Secret of My Success
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The first in a series about an amoral and ruthless man who uses his brain and his large cock to make his way in the world. He uses and abuses a variety of women in a variety of ways. In the first installment he describes his own variation on a real estate scam to use real estate agents for his pleasure.

I came up with a new real estate scam, even though I never owned any real estate. I would move to a suburb of a big city, say Atlanta. I would get a hotel room. I would then read the local newspaper and real estate flyers. They usually carried ads which include photos o the agents. I would select a few of the best looking women for my victims. I would locate a large house and then call the agent saying I represented the owner who wanted to sell but was too busy to handle it by himself. I would then arrange a lunch meeting with the agent. We would have a good lunch and I made sure we had a lot to drink or at last the agent did. The fist time I tried this I got an agent named Valerie or Val as she insisted I call her. We had a great time at lunch I described the house Usually multimillion dollar and Val saw dollars signs everywhere. I would then suggest we go take a look at the house. I would always choose a large house with a pool and servants quarters behind the house. I would go to the house after making sure it was empty and break into the guest house and unlock the door opening on the pol. Val and I arrived and I suggested that we start with the pool area. I asked if she had handle houses with guest quarters. She hadn't because I knew she usually handled smaller cheaper houses. I suggested we inspect the guest quarters. The tipsy Val was thrilled and we started out tour usually they were furnished with expensive furniture and in the living area and a bed room or two. I would find a comfortable chair and sit down while Val wandered around oohing and aahing. When she returned I asked

Think you can handle a sale this big?

Oh yes she gushed and I am so grateful for the chance!

Well how grateful? I asked with a smile.

She looked puzzled.

This will require special attention from a special person and I am concerned that you may not be that person. In fact I spoke to XYZ real estate agency today and they were very interested.

Val looked surprised and unhappy.

Why would you do that? She asked.

My client wants the top price and it's my ass if he doesn't get it so I want r make sure I choose the right person.

I am the right person! She answered.

Well said maybe you can convince me. Come over here.

She wobbled toward me on her very high heels and a belly full of vodka from lunch.

Stand right in front of me. I said.

She did as she was told.

Now kneel down.

She got a puzzled look on her face. What she said.

Please kneel in from t of me. Otherwise I will call XYZ realty from here and arrange to meet their agent here in twenty minutes.

She looked unsure but slowly and unsteadily got on her keens. She was wearing a silk white blouse and a tan shirt. They showed off her very nice body.

Now I want you to listen and you need to do as I say otherwise I call your competition.

Lean forward and lay your head in my lap I ordered her.

She slowly shook her head "no.

Okay I said as I pulled out my cell phone and began to dial.

Wait! She cried.

I just kept dialing and smiling and spreading my legs.

She slowly leaned forward and turned her head to one side and rested it \on my lap. I knew that she couldn't help but feel my erection stretching my pants.

Now listen, you get back on your knees. She was happy to move her had from my lap.

Now I said as I unzipped my fly and slowly extracted my raging hard on. I need your special attention.

Val looked a little stunned but I reached out and pulled her head toward my cock. She was only a few inches away and she put up some resistance. I just increased my efforts and her head moves toward my cock.

"Open your mouth Val or bye bye listing."

I heard a little sob and her eyes filled with tears but she opened her mouth. I slowly insert the head of my cock into her mouth. Her warm smooth lips were running over the head as I inserted more. I put about a third of it in and the sassy.

"Start sucking and it had better be good."

She hesitated a moment and I withdrew some of my hard on from her moth. She grunted a "no" around my cock and leaned forward to take more of dick into her warm mouth. She takes more of my cock into her mouth soon she has half of it in her mouth.

I guess she thought that would be good enough but I wanted her to know different.

I grabbed her head with both hands and pulled while thrusting my hips forward. This jammed the entire length of my 10 inch cock into her mouth and down her throat.

After that I spent 10 minutes giving her the face fucking of her life. She moaned and gagged as I worked my cock in and out of her lovely ovalled lips. My balls would slap against her chin as I buried the full length down her slim throat. I also managed to get to my cell phone and take a few shots of Val's giving me a blowjob. It's nice to have a little something in your back pocket just in case. The photos showed Val with eyes closed and lips locked around my shaft. After a while she improved her technique and I let go of her head. She then voluntarily took to slurping on my shaft. You know I just love a woman who accepts responsibility!

Soon I could feel my balls churning as my orgasm made its way. AS I was on the verge of cumming a grabbed Val by the hair and made sure all of my jism would go down her throat. I groaned and filled her mouth with hot semen. I could hear her grunting and choking as my cum flooded her mouth. She tried not to wallow it but there was too much and with a loud and reluctant "gulp" I heard it slide down her throat into her belly. I slowed my pace and enjoyed the sensation of her warm lips and mouth sliding up and down my rigid cock.

I thought for a moment about simply turning her over the chair ripping off her skirt and fucking her pussy right there but I didn't want to press my luck. So I let he head go.

"That was a really good blowjob and now I know that you are the right person to handle the sale of this house. Let's meet later this afternoon at your office to sign the listing agreement."

She glared at men but didn't say anything. She stood up straightened her clothes and walked out of the door to her parked car.

I hope she didn't wait too long for me since I had no intention of showing up. By that afternoon I was miles away.

My favorite was the time I managed to get two agents in one day on the same house and they were a mother and daughter. Not as the same time of course, the mother came first in the morning and then later in the day I enjoyed the daughter swallowing the cock her mother had sucked ion earlier. The mother was the better cocksucker I guess he'd had more practice. The daughter was kind of a bitch, so I made her open her expensive blouse and pull her tits from her Victoria's Secret bra. I then spent some time tit fuck her before cumming on her face rather than her mouth. I managed to get some in her hair which mad her furious.

"You're lucky I don't pull up you skirt and fuck you in the ass".

She turned and walked out and I got in my care and headed for new territory.

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