Fishing in Heaven

by crotalusw

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When Natasha and I reconnected, I found out how much she enjoyed fishing. To my pleasant surprise, she wanted to join me for a holiday weekend in the mountains for some fishing and fun, and I was more than excited to accept!

I admit it, I was nervous. I know a guy isn't supposed to get nervous, but I'd had feelings growing for Natasha for quite a while and this was the first opportunity to be alone with her for an extended period of time.

What was going to happen? Anything? Were any of my fantasies and dreams going to come true or were we going to enjoy a platonic weekend together?

My fantasies and dreams had been rather explicit from time to time. Generally, they were just overall feelings of happiness every time we talked. There was a definite connection between us.

Several years before that weekend, she joined the firm where I worked. My first thought was that when she smiled, she looked very pretty and I had hoped that we'd get along really well. At first, we didn't have much time to get together because I was stationed at a remote work site. After that job finished, I was pulled back into the main office and found the opportunity to get to know her better.

And I liked what I saw.

Not only was she very pretty with black hair and dark eyes, a shapely figure with large breasts, and a very engaging smile, but she also had a terrific sense of humor and a wonderful head on her shoulders. I found myself looking for chances to make myself stand out from the rest of the guys in the office.

I think it worked, too. She seemed to like me and we built a rather nice friendship.

Unfortunately for me, she was married. I know that some women didn't mind fooling around behind their husband's back, but she wasn't one of them. She seemed rather dedicated to her marriage and the vows she took when she married her husband. I had to respect her for that. My thoughts of her were relegated to the fantasy world in my mind.

Then, one day, another coworker asked me for the web link to my erotic stories. I thought she was interested in reading them, herself, but it turned out that she wanted to share them with Natasha. I was a little surprised to hear that Natasha might be interested in reading my stuff, but was actually rather pleased to hear it. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and hearing the positive feedback I'd received. Every time someone new read my stuff, I would get an erotic thrill. I began to imagine Natasha reading my stories and having her body respond with increased breath, hardened nipples, and her pussy moistening as she imagined my stories occurring with her in them.

After that, I started to wonder just how far I could push Natasha toward naughty thoughts and instances. I wondered what she would be willing to do; I hoped she would want to explore sexual ideas with me.

When the firm let me go, I wondered just how much I'd be able to maintain my friendship with my friends. I figured it wouldn't be too hard if I was still in the Valley. There were a lot of people there, though, that lost their jobs so it became really tough to find a job. I did get one offer, though. It was 700 miles away, though. That would definitely cut into lunch meetings with my friends! It was my only offer, however, so I took it and moved away from the place I'd lived for the last dozen years.

The new place was perfect for fishing and I soon found myself catching the fishing bug. I would go fishing after work or on the weekends and started to post pictures online for my friends to see. I wanted them to see some of the benefits I had with my new location.

To my pleasant surprise, I received an e-mail from Natasha to rebuild our friendship. We realized just how much we'd missed each other and wanted to reconnect. Since I was fishing so much, it became part of my regular narrative. Because of that, I learned that she liked to fish a lot; it brought back a lot of fond memories from her childhood. We would often share our fishing stories and how much we would like to go fishing together, all the time realizing that it wouldn't likely happen.

Adding to the fact that she liked fishing was the fact that she'd spent much of her youth in the area near where I was born. We knew some of the same places and had enjoyed some of the same things. We both really enjoyed that area of the country, though neither one of us lived there any more.

Along with our fishing stories, we started to share more of our sexual ideas and I realized just how deliciously sexual she was. She was very interested in sex and had tried many things, some of which I'd only imagined. She loved to please her man and really enjoyed receiving her own pleasure. As we talked, I learned more about her and what she looked like and some of her likes and dislikes, and I realized just how compatible our tastes were.

I started to imagine trips with her, reliving some of the fantasies from the past and adding new details from our more recent conversations. I also started to seriously imagine going out camping and fishing with her. It became one of my favorite fantasies. Making love to a beautiful woman out in the wilderness had been a fantasy for a long time and finding out that she enjoyed that, too, just intensified those feelings.

Imagine my surprise when she told me that she needed to get away from the Valley and wanted to enjoy the coming Memorial Day weekend with me! It felt like a dream-come-true, but I was also really unsure just how to proceed. I knew some of the things I definitely wanted to do, but also didn't want to destroy our friendship. However, there was no way I was not going to take her up on the idea. I hadn't seen her in almost two years, except in my mind, and really wanted to spend time with her.

We agreed that fishing was the best way to spend that weekend. Not only would we get to spend some time together, but we'd be doing something we both really enjoyed and we'd be removed from other people enough that we could relax and let the World disappear into the background.

As it turned out, the area in which we'd enjoyed our youth was about halfway between our two locations, so it was the perfect place for us to spend the weekend. We'd get to enjoy the absolutely beautiful scenery and the wonderful fishing there, without either having to drive an extra long way.

We spent some time online coordinating things and deciding on the perfect location. There was a reservoir up in the mountains near there that held a lot of good memories for her and about which I'd heard wonderful fishing tales. We figured that would be one of the places we would definitely have to go. There was a campground not too far from there that was also within easy driving distance of a few rivers and streams, so multiple fishing types were going to be available to us. We purchased our fishing licenses online for that weekend and also made reservations for the campground, both of us lamenting the lost time when nobody made reservations, but just enjoyed the camping. I owned a two-bedroom tent, so we figured that would work well for sleeping arrangements and we had a mixture of cooking equipment that we'd be able to share. We each had our sleeping bags and air mattresses, along with other personal items we might want. I had plenty of fishing gear for both of us, but she had a bit that she would bring, as well. We figured out a good menu and split up the shopping duties so we could both have some things that we knew we liked.

Everything seemed to be in order.

That's when the nerves hit. I started to realize just how real this was getting and that's when I started to wonder just what she had in mind. I was afraid to ask for fear that she'd back out if she knew I was considering sexual options. I definitely didn't want her to back out.

As the weekend approached, I took care of my shopping list and pulled my camping gear out and made sure it was clean and in good, working order. Having those things to do helped get my mind off my worries and helped me look forward to the weekend with anticipation more than nerves. My nerves dissipated as I realized that it wouldn't matter what she had in mind aside from the fishing and camping. We were going to have a good time and enjoy the company, the surroundings, and the fishing. I was happy enough with that to not worry about anything sexual that might or might not happen.

By the time the day came for me to head out, I was almost giddy with excitement. It had been too long since I had time to go camping and I was ready for it. I put everything in the car, double-checking to make sure I had everything there that I'd promised to bring with me. I locked the house and climbed into the car, ready to go. I had filled the gas tank the previous night so didn't have to stop anywhere on my way out of town.

As music blared from my stereo, I drove down the road with a smile on my face. I sang along to the best songs and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of going on a trip, the wind blowing in through the open window sending feelings of pure life coursing through my veins. I was in heaven.

Of course, had I known how the weekend would turn out, I would have realized that I was only on my way to heaven, that though it was wonderful, I wasn't there, yet!

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