The Escape

Since I have never done one of these before I will try to give the readers a brief synopsis of the story you are about to read and, I hope, enjoy.

I am sure a lot of you are like me and read the zombie stories that seem to show up on a regular basis on the different story sites. I know I do and enjoy most of them, and laugh at a lot of them. You know what I am talking about, the half rotten corpse wandering around in circles biting the living and turning them into the same said corpses. Since I am presently at a standstill with my other story, I decided to write a Zombie story from a different angle, focusing on the living side of the story and work the zombies in as the story progresses. I based the story around the small town I live in and all characters are either fictional or based on close friends, but you won't know who they are. The descriptions of the countryside and towns are reasonably accurate as are the names of the small towns around my area. I realize that the story is a little dry and the first part of it is mostly acquainting you with the people and happenings, but hopefully you will enjoy the characters and feel a certain kinship as the story progresses. So sit back and let me try to entertain you, and hopefully you will enjoy the tale. Oh, and while it is in my mind, if I get too many negative feedbacks I will pull the story, because negative feedback to me is a sure sign the story is disliked. Suggestions and thoughts about the story are always welcome and while I may like some of them, I may or may not use them. If I do use a suggestion or advice, I will as always give the credit where it is due. So begins The Escape!

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