Ring of Command
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Kenn Ghannon

Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Andrew Malley is scuba-diving with his father off the coast of Jamaica when he finds a ring half-embedded in the sandy floor. Without thought, he slips the ring on his finger -- and his life will never be the same. [Note: Categories will be updated as new chapters are posted!]

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Mind Control   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Harem   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Size   Nudism  

I never feel as good as when I'm in the water. There's something about the absolute quiet with just the gentle blubbing of your breath; it's almost hypnotic. I feel alive and alone ... though, of course, I'm not.

No scuba diver with any shred of common sense ever goes diving alone.

That last part was instilled in me from the very beginning by my dad. He learned to dive as a Navy Seal; I'm not really sure what his job was – he doesn't talk about it much. The one thing he was always adamant about, though, was that you never, ever, ever dive alone. It was the first law – divers always go out and come back in pairs.

He was the reason we were down here; well, him and my mother. They'd been arguing for as long as I could remember; different reasons, of course, but the medley of sounds was always the same. They tried to keep it from the three of us, but neither I nor my two sisters were idiots. We knew even though we tried to keep from them that we knew.

Jessica, my older sister, was going into the university in a few weeks so ostensibly this was a last family vacation before she was out of my hair. She'd overheard my mom and dad talking, though, and had told Shannon and me the real deal. Our parents were thinking about divorcing; this trip was a last fling to try to save their marriage. She'd instructed us to be on our best behavior – no fighting, no sniping, no anything. We were to get along for the two weeks we'd be here.

Miraculously, we'd managed it. I'd have permanent teeth marks where I'd bit my tongue so often in the past two weeks, but we'd gone the entire vacation without any major meltdowns – and hardly any minor ones either. There'd been a few times where I'd forgotten myself and taken a verbal dig at her but Jess refused to rise to the bait; instead, she just glared at me and walked away. I think it was worse than when she'd fight back, really. I always felt like a heel watching her back and realizing what I'd done.

Jessica and I were a lot like my mom and dad in that we were constantly arguing and sniping at one another. I'm not sure why. She just had the freakiest ability to dig under my skin and poke me where it really hurt. While Shannon and I had an uneasy truce going on since forever, Jess and I'd bite, squabble and occasionally even outright fight to the point where either or both of our parents would have to separate us.

Which, honestly, isn't to say I didn't love my older sister; I loved both my older and younger sisters dearly and I'd beat the snot out of anyone who'd even look at them the wrong way. I was the only one allowed to give them grief.

It was the last day of our vacation, though, and I guessed that mom and dad had talked themselves out ... and I wasn't sure which way the wind was blowing. Dad had booked us on this scuba dive – and four others over the course of our vacation – at the beginning of the trip, so having him here with me wasn't really any indication; Dad and I enjoyed diving together and we never missed a chance to hit the water. I'd hoped if they weren't finished talking Dad would've cancelled ... but I wasn't sure.

Either way, I was enjoying myself. The Jamaican mainland was in the center of an underwater plateau of mostly sand; you could enjoy dives of up to about 10 meters anywhere around the mainland, just about. My dad and I, though, had gone over the side of that plateau to where the water dipped lower. The bottom could be several hundred meters down, depending on where you were. We were at a shelf that was maybe 20 meters down – deep enough that we both had a safety light going though visibility wasn't all that bad; a hurricane had come through a month earlier and swept the sand so it was very clear and pristine. We had to avoid a few sharks, but the view of that sea floor was worth it.

I was maybe 15 feet from my dad, at the edge of the plateau and looking over into the dark, murky depths when I saw the strange glint on the sea floor. Curious, I swam down to the sandy bottom of the shelf and slowly swept at the sand. I thought it was just a rock or maybe a shell but it seemed far too reflective for either.

I was surprised when I pulled out a ring. It was hard to make out in the murky light, but it looked like it could be gold with a round flat face. Probably someone had dropped it over the side of their boat and been unable to retrieve it. I wondered if maybe it were valuable; my dad was vice president at an engineering firm and my mother had been an investment banker, so we weren't hurting for money but that was theirs ... if the ring were worth something, this would be my money.

Distracted, I turned it over and over in my hand ... there was something weird about it that I couldn't quite place; there were markings along the side that I couldn't make out. I shrugged; finders keepers. I slid the ring on the ring finger of my right hand and almost smiled; it fit perfectly, as if it were made for my hand.

I turned to look for my dad and saw that he was motioning to me: a tap on his watch and then a gesture upward – the classic sign for "time to go". It seemed like we had just gotten down here, though; I looked at my air pressure gauge and noticed that we only had enough air to get up to the top outside of our emergency buffer. Confused, I looked at my watch – we'd been down here almost the full half hour; it didn't seem even half that long ... time really did fly when you were having fun.

I admired my new ring on the boat ride back to the mainland; dad was up talking to the driver ... or flirting with her. It was one of the things my parents argued about a lot; I'd never met a pretty girl dad wouldn't flirt with. I, for one, didn't think anything came of the flirting but I don't think my mom was quite so convinced.

The ring wasn't gold; it looked more bronze though there was no green as you'd expect of a bronze ring at the bottom of the ocean. The black, flat face was also a bit unusual; I couldn't tell what the black face was made of. Also, up here in the bright sun, I could see that a black crystal of some kind was mounted in the middle of that black face.

There were indeed letters around the ring ... or markings of some kind. I didn't recognize the alphabet at all either; but then, if it were outside of English it was unlikely I would recognize it. I don't know why, but that made me a bit uneasy. Not as uneasy as I felt when I found I couldn't get the ring off, though. At first, I thought it was because I had put it on in the cold water so my finger was likely somewhat leaner than out here in the warm air but the ring seemed to turn easily enough on my finger – it just wouldn't come off.

We made landfall at about noon or a bit later and we stopped to eat lunch at a local diner. I kept trying to get the ring off all through the meal but if my dad noticed he didn't say anything. Of course, now that he was back on land I'm sure he had other things to think about; my mother foremost among them. Still, I thought he'd at least offer me a hand.

Dad went looking for mom almost the moment we got back to the hotel which left me at loose ends. I decided to indulge myself in some girl watching poolside ... until I saw Jess sitting on one of the chaises. Old habits die hard, I guess, because I walked over to her before I even knew what I was doing.

I looked Jess up and down as I drew near. She was just as beautiful as ever; both my sisters were stunning. She was lying on her back, her coppery curls spread out under her head and shoulders. She'd got the hair from our mother; her green eyes too. Both Jess and Shannon had them, long coppery curls and green eyes just like mom. Jess had also gotten mom's round, elfin face while Shannon's was a bit longer like dad's. They shared mom's button nose and small, full lips and her high cheekbones too.

Jess had also gotten mom's short height; she was only 5'5" while mom was about an inch shorter. Shannon had grown to 5'7" already though she was only 14 years old – 3 years younger than Jess and 1 younger than me. Jess had gotten mom's firm, full breasts, as well; they looked larger than they actually were on her thin wiry frame while on Mom's more plush frame they seemed pretty much normal. Shannon, meanwhile, hadn't been so lucky; at 14, her breasts were still just small, round lumps – bigger than lemons, but smaller than grapefruit. Like, Jess, Shannon was also very lean, though, so her breasts didn't look overly small.

I took after my father. I had his build – thick across the chest and shoulders, thin at the waist – and his squarish face. My lips were more like my mom's but I had my dad's blue eyes and pug nose. I did get my mom's high cheeks but my dad's cleft chin. Like my dad, I was tall – though, at 15, I was already 2" taller than his 6'4" frame; that wasn't unusual, though ... dad was considered the runt of his family. Dad's hair was so dark it was almost black but mine was more brownish with definite auburn overtones.

"I thought you'd be out on the beach thrilling everyone with your obscene bikini," I started as soon as I drew near Jess. In the long years since my life had begun, I'd found it was usually easier to insult Jessica before she could get a jab in at me. It seemed to save time, if nothing else.

"And I thought you'd be out scaring the girls out of the water with your ugly face for the next few hours," she snapped back. She had on dark glasses, so I couldn't see her eyes.

"I couldn't," I snarled back. "They were too grossed out by your obvious lesbian vibe."

It was a common attack, really, since I'd peeked in her room and saw her and a friend hugging a few years back. I'm sure the hug was strictly platonic, but I'd used it against her anyway. I needed all the ammo I could get.

"Get bent," she almost spit at me.

"Go fuck yourself," I sniped back. I cringed inside at my vulgar language, though; if mom or dad heard me, I'd be grounded for the rest of the summer. My parents didn't put up with that kind of stuff.

Surprisingly, Jess didn't say a word, just got up and walked off. I figured I'd gone a bit far and she'd remembered that we were supposed to be on our best behavior. That she hadn't even bothered to glare at me bothered me, though. Somehow, it even managed to make me feel guiltier.

I spent the next few hours alternating between watching scantily clad females and swimming. My skin, like my dad's, was already a coppery brown so I wasn't too afraid of burning. I tried to talk to a few of the females I was watching, but it didn't seem to go anywhere. For one reason or another, all of the women around the pool were at least 2 years older than me which, as any teen can tell you, is a lifetime.

Dad came over at a little after 5 and told me it was time for dinner. Of course, he didn't really look at me – he was too busy looking and smiling at some of the women around the pool. Still, I got the gist and called it a day. I wasn't getting anywhere with the women anyway.

I ran into Mom as I entered the hotel. There was a disgusted look on her face that took something away from the beautiful white sundress she wore. I could tell she had seen dad's flirting and wasn't really happy about it.

"Go get Jess, will you Andy?" she asked, distracted. Her eyes never stopped staring at my father through the glass window of the door. "I think she's still up in the girls' room."

Under normal circumstances I'd have tried to get out of it but one look at her face told me that I really didn't want to be here when my dad pulled in. Once again his antics were going to be the cause of a fight and I didn't want to hear the fall-out anymore; it wouldn't be loud and I wouldn't hear them actually arguing, mind you. They made sure the three of us were insulated from that. However, the conversation they were about to have was going to be icy enough to freeze the sun and I just didn't want to go through it again. So, without even an argument, I just headed for the elevators.

I knocked on the girls' door several times but no one answered. Of course, if Jess were asleep I could have blasted the door down with C4 and she wouldn't have woken up; Jess was the epitome of a sound sleeper. For a second I thought about just telling Mom I couldn't find her ... but then I thought about the argument mom and dad were likely having and decided I'd rather forego the pleasure of hearing that again.

I had the adjoining room to the girls' so I went into my room and opened the adjoining doors; mom and dad had insisted we leave the doors unlocked in case of emergency and had insisted just as adamantly that they ONLY be used in an emergency. Normally, that wouldn't have stopped any of us – but we WERE trying to be on our best behavior so the doors had gone largely unused.

I stepped into the girls' room and headed for the twin beds; the curtains were completely open so the room was fairly bright. I took maybe four steps ... and stopped short in sheer astonishment.

Jess was in her bed alright ... but she wasn't sleeping.

For the first time, I saw my sister completely nude. She was ... there isn't a word for how beautiful she looked. Her body glowed as the sunlight glazed off the sweat covering her, her hair literally drenched in it. Her face was scrunched in what looked almost like pain, but the moans coming from her mouth told a different story. Her breasts were capped in sweet, brownish-red areolae, with nipples that seemed to poke at least a half inch above them. Her left hand was squeezing those puffy nipples, pulling them and rolling them as her head was slowly twisting back and forth on the pillow.

Her right arm was long down her body, the forearm lying across her flat tummy. Her left leg was bent but flexing and straining, her foot likely very close to her butt. Her right leg was thrown wide and it was shuddering, the toes on her right foot curling back. Her right hand was busy at the junction of those two appendages.

I was mesmerized and I could not stop myself from stepping closer; walking around the intervening double bed and stopping at the foot of the one my nubile sister lay upon. From this vantage I could see pretty much everything. My sister was shaved nearly smooth, a small tuft of hair just above her engorged slit the only hint of pubic hair. She had two fingers of her right hand plunging within her, moving and flexing, driving in and yanking out then slowly sinking in before re-emerging. She was alternating, changing her tempo. Her thumb looked like it was trembling until I realized that it was rubbing at a spot at the top of her slit; her clit, I suddenly realized. I was most astonished when she suddenly flexed, an almost breathless yell coming from her as she strained. Her eyes bulged as she was caught in a convulsion of ecstasy.

When she came back down from that Olympian height, she changed hands. I watched her engorged lips, looking puffy and red from within her tiny slit. I could see moisture leaking from her, dripping onto what looked almost like a puddle on the bed beneath her. Then, the fingers of her left hand ran up and down those engorged lips before plunging in just as her right hand had done mere moments before.

I was aware of an odor coming to me as I watched her suck the fingers of her right hand; a wondrously pleasant smell that seemed to call to me. It was the most wonderful odor I'd ever inhaled and I could feel my breath catching in my throat as I sucked the air deep into my lungs. It smelled so good, so delicious that I closed my eyes for a moment to relish it, the sound of my sister sucking at her fingers and the liquid squishing of her hand plunging within her burning at my suddenly thundering ears. My heart pounded even faster as I realized the odor of ambrosia was the natural odor of arousal for my beautiful sister.

Her eyes reached my own as I re-opened them.

"P-p-please," Jess whispered to me. "Pl-pl-please ... help. Can't ... can't ... can't stop..."

"Can't stop what, Jess?" I asked quietly; I was suddenly aware that I was harder than I'd ever been in my life and my heart was threatening to pound its way out of my chest.

"Ever ... ever ... oh god..." she moaned, her eyes closing for a moment as her right hand started pinching and rubbing at her nipples. "Ever since ... since ... you told me ... told me..."

She changed hands again, her right hand plunging deep into her sex while she sucked the fingers of her left hand into her mouth.

"So thirsty," she moaned as she pulled her fingers free and returned them to her breast. "Ever since ... you ... you told me ... to ... fuck ... Fuck ... FUCK!!!" She almost screamed, her body trembling and both her feet pulling back to her beautiful butt. I realized she was having another orgasm.

I'm not stupid. I put two and two together ... but I somehow couldn't get four. I thought back to our earlier conversation ... but it had just been one of many and it was hours ago. We'd sniped a bit ... and ... I'd told her...

My eyes got wide as saucers as I realized what she was saying.

"Ever since I told you to go fuck yourself?" I asked in astonishment. "But ... that was hours ago! You've been up here ever since then?"

"Y ... y ... yes..." she moaned, her fingers still plunging within her. "For some ... for some reason ... can't ... can't stop..."

"What do you mean you can't stop?" I asked, not understanding what the hell was going on. "Just stop, Jess."

The words weren't out of my mouth before she suddenly relaxed, her arms falling back to her sides and her legs flopping down onto the bed. Her breath was in gasps as she lay there and I couldn't help but watch her beautiful breasts rising and falling as air tore through her lungs. My gaze inevitably drew down to her sex, the small, nicely cropped patch of red hair above her engorged slit looking matted. As a matter of fact, the entire area around her pussy was drenched in her juices ... and for just a moment, I almost couldn't fight the urge to lower my head and lap up the source of that wonderful odor.

Luckily, my eyes flicked up at her face ... and I saw tears streaming down. It cooled the emotions I was feeling and stopped me from doing something I might've regretted.

"Are you okay, Jess?" I questioned, unsure of what to do or say. Jess and I didn't get along – but I didn't want her hurt or sad ... unless I was the one responsible.

"Water ... please ... need water..." she murmured, her eyes never opening.

I immediately went to the bathroom and grabbed one of the plastic glasses. It took a moment to rip open the plastic covering and fill the glass, but as I did it I started thinking about what my sister had said a few moments before.

She'd been up here since our argument. An argument in which I'd told her to go fuck herself ... and she had. Not only had she come up here and fucked herself ... she hadn't been able to stop until I'd come and told her to. As the water filled the small glass, wheels started rotating through my head ... and as they came to a wild, ridiculous, outlandish conclusion I suddenly broke into a cold sweat.

It was stupid ... beyond stupid ... but what if ... just if...

I turned off the tap and walked back to my sister's bed. I had to be wrong ... had to be out of my mind. Things like this just didn't happen in real life; I must be dreaming or hallucinating or something. I couldn't ... couldn't control my sister ... could I? I mean, that had to be some weird, stupid...

"Go fuck yourself," I said to my sister as I stopped beside her bed, suddenly deciding that I had to KNOW.

"No ... no ... please no ... Andy, please ... no..." she cried as her legs bent and her right hand returned to her sloppy slit. "Don't ... you can't..."

" ... in the butt," I whispered, finishing my thought.

I started trembling as Jess' hand slid lower. I moved back to the foot of the bed and watched as she plunged a single finger, wet with her juices, into her butt. My knees felt weak as I watched her finger moving into and out of her tight asshole and I almost collapsed right there. I stumbled back to the head of her bed and put the water on her nightstand before I spilled it all over myself.

"Stop, Jess," I whispered again, and watched as she once again flopped down.

"I'm ... I'm sorry..." I whispered. "I ... I had to ... to know..."

"Know what?" she questioned back hoarsely, a soft whimper escaping her.

"Know ... know that I'd ... that I had..." I replied.

"That you what, Andy?" she asked, her voice slowly getting angrier. "What'd you do? How'd you ... how'd you make me... ?"

"I don't know," I replied honestly. "I didn't ... I didn't mean to. I just ... I was angry..."

"You weren't angry a moment ago," her eyes closed again and she lay her head back on the pillow. She opened her eyes again and looked at me angrily. "What the fuck is going on, Andy?"

"I honestly don't know, Jess," I said plaintively, spreading my hands wide. The glint of my new ring caught my eye as I spread my fingers. "Except..." my voice trailed off as the wheels started whirling in my head again.

"Except what?" Jess asked impatiently.

"I ... I found this ring ... in the water..." I said, holding my right hand out in front of my sister to show her the ring.

"What ring?" she asked, glancing at my hand and then back to my eyes. I could see the anger slowly building.

"This one ... the one on my finger," I said, moving my hand closer.

"There's no fucking ring on your finger, you bastard," she said, tears starting to fall down her cheeks. "What the fuck are you trying to pull?"

"This one," I said, grabbing it with my left hand. I could tell, however, that she had no idea what I was talking about ... that she couldn't see the ring. Things were going from strange to unreal and the room around me started spinning. 'What the fuck is going on?' I thought to myself, echoing my older sister.

The wheels in my head, though, were turning and I suddenly decided to try something a bit different.

"Look at the ring, Jess," I said on a hunch, trying to work things through. She'd had to do what I wanted before, so if I told her to...

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed, her eyes opening wide. "That ... that wasn't ... it wasn't there a second ago!"

Her hand reached for the ring and she touched it tentatively. She got a bit more confidence when there was no shock and she grabbed the ring. Her eyes narrowing, she yanked at the ring ... but all that did was tug at my finger.

"Ow!" I said as she pulled. The ring was really stuck on there. "Stop that!"

Immediately, her hands fell away.

She looked at me suspiciously for a moment and then reached back for the ring ... but she didn't pull at it. Evidently, my order to stop only included pulling on the ring.

"Take the ring off, Andy," she ordered me, her eyes narrowing again. I suddenly realized what she was trying to do and yanked my hand back. I didn't feel any urge to remove the ring, however.

"I can't take it off," I muttered, rubbing my finger. "I've tried and it won't come off."

"Shit," she murmured as she relaxed back into the pillow, her hands lowering back to her sides.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. "Can I have that water now?" she asked plaintively. "Please?"

I grabbed the water and brought it to her lips, using my left hand to raise her head. She drank it all down, draining the glass.

"More? Please?" she asked, looking at me. There was anger in her eyes ... but also a strange fear. It didn't make me feel any better.

I got her some more and helped her drink it down then I stood back up and put the plastic cup on the nightstand. I stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do, my eyes trying to avoid her nudity though I knew it was really far too late for that. Finally, I reached for the blanket at the foot of the bed and covered her with it.

She just looked at me and laughed humorlessly. "A little late for that, isn't it?" she said bitterly, echoing my own thoughts. "I mean, you've already seen everything I've got, haven't you?"

"I ... I just..." I started, unsure what to say.

"What can you do with it?" She asked, interrupting me.

"I ... don't know," I said looking down at the ring on my finger. I couldn't help it ... I was so scared of what I'd unknowingly done that I was actually trying to remove the ring. It still wouldn't come off. "I didn't ... I mean ... I didn't even know ... when I told you ... I didn't..."

"Oh ... shut up," she said irritably. "I need to think."

"Jess," I said quietly. "I'd ... I mean ... I know we fight ... but I wouldn't ... I'd never ... I wouldn't ever do that to you, sis." Sis was kind of a special word between us; the act of acknowledging she was my sister meant that I was being completely serious and not trying to get her goat. The same was true in reverse for her; when she acknowledged I was her brother it meant she wasn't trying to start a fight either.

She looked at me for a moment, her eyes narrowing again. Then she closed her eyes and sighed. "Jesus, Andy," she breathed out. "I guess ... shit." She paused for a moment and I could tell she was thinking. "I guess I know you wouldn't do that on purpose." She looked up at me with cold fire in her eyes. "It doesn't make it any better, though. I mean ... fuck ... I don't know what I mean."

She was silent for another moment, her eyes closing again. "Why'd you come up here anyway?" she asked, her voice suddenly sounding tired.

"Damn!" I exclaimed. "Mom asked me to get you for dinner."

"Oh." She said, and there was silence again for a minute. "I'm not ... I mean ... Andy, I don't think I can WALK. Tell them ... tell them I'm not feeling well."

"Okay," I replied, and started to leave. "Is there anything I can do?"

"No," she replied quietly.

"Wait!" she called as I started to open the door. "Draw me a bath ... please? Then you can help me get in."

So I did. I refrained from thinking as I filled the tub about ¾ full with hot water ... but I made sure it wasn't too hot. Just hot enough to soak muscles.

Jess had taken the cover off and was sitting up on the edge of the bed as I exited the bath. I blushed for ½ a second before shutting my eyes and trying to find my way blindly back to my sister's bed.

"Oh, for pete's sake," she groaned. "Andy, open your eyes. You've seen me naked already, there's no need not to look now."

"I can't, Jess," I replied as I slowly stumbled my way to her bed. I was blushing furiously as I continued, "I ... it ... look, I'm a guy ... and ... well, you're a beautiful girl ... and ... things ... they happen..."

Jess was suddenly laughing heartily.

"I give you a woody?" she asked, gasping between her guffaws. "That's ... I'm sorry ... but that's funny..."

"Not to me!" I exclaimed, embarrassed. I was close to the bed now.

Suddenly, I felt her grab my hand and pull me towards her. I stumbled, almost falling, and then, suddenly, my palm was pressed against a soft pillow of hot, moist flesh, with a small, hard nub in the very center of my palm.

My eyes opened wide as I realized where my hand was and I looked down at Jess' chuckling face as my own began to burn in embarrassment. She was holding my hand to her right breast, her two hands pulling my left hand hard against her.

"Guess I found a way to get you to open your stupid eyes, huh?" she laughed, holding my hand to her breast. Then, her eyes happened to glance down and suddenly her laughter stopped and her eyes grew big.

"Holy crap!" she exclaimed, her eyes looking back up to mine in wonder. "I guess I DO give you a woody, huh?"

I yanked my hand back as if I'd been burned and stumbled backward, sitting suddenly on Shannon's bed behind me. "I ... you ... I..." I stuttered, unable to put together a coherent sentence.

Jess looked at me and sighed, her eyes rolling. "Andy," she started and only continued when my eyes met hers. "You've already seen me at my most vulnerable. I'm not sure why ... I mean ... I just ... it's a little hard to believe, okay? But ... you've already seen me and I ... I need some help getting to the bath; I don't think I can walk right now ... my legs and ... everything ... are a bit sore. So ... just for now ... just help me walk there, okay?"

I can't say that my hands didn't tremble and I can't say that my legs weren't unsteady and I certainly can't say that I didn't get the mother of all boners ... but I somehow managed to help Jess into the bath. I almost had to lift her into the tub whole, but I managed and I didn't get splashed at all, which was a miracle. As I settled her down into the hot water, my hands under her arms and my eyes watching the swell of her breasts as they wobbled down into the water, I tried to make sense of things. I tried to understand what had happened and how ... but it didn't seem real. What was this ring? Where'd it come from? How could it do this ... or help me do things like this?

"Thank you," Jessica said simply as she settled into the water ... and I beat a hasty retreat before I was tempted to do more.

I was distracted through dinner, looking at the ring, trying to find anything that would explain what was going on. It was all fruitless. My parents and younger sister didn't pay me much attention; my parents were continuing their "civil argument" and Shannon was just playing with her food.

I was tempted to experiment with the ring but I was scared. Scared of what I might do if the ring actually did work and scared of what it might mean if the ring didn't work. I wasn't quite sure what to do ... and in and of itself, that scared me even more. Finally, I just finished my dinner and went up to bed.

Before bed, though, I tried every trick I could think of to get the ring off my hand. I soaked my hand in ice, trying to make my finger smaller – but the ring wouldn't come off. I soaped up my hand and scrubbed soap under the ring – but the ring wouldn't come off. I kept my arm raised for an hour, trying to will the blood out of my hand – but the ring wouldn't come off. No matter what I did, the most the ring would do was slide around – it wouldn't come off. Finally, frustrated, I gave up.

I didn't sleep well, tossing and turning, nightmares filled with rings and Jess and even scuba diving grinding through my brain. Finally, I just decided I wasn't going to get any more sleep and gave up. The clock told me it was only just after 5 in the morning.

"Good, you're up," came a voice from the edge of my bed. I reached over and flipped on the light on the nightstand to reveal Jess sitting cross-legged on the end of my bed. For some reason, no matter how large the bed, I only slept on a small portion on one side of it ... Jess was sitting on the side opposite from me.

"Jess, what is..." I started, but she interrupted me.

"Just shut up a sec, k?" she whispered. She was dressed in a light camisole and she was fiddling with the bottom edge of it. "I've been sitting here for a few hours now, trying to decide what to do. I even thought about killing you ... or cutting off your finger ... or ... something." She smiled as I edged further away from her. "Relax, if I were going to do that, I'd have already done it."

She sighed. "The truth is ... I ... well, I love you. You're my brother, I couldn't hurt you just like I know you couldn't ... or wouldn't ... not on purpose ... hurt me. You ... it ... it scares me, though. Have you done anything else with it?"

"No," I said quietly, pushing myself into a sitting position. "I ... I couldn't. I was ... I am afraid..."

She nodded. "I didn't ... when I thought about it ... well ... sometimes you're a little shit, but you're not ... I mean ... you're not mean. I figured you wouldn't do anything else ... but ... we've got to ... we've got to know ... we have to figure out what you can and can't do ... at least until we figure out a way to get rid of it."

"What do you mean?" I asked, unsure of what to say.

"Look, you didn't mean to ... what you did to me ... did you?"

"No," I replied earnestly. "I'd never do that to you..."

"I know," she smiled at me. "You said it off-hand and it happened though. Now ... have you really tried to take the ring off?"

"Yeah," I said morosely, telling her about my efforts the night before. "It just won't come off."

"I didn't think it would," she said slowly. "I mean ... it stands to reason that something like that just wouldn't fall off."

"'Stands to reason'?" I echoed in disbelief. "Jess ... there's nothing reasonable about this. This ring makes absolutely no sense..."

"I know," she interrupted me. "I meant ... if you allowed yourself to believe the ring was real ... then ... it kind of makes sense that it wouldn't just come off."

"So," she continued without letting me get a word in. "If you can't get it off then you're bound to use it – even if it's unwittingly, like with me earlier."

"No," I said vehemently. "I won't. I'm not ever using it again."

"Don't be naïve," she replied disgustedly. "You will ... you can't stop it. But what if ... instead of saying 'Go Fuck yourself' you had said something like 'Drop Dead'? What would have happened then?"

"No," she continued, waving off the reply I was beginning. "Even if you said you won't say or do something like that ... you can't help it. No one can. So ... I think we're going to have to figure out just what this thing can do. I think we need to find out what the limits are and ... use it ... just a bit. Who knows maybe we can even find a good use for it."

I let that crawl around in my mind. I can't deny I was tempted to use it; I mean, who wouldn't be tempted? If this thing worked on anyone, I could have virtually anything I wanted. Except...

"What if it only works on you?" I said, blushing.

"That's the first thing we'll have to test then," she said, with a rueful little smile. "Why don't you call up Shannon and tell her to come over here?"

So, I did.

"Whozit?" Shannon asked sleepily.

"Shannon, it's Andy," I started, my mouth dry. "Would you come over to my room please?"

"Andy? It's not even 5:30 ... I'm going back to sleep..." she replied angrily and hung up the phone.

"It didn't work," I said, hanging up the phone.

Jess' eyes narrowed in thought. "You asked her, you didn't tell her," she said thoughtfully. "Call her back and tell her to come over ... don't give her a choice.

I did ... with the same results.

"I ... um ... I think it only works on you," I said quietly but Jess wasn't quite done.

"Maybe it doesn't work over the phone," she mused. "Go over and tell her to come to your room."

With a sigh, I got up and shivered slightly as my body left the warm confines of the bed. I slept better in the cold so I had cranked the air conditioning up high before I went to bed. Now, dressed only in a pair of thigh-length, gray, cotton gym shorts, the room definitely felt cold.

I walked skeptically over to the girls' room, rubbing my hands up and down my arms, and walked in. Shannon was lying in bed, but turned to look at me as I walked in.

"What the heck do you want, Andy?" she groused. "I'm trying to sleep here."

"Would you come to my room, please?" I asked, deciding to see if asking worked before commanding.

"No, I won't come to your room," Shannon snapped, mimicking me. "I'm freaking going to sleep!"

"Come to my room, Shannon," I commanded and finally Shannon got up and walked past me to my room.

"Okay, I'm here," she crossed her arms as I walked back into the room. She was dressed in a pink t-shirt that didn't quite cover her belly button and a pair of pink panties with lace around the legs. "Now ... what do you want?" She looked over at Jess. "And what are you doing here?"

"Tell her to do jumping jacks," Jess suggested.

"Do jumping jacks, Shannon," I said with a shrug. Immediately, Shannon started doing jumping jacks.

"What the hell?" she gasped, her eyes wide. Hearing Shannon curse was interesting ... unlike Jess, Shannon NEVER cursed.

"Stop doing jumping jacks, Shannon," Jess said to our younger sister, her brow furrowed as she thought.

"I ... I can't!" Shannon wailed, her body continuing to bounce up and down.

"Well, I guess that proves that it isn't just me," Jess said calmly, looking at me. "It also give us an idea of a limitation ... you have to work it in person, you can't do it over the phone."

She nodded towards Shannon. "You can tell her to stop now."

"Stop, Shannon," I said to our youngest sister. "Sit down and be quiet."

Shannon stopped and sat, sitting on the floor and leaning up against the wall. Her eyes were wide with shock and fear and I could tell she wanted to say something but couldn't.

"Okay ... so, we know it works on others and we know that you have to be in person for it to work, over the phone doesn't work," she mused, her eyes distant. "But is it only physical? Can it work on memories?"

Jess turned to me. "Tell her to forget everything she just heard and saw. Tell her she decided to come in here because she heard you and me talking."

"Shannon, do what she said," I said to the young girl sitting there, trying an experiment of my own. "Now, why are you here?" I asked, catching on to what Jess was attempting.

She opened her mouth, but no sound would come out.

"You may talk now," I said to her.

"I'm here because you ordered me here and I couldn't do anything about it," she shrieked loudly.

"Shut up," I said immediately and she immediately closed her mouth. I turned to Jess. "That didn't work."

"Maybe ... maybe not..." Jess replied with a frown. I could almost see her mind working. "What I said was a bit vague and wasn't really directed to her. We can try transferring commands later, though. Why don't you tell her..."

"Okay," I said, starting to think things through a little bit.

I turned to Shannon. "Shannon, I want you to forget everything you've seen and heard in here. I want you to forget I called you or that I brought you over here. I want you to remember only that you heard Jess and me talking and decided to come over and find out what we were talking about. You can now talk, but only low, in whispers, which you think is wise because you don't want to wake anyone up."

Shannon blinked a few times and then looked at us. "So," she whispered. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Why are you here?" Jess asked suspiciously.

"Sorry," Shannon whispered apologetically. "I heard you guys talking and I wanted to find out what was going on."

"Interesting," Jess mused. "So ... it works on memories too. How about emotions? Make her ... hmm ... fall in love with you Andy."

"She already loves me," I replied, uncomfortably. "What kind of test is that?"

"Not that kind of love, goof," she said quietly and there was a strange light in her eyes. "Lust ... uncontrollable lust. Try to make her feel that."

"I don't know," I said quietly, my heart starting to hammer in my chest again.

"Just do it, Andy," Jess rolled her eyes. "I need to ... that is... WE need to know."

I swallowed hard and turned to my youngest sister. "Shannon, you are in love with me ... romantically. You feel an uncontrollable lust for me."

The words weren't out of my mouth before my sister's face changed. She licked her lips as she looked at me and I could almost see the desire in her eyes. Her hands went to her t-shirt and started lifting it slowly, her voice becoming husky.

"Yesss," she hissed, drawing the s out as her tongue rotated around her lips. "I need you, Andy. I've got ... god ... I want you. Take me ... make love to me..."

"Stop," I said immediately, before she could pull her t-shirt above her breasts and expose them – though, to be honest, I was of two minds about that. And I was ashamed that I was of two minds about it. "Go back to the way you were before that last command, forgetting all about the love and lust."

Shannon blinked a few times and then let her t-shirt fall. "Sorry," she whispered. "What were we talking about?"

"So, emotions aren't immune to this ... thing ... either," she said, closing her eyes. Then she shook her head. "But what about ... I wonder..."

Jess turned to me. "Let's try one more thing, Andy," she said quietly. "Give her an orgasm."

"What?!?" I asked, completely taken by surprise.

"Just tell her to have a huge orgasm," Jess said quietly. "Just to see ... but don't touch her."

"What are you two talking about?" Shannon said, looking from Jess to me and back again.

"Do it, Andy," Jess urged. "We need to know if this thing will affect uncontrollable physical responses as well as voluntary ones."

"Shannon," I said, turning to my youngest sister apprehensively. "Have a huge orgasm."

Shannon's face instantly flushed and her body started shuddering. Her head flew back, red hair streaming everywhere, banging into the wall before she fell over onto her side. Her legs shot straight out and her toes curled back. Her arms also shot out, her hands clenching and opening spasmodically. Her mouth opened wide and a keening wail started slowly and quietly ... and you could tell that she wanted to scream loud and long but my earlier command was holding fast.

For several minutes, her body convulsed, arms and legs trembling and the crotch of her panties were suddenly darkening and damp. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her quiet wail continued. Her hips started rising and falling, as if they were fucking some invisible thing.

It got to me ... I was almost instantly hard as I watched my sister grind her hips in orgasm. I was trembling with need, trembling to join her, to give her hips something to pound against ... but I didn't. With some control that I never knew I had – and certainly didn't want at that precise moment – I managed to resist the call of my orgasming younger sister.

Finally, although it seemed to go on forever, it ended. She lay back, sweat breaking out on her brow and eyes fluttering wildly. She moaned now, her hands clawing at the floor and her tongue licking her lips.

"Oh god," she whispered, her breath coming in gasps.

"Shannon," I said to get her attention. Her eyes fluttered and glanced at me, a strange look flittering through them. "I want you to go back to your bed, now."

I should have left it alone ... but I couldn't. The sight of her cumming, her body thrashing was too fresh in my memory. It ate at me ... and I wanted it even though I knew it was wrong. With a shudder, I got some small control over my desires. "I want you to go back to your bed now and I want you to have three orgasms which start out just smaller than the one you just had and finishes with the largest one you can ever imagine. As you're having the orgasms, I want you to slowly get more and more tired and I want you to forget all about this. All you'll remember are the three orgasms before you fell asleep but you won't remember why you're having them. Then, when you come down from that last orgasm, I want you to fall back asleep like you normally would."

Shannon couldn't stand, she tried but couldn't push herself up. Instead, she just crawled back into her room and I closed the door after her. Turning, I could see Jess laughing from the foot of my bed.

"I guess I shouldn't have done that," I said ruefully. "I just ... it was so beautiful ... and she deserves it, kind of, for what we've done to her."

"And she looked damn sexy thrashing around on the floor there," Jess finished for me, chuckling.

"Yeah ... I guess," I admitted, blushing. "Do you think maybe we ... I ... went too far?"

Jess's chuckling died down to a smile and she stared off into space. "I don't think anyone her age has died from having orgasms before. She should be okay."

I propped some pillows up on the headrest and sat back on the bed, pulling my legs back under the covers. Something was bothering me and it took me a moment to put my finger on it.

"Why'd you have me use Shannon like that?" I asked as my mind grabbed onto the problem. "I mean, we could have just used you, couldn't we? After we found out that it affected Shannon? We could have let her go back to bed and just used you for all the rest of the stuff, right?"

"Well, we learned about the phone this way," Jess replied matter-of-factly. She didn't look at me when she said it, though, and I could tell from the way she kind of shrugged that she was avoiding something. When you live with someone for long enough, you generally pick up on some of their body language and I was more astute than most when it came to Jess because I was constantly looking for some way to get her back for all of the insults and torments she's put me through over the years so I knew that she was holding back. I could also tell that whatever it was, it was making her uncomfortable.

"Yeah ... but that was after the fact," I mused, looking at her narrowly. All the usual sibling rivalry was in play again; I was like a dog with a bone. My sister was hiding something and I aimed to get at it. "All the stuff with emotions and memories and stuff – we could have used you. I mean, sure, the jumping jacks would have been hard to explain – but you know how Shannon is, she would have just blown them off. Why use her instead of you? It would have been safer to use you, actually. Tell me the truth, why use Shannon for those experiments?"

Her eyes got wide as she stared at me and just before she started to talk, it hit me that I had once again inadvertently given her a command. Now, she had to tell me the truth.

"Because I'm a freak!" she blurted, blushing furiously. "I thought that if you watched her cumming you'd get so hot that you'd take her and then I'd know I'm not the only freak in this family."

"Why are you a freak?" I asked, puzzled. "I don't understand."

"You don't have to, okay?" She looked away, tears in her eyes. "Just ... please ... leave it alone."

I could tell that something was really bothering her and my first impulse was to let it lie. There were mixed emotions going through me, however, that just wouldn't let it go. Of course, I was incredibly curious; I'd never seen my older sister like this and I couldn't help but wonder what was making her act this way. Also, I could tell that she was hurting inside ... and I realized that I didn't like that. Sure, she was a pain in the ass and I'd just as soon fight with her as look at her ... but deep down, I did love her and I never wanted her to hurt this way. Finally, I felt generally guilty after what I'd done to her, however inadvertently, yesterday.

"No," I said quietly. "You're hurting and I don't like it. Tell me everything. Tell me the truth."

"I'm a freak because I fucking want you!" she blurted, her eyes beginning to tear up. "I've wanted you forever ... since that summer when I fell out of the tree and broke my leg. Do you remember?"

I was shocked at her revelation and almost didn't hear what was said afterward. The entire world started spinning and I could only look at her in shock. She wanted me? My mind refused to even begin to process that.

Of course, I remembered her breaking her leg. She was playing in the woods behind our house, in the huge tree house that dad had built for us. I think I was 11 that summer which meant Jess was about 13. Mom had sent me to get her for dinner or something – I couldn't really remember why – but I'd startled her and she'd fallen out of the tree. My Boy Scout training – I'd been a scout since shortly after my 7th birthday – had kicked in and I'd assessed the leg and splinted it, using some deadfall as splints and ripping up my shirt to tie it off with.

"You didn't know," she continued. "I could tell it was just an innocent thing, but when you were checking my upper thighs for breaks or cuts, you touched me ... there. Just a brush. But your hand felt sooo good and I could see how much you cared. It got to me and I ... I was 13 ... I started ... started looking at you ... not as a brother but as ... as a boy ... and ... and..."

"I'd masturbated before then," she continued, looking down at her hands fidgeting in her lap. "Tara showed me how during a sleepover – Tara Ripenske, my best friend before she moved away the following summer. Anyway, I always did it thinking of some movie star or a cute kid in class ... but after that ... I realized that you were just as cute as the boys in my class – cuter, in most cases – and you started ... I ... I started masturbating to thoughts of you ... and I ... together..."

"I was embarrassed, at first," she continued, obviously responding to my command to tell me everything. "I figured ... I thought ... it was harmless. I wasn't really going to molest you so thinking about it in my fantasies ... that was okay, right? As long as I never took it any farther ... but I kept seeing you ... like you are now ... you run around with just shorts on ... and ... and ... it got so hard to stop myself..."

"So I started being mean to you ... even meaner than before," she whispered. I could only stare at her, letting my mind absorb what it could. I mean, since I was 11? She'd been ... doing that ... since then? "I thought maybe if I cut you down, you'd be less attractive to me ... maybe I could stop. But it didn't help ... nothing helped ... and then, last year ... I started looking at dad ... he's so handsome ... and our cousins ... uncles ... even Shannon and mom ... I felt like I was spiraling out of control ... everyone made me so hot and I felt like I was barely holding on, barely keeping my head above water."

"I gave my virginity to Kyle ... you remember him, right? ... last year. I ... I don't know ... I thought maybe if I went ahead and had sex it'd slow down a bit ... but it didn't. He wasn't very good ... he didn't make me feel even as good as I made myself feel when I masturbated. We tried it a few times ... it was okay ... but I felt like there should be more. So, I dumped Kyle and started going out with Mark Rockworth – you know "Rock" right? – and we did it. He was better than Kyle but ... I still ... it was always better, later, in my bed, thinking of you ... or dad ... or ... or..."

"After Rock ... Denise Evans and I ... we were talking and ... one thing led to another ... and ... it was sooo much better than Rock or Kyle ... it was like she knew everywhere I wanted her to be ... It still wasn't how I felt it should be, though. It was great ... but I kept thinking ... with you ... or ... or dad..."

She was quiet for a moment, tears still streaming down her face. Her voice had gone hoarse again, like it had yesterday. "Then, there was yesterday," she whispered so low I could barely hear. "For hours ... and ... you were all I could think about ... and it felt so damn good ... over and over ... I couldn't stand it. And then you were there ... and ... I wanted so badly for you to just take me. I hurt everywhere and when I saw your face all I could think about was having you lick me or fuck me ... and I couldn't because I couldn't stop fucking myself. I thought if I could just stop ... I'd beg you to fuck me and get this damn thing over with because I swear it's driving me crazy ... When you let me stop, though ... I resisted. I didn't want to, but I thought I had to."

"Then, as I was sitting here watching you," she continued, her eyes finally coming to my own. "I thought that maybe, if I could get you to do Shannon ... Maybe there was hope for me; maybe I wasn't as perverted as I thought. Maybe I could stop ... but it's worse now ... and I think I'm going nuts..."

She stopped, finally, all of it out in the open. It was more than my head could handle; I didn't really know what to think. I was stunned ... but also strangely aroused. I HAD thought of my sisters that way, of course. I think any boy does. I had discarded it, though because ... well, let's face it, my sisters and I didn't exactly get along and I felt it was extremely unlikely that anything would or could ever happen. Now, though...

I don't know when I got out of bed. I'm not even sure I remember walking to the other side of the bed. I don't remember sitting down or taking my shaking, crying older sister in my arms. It seemed as if I was a spectator; as if I was watching this all happen from outside my body.

I tried to comfort her, to stop her from crying. I never wanted my sister to feel pain; well, pain that I hadn't caused. I was still her brother after all.

I held her, finding the scent of her hair intoxicating. She felt so warm, so vulnerable. "It's okay, Jess," I whispered to her, stroking her back. She had her head on my shoulder and her body gave little shudders every now and then as she cried. "Everything is going to be okay."

"No," she cried. "It won't. I never ... never wanted to tell you that. It was supposed to be my secret. I never wanted anyone to know what a freak I am."

"You're not a freak, sis," I said quietly, trying to will some calm into my older sister. I sat there, thinking. Was she all that different than me? I hadn't gone quite as far as she had, but I had masturbated to images of her or Shannon ... and sometimes both of them. What I had done was no different than what she had done. Maybe she'd been more affected than I but if there was guilt, then we shared it rather equally. "Or ... at least ... if you are, then I am too."

She pulled back from me just a bit, her eyes looking a question into my own. I looked into those beautiful green eyes for a moment before simply nodding slightly.

"I've thought of you," I said quietly, trying to feel my way through what I wanted to say. "Shannon, too. I've ... done things ... while thinking of you and her; I had to imagine what you looked like without clothes – well, until yesterday, anyway – but both your and Shannon's bikinis covered so little ... it wasn't hard. Or ... well ... it was hard ... very hard ... and I wanted..."

She gave a wan little smile as I talked to her. I stuttered a lot; admitting to these things wasn't easy for me. But then, I guess it wasn't easy for her to admit it either. The difference was that my confession wasn't coerced; she'd had no choice but tell me what I wanted to know.

"Don't say that, Andy," she whispered, her eyes filled with fear. "Please ... don't say that if it isn't true. Don't..."

I don't know who moved first. I don't know quite how we came together. I will never forget the first feel of her lips on mine, though. I'll never forget how soft her lips were, or how insistently they became after that first little touch. Her hands went around my neck and held me to her, her mouth slowly opening and the tip of her tongue grazing across my lips.

I hadn't done much in my life, sexually speaking. Our parents were united in that we weren't allowed to date until we turned 16, so while I'd had a few girlfriends none of them had gone very far. I'd felt up Camille Branson's breasts through her sweater, I'd had Marie Sevonne's hand on my hardness through my pants ... but it had never gone further; there'd never been the privacy to go further.

What I had done, though, was kiss. I'd done that a lot as soon as I realized how much I enjoyed it.

So, I did. I kissed my older sister for the first time and it was enough to take my breath away. My heart pounded in my chest, my hands trembled as I continued running them up and down her back. I stopped thinking, stopped caring ... all I knew was the joy I felt in my sister's embrace.

My mouth parted and my tongue came out to meet hers. I flicked the tip at her lips, lightly, then down to her teeth, grazing ever so gently. I could feel her tongue against my own and there was electricity just in the touch that sent shivering sparks down my spine. She pulled back, just a bit, and as my tongue returned to my own mouth her teeth caught my bottom lip and nibbled on it so gently.

"Oh Andy," she sighed as we parted, my lips lightly trailing on her cheek. "Thank you so much. I love you ... I've loved you for as long as I can remember. I've been on fire for so long and I need the flames to go away. Please, my brother, please make me cum. Please..."

Her voice trailed off as I whispered in her ear. "Jessica, my beautiful sister," I started breathily, my lips mere millimeters from her ear. "I want you to..."

"NO!" she exclaimed, covering my mouth with her hand before I could finish my command. "Not like that; don't cheat ... not this time. This time ... please, dear god ... this time make me cum like normal ... with your mouth, with your lips, with your tongue ... and with your cock."

I pulled back a bit, never taking my hands from her back. I was afraid of this step, no matter how logical it seemed to me now, but I was more afraid that I'd take my hands off my wonderful older sister and she'd vanish in a dream.

"Jess," I started, trying to will the words from my mouth. "I don't know if that's right ... I mean ... that's incest..."

"Shhh," she shushed me, her finger on my lips. "When I realized what was happening to me ... when I realized how perverse I was ... I looked it up. Incest is just a word ... the taboo came about because of the disfigured babies and the problems that occurred with a small set of donors in the gene pool. The truth is that the likelihood of two family members – even brother and sister, mother and son or father and daughter – is only slightly worse than any other two people on the earth. Sure, if it goes on for too many generations it can get bad ... but it's just you and me, Andy ... and I want to feel your tongue within me and your cock within me and I want to taste you and ... and ... everything. I need it ... badly ... and now that I know that you're like me ... I don't think you'll be able to resist me any more than I can resist you."

As she pulled back and drew her camisole over her head without a stitch of clothing beneath it, I knew that she was right. Whatever I might have been able to do was done; I could not resist this beautiful woman in front of me. I had made my pitch of innocence ... and I had nothing left within me to resist my gorgeous sister.

I pulled her back to me, my lips hungrily claiming her own. Her tongue was as insistent as my own, her lips as passionate. I could feel the hard tips of her nipples on my chest, burning themselves into me, her arms pulling me to her as hard as I was pulling her to me.

The kiss went on and on, our tongues lightly clashing, our teeth nibbling and our lips moving against each other's. My heart was thudding in my chest as the kiss continued and I could feel hers matching my own. The taste of her kiss was salty and sweet, a strange combination but a wonderful one for all of that. I reveled in the taste of her lips, the feel of her against me. My hand drifted lower, to the top of her butt and I strummed at her skin with feather touches. She was everything I'd ever wanted, everything I'd ever dreamed of ... and so much more.

Finally, reluctantly, I pulled back slightly but only enough for my head to bend lower so my lips could claim her jaw. I nibbled there for a moment, before tracing it farther back, heading for her ear. I brought my right hand forward slowly, tracing a feather-light trail from her back to her front. I scraped the skin of her breast lightly, slowly drawing my hand to the soft yet firm flesh. I circled her breast, keeping the light touch of my nail from her areola but slowly closing in in ever-decreasing circles.

I felt her hand reaching down, across my chest, down my stomach and further yet. It grazed across the hard rod that was my cock before moving up and dipping below the waist of my shorts. There was the briefest hesitation as she realized I wasn't wearing underwear ... then her hand continued, until it encircled my hard flesh.

The feel of her hand around me ... I swear it burned through my brain. I could no longer think. All I could do was feel ... the feel of her body against me, the feel of my lips on the soft flesh of her jaw line, the feel of her hot hand slowly, awkwardly moving up and down my shaft and the feel of love and contentment that suffused me. I truly no longer cared; I was going to do the best I could to make love to this wonderful woman and I no longer cared that she was related to me. There was only one problem.

As my lips reached her ear, as I took a brief nibble of her ear lobe, I pulled my lips back marginally. "I've ... I've never done this before, Jessica," I whispered softly. "I'm ... I'm not sure I know what to do."

"You're a virgin?" Jess asked in surprise. "I thought ... I'd heard ... you and Marie?"

"We never got that far," I sighed, allowing the tip of my tongue to just barely make contact with her ear. "We never had the chance."

"I-I-I'm glad," my sister breathed into my ear, her voice catching in her throat. "I'm glad I'll be your first. I just wish you were my first. I'll teach you what I know ... and the rest we'll learn together. Now, though ... stand up a minute, I want you naked."

I did as she requested, standing in front of her. She looked up at me, still sitting there cross-legged on my bed. She stared up at me, her eyes locked with my own. Slowly, she grasped the waistband of my shorts and, without taking her eyes from mine, she dragged my shorts down my legs, pulling the waistband out to release my turgid member.

As the shorts fell to the ground, her eyes fell with it getting their first glance at my hard cock.

"Oh my," she gasped, her eyes widening as she looked at it. "That's ... oh god ... that's huge ... that's going to split me apart..."

"It's not all that big," I moaned as her hand slowly started moving up and down my hard column.

"It's got to be ... what... 8 or 9 inches?" she asked breathlessly, her hand continuing to rise and fall.

"A little more than 9," I breathed through clenched teeth. Her hand felt so good on me, her touch alternating between feather-light and squeezing hard.

" ... and thick," she continued as if I hadn't even spoken. "I can't even fit my hand around it. So big and hard and soft..."

As I watched, entranced, her head bowed lower and lower even as her hand rose and fell on my hardness. Then, I felt something incredibly warm and soft and wet barely touch the head of my staff. Before I knew it, before I could gasp in the breath I was taking at the electric feel of this new sensation, my dick entered a hot, wet cave that felt like nothing I'd ever felt before.

I felt more and more of my member enter that hot, moist cavern and I suddenly couldn't breathe, couldn't even see. The lights dimmed as I felt ecstasy grip me. I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft even as it was slowly edging deeper and the feel of that nimble digit dragging across my most sensitive flesh caused a tremor of indescribable lust sear through me. I could feel my legs growing weak and the room spun faster and faster.

Sweat broke out on my brow as the journey into her hungry mouth became an exodus from her hungry mouth. Still her tongue swirled around my hard shaft as she slowly raised her head off me. Her mouth was suctioning as it pulled, driving stakes of wanton lust and ecstasy straight through me. I simply couldn't see, couldn't think and the sensations of her sweet mouth on my dick was driving me crazy.

As soon as the head of my member was pulled to the gate of her mouth, she suddenly and quickly reversed directions and plunged down. I felt engulfed, surrounded by a blanket of warmth and comfort. It took her less than a second to finish that plunge and at the end, I could feel the head of my cock bumping against the back of her throat.

Just as quickly, she pulled back taking me to the edge of exiting her mouth before plunging down again. She was fast now, quick, up and down her mouth went, pulling me almost completely out before sucking my length back into her mouth. Her tongue continued to swirl around me even as my hard column drew in and out of that hot, moist orifice.

I couldn't last. I was in no position to count the strokes as my turgid rod plunged in and out of her mouth ... but I was suddenly there, past the point of no return.

"I'm going to cum!" I exclaimed to my sister, my lover, but she paid me no attention, just continued to suck me into and out of her mouth. She couldn't fit me completely in her mouth, but what part wouldn't fit she stroked with her hand.

Then, I felt the essence of my soul ripped from me through my cock. There are no words to describe what it felt like; I think I roared or screamed as rope after rope of my cum exploded from within me. I looked down and couldn't remember when my hands had gripped my sister's head but they were on her, caught in her coppery curls. Her face was tilted up to me, my hard cock barely entering her nimble lips; her eyes were searching for mine and there was such a look of love and devotion in them that I shuddered and convulsed even as the fruits of my love were slowing.

Finally, she pulled her face away from me, a smile hovering about her lips, but her eyes never left my own.

"You taste delicious," she whispered, her tongue encircling her lips to ensure she didn't miss a drop of my essence. "It's ... kind of weird. I've never really liked the taste, but you ... it tasted sweet and salty at the same time and had the consistency of ... I don't know ... it was thick and yet subtle. God ... that was soo good..."

She slowly stood and I reached for her, helping her up, pulling her into my arms.

"That was ... it was exquisite ... wonderful... ," I kissed her as I spoke, around her face, her neck her ears. I had to bend down to do it but I had to, my lips yearned to feel the softness of her skin, the warmth of her body.

"It was a blowjob," Jessica breathed, her arms going around me, pulling me to her. As our bodies met I had to draw my lips away from her and I felt such a profound feeling of loss that I wondered what was happening to me. "My first lesson. I've been told I'm pretty good at them ... and, now that you've come, you'll last all the longer when you fuck me for the first time."

'Fuck me for the first time.' The words echoed around in my brain and, suddenly, I knew they were both right and wrong. I was going to have sex with my older sister ... but I wasn't going to fuck her; or, I wasn't JUST going to fuck her. I was going to make love to her. I was going to learn every way I could pleasure her body because I wanted her to feel as good as I did at that moment.

We stood there for a moment that lasted at least an eternity. I could feel every inch of her body; her hard nipples pushing at my stomach, my hard cock pushing at hers. My arms were sweeping everywhere they could, up and down her back and even farther; feeling the taut globes of her beautiful butt. Her head was nestled just under my chest and she gave a sigh of such divine contentment that I never wanted the moment to end.

"Are you ready for your second lesson?" she whispered but there was a teasing tone in her voice that was impossible to miss.

"Yes," was my reply. It was the only reply I could give, the only reply I wanted to give. I wanted to learn everything my sister had to teach me; I wanted to do everything with her that either she or I could think of.

"Good," she said as she pulled away from me. She backed herself up and sat on my bed, her legs spread wide. I could see her slit as it opened; there was a viscous, white fluid there like the first drops of dew. They clung to her red, engorged lips; petals of the most wonderful flower I'd ever seen. "It's called 'Pussy Eating 101' ... and it's my favorite course. I need you to kneel, my darling brother, and then I want your mouth right here." She pointed her fingers at her slit, as if I needed any direction of where I wanted to be.

I knelt in front of her, my eyes locked with her own. There was a hunger there, a need that I felt within my own breast. There was also a mysterious question in those limpid pools and ... something else, something I couldn't identify.

I ran my fingers up her legs, my touch light. When they reached her thighs, I turned them inwards and under, cupping her legs. My hands spread as I put them under her, running them up her legs to the globes of her butt allowing the motion to pull me closer to the center of that divine junction ... but my eyes never left hers. They never wavered from her own as I breathed the wonderful perfume that was my sister.

It was both the right and wrong move; the sweet smell of her need, the wonderful aroma of her sex, caught me and I couldn't help but close my eyes and savor that delightful odor. It filled me, suffused me and I felt my hunger grow and consume me. I no longer just wanted my sister. Now, I needed her.

Her fingers ran through my hair as I bent to her. "Lightly lick my lips," she whispered as I bent to her junction. "Just the tip of your tongue at first then ... oh ... oh god..."

Her words trailed off as my tongue made first contact with her nether lips. I licked at them lightly, running the tip up and down her slit. I never penetrated, just concentrated on moving the tip of my tongue up and down, the intoxicating aroma spurring me on.

"Oh ... oh god ... yes, Andy ... just like that," she moaned to me as my tongue continued to encircle her. "Just keep running that wonderful tongue around my lips. Yes ... oh sweet god, yessss." Her voice trailed off again as I followed her directions, my hands pulling her closer to me.

"Between the lips, on the outside," she grunted. "Just ... just ... oh god, your mouth on my pussy feels soooo good ... just lightly, not too hard. Not up top ... not yet ... work me up before you suck on my sweet clit..."

I followed her instructions, running my tongue lightly up and down the left cleft, between her inner lips and the outside of her slit. Then, I moved to the right side. I was rewarded with more of her odor and it put me in a fog of lust and need. Also, there was the taste of her; the feel of her lips was slippery, wonderful, but they held a tang, a juice that had my cock hard once again ... or still, I couldn't tell which. It was the greatest thing I'd ever tasted. Sweet and tangy, but there was so little, just a taste. I needed more, more of that wonderful taste.

I plunged my tongue within her and I felt the scream through her whole body. She convulsed, her upper body falling down to the bed, her lower body bouncing off the bed, hunching into my face. My hands on her butt steadied her, kept her pussy glued to my tongue.

The taste. Finally, the taste. There was more it here, a stream of it and it made me hungry and thirsty in a way I'd never felt before. I lost whatever ability to think I possessed. I was an animal now, nothing more. I needed that sweet, succulent juice to survive; without it, I'd die.

I licked up her lips and found a hard nub at the top. I flicked at that nub and was rewarded again, her pussy surging up and down to fuck at my face. A part of me, somewhere deep, knew that her upper body was twisting and turning, thrashing around even as another, hoarser scream filled her. I could feel the bunching of the muscles of her ass as she thrust herself at me. I quickly found the rhythm of her thrusts, however, and I managed to keep my face pinned to her, the odor of her sex filling me, driving me on. The taste of her filled my mouth; I wanted nothing more than to live on that tasty juice, a tangy, airy blend of utter lust.

My fingers clenched at her ass, to better hold it, and I felt my fingers sliding in the crevice. I felt my fingertips run across a pouty band, a slight rise in the crevice of her ass. When my fingers slid over it as I struggled to maintain my purchase, the hoarse scream went a few octaves higher and her juice streamed into my mouth which, luckily, was there to catch it.

It was the ultimate aphrodisiac. The more I tasted, the more I wanted. The more I wanted, the harder I worked ... and the harder I worked, the more my sister came pouring out more of that sweet liquid.

Realizing what my fingers had found, I ran the tip of one around her anus. I was rewarded with more thrusting ... and less control of that thrusting. My sister was somewhere else, she was no longer in control of her lower body as it thrust wildly. I pressed against her rosebud, not really trying to gain entry, but just to let her feel the presence and she went even wilder, poured out more of that fulfilling sauce.

Finally, her motions became slower, her cries less energetic. I could feel her relaxing, could hear her screams become moans and her moans, sighs. I waited a moment instinctively, waited until I felt her relaxation was just reaching its peak ... and then I pulled her clit into my mouth, sucking on it and nibbling on it.

Another ragged scream tore through my sister and I swear her entire body came off the bed. Her hands clutched at my head, pulling me down into her sex and holding me there, even as her pelvis started fucking at my face hard.

I just rode it, rode the wave of her completion. It was wonderful, her clit throbbing between my lips, her juices, juices I now needed just to survive, pouring from her slit.

"Ungh ... ungh ... ungh..." she called. "Oh god ... oh god ... oh please ... oh god ... yes ... yes ... yes..."

I'm not sure how long she lasted, how long her orgasm went. All I knew was that I was lapping at her slit, plunging within it, looking for whatever juice I might have missed. My consciousness had narrowed down to that single focus, that single stream of need. When I felt her slowly relaxing, I once again attacked her clit, hoping to bring more of that wonderful nectar.

"No ... please, Andy ... no," she said, her hands pushing at my head. My need drove me, though, and I growled as I worked to get at my prize.

"Andy ... it's sensitive ... please," Jess said urgently. She struggled and pulled herself away from me.

I couldn't quite comprehend her, I was still stuck in the lust the odor and taste of her sweet nectar had trapped me in. I started forward, started back to eat that sweet flesh that rewarded me so richly, but my sister stopped me with her foot, her toes on my chin as she pushed off and lay flat on the bed.

I suckled at her toes lightly, my ability to reason slowly returning. I couldn't believe how my sister intoxicated me, how the feel of her – even her toes – drove me mad with lust. Even though I had just come a short time before, my cock was hard again or had stayed hard ... I wasn't sure which. Of course, it seemed my dick was always hard lately ... but now it had a purpose, a reason to be so hard.

"God, Andy, even that feels so good," my older sister breathed. "The feel of your lips and tongue on my toes ... I've never felt like this before. I've never ... never..."

My sister broke down in tears, driving me to concern.

"What's the matter, Jess," I said, pulling myself up, lying beside her, my arms surrounding her and pulling her to me.

"Nothing," she whispered, her body burrowing itself into me. "Everything. I've ... I've thought for so long I was a freak ... I've dreamt about this for so long ... and the reality ... the reality of you ... it's overwhelming to me. It's so much better than I ever dreamed."

"I've wanted this for so long," she continued, her voice a hoarse whisper. "And now that it's here, I'm so happy. I love you, little brother ... love you so much more than I should..."

"I love you too, Jess," I replied, emotions welling up within me. I would have said more, would have tried to find the words to explain how I felt, but she didn't let me. I felt her body move over me as her lips kissed my own hungrily, her tongue searching for mine and lashing at it.

"Finally," she whispered, her head pulling from mine as her hand gripped my hard rod.

"Finally," she whimpered as she notched the head of my cock against her warm crevice.

"Finally," she sighed as she slowly sank down onto me, her eyes closing and a look of extreme lust covering her face.

The feel was better than anything I'd ever felt before. It was better than I could even have imagined. It was like being wrapped in a warm, moist, velvety blanket that was drawn incredibly tight around my turgid rod. My fingers gripped the sheets spasmodically as inch after inch of me disappeared inside my exquisite sister.

"Oh, Andy," she moaned as she lowered her pussy onto me. "You're so fucking big ... it feels like I'm being stretched wide open ... but it feels so goddamn good..."

Finally, I was inside completely. I could feel a hard membrane pushing against the head of my cock, bumping against it, holding it as I bottomed out. I looked down, but somehow there was still a small part of my cock still out of my sister.

It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, the length and width of my cock stretching my sister. The image of her lips extended around me intoxicated me again, even as the feel of our union struggled to drive me mad. I was no longer a virgin and the fact that it was my sister that took my virginity suffused me with a warm, loving glow.

"Wow," Jess breathed, her eyes looking down at where we were joined and then back at my eyes. "It's ... it's ... I can't even describe it. So full; I'm so full ... but it feels better already than it's ever been. I think..." Her head tilted back as tiny shudders wracked her body. "Ooooooyessssyessssyesss ... I'm coming, baby. Finally coming on my brother's beautiful cock ... finally..."

As the shudders started to subside, she looked at me and I almost couldn't stand to see the sudden hunger and need in her eyes. She started bouncing on my cock, her pussy pulling up and then pushing down over and over and over again. It was exquisite, wonderful. There are no words for how good it felt, how delightful her pussy felt as it contracted around me.

Even the membrane I hit every single time she plunged down at me was beyond description; just the slightest bit of pain offset by the complete delight of her tight pussy squeezing at me. Over and over she pulled up and thrust down, her hips rotating, her face a mask of wonder.

The shudders took her again but she refused to stop, up and down, my cock white with the nectar of our love on the up strokes and stretching her lips wide on the down-stroke. All the while, she moaned and shuddered and even screamed, the sounds blending into a single never-ending sound of love and lust and hunger and need and probably a thousand other things I couldn't even imagine.

The shudders continued, stronger and stronger and her pussy just kept moving faster and faster. I could tell that she was building to something, something beautiful, and I only hoped I could hold out for her, to bring her to the orgasm she was building towards but I wasn't sure I'd be able to. I felt the stirring within me, the hungry need as the knot of desire came to its boiling point. I squeezed my ass tight and felt the stirring subside, but as soon as I released that tension it would start again. Over and over I fought it off as my sister's orgasms tumbled one into another, building up and up and up.

Finally, though, my sister's eyes flew wide, her mouth an oval of a scream that simply could not be voiced. She shoved down, her strength leaving her, and I felt my cock push through that membrane within my darling sister. As I passed into that tight ring, she screamed, louder than I'd ever heard her before and I felt her pussy trembling all up and down my hard shaft.

It drove me over the edge, the ring around the head of my cock, my sister's hot pussy clutching and squeezing me, the look and sound and feel of her orgasm; it was, finally, too much for me and no matter how I tried to hold it in, the cum erupted from me, draining me. Over and over I felt myself shooting in that exquisite heat and I felt like the combined flames of our release was going to burn me.

I must have passed out and I think Jess did, too. I woke to her lying on me, my dick still hard within her but slowly growing soft. She was shuddering and gasping, her body trembling. Her arms were holding me, her hands under my arms.

"Thank you," she breathed, her voice in tears, her lips suckling at my neck. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Her body was rubbing against me, her nipples dragging across me. The feel of her was getting to me. The memory of what we had just done was exciting me. I could feel myself reverse, my softening cock suddenly starting to harden again.

"Oh ... oh god..." Jess moaned as she felt it too. "Again? Oh god, I can't survive it again ... not this soon, please ... not this soon..."

I just rolled over, holding her to me, our bodies locked together by my cock in her pussy. I never let it get fully out as I lay above her, leveraging myself over her, pushing my cock deep insider her again.

We fucked before, but this time I made love to her as best as I could figure out how. I was slow and gentle, recognizing that she was tired and sore. She grunted as I pushed into her and moaned as I pulled out, only a bit of me, only a few inches. I didn't want to hurt her, didn't want to make her feel pain. I bent my head and kissed her lips, my cock slowly penetrating her. Her tongue was hungry against mine, her mouth sucking my tongue as she'd sucked my cock.

I'm not sure how long I lasted that second time, how long it went. I wasn't timing it, didn't care how long it took. I just was slow and gentle and I stopped when my sister shuddered through an orgasm, my cock within her but not too deep.

It was when she was shuddering the third time, a shuddering orgasm that seemed to go on and on and on forever that I finally came again. I felt myself come within her and it was right ... it was where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to be doing. I couldn't explain it if I'd wanted to; I suddenly just knew that this was how things were supposed to be.

We lay for a while, cuddling, snuggling. We kissed and whispered our love, our hands roaming over our bodies freely. There was no sign of the bickering we normally did, no sign of the constant fighting. We had been one a few moments before and we were again now; instead of our bodies joining, however, it was our hearts now.

It was my sister, her head lying on my chest, that noticed the clock.

"God," she moaned. "It's 7:30 ... we have to shower, Andy," she whispered to me. "I wish this could go on forever, but we have to meet mom and dad for breakfast at 8. Then we have to pack and get ready to leave. Our flight is at 2:45."

"I don't want to move," I whispered, holding her to me. "I just want to make love to you again ... and again ... and again..."

Jess chuckled as she hugged me tight. "There'll be plenty of time for that later, lover boy," she whispered as she kissed up my chest to my mouth. Our lips merged hungrily for a few moments, but she finally reluctantly pulled back. "Right now, though, we have to get a move on. Shower with me?"

I could only nod, a stupid smile adorning my face.

I tried to fool around in the shower, but my sister didn't let me get very far. We soaped each other's body, my sister pulling back when I tried to spend too much time at her nether regions.

"Damn ... you're insatiable," she whispered, a whisper that turned into a moan as my finger entered her. "So am I," she said huskily, but then pulled back, pulling my finger out of her. "But now is not the time. I think I may have created a monster."

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