd be happiest if I was with you both," she said as we snuggled together, our arms encircling each other after some particularly spirited sex one evening. "Maybe I should tell you that Julia is bisexual, she likes guys, too. Should I invite her over for a threesome next time? She's really pretty. I've got some pics of her on my phone, I'll show you later."

She did show me Julia's pictures, all naked, some open-leg shots, all stunning. She was just as beautiful as Pam. What did I have to lose, I thought, and told her that a threesome was definitely on.

Well, that happened the next weekend; Friday after work. When I got home, Pam and Julia were already there, both naked, waiting out by the pool for me to arrive.

"Hi, hon, this is Julia, I figured you might as well see what you're getting. We've already had a little fun," she said and Julia stood up and came to me and kissed me, running her tongue into my mouth and groping my rapidly-rising cock.

"Come on, let's go upstairs and get him naked," Pam said and Julia took me by the hand and led me up to my bedroom where, thankfully, I had a king-sized bed.

They began removing my clothes as I stood there about as happy as a man could be and when my boxers went down, it was Julia who dragged them to the floor.

"Yes, just as nice as you'd said, Pam," she said as I watched her soft lips slide over the crown and down my shaft to begin mouth-fucking me as her hand slid under my balls.

"Oh, I know you're gonna love having us both around, it's a win-win for all three of us, Eric, but especially you. She looks good, is she?" Pam asked about her lover's cock-sucking skills.

"Oh, I think the best thing I could say about her is she sucks just like you do, Pam, just like you."

And she was wonderful. She raised up from me, saying, "That's just a taste of what's to come, Eric. This is going to be fun."

We all collapsed into bed and they pushed me down as Julia got up over me and pushed my cock into her as Pam crouched over my face and started sweeping her wet pussy over my mouth as I held my tongue up.

It was a weekend that I'll remember forever; a man's perfect dream weekend. I never thought so much sex was possible but these two not only kept me busy, they

made beautiful love to one another while I watched, something that I found was very erotic and exciting.

On Saturday I told them both that I wanted them to move in and that was settled; the next weekend, we worked all day Saturday loading their things and bringing them to my place. After getting everything unloaded and put into their rooms, we had a nice, long, cooling swim, naked, of course, that now being the house dress code which was fine by me.

We had decided that each of them should have their own room though sleeping arrangements would remain dynamic and fluid. Sometimes one or the other would sleep with me, sometimes both and at times they would sleep with just each other. It was all fine with me, I really couldn't ask for more sex; I was a happy boy.

So, we rocked along, just a sex-filled house with three horny people.

Then, my ex-wife called.

"Brenda's driving me crazy, we need to talk. How about lunch on Saturday, maybe that little bistro right at Exit 7a?" she barked at me and we agreed to meet, at least I knew the food would be good.

So, the upshot was that our daughter, now sixteen and deep in the throes of sexual discovery and experimentation, was more than her mother thought she could control.

"Her grades are tops, it's her obsession with sex that's out of control. There's no drugs, alcohol, smoking, bad driving, just sex, Eric. She's got a drawer full of dildos and vibrators and I've caught her now with six different boys; one time with three of them."

Maybe I shouldn't have said it quite this way but I replied, "Well, at least she's popular." I know, I know, a smart-assed comment. But my views about teen sex are lots different from my ex-wife's. She's really hard-nosed and I'm more like, let 'em have fun just make sure they don't become parents.

"Well, Wednesday was the final straw. I came home early and when I got in the house, I heard what I knew had to be sex going on upstairs so I tiptoed up and there was our daughter up over her best friend, Amy, and they had their heads between each other's legs. I really pitched a fit."

If it had been me, well, I would have pulled the door closed and left them to it. At least they wouldn't be pregnant.

"So, I threw Amy out and yelled at Brenda for I don't know how long. Told her I was through and that I was going to talk with you about taking her. So, that's the problem."

Well, one thing I didn't want to tell my ex was that I had two live-in girlfriends at the time and that they were bisexual. Oh, no, that was off the table for sure.

I did have another bedroom available and I figured that I could swear my daughter to secrecy, that she would keep my living arrangements away from her mother.

So, I told her that I'd take her and it being the summer, I would have time to arrange for her schooling in the fall.

We ended lunch and she asked me if I could come and move Brenda the very next day, Sunday. I gulped a bit at the suddenness of it all, knowing that I also needed to do some explaining at home but agreed and she paid the check, insisting that it was the least she could do.

I headed home, rehearsing the possible ways I could break the news to my two live-in ladies, hoping that they wouldn't balk and move out. Then where would I be?

But, no, they understood that I just couldn't stop being a father and they both admitted that having a bisexual daughter there might not be such a horrible event.

"Do you think we'll have to start dressing around the house?" Pam asked me. It was surely something I didn't want to change, it was quite wonderful for the three of us to sport ourselves around bare-assed when we were home and it always led to such great sex.

"Well, I know I've got to talk with her about the two of you and, I guess, about the situation we have at home; the nudity, the sex; well, she's sixteen and according to my ex, she's very sexually active."

"Would she be off-limits? Like to Julia and me?" my girlfriend asked.

"She's sixteen and in this state that means she can make up her own mind. I guess that's good enough for me. She is experienced, after all. Just no forcing her into things, not that I think either of you would."

"No, that's not the way either of us is."

So, things were okay with Julia and Pam, now all I had left was to tell Brenda what her dad's living arrangements were these days.

I went over to my exe's house the next morning, Sunday, with a trailer and we loaded her things in and began driving back to my place.

"Am I glad to get away from her. She's such a prude. I'm old enough to have sex and she just can't see it. I think she wants me to wait until I'm an old bag. Well, I've started and I'm not going to stop. I hope you're not going to try and stop me, too."

"You're sixteen and that's old enough. So, no, as long as you don't get pregnant or hook up with some violent guy or a drug-user, I think it's okay with me."

"I'm not like that anyway and I sure can't get pregnant from my girlfriend, Amy. And I'm on the pill."

"Before we get home, there's some things we need to discuss about my living arrangements. I currently have two other people living in the house ... two women."

"Oh, Dad, you hot guy, you. Tapping them both? That's my dad."

"Well, that may be the case but they're also lovers as well."

"I go that way myself though I love it all ... pussies, cock, everything."

"So your mother has told me."

"So, can I have Amy over on weekends? Can we sleep together?"

"Yes, to both," I told her as I turned off the major highway and began the seven-mile trip to my house.

"Also, I need to tell you the rest about our living arrangements, things your mother doesn't know and that I don't want her to know, okay?"

"Oh, god, whips and chains? Dungeons under the house? What?"

I laughed and then told her, "No but we do have a pool as you know. And we all skinny-dip. I don't know if you're comfortable with that?"

"Are they pretty, these two?"

I nodded, saying, "Very."

"And you'll be naked, too?"

I'll be quite honest and tell you that up to that point on our conversation, my cock had remained mostly uninterested but it began perking up after that question.


"Oh, I get to see my daddy's cock. Is it big?" she snickered.

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