Chapter 1

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - (All music mentioned available at iTunes)

"Charles, our trip to Orlando was so wonderful, I remember every moment of it, as if it happened yesterday," my wife said to me.

"Well, Sweetness – I liked the break we had from practicing dancing all of the time; being around you, Kallie and our Moms, making me feel so important."

"You have always been important to me and Claire, Daddy?" Kalista said, rubbing my feet.

"I know Princess, but our time together as dancers fills my head with memories, many that Iwill ... never forget."

"Speaking of filling your head, Charles, I have good news for you?" Claire said, on my lap and grabbing me by my face.

"I'm PREGNANT," she whispered.

"What the hell?"

"Go ahead with the story, we will talk about this later?" Claire said, giving me a kiss.

Kalista didn't freak out, so she must not have heard us.

We all started out the next morning on schedule. Dayton, here we come! Since it was only ninety minutes away, we found and booked the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is right next to the Dayton Convention Center. That's one of the places we won a Competition at last year. To make things even easier, there's a raised walkway between the hotel and the Convention Center.

We got side-by-side rooms, each with two queen beds in them. We stopped on the way out of town, at an Apple Store picking up an additional Apple Laptop, so I could peruse my music, while Sarah and Annie can shop, book hotels or whatever else, on theirs.

Dayton actually went quite well ... almost as well as Columbus had. We were going to sometimes get two days between cities and sometimes even three full days. After Dayton, we traveled to Cincinnati, where we stayed at the Cincinnati Marriott, getting a large suite, using Charles & Claire's name and we got a nice rate, using Sarah's cleavage discount.

Again, Cincinnati seemed to love Charles & Claire and we were quickly on our way to Louisville, Kentucky where we stayed at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The nicer places had free dry-cleaning as a perk, so when we stayed at one of them, two of us got everything cleaned, so after every three stops we had all of our clothes cleaned and ready.

At this point we'd now been gone for almost 10 days on tour, everyone seemed to still be in good spirits. I gave each of my girls, some of my time each day, with Claire getting the most, for obvious reasons.

I took a look at poster sales; I hadn't since we started on tour and we were approaching 900,000 total sold, having earned over $1 million dollars in profit so far. My god, that's amazing! Even splitting it five ways ... that's $180,000 each. When I looked to see which poster was doing best, it was Kalista's original pose in the red dress, but the Sarah single poster was also doing quite well. I'd expected that.

We were fast approaching our Florida swing and when we got to Tallahassee, I had Sarah check on our Disney Plans. They wanted to put us up at the Contemporary Resort, which had the Monorail running through the middle of it. We'd arrive there right after our Tour stop in Miami, so we had two full days to spend there. Kalista will love that!

It was on the long leg between Mobile, Alabama and Tallahassee that Claire and I were in the back seat, while Kallie was asleep just behind Annie and Sarah, who was driving.

We talked in hushed tones.

"Claire, honey – I want to talk to you about something?"

"This sounds serious, is everything OK, How's your back?"

"I'm fine, I want to talk to you about Nationals, coming up in March?"

"What about them, my future husband?" she said giggling.

"I want to skip them and just stay on the Tour with Michael," I remarked.

"What's your reasoning behind this, or is this a foregone conclusion and you're just telling me?" she said with a marked change in her tone.

"No, no—no Claire, we're having so much fun and it's so satisfying to dance in front of people who love you and have paid to see you dance. I see the look on your face at the end of the night. Both you and Kalista are wired and happy! We would need more time than Michael might want to give us to get some new music together and learn six brand new routines."

"Why don't we just use six routines from the Tour?" Claire reasoned.

"What we're doing now, wouldn't get us past the first round, because we have morphed into 'show dancers.' I love you so much that I am asking you, if it would be OK, if we skipped Nationals the next two years? We could come back after we were married. We'd be so ready to start; winning every Competition we entered again," I explained.

"And then we'd be dancing as Charles & Claire Newman, wouldn't we?" Claire said, with a super-sized smile on her face.

"So, you're OK with this, Beautiful One?"

"You don't have to butter me up ... but it helps," she said, again with her patented giggle.

We moved up to the seats right behind Mom and Sarah.

"Hey Kids," Annie said. "What's up?"

I looked to Claire and she said, "Charles and I have decided, to not go to Nationals the next two years."

"So, this is a joint decision, you both want to stay on Tour instead?" Sarah asked, with an astonishingly languid tone in her voice.

"Yes, Sarah," I said, "This is too much fun to take a week or more to get ready for a competition. I figure that we have got until Labor Day, year after next to make all of this money dancing, selling posters and just enjoying ourselves. It's very satisfying when the people applaud. The girls are so good and my two Moms are so pretty, that when we're done ... we're done."

"We will start back at school and Cotillion and focus on the professional competitions that we can get to easily. We will be old enough to drive by then, so we wouldn't have to bother the both of you as much as we do now," I continued.

"Just ... a minute there, Charles," Sarah interjected, "Who says we want to stop taking you to Competitions and Cotillions? Your mother and I have both invested ourselves into driving you and watching you mature, not only as dancers, but also as a young couple in love."

Claire and I were smiling real big at Sarah, who realized that we were pulling her chain. She started to laugh real big, which then Annie now understood what was going on as well, starting to snort. Claire and I joined in, which awoke Kalista who asked, "Why is everybody laughing?"

Claire and I explained to her what we'd decided. After hearing it all, Kalista said something very mature, "I can't wait for all that. I will finally have my boobies by then."

We all cracked up as we were stopping for gas. Annie pulled into the station as all of us kids got out to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom. We got some candy and snacks. The girls behind the counter kept looking at me and then Claire and then back to me.

"Aren't you ... Charles & Claire?" one of the girls asked.

She was a very cute blonde of 17 or 18. She pulled out a rolled up poster and said, "Could I have your autograph please? I just got my posters and nobody will believe me, that you were in here, unless you sign your autograph."

"Sure," I said, smiling real big, noting her Alice nametag. "If you have a camera phone, Claire and I would love to take our picture with you. Annie, take our picture with Alice here, please – using her phone?"

"You'd do that for me, Charles?" Alice said.

"Absotively, Posilutely," I said, seeing a big grin appear on her face.

After fumbling a bit, getting her phone out of her purse, we all posed with Alice and Celia, as Annie took the picture. We paid for everything and left on our way to Tallahassee, now less than two hours away.

After our Tour event in Miami was over, on October 14, we went straight to Lake Buena Vista and pulled up to Disney's Contemporary Resort. The second we got out of the Suburban, we were treated like royalty; one person took all of our stuff out of the SUV and another person drove it to a VIP Parking Lot.

Never having seen anything like this before, we all felt like we'd walked into a spaceship, the shape of the Resort is really unique ... and, the Monorail runs straight through it, like a raised subway car, but a lot more beautiful than the tin can look of most subway cars.

We walked up to the Counter and a very pretty brunette, named Alicia said, "Hello guys, welcome to Disney's Contemporary Resort, we have a beautiful large suite for the five of you, with five beds. If you're hungry right now, we have the World Famous Chef Mickey's to your left. We can get your stuff up to your room for you if you'd like. I have been told that all food and beverage you desire, while staying with us, is completely taken care of."

"The only thing your money is good for, is souvenirs and we can have them taken to your room, so you never have to spend time trudging back and forth. Here are five room keys and five Golden Oak Guest pass and food keys. You have free reign to go anywhere on Disney property until 2am. Walt Disney World covers 47 square miles. Any questions?"

"Yes, Alicia," I said, "We only have two days to spend here; our next Something Special Tour performance is in Orlando in three days. Could we please get a Tour Guide to walk us around and guide us to those things that are off the beaten track? Excuse me Alicia ... my fiancée is kicking my leg."

"What is it, Claire," I said turning and talking quietly.

She whispered back, "I can tell you want to flirt – go ahead?"

I love her!

"Thank you, dear – where were we, oh yes, we only want a Tour Guide at least as pretty as you are, Alicia. As you can see, I'm use to having beautiful women all around me?" I said, gilding the lily.

"Aren't you the charmer, Mr. Newman?" Alicia said.

"Call me Charles, or we're moving to the Grand Floridian, Alicia?" I said with a chuckle.

"Certainly, Charles – my best friend, Sandra is coming up behind you; is she pretty enough?"

We all turned around and there was a 19ish year-old girl with remarkable green eyes, red hair and a smile that reminds me of the girl I'm holding hands with.

I said, "She will do."

Everybody busted up laughing, including Alicia and Sandra. Claire and Kalista, nearest to me, both slapped my shoulders, causing another round of laughter.

In a wonderful southern accent, Sandra explained, "Hello, y'all, my name is Sandra, but you can call me Sandy if you'd like. Does everyone have on comfortable shoes?"

We all responded, indicating assent. "Sandy, I think we're going to eat first, then probably go to our rooms for the night. How early can we start in the morning?" I voiced.

"How about eight am – we can meet here and then do whatever it is y'all want to do. My understanding is that you're performing tomorrow at three pm in the Magic Kingdom, so why don't we spend the day there and the day after tomorrow; we all could go to, maybe EPCOT Center? How does that sound to y'all?" Sandy asked.

"Sounds like a lot to do in a day, but you're the one leading the way, so eight am it is and your ideas sound great, so see you then, Beautiful?" I said, forgetting myself for a moment.

My remark made Sandra blush, so Claire said, "Sometimes his mouth writes a check, that his butt can't cash, Sandy – I usually keep him on a really short leash, these days." Kalista giggled at that.

"Did I hear you say that you two are engaged; to be married?" Sandy asked, with a bit of hesitancy.

Grinning from ear to ear, Claire said, "Yes, we have been engaged for 11 days."

"10 days, dear?" I corrected.

"Charles, a girl knows how long she's been engaged, OK – It's 11 days, Sandy." She showed off her ring and Sandy took her over to Alicia and they oohed and awed over the ring together.

Sarah came over to me and whispered, "Don't sweat the details Charles – Remember the 'payoff' in 24 months." Annie looked at her, having heard her and just shook her head in amazement.

"OK, ladies. Let's go eat, I'm hungry enough to eat a flying elephant!"

They all looked at me like I had grown a second head.

"I'm kidding, OK—Sheesh, you guys."

We all got up the next day, well rested, with comfortable shoes, per Sandy. I reminded the girls to bring dance shoes of some kind. I assumed we were providing our own music, so I had Mom put about 20 or so songs with routines, starting with 'For Good, ' on two CDs. Bringing the whole bunch would have just made a heavy purse for her.

We started the day with a complete circuit of the Monorail. Kalista was giggling so much, that Claire had to calm her down a little. Sandy started her spiel.

"The Walt Disney World Monorail operates over a span of 14.7 miles, with around 50 million Disney guests traveling on the monorail each year. The Monorail has been a part of Walt Disney World since the day the park opened on October 1, 1971."

Kalista, Claire and I were in the front cab, just behind the 'pilot' as Sandy called him. I asked him how long he'd been a 'pilot' for Walt Disney World and he said that it'd be 18 years in a week. The girls and I congratulated him for his service to his company. He shook my hand and said, "Thank you, son."

We spent the next four hours, on a walking tour of The Magic Kingdom, which looks a lot like Disneyland in California, but I realize there must be a number of differences, I just didn't notice.

I asked Sandy, "Exactly where are we performing at three pm?"

"Didn't I tell ya? I'm sorry ... y'all are performing in front of Cinderella's Castle. That way the most people can see you. We will be putting up a 30 x 30 dance floor. Starting around one pm, there will be announcements all over the park, to bring as many people as possible to see Charles & Claire. Do you have the music y'all want to dance to, with you?"

Mom had it ready to hand to Sandy. I gave Mom a hug, turned back around to say, "Yes, Sandy – here's our music. A list with the order is on top. I don't know how many numbers you folks want us to perform..."

"Whatever y'all want to do, Charles? One, or four, or more; we want you to enjoy yourselves while at Walt Disney World, so y'all tell me, how many?"

"If we fill the plaza in front of the Castle, how many people can fit?" I asked.

"The first four thousand would be able to see y'all quite well, after that the views are more elusive, maybe another three thousand?"

"Wow," said Claire.

"Yeah, Charles – Wow," reiterated Kalista.

"Sandy, could we add an additional performance in front of the Castle, later in the evening, or is there enough light to do that?"

"Gosh, Charles, y'all would do that? Another one? We can get some additional lights out here, how about eight pm?" she was grinning from ear to ear.

"That's a beautiful idea, Sandy ... almost as beautiful as you are?"

Turning to Claire, Sandy asked, "Is he like this all of the time, Claire?"

"Unfortunately, yes," she said, causing Mom to snort and the rest of us to laugh and giggle.

"Sandy, lets cap the performance at three pm at four total songs, starting with 'For Good, ' OK?" I said. "Is that all right with you ladies?"

They both agreed.

"And the performance at eight pm, we can do 'For Good' again, for those who missed it the first time and then do the next six dances on the list, after that?"

"Great, I will be back in a moment," Sandy said.

A 'Cast Member, ' as the employees of the park are called, came up to Sandy and after they spoke for only a moment, the Cast Member was whisked away.

I turned to the girls and reminded them that we may get a ton of autograph requests, so be nice to everyone. We resumed the Tour and after a bit, we heard an announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages – Walt Disney World, with the association of C-Cask LLC, is proud to announce that three very talented youngsters, known as Charles & Claire, along with the Sparkling Kalista, will be appearing in front of Cinderella's Castle at three pm and again at eight pm this evening. We have their posters on sale all over the park, so bring them with you and when they're done, they will sign them for you."

"Holy Crap," I said, "That was amazing!"

Kalista was beaming and Annie and Sarah were as well. Sarah gave me a nod, telling me she'd provided the information necessary for that announcement.

"The ... Sparkling Kalista?" Claire repeated.

"I thinks it's a marvelous description of my Princess, don't you Sandy?"

"Charles, if I answer that, I won't be kicked off Tour Duty, will I?"

"Of course not, Sandy," I said. Claire was gripping my hand a little tighter.

"Well," Sandy said, "I think Kalista is just about the cutest eight year-old I have ever seen?"

"I'm nine years old, Sandy – today," K said, with a bit of sassiness.

I saw Sandy make an un-necessary motion with her hand and suddenly, their were nine young male dancers all around us, as a group of singers started to sing, in perfect three-part harmony,

"Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday, Princess Kalista, Happy Birthday to You."

The dancers all danced around Kalista during this and each one of them handed her a White Rose and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I'd never seen a white rose before. Kalista was on sensory overload and was suitably overwhelmed by all of this. I turned to look at the Mom's and applauded them.

The crowd of singers and dancers disappeared as magically as they had appeared.

I suggested, "Why don't we eat gang? It's a little past one pm and we perform in just under two hours, so let's get something to eat."

Everyone agreed, so I asked Sandy what's close by that waits on you? She told us that the Plaza Restaurant is only a hundred yards away, so she led us there. We had a chance to get off our feet for an hour or so; we sat down and were waited on by the wonderful staff.

Sandy went up to them and they came to us, giving us menus and ideas for lunch. We each ordered and just watched the people strolling by, which I have begun to enjoy doing lately. Our food came and after we were finished, we were asked about desert. Claire and I shared an Original Banana Split, Kalista had a Root Beer Float and Sarah and Annie shared some New York Style Cheesecake.

Sandy had gone outside to help people who were walking by and needed help getting somewhere. I wouldn't doubt if she was also deflecting people from us, so we could eat in peace. Claire saw me admiring Sandy and nodded to me, mouthing, "Give her a hug."

I mouthed to her, "Are you sure?" and she mouthed back, "Yes!"

I went out to Sandy ... she turned to me and I walked into her and just gave her a hug and whispered to her, "You're being so wonderful to us all, thank you." She whispered back, "You're welcome," and we separated, smiling at each other.

The rest of the gang got up and we had about 40 minutes to fill. I heard a musical refrain that sounded very familiar. I started walking towards it and I had come across the Harmony Barber Shop and none other than the Golden Staters were performing right outside the shop.

They saw us and waved, walking towards us and after I grabbed Claire, they broke into song and Claire and I unhesitatingly started to dance;

"They say there's a tree in the forest

A tree that will give you a sign

Come along with me to the sweetheart tree

Come and carve your name next to mine."

"They say if you kiss the right sweetheart (we kissed)

The one you have been waiting for

Big blossoms of white will burst into sight

And your love will be true evermore."

The 'Lead' Mike, started a second verse, with the other three 'chording' behind him and as they sang, Claire and I adlibbed some dance moves, until we were all done.

The crowd went kind of crazy, realizing who we were and burst into glorious applause for both the guys and us. While the crowd was applauding, we walked up to the guys and I shook their hands, while they hugged the girls, Claire and Kalista.

Apparently there were covering for the Dapper Dan's, who normally work with the Barber Shop. I found out you have to call in advance to make an appointment to get your haircut there.

Sandy touched my back and motioned me to get the gang going. The announcement had been going every 15 minutes from when we first heard it, so it started again, meaning we had 15 minutes to get ready for our performance. Sandy got us a courtesy cart to save our legs any extra wear and tear, as we traveled to our dance floor.

I motioned the girls to change into their ballet shoes, as a young man quickly fitted me with a cordless head set and mike. As he walked away, he pointed at me and mouthed, "go."

"HEY THERE EVERYBODY," I said. "My name is Charles Newman. These two young ladies and me, have a dance for you to see? They're Claire McArthur and Kallie McArthur." We got a nice applause and the girls got into position.

The music started ... and it got dead quiet all around us.

It was absolutely the best performance of this routine ever! The girls were truly fantastic, switching back and forth, dropping like strings had been cut.

I entered the number and Claire was floating on a cloud, then Kalista did it again at her music, doing perfect spot turns and her legs looked so wonderful as the three of us did our roll-ins and released them to do matching sets of more spot turns, a subtle change from our original choreography. They continued to dance magnificently as we prepared for the end, when their singular pirouettes occurred and it was over.

I don't know if it was because it was outside or not but that crowd of people loved it as much as any crowd who'd seen it before. After bowing, the girls ran off to change into their regular dance shoes, as I was pointed to again, by the young man.

"I'm so glad you liked that ladies and gentlemen, everybody who sees it ... seems to like it, even when we perform it on our Tour with Michael Bublé, which has a performance in Orlando the day after tomorrow. Also, if you haven't yet purchased a set of our posters, we now have 11 different posters to choose from, buy one or buy them all; they're available at our website ... a pay-pal site."

"Next, Claire and I will perform our favorite number, 'Marry You?'"

There was a large round of applause for that. We both got in position, although she kissed me first, which elicited a chuckle from the crowd. This number also went quite well. I think we perform with a different kind of energy, now that we're performing to smaller, but noisier crowds. They loved it when I picked her up at the end of it.

After that number which everybody enjoyed, we did the other two routines to 'At This Moment, ' and 'Hate on Me.' The crowd had gotten bigger from when we'd started. I couldn't see how far away the farthest folks were, but they all seemed to savor the routines we did.

I finished with bringing the girls out and we all bowed again. I closed our show saying, "Charles, Claire and Kallie would like to thank you all, especially our mothers who are here with us; come on out ladies!"

There were hoots, catcalls and wolf whistles for these hot tamales, as they walked on the stage together, raising their hands in triumph.

"We have another show, with mostly different dance routines at eight pm tonight, tomorrow we will be in EPCOT, possibly performing somewhere – stay tuned. Good-bye, everybody."

Sarah came up to me and said, "Charles, you seem to be the ultimate performer and pitchman. You might want to think about starting your own Tour after you're married to my daughter. Your mother and I would love the chance to put together a Tour for the three of you ... think about it?"

I turned back to the crowd, who Sandy had lined up in five lines, in the middle of the courtyard. She seems to be a step ahead all of the time. She placed one of us at the head of each line, with more pens at the ready, when necessary. About 30 minutes in, we took a three minute break and switched to different lines, then went 30 more minutes, taking another three minute break, then switching us up again for 30 minutes more.

Sandy asked me, if we wanted to keep going. I told her that I have never refused to give out an autograph. Out of proverbial nowhere, we each got a comfy chair and a bottle of water. She sure is going over the call of duty and I must remember to thank her at the end of the night.

I saw her talking to someone who looked a little familiar, Alicia!

They came over together and told me that Sandy is off for the day, but Alicia will be taking her place. Sandy gave each of my girls a nice hug, while I gave her a buss on the lips, which embarrassed her a little; she said goodbye as Alicia literally took her place.

We were now coming up on doing this for two hours and I asked Alicia how do we politely tell the people, that we need to stop?

She had some fellow 'cast members' take down the ropes and nicely asked people to come back at eight pm and we will be there to give them autographs at that time. I welcomed that and thanked her.

We spent the next 2— hours going on some rides, including The Hall of Presidents, with a pre-show narrated by Morgan Freeman. The girls wanted to see Country Bear Jamboree and go on the Jungle Cruise. Alicia got us a cart to get us to the attractions, saving us time and wear and tear on our legs.

We got back with time to spare and put on our eight pm show, starting again with 'For Good, ' then we did 'The Circle of Life, ' 'Hold On, ' 'Colors of the Wind, ' 'Putting on the Ritz, ' 'Footloose, ' 'Lady in Red' and ending with 'Bad Romance.' As before, the crowd just ate it up.

Alicia then had setup again, our lines with chairs for each of us and fresh pens. This group had more people with our posters wanting us to sign them, so we did, going for almost another two hours, finally stopping at ten-thirty, a half hour after the park closes for everyone except those who have 'Extra Magic Hour Tickets, ' which we all do.

Alicia asked where we wanted to go next, so the girls and I huddled together for a minute and said, "Big Thunder Railroad, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain."

Alicia put them in a proper order and we started with 'Pirates;' in Adventureland; moving on to 'Big Thunder, ' in Frontierland. Next, we went to 'The Haunted Mansion' which actually frightened Kalista a little, then we moved to Liberty Square and finally to 'Space Mountain, ' where both Claire and Kalista screamed their heads off riding in the front car together.

We all said goodnight to Alicia, who told us that Sandy, would take back over tomorrow and meet us at the Contemporary Resort Monorail Stop at eight o'clock in the morning. I looked at my watch and it was twelve forty-five am. No wonder I felt tired?

We got on the Monorail and took it to our Resort, where we went to our room for the first time today, on the 14th floor, which is where all of the suites are. I was a little concerned about the noise of the Monorail, but the young man behind the check-in counter assured me that we wouldn't hear a thing.

Despite all of the dancing, standing and walking of the previous day, we all woke up refreshed and ready to go.

Our second day at Walt Disney World was going to be at Epcot Center. Not having ever been there before, I found out that EPCOT was an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Fascinating.

We had a great time with Sandy back, giving us the Tour. I talked to Claire and we decided not to perform today anywhere, since tomorrow The SST starts back up in Orlando.

We had many people recognize us and we gave autographs to all who asked, having an easier time of it then yesterday.

We went to the American Gardens Theater, spent a while perusing Future World and had a wonderful time going to 'Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.' There were hundreds of youngsters come up to us asking for our autographs ... we probably did half of them.

We also went into Innoventions, had a fun time, saw a very heavy-handed movie about becoming an 'environmental steward' about how waste will be up to our necks if we don't do something about it and now.

Kalista said that we had to go see 'Journey into Imagination' with Figment, the fun-loving Dragon. Sandy got Kalista a full-sized Figment to take home with her, after the show.

We decided to have an early night and head on our way to Orlando, where we're meeting with Michael and his gang tomorrow morning.

At the end of the evening, everyone gave Sandy a big hug and thanked her for everything she helped us get done over the last two days.

She got her set of our posters from behind the check-in counter and we all gladly signed every one of them for our Georgia Peach.

We got back to the room, packed up and were on our way in less time then I'd expected. They brought the Suburban around and Sarah did the 30-minute drive to Orlando.

We had a room waiting for us at the Peabody Orlando Hotel, which is adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center, where we were performing. We're doing our thing in the West Concourse Hall WE2, which will hold just under 5,000 people, after Michael and his orchestra move in.

We checked into the Peabody, where everybody seemed excited to meet Charles & Claire. They had a very nice set of rooms for us and we went up to them and immediately decided to get ourselves something to eat, so we went down and found the B-Line Diner, open 24 hours and had a very satisfying meal. A few people came up to us, congratulating us for the awards we'd won in our most recent Competitions.

Claire and I ordered an in-suite couples massage for when we come back from performing tomorrow. Annie frowned when I told her this and Sarah, of course was heart-broken someone else was going to touch my back. Although, she said that ... with a big smile on her face!

The next morning, we all went to West Concourse Hall WE2 and found Michael. He wanted to change some music and asked us for our opinion. I told him about an older song I heard recently called 'You Light up My Life.' He remembered it as well, saying he'd always wanted to learn it and perform it, so he got on the phone with somebody to get him and his pianist sheet music. Michael figured he could have it ready by the time we get to Atlanta.

I also told him how much Claire and I have always liked the song 'Blue Moon, ' a Paso Doble, which he thought we could immediately add to the set list.

The rehearsal went well, we replaced two additional songs and went through all of the music in order and Michael cut us loose, reminding us to be back at seven pm for the eight o'clock show. That gave us a couple hours to go back and rest before the show.

As I walked towards my bed to lie down, Annie came up to me and sat down next to me.

"Charles, do you know what a 'couples massage' is?" she asked.

"What it sounds like, Mom – we both get a massage at the same time, is there any more to it then that?" I asked.

"Well, two people come up to your room, each bringing a special massage table with them."


"Then they ask you both to get naked and..."

"Naked, you mean as in nude – no clothes on at all, oh my! Mom, I didn't know. Should I cancel, or what?" I said, semi-terrified now.

"They will probably charge you for cancelling last minute. Why don't you just do it in your swimsuits?" she suggested.

"That's a great idea mom, I'm sorry – it sounded like fun and so I just called down and set it up for midnight. I better go tell Claire, so she isn't surprised ... like I just was."

"Charles, remember that you will be seeing Claire nude eventually, you know?" She blushed.

"Yeah, mom ... I understand that, only I don't want anyone else in the room at the time, do I?" I smiled a great big smile.

"Well, Charles – There is a different kind of Couples Massage where you massage each other and then afterwards..."

"Please don't finish that sentence, mother? At least not out loud?"

Chuckling a bit she said, "OK, honey, take a nap, I will wake you up in an hour."

I felt a pair of lips on mine that tasted just like Claire. I put my arms around her and we kissed for a little while, separating just to catch our breath.

Claire said, "Your mother sent me in to wake you up. She told me to use my imagination ... but I kissed you instead. I think my imagination might get the better of both of us, Loverboy."

"Claire, I need to tell you something about the 'Couples Massage' we scheduled." I went on to tell her the expectation of nudity and she blushed a great deal and then said, "Well, eventually we can do that, can't we?" she said with almost a kittenish look in her eyes.

"After we're married we can. I have a list of things I want to do with you, after we're married."

"Oooh. A list? Can I see it?" she asked, with a pleading sound in her voice.

"No dear – you can't – it's on the computer, in a security code protected file.

"Tell me ... Come on, tell me ... tell me, tell me, tell me, what you want to do with me, Charles – Pleeeaaaasssee?" she sizzled as she said all this. She's never gotten like this before, it was rather amazing to watch, but I kicked her out of my room, kissing her and changed into performance clothes.

We all went back to the Orange County Convention Center West Concourse and limbered up a little. I talked to my girls and asked if we could trade off and I could start with 'The Sparkling Kalista' first dance. They thought it was a good idea, so I went to Michael telling him what we'd planned. He thought it would make a nice change of pace and thanked me for telling him.

The evening's performance started quite well, with Michael doing his first song all by himself, then K and I jumped right in to 'Heartache Tonight, ' which was a change from before. Michael likes to mix it up.

The next song was 'Can't Help Falling in Love, ' and after Michael sang until the first musical break, then Claire and I came out and the crowd started applauding for us. We smiled as we danced. Claire performed a Developé and there was a crush of noise, as the crowd loved it. My girl is such a marvelous dancer—I love her.

There is a long stretch of music, over a minute long, about halfway in, where Michael backs off and we dance, using the whole stage. We moved all over the stage, left and right, upstage and downstage, Claire included an Arabesque, which she did 'en pointe' as I held her hand for balance. The crowd again applauded wonderfully for her, as the music changed and Michael started to sing again.

Claire and I were 'on, ' smiling at each other as the song was coming to an end, when we finished with pot stirrers until the orchestra was through. Michael motioned to us and we bowed and scooted off stage. K was changed and ready for the nightly performance of 'For Good, ' which we'd started, back in New Orleans.

Everybody seemed to like it, so why not?

The Moms were just off-stage, helping the girls with their costume change. K was practicing going to pointe. I came up behind K and grabbed her around the waist, which made her squeal. She turned around and smiled at me and said, "Sorry Charles ... you surprised me, that's all."

"Sorry Princess, you just looked so beautiful standing there and going to pointe so easily, I just had to hold you – I don't get to hold you as much as I'd like to."

Claire bounded back and said, "Miss me, Loverboy?"

"Actually, Kallie and I were making out, while we were waiting for you."

Kalista blushed saying, "We ... were not Claire!"

Claire gave me a slap on the chest and gave me a quick kiss. Our announcement came on, the girls went out to position and I walked on stage.

We performed our routine, again to a standing ovation.

The rest of the evening went well and we got back to the hotel. There was a knock on the door and a pair of Masseuses came in, a man and a woman. Claire and I were in our suits, in robes, waiting for them. The fact that we looked awfully young appeared to worry them, but our Moms were there to assure the hotel employees, that all was on the up and up.

They unfolded and setup their portable tables, side by side. Annie and Sarah seemed to be enjoying themselves laying on the bed and watching what was happening. The man masseuse said he was ready and Claire removed her robe, revealing her swimsuit and lay down on her stomach.

The young lady said she was ready and I got up on her table, putting myself face down as well. They mentioned, since we were underage that they would only rub on the back, arms and legs.

Sarah mentioned that I had a trouble spot four inches below my neck in the middle of my back and told the young lady to please avoid it. After the initial tension of somebody I didn't know doing this to me, it started feeling pretty good. Claire and I started to talk to each other while we were getting the massage and the 90 minutes flew by very fast.

Claire and I thanked the couple, I went to my robe and got out some cash to hand them for a tip and they thanked us and left.

I asked Annie and Sarah to leave us alone please and surprisingly they did without giving us any grief.

"Claire may I say just how beautiful you look in that swimsuit. Maybe we will come back here someday and get the 'full treatment' massage, instead of the 'mom's watching version' we had tonight."

"Charles, I always wondered what a full-body massage felt like and I must admit, I feel awfully tingly right now and not just in my back and legs."


"Well, Claire – go ahead and change into something for bed, I will wait out here on my single rollaway bed they got for me." I'm sharing a room with a king for the girls. We'd decided to wait until morning to leave for Jacksonville.

After leaving Florida, we had three stops in Georgia, starting in Savannah first. After that was one of our longest drives between cities, almost 250 miles to Atlanta.

We were performing at the Coca-Cola Lakewood Amphitheatre, which has 4,000 reserved seats under a pavilion roof, 3,000 reserved starlight seats, along with a massive gently sloping lawn that holds up to 12,000 more people to stretch out under the stars. So, as many as 19,000 people, may be seeing us in Atlanta.

I had asked Sarah to schedule a tour of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company while we're in Atlanta. Sarah also booked us to stay at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, only six miles north of the Amphitheatre. When we got there and they realized who we were, we got our Nightly Rate cut in half and they had a shuttle that would take us to the Lakewood Amphitheatre, as needed.

The hotel was fantastic, a 73-story building. We were put on the 47th floor, in side-by-side three person suites, so we had plenty of room to do ... whatever. We had tremendously fast Internet speed.

After a terrific nights sleep, which started the evening we had the massage, we all were shuttled to the Lakewood Amphitheatre where we caught up with Michael and his gang. We'd been doing the exact same set list, going back to Tallahassee, so Michael was ready to change it up.

Since he was willing to change, I thought we should as well, so I discussed it with the girls and we decided to replace 'For Good' with the 'Six-Pack, ' and we would switch back and forth during the number about every 30-35 seconds, so I would finish with whom I started.

Our idea was to use this number for a while but alternate who I start the number with, to keep it fresh and the girls happy. Kalista had the idea that they would do it in their ballet shoes, so they could try some leaps or lunges during the number. Due to the crowd size, we would be performing two nights in a row to let everyone who wanted, to come see it. There are close to four hundred thousand people in the city and six million people in the region and Michael thought and I agreed, that two shows were a good idea.

Claire and I started practicing the 'Six-Pack' to see where we could jazz it up a little, so I turned up my IPod, slipped it in my shirt pocket, while we played around with the dance. We were starting and stopping a lot and then we heard Michael's first violinist, start the opening of the song 'Bad Romance, ' and I paused it on my phone, so we could hear him; another violinist joined, playing the counterpoint.

In a matter of seconds the entire orchestra was playing this and Claire and I were really going to town, but this time, instead of together spins, Claire did three, different speed spot spins, causing Kalista to scream in excitement. Michael turned and watched us dance this, shaking his head, as Claire added a Jeté and a Rondé to the number as well. I was truly amazed at her flexibility, along with her instincts.

We got back together as we Quickstepped our way across the floor just as the music ended cold. There had been people arriving to watch the rehearsal, but apparently everybody stopped when we did this and applauded with sincere appreciation for what we just did.

"I hope you were watching Kalista, because I still want to split this up between the two of you," I said.

"Don't worry, Charles ... I got it," Kalista responded with a grin.

Two days later, when the first of the two performances were scheduled, at the midpoint of the event, there was an announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls; Charles, Claire and Kallie won a few awards over the last year or so and there was a dance they did, that was called their 'Encore dance.' Technically, the song is called 'Bad Romance, ' performed by the Vitamin String Quartet, but tonight, along with the Michael Bublé Orchestra, you're going to get to see, live, the 'Six-Pack.'"

That announcement generated a great deal of applause, all by itself.

With a flourish and a spotlight directly on his violin only, the first violinist stood and started the song, then sat as the rest joined in. I started with Claire and right after the spot spins, I threw her off the stage and Kalista came on stage performing a set of traveling spot spins, until she was in my arms, then we danced together using face holds for a bit and then we traded back and forth, as rehearsed, with Claire and I finishing together with the orchestra.

It seems that all 19,000 of the patrons, including those who had been sitting on the grass, stood up, applauded and started to chant, "Six-Pack, Six-Pack, Six-Pack," over and over again. Kalista came out and there was a big spike in the applause and we all bowed and left the stage.

The rest of the evening went just as well. Michael was on fire, singing his heart out. Maybe we inspired him, I don't know. He was really throwing himself into his numbers, more so than usual. The evening came to an end and after final bows, the crowd came forward with posters in hand.

Fortunately, Sandy had given us a big box of those great pens we used in Walt Disney World, along with the website to get more. They made signing autographs amazingly easier. Again, even Mom and Sarah, possibly because they were in those smoking hot yellow dresses at the time, were asked to sign autographs. After about 90 minutes, security came in and pointed people to their cars and on their way.

Michael came up to the girls and me saying, "Wow you guys. You have really beefed up 'Six-Pack' since the first time I saw it. It was really nice. Well, only 10 more cities on this leg of the tour. Are you looking forward to getting home and in your own beds?"

"Yes," we all replied. "Michael, do you have a minute? The girls and I have something to tell you."

"Sounds ominous, Charles, is everyone OK?" he responded.

"Yes, everyone is in perfect health. We have all talked about it and we have decided to not attend Nationals in Utah, either of the next two years. We want to focus on what we're doing right now. We're enjoying tremendously being in front of smaller but more appreciative crowds. The girls have become such better dancers and we're certainly enjoying your company and want to stay straight thru without stopping. Is that all right with you?" I asked.

"I have never had as many sold-out events before, Charles. Of course you can keep going. By the way, you should be getting a copy of the next leg of the tour by email. It's finalized, 22 cities, 25 performances, over three months. After it's over, in the first week of March, you will get two weeks off, paid, to recharge, learn some new dances if you'd like, then for the third leg, you guys will join with the rest of us and fly from place to place, not getting back home to Columbus until the US Something Special Tour is over, the Sunday before Labor Day."

"Sometime during the second leg we need to sit down and work out the details, including the raise you three will be getting. We have been doing so well with the crowds that the three of you will be getting a sizable increase in pay, during the second half of this tour. How does $25k each a week, sound, starting in the middle of March?" Michael said, sporting a tremendous smile at us all.

"Well, Michael – I will have my people contact your people and ... we will see what can be worked out?" I said, facetiously.

Michael slapped me on the back and said, "Charles, it's hard to tell when you're full of crap and when you're serious, sometimes?"

Claire jumped in and said, "He's always been full of crap, Michael ... that's why I love him so much." That made Kalista giggle.

We all laughed as we went our separate ways back to our hotel.

The shuttle took us back to the Westin Hotel and we discussed our raise.

Kalista pondered, "Charles; using the idea of getting paid every day like you did before, how much more is $25,000 than $15,000?"

"Remember when I said, '$2,200 a day' that last time I explained?"

"Yeah, I do?" K replied.

"Well, that $2,200 a day has gone up to around $3,600 a day, or $150 every hour."

"How do you do that complicated math in your head, Charles?" Sarah said with amazement.

"I guess I just have ... a head for figures, Sarah," I said with a wink.

The next day our performance was again masterful, with the hoards coming forward with our posters for us to sign. The magnificent Sarah, as always, supplied us with our pens.

We stayed in town one more day to take the Coca-Cola Tour, which was worth it. We saw the Coca-Cola Loft, the Happiness Factory Theater, which the girls all loved. I wanted to see the bottle works, which was last on the tour.

Finally, there were robots, Yeah ... and empty bottles waiting to be filled, on a very long production line. It was way cool. I wish Brian had been here to see it with me. Man, I miss him. We'd always talked about a Scouting Event that would take us to Atlanta and see how Coca-Cola was made.

"Charles, why are you sniffling?" Claire asked.

"Brian and I had talked about coming here with our entire troop of 15 boys and their Dads," I explained, starting to well up.

"Oh, I'm sorry Charles?" she said.

"Well, a kiss might help?" I said, loaded with sarcasm.

"You or Me?" Claire quickly responded.

"Us," I said, getting a soft kiss from my girl. I felt a love tap on the back of my head. It was Annie, grinning at us both.

We then went to an area called 'Taste It, ' that had 60 different worldwide products to taste and try.

When we were all done, we each were handed a very special plastic card. The young man who was giving us our Tour said that they only give these out to very special people, so we each had a card that would give us a free bottle, or can, of any Coca Cola product a day, for the rest of our lives. I asked for one for my best friend, who wasn't with us today and he cheerfully gave me another one.

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