Now Boston and New York Are Center Stage
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, True Story, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Incest-haters may be appalled. This is the continuation of my brother Mattie's life. It follows 'It's Better Than Nothing,' 'Living With Strong-Willed Women' and My Life Goes On.' There is sex, happiness, sex, heartbreak, sex. Helen.

A family meeting with all of us.

We have four family members in New York -- Annie and Parker, Allison and Mikey.

Now that Sylvie is living full time in Boston, we have nine of us living in Boston -- Sally and Sylvie, Jane and I, Helen and Margot living in their Boston home. And Miles and Kelly living with his Aunt Regina. Plus Sally's sister, Jessica, living mostly with her boyfriend, Carter.

So these days when a family meeting is called, we sit at Sally's dining room table instead of the kitchen table. We just need the room.

Sally said, "Mattie, tomorrow night, right after dinner, we're going to have a family meeting. The New York crew will come up on the train and be here in time for dinner."

I looked at Sylvie.

She smiled and said, "No bad news, Matthew, none at all. It's just an opportunity for all of us to catch each other up on what's happening in our lives."

Jane patted my knee, also telling me there was nothing to worry about.

When it was just Sally and Jane and Miles and Kelly and me, I usually wasn't nervous about attending a family meeting. With everyone else included, I wasn't nervous, but I still hoped I wouldn't have to talk too much.

The night of the meeting Kelly helped me finish the dinner dishes and we all sat back down at the dining room table. Miles and Sylvie had opened champaign, so it wasn't going to be too formal.

Everyone had left the head chair at the table vacant for Sally, she always sat there. I guess if anyone is the head of all of us, it's Sally. She didn't ask for it, there wasn't a vote or anything, it just sort of evolved that everyone looks to Sally to lead things.

Sally smiled at us and thanked everyone for attending. She said, "We don't really have any agenda, I just thought it would be fun for all of us to share where we stand, where we're going. And now that Sylvie and Margot and Helen are settled in here in Boston, and Allie and Mikey and Parker have moved in with Annie, it seemed a good time to catch our breath and catch up with each other."

Sally smiled at Kelly and said, "Baby, since you have new news, let's begin with you."

I've been witness to Kelly's new interests. Or, the formalization of those interests.

She started out her fashion mission by replenishing Jane's entire wardrobe. Kelly has long been interested in clothes, her own and others.

When Sylvie was preparing to move up here from Biloxi, she sent up three large wardrobe boxes of clothes she would be keeping.

Kelly tore into them, with Jane helping her sort, fold, iron and hang. I asked Kelly if she wanted me to help them.

The look she shot me was between pity and scorn. Everyone knows that clothes aren't my strong point.

Next she took a look at the clothes that Miles and I had made by his tailor. The quality was top notch, but she thought the style a bit stuffy. So Kelly started hanging out at the tailor's shop on the two days a week she doesn't work at her foundation job.

Naturally she charmed Marco and his staff. Kelly took to eating lunch with them and talking, talking, talking fashion. She learned about Italian silks, Sea Island cotton, suit cuffs that button ... I can't begin to remember all that she told us about.

But it was more than an education, it was her passion.

Gradually Marco introduced her to selected clients. And Kelly charmed the pants off them, to make a little joke.

Kelly was so at ease, so at home at Marco's that he approached Miles about having Kelly come to work for him. Not as a seamstress, not to actually tailor clothing, but to work with his clientele, to turn her charm on them.

Miles and Sally talked with Kelly's doctor and they all agreed that it not only wouldn't harm her, it might do some good in developing her self confidence.

Once ensconced, Kelly blossomed.

She slowly, but surely, replaced most of the clothes in Miles's closet, then in mine.

I couldn't really tell much difference, but Sylvie said that my new clothes were still Boston-appropriate and certainly right for my foundation work. But both Miles and I were now a bit more rakish. I had to look that one up.

Conversely, Kelly had dozens of chats with Sally and Sylvie about her own wardrobe. I love to hear the girls talk, it's like listening to poetry even if I'm not that interested in 'lowering hemlines 3/4 of an inch' and 'heels maybe 1/4 inch shorter.'

So Kelly jazzed up Miles and me and toned down her own wardrobe just a tad.

With Devdan, Jane's husband, Kelly declared that he needed a complete makeover. She said, "Jane, he simply will not do, not if he's driving Reggie all over the map."

Kelly had long ago charmed Devdan, his eyes follow her like a puppy.

Kelly had 14 new suits tailored for him, with a specific hat to wear with each suit. She ordered hats from all over the world, but a few of them from nearby Connecticut.

Kelly gave Devdan a detailed chart showing which shirts, ties and hats to wear with each suit.

He loved it, loved the attention especially.

I think Reggina and Miles were bemused, but pleased that she paid so much attention to Devdan.

At our family meeting, I could tell how excited Kelly was. She reminded me so much of Mom, bouncing without really bouncing.

Kelly said, "I've enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

"I'll be moving in with Annie three days a week. Miles and Sally and my doctor approved everything, but we'll have to see how I do, I think I'll be fine."

We all cheered Kelly. Not only is she pursuing her passion, she's getting out on her own. Of course Annie and Allison will keep a close eye on her in New York, but she'll be going to and from school on her own, will be responsible for her own class work.

I think she'll do fine.

Helen said, "Who will you sleep with in New York, honey?"

Kelly said, "With Annie, nursing, after Parker fucks her of course. Allie and Mikey sleep alone, just the two of them. But if Annie and Parker are both gone, Allie said I could sleep with them. So I'll be fine."

Sally turned to Annie.

Annie said, "Gert and Helen and Allie and I are pleased with how fast 'Women' is taking off."

'Women' is the consulting firm they launched.

Annie said, "So, New York is busy. I'm traveling more and more. So is Allie, even more than I am. Mikey isn't traveling as much yet as he will be, but Allie is sending him off on solo trips more and more."

Allison would rather travel with Mikey than by herself, but she would never risk losing revenue or not doing her job properly just to be with him.

Sylvie grinned and said, "How's the sex life in New York these days?"

Annie laughed and said, "I don't get to fuck Mikey any more, Allison keeps him to herself. But I can't complain, since she doesn't fuck anyone but Mikey, I get more of Parker, a lot more."

Annie smiled at Jane and said, "That is when Jane isn't hogging him to herself."

Jane wasn't the least embarrassed, she loves to fuck Parker and doesn't make any secret of it.

Sally said, "Allie?"

Allison said, "The grand experiment continues. I can't believe I've gone this long without fucking anyone but Mikey. But I have. Of course Parker is no help, walking around with that monster cock on display all the time."

Jane said, "I don't know how you can hold out."

"It's not easy, most nights Annie and I fuck Parker and Mikey side-by-side. So I not only have to listen to Annie cumming like a slut all the time, but I have to watch Parker in action."

Annie said, "Speaking of sluts, I seem to recall a climax or two next to me."

Allison was serious for a second, "Yes, truth is that I'm cumming harder with Mikey than even with Parker and Ethan. I've never felt this good in my life."

Mikey smiled at his mom.

Sally said, "Miles?"

"I'm afraid my report isn't as sexy ... bottom line, the foundation is doing better than ever. Jessica is spending more time there, Matt has taken on extra responsibility -- since we moved Alice up as his assistant, I'd say his productivity has grown 25, maybe 30%"

This made me feel really good. I'm glad to take on more tasks, it means that Sally can have more time with Ethan. But that wouldn't be good enough by itself, not if the foundation suffered.

Miles doesn't toss out compliments casually, so it meant a lot to me.

Sally said, "Jane?"

"I'm working three jobs now. I've started cooking and supervising housekeeping for Miss Helen and Miss Margot. For some reason my allergies to all those dogs haven't been bothering me. Of course Devdan and I always take extra good care of Miss Reggie.

"But my main job is looking after Mr. Matthew, and that's a pure pleasure."

Annie grinned and said, "No time for sex?"

Jane laughed and said, "Since Miss Sylvie gave me her fiance to fuck, I'm getting more than I was used to. And when you send Mr. Parker up for me to fuck, I'm in heaven."

Jane looked Annie right in the eye and said, "And when I'm with both of them, I'm in double heaven."

We laughed.

Sally smiled and said, "Mikey?"

"Nothing I worried about when you let me start fucking Mom has happened. I'm happier than I've ever been. And not just in bed, all the time. I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

"Noted, honey. And we're all so happy for the two of you."


"I'm still getting my sea legs at work. I went from the proverbial big fish in Biloxi to being just a little tadpole here. It helps that I brought in those two jobs before I really even started."

Sylvie smiled at me, "Matthew, they want me to focus on finishing Annie's loft to be featured in a trade magazine, so I'll be spending most of my time in New York for the next few months. I know it doesn't seem fair, since I just moved up here, but I also know you'll understand."

"Yes ma'am, I do. Work is really important and your career is just starting. I understand completely."

Sylvie said, "Of course it helps you to be understanding since you have Jane to fuck and several girls to suck you off. And I seem to recall that there's a wife lurking around here somewhere."

Sally laughed and said, "Speaking of which, I had meant to ask if I could borrow your fiance tonight."

"More Ethan withdrawal pains?"

"Yes, lord, I miss him so much. I'm okay for a week or so, but any longer ... well I can hardly bear it."

"Matthew is all yours tonight, babe. Jane is he still on his regular schedule?"

"Yes ma'am, three times a day, almost as regular as clockwork."

Sally said, "Parker?"

"I think I'm going to like The New School, it's a faster pace, but I'll adjust."

Helen said, "How's the campus pussy situation?"

Parker just smiled, he doesn't talk about his girlfriends.

Annie said, "I told him he can have as many little girlfriends as he wants, just don't bring them home."

This was news to me. But Parker didn't seem to mind.

Margot said, "Parker won't have any trouble finding empty beds, he never has."

Jane said, "Do you need extra money for hotels, Mr. Parker? New York is so expensive."

"I think I'll be fine, Jane, but thanks anyway, I appreciate it."

We laughed, Parker always says he appreciates it when we give him money.

Kelly was sitting in Annie's lap, not nursing during the meeting, just snuggled up. Kelly made that little noise and pulled up her skirt and put her tiny cock and balls in Annie's mouth.

As usual, nobody paid much attention when Kelly spurted off.

Sally said, "Margot?"

"Helen and I are finally unpacked, thanks, Mom. And Jane is such a treasure, we love having her over all the time."

Helen said, "What Margot didn't say is that they've put her on the fast track to make partner, it shouldn't be much longer."

I could tell how pleased Sally was. Margot was working at the law firm where her father had been managing partner until he died. James was the best man I ever knew.

Margot said, "Oh, it's not official, it never is until it is."

Sally said, "Jessica?"

"I manage to keep falling in love serially. First Mattie, then Parker. Now Carter."

She grinned. "Much as I love Carter, I still need my Parker fix every once in a while. So I'm heading down to New York for a long weekend. If Miles will unlock my foundation chains."

Sally and Jessica really are the foundation heads. But Miles runs the day-to-day operations.

He said, "Report back Monday on time."

Jessica said, "Yes sir. Or Tuesday."

Sally smiled at me and said, "We left you for last, Mattie. Anything to add?"

"No ma'am, just that I know how lucky I am to be part of this family. And how much I love everyone."

Then I thought of something. "Did you guys decide on our Biloxi condo?"

Sally and Helen were talking about selling it, since none of us lived there any more. Or perhaps renting it out.

Helen smiled at me and said, "We took your wishes into full consideration, honey."

I didn't want to sell it, I had so many happy memories of being with Mom there. Mom and everyone else.

Sally said, "Susan found an extended family who wants to rent it. They live in Detroit and will use it for vacations and holidays and long weekends. Grandparents, parents, grandkids, cousins, a whole slew of folks."

Margot said, "Tell Mattie the surprise."

Sally said, "They loved the way Margot and the girls furnished it, they're taking it 'as is.' Except we decided to ship Connie's bed up here, we'll put mine in storage."

Sometimes the kindness of the girls makes me want to cry. I slept better in that bed with Mom than anywhere else in the world. I usually sleep fine wherever they tell me to sleep, but Mom's bed has always been my favorite.

After the meeting adjourned, Sally took me upstairs, it wasn't even close to 10 so I knew she hadn't been kidding when she told Sylvie she needed some loving.

Later, snugged up in bed, Sally didn't turn off the lamp. She said, "Mattie, Sylvie and I've been talking about babies."

I knew she meant babies that Sylvie wants to have with me.

She said, "Sylvie wants to wait at least a year. A year to see how her career is progressing. I agree with her, but I don't think it should be much longer than a year. Sylvie wants several babies and so do I."

"Do babies mean that you're going to divorce me?"

Sally rolled over and lay down on top of me, her chin propped on her two fists on my chest. This is her 'serious discussion' position.

She said, "I know this has been preying on your mind, honey, and I don't blame you for worrying about it.

"But I'll tell you the same thing I've been saying -- I don't plan on divorcing you, I don't want to divorce you.

"Now maybe once the babies start arriving, I'll change my mind and give in to Ethan. But that's not what Sylvie and I are thinking about at this stage.

"She seems content enough just to be engaged to you, to share you with me, to become the mother of your children even though you and I are still married."

Sally gazed at me for a long time.

"Sylvie and I think you can grow into the situation. It's not ideal from your point of view, Sylvie and I are both a bit selfish, we know that. But from your perspective, it's far better than my leaving you for Ethan, right?"

"Yes ma'am, a million times better than that. But don't you mind sharing me with Sylvie? In bed? Sex?"

Sally laughed and put on Mom's voice, "Baby I'm fucking Ethan every chance I have. And Parker too. And whenever Ethan wants it, and can arrange it, the both of them fuck me every way they want to."

Sally adjusted my cock under her pussy and got a dreamy look in her eyes, "Every way they want to."

Then she rolled off me, onto her back. She twirled her nipples with one hand and started playing with her clit. Sally came right away, and then again.

She rested a minute then lay back on me, her chin propped up on her fists again.

Sally smiled and said in her normal voice, "So no, baby, I don't mind sharing you with Sylvie, not at all. And I don't mind sharing you with Jane."

Sally stopped smiling at me and said, "My sex life is so fantastic, the best it's ever been. I told Sylvie she can have you full time, just lend you to me once in a while like tonight. And I completely agreed with her when she gave you to Jane. I should have thought of that myself.

"Mattie, this morning while Jane was cleaning you out, Sylvie and I had a quickie, just a morning quickie. Later, in each other's arms, I told her that as far as I was concerned, she could give you to Helen, to Margot, to Parker, to whoever she wanted."

I thought about this.

Sally said, "I know exactly what you're thinking, Mattie, that it means I love you less, that I don't care who takes you to bed."

That was what I was thinking.

Sally said, "It doesn't mean that at all, baby, not at all."

Sally smiled at me and readjusted her pussy over my cock.

She said, "In a way it was an empty offer on my part. Sylvie didn't divorce Mikey and decide to have your babies without serious consideration of all of the ramifications -- sexual, emotional, social.

"Now I'm not talking about oral -- neither Sylvie or I thinks it matters much who give you pleasure in that way.

"Jane. Sylvie decided to give you to her so wholeheartedly for two reasons. Jane deserved it. She wanted it. And ... as Sylvie told you, with her in Biloxi and me with Ethan, she didn't want you just masturbating all the time. Neither did I.

"But that doesn't mean that Sylvie is going to turn you lose, no it doesn't mean that at all. She worked too hard to pry you away from me to treat you as any less than the great gift you are.

"Mattie, think about how much you're loved. Your mom of course, number one, no one else even in the running.

"Annie loved and married you, so did Kelly, so did I. Three completely different women, all in love with Mattie.

"Both Allie and Mikey asked me for permission to marry you."

Sally laughed, "Do you think there's another mother-son combo in the country who wanted to marry the same boy?"

Sally said, "My daughter. I doubt there was another boy in the world Margot would have given herself to at that time in her life. Only you, Mattie.

"Your sister. Honey, I don't think Helen would leave Margot, not even for you. But Helen would marry you and bring you into their lives full time if Sylvie and I would allow it."

My cock started growing hard again under Sally's pussy.

Sally said, "Sylvie is the youngest of all of us, even younger than Kelly. But don't underestimate Sylvie. She took a careful, measured look all around her. She evaluated her position, her prospects, her future.

"The one miscalculation Sylvie made was letting Allie talk her into marrying Mikey. It was a good idea on paper, but ... well you know how that worked out."

"Like with Kelly and me."

"Yes. By then Sylvie had turned her focus on you, she recognized you were the best of all of us, better than Miles, a million times better than Parker.

"So Sylvie may act casual, may tease you about giving you to this girl or that one. But she's worked to hard to get what she wants, who she wants. And that's you, Mattie, that's you."

I had been listening carefully to Sally. I don't know if I felt better or worse.

Sally started gently rubbing her pussy on me. Then I was hard.

Sally grinned and said, "Sometimes I can't think of anything except sex. Ethan and sex. That's when my lips become loose and I tell Sylvie to give you to anyone, everyone."

Sally grinned wider and said, "Mattie, sometimes when I get to thinking about Ethan, I want everyone in the world to be as happy as I am, to feel as sexy as I do. Honey, I can be sitting behind my desk, or at a bar having a glass of wine. I can start thinking of Ethan and reach climax just by squeezing my thighs together."

Sally stopped talking and then her eyes went out of focus. She had just cum, I can always tell by the two red circles she gets on her cheeks.

Then we fucked again, Sally on top, her eyes closed.

A good talk with Helen and Margot.

Sally and Sylvie were in New York. At breakfast on Friday Jane said, "Mr. Matthew you go sleep with MIss Helen and Miss Margot tonight."

Jane grinned at me, I knew Parker was coming up here to fuck her tonight.

Jane said, "He wants me all to himself tonight."

She grinned even wider and said, "But tomorrow he wants to double fuck me. So I told Miss Helen not to have you cum in the morning when they clean you out, Parker wants you nice and hard for me."

After work I went straight over to Helen and Margot's house. I have lots of clothes and all the bathroom stuff I need there.

Margot met me at the door and gave me a good, deep kiss.

She said, "Let's wait until Helen is home, then take a group shower."

After our shower, they cleaned me out and we took a second one.

Helen said, "Nobody gets dressed tonight, not one stitch. And don't argue with me, Mattie."

That was a joke, everyone knows how I like to be naked in front of people.

While I was finishing the dinner dishes, Margot said, "Dope, we need to smoke tonight."

Helen said, "Yes. And I'll give our baby a Parker pill, he should be able to cum three times tonight and then last a long time for Parker and Jane."

Margot said, "And give him another pill in the morning. Mattie, don't let Jane give you a second pill, tell her you're all set."

Helen sucked me off while Margot stroked me. I came before the pill even took effect. Helen kissed my cum into my mouth.

Margot said, "Poor Mattie, that's the only cum he gets since Sylvie won't let Parker fuck him any more."

Helen said, "And Allie keeps Mikey to herself."

Margot said, "And Miles is keeping himself chaste for Kelly."

Helen said, "Ethan wants to fuck Mattie again, he doesn't have any boys since Allie cut him off from Mikey."

Margot said, "Well, Sally won't let Ethan fuck Mattie, neither will Sylvie. I'm not sure about Jane."

They talked about how much I must miss getting fucked. Then Margot looked at the clock and said, "Hmm... 9:30?"

Helen said, "Yep, Mattie should be ready to go again by then. And again at his bedtime. He can stay up a little later if needs some extra time."

Margot heated up brandy glasses and we smoked a little, talking about nothing important. Helen reached over to Margot who moved her thighs a little apart. Helen gave her a quick little climax, then Margot returned the favor.

Then it was like Mom used to say, 'up periscope' for me.

Helen said, "Your turn, honey."

Margot took me in her mouth, this time Helen stroked me. And Margot kissed my cum into my mouth.

A little before my bedtime Helen said, "Mattie, you seem to be doing fine. Are you feeling better about Sally and Sylvie?"

"Yes ma'am, I think I am. Sally had a long talk with me. She explained that it doesn't mean she and Sylvie love me less because they share me. I understand that Sally is back to needing Ethan so much.

"And Sylvie doesn't really turn me loose, Jane is the only one she lets me fuck."

Margot laughed, "Don't forget Sally, honey, you still get to fuck your wife."

Helen said, "Now don't tease him, Sally negotiated Mattie-access long before Sylvie started fucking him. Sylvie knows how lucky she is that she caught Sally at such a vulnerable time. If Sally didn't want Ethan so much, she never would have given Mattie to her."

Margot looked at me and said, "But you do understand how much they both love you, don't you, baby?"

"I think so, it's just that it takes me a while to get used to the idea that my wife is in love with Ethan and that Sylvie is going to have my babies. But I'll still be married to Sally, unless she changes her mind."

Helen laughed and said, "Yes, it isn't a conventional marriage, is it? But Mattie, remember back in Biloxi when you got all worried about how none of us had a perfect television version of a traditional marriage?"

"Yes ma'am, I remember that. You and Margot and Annie told me that it wasn't because of me, that all of us had such a strong sex drive, all of us stlll do. And you guys are strong-willed enough not to care what others think."

Margot said, "What's the one message that should be getting through to you."

I thought about this, I knew it was a serious question. Plus, it's polite to think things through.

I said, "That people love me?"

Helen said, "Exactly right, Mattie, exactly right!"

We brushed our teeth and went to bed early that night. Helen gave me my good night blow job and this time kissed my cum into Margot's mouth.

Then we got snugged up just right, they put me in the middle.

Margot said, "Mattie, what do you think about Allie and Mikey?"

"I think they aren't having any of the problems I was worried about once she started fucking him. They seem fine. More than fine."

Helen said, "What else do you think about when you watch Allie fuck him?"

I didn't need to think about this, but I took a minute anyway.

Then I said, "Mom."

Helen and Margot didn't say anything, they just squeezed my cock twice, the 'I love you' signal that Mom started with me when we first started sleeping together.

Margot said, "Do you wish you'd fucked Connie, honey?"

I said, "I think about Mom every day, I can't help it. And now, especially seeing how well Mikey is doing with his mom, I can't help but wonder."

I thought some more.

"Some days I'm glad I never did fuck her. I just don't know how I'd feel. But other days it's the biggest regret I have. I look at Mikey and see how he's happier than he's ever been in his life.

"He told me that if his mom never lets him fuck anyone else in his life, he'd go to bed happy every night."

I thought some more.

"I just wonder if it would have been like that with Mom and me."

Kelly makes a surprise decision. One that everyone feels good about.

It wasn't a family meeting, nothing formal. One night at dinner Kelly just said, "I've decided to wait a while longer to marry Miles."

This stunned me. They were going to be married next month. Miles and Sally and Kelly's doctor all said she was ready to be married.

Sally and Sylvie and Jane and Jessica and Helen and Margot looked at Kelly, they seemed surprised too.

Miles smiled and said, "I'm really proud of Kelly. She decided on her own that she needs a little longer, she wants to be absolutely certain that she's ready. She..."

Kelly put her little index finger across Miles's lips.

She said, "I'm absolutely positive that I love Miles, that he'll be a perfect husband for me. But I failed as Parker's wife, then again as Mattie's. I won't do that to Miles. I just want a few more months to keep talking with my doctor, keep taking my meds."

The girls all congratulated Kelly on being so mature and insightful about her feelings and intentions.

Miles laughed and said, "The only problem was that Kelly and I had to convince Reggie that Kelly wasn't dropping me."

Kelly started to say she would never do that, but that look crossed her face and she stood up and put her little penis and balls in Jane's mouth and spurted off.

The conversation, like it usually does, just carried on.

Sally turned to me and said, "What do you think, Mattie?"

This just came out without thinking. "I think it doesn't matter when Kelly gets married, I think she and Miles are perfect for each other."

I'm not usually so bold. Everyone was looking at me, but I didn't blush. You're supposed to say what you believe when you're asked.

Helen smiled at Sally and said, "Mind."

Sally and Sylvie laughed, they understood what Helen meant, understood it in that shorthand way of communicating that they have.

Sally saw the puzzled look on my face and smiled. "Mattie, since the subject seems to be Kelly, let's discuss her before we serve dessert."

Helen said, "When Kelly and Parker set their eyes on each other, Parker was thinking with his cock."

Jessica said, "As usual."

Margot said, "Mattie when you fell in love with Kelly it was before Parker, during Parker and after Parker. You fell in love, as you always do, with your heart."

Sally said, "When Kelly decided Miles was the one, it was like taking candy from a baby. Even Miles didn't stand a chance.

"But when it came to marriage, Miles was different from Parker and you. Miles thought with his brain."

Helen laughed and said, "Not that Miles doesn't love fucking Kelly, all you boys do. And just look at her, who can blame you?"

I thought about this carefully, it seemed like something important was being said.

I asked, "Which is better, to fall in love with your heart or your mind?"

Sylvie said, "With your cock."

Everyone laughed.

Helen said, "Mattie, that's a question for the ages. Probably every situation is different. Annie fell in love with Parker through her pussy. Sally fell in love with Ethan through his brain. I fell in love with Margot through my heart. Everyone is different, honey."

Sally said, "But you're the sweetest of us all, honey. You fall in love with all your heart, you can't help it. It's just the Mattie DNA that all of us love."

Big news from Sally.

I got home from work late on a Thursday night. Sally and Sylvie and Jane were in the middle of a discussion. A serious one, I could tell.

Jane took my hand and said, "I'll clean Mr. Matthew out, then we'll come down to talk."

I wasn't too nervous, I didn't get the sense that it was bad news. I can't read the tea leaves as well as the girls, but I didn't have that sense.

I was hard while Jane cleaned me and stayed that way after our second shower. I asked her, "Should I cum before we go back down?"

"No baby, not now. Just put on a robe and listen to Sally's news."

Sally didn't waste a minute. "Mattie, Ethan has infuriated me again. Against my explicit wishes, he bought a house in Boston and moved in. He told me this morning, thinking it would be a happy surprise."

Sylvie just shook her head. Men.

Sally said, "I told Ethan not to call me until he's sold the house and moved back to San Francisco. He was shocked, just as he was when he told you that he was going to marry me."

This time both Sylvie and Jane shook their heads.

Sally said, "He offered to move back to California right away, at least he had enough sense not to sell that house. But I told him -- again -- not to call me until the Boston house is sold."

Sylvie said, "Ethan must have figured Sally would change her mind about marrying him if he showed her how much he loved her by moving to Boston."

Sally said, "Wrong."

Sylvie said, "Jane, Matthew is hands-off for you and me. Sally needs him more than ever."

Jane nodded.

Sally smiled at me, "Mattie, Sylvie's right about you. But not just the sex. I'm feeling rather vulnerable just now. So I'll be leaning on my sweet Mattie more than ever."

Sylvie said, "Fuck a bunch of vulnerable. I called Annie and she's sending Parker up tomorrow."

Sally and Jane giggled.

I wondered, did Parker have any say in this?

I don't know how they can read my mind. Sylvie said, "Parker does what he's told, just like Mikey, just like you, Matthew. You're all good boys. Ethan is the independent one and look how much trouble he's in now."

I could have felt happy that Sally and Ethan had had a falling out. I guess a small, petty part of me did. But more, I felt bad for Sally. She doesn't get angry often and she was steaming now. And sad at the same time.

Plus, I knew how much she would be missing Ethan. Even Parker couldn't take his place.

Sylvie talks about her future. And sex.

With Ethan banished, for now at least, I'm getting to fuck Sally all the time. Once in a while she has me sleep with Sylvie or Jane, but usually she keeps me to herself.

It was Helen who pointed out that both Sylvie and I have mixed feelings about Sally's Ethan problem.

I'd like Sally to drop him for good, if she could stand it.

Sylvie would like Sally to marry Ethan, if I could stand it.

Sally has mixed feelings.

But as much as Sylvie wants things to be better between Sally and Ethan, she is making sure that Sally has as much sex with Parker and me as she wants.

Annie sends Parker up here a lot of weekends. Sally usually doesn't have us double fuck her, for some reason she's in the mood to have us take turns with her her, one after the other.

As upset as Sally is with Ethan, she doesn't have any trouble cumming with Parker and me, she cums easily and often. Not as much as Mom and Allison, but a lot more than she used to before Ethan started fucking her on a regular basis.

One Saturday after dinner, Sally smiled at Parker and me. She took our hands and led us upstairs to shower. I didn't last too long fucking her, but Parker did. He kept going and going. At one point Sally sort of tried to push him away, but he ignored her and kept on fucking.

We took another shower and went downstairs. Sally put a robe on but told Parker and me not to bother.

Sylvie broke out some dope. Kelly was staying with us too, Miles was out of town. Kelly was rocking with Jane, sucking her big, dark nipple. Curled up, looking so comfortable, sitting in Jane's big lap, her eyes closed, a little smile on her lips as she listened to the girls talking.

Parker was sitting on the leather couch between Helen and Sylvie. Sylvie put her hand around him. Even soft, his cock looked so huge. And I've seen it about a million times. It's hard to take my eyes off him sometimes.

Margot said, "So, Sylvie, have you decided when you're going to start fucking Parker? He's fucked everyone in the house except you."

I looked around. Sally, Helen and Margot, Jane, Kelly, Jessica, me. He has fucked all of us.

Sylvie grinned and tugged Parker's cock up so it was pointing at the ceiling.

She said, "I haven't decided. Yet."

Sylvie leaned down and licked the head of Parker's cock, then took it in her mouth for a second. My cock started stirring.

She sat back and said, "I held back because I was so focused on getting Matthew to fall in love with me. Now that that's accomplished, I have to keep my mitts off Parker until Sally doesn't need him so much."

Sylvie started slowly stroking Parker, smiling at me. She said, "Up periscope," just like Mom used to do when I got hard.

Helen put her hand around the base of Parker's cock and squeezed it while Sylvie continued stroking him.

Margot said, "Mattie loves to see his girls get fucked, doesn't he? Look at his cock throb while his fiance is feeling Parker up."

Helen laughed and said, "Mattie's seen this big boy fuck his mom, his sister, his wife Annie, his wife Kelly, his wife Sally, his boyfriend Mikey."

She laughed again and said, "Just to name a few."

Kelly made her little noise and stood up in the rocker. She spurted off in Jane's mouth and went right back to nursing and rocking. She didn't even open her eyes.

Helen said, "Sylvie, are you going to fuck Parker before you start getting pregnant?"

"I imagine so, I think I'll want to check Parker off my list since I don't know how my body, my sex drive, will be once I'm pregnant."

Margot said, "Are you planning on any other lovers besides Parker?"

Sylvie said, "Oh, I haven't given it much thought. Between trying to steal Matthew from Sally and my new job, I've been mostly preoccupied."

Helen pretended that Sylvie had given a different answer. She said, "How will you feel, Mattie, when Sylvie starts fucking someone other than Parker?"

Sally laughed and said, "First let him tell us how he feels about Parker and Sylvie."

Everyone was looking at me.

I said, "Well, I've known all along that she would be fucking Parker sooner or later, everyone does. So I don't think it will be a big deal to me."

Helen said, "Not as big a deal as it will be to Sylvie."

Even Kelly stopped nursing to laugh.

Sylvie kept stroking Parker, he was hard now. She said, "I'm glad to hear that, Matthew, it never occurred to any of us that you'd have any objections when I decide it's time to fuck Parker."

I said, "I guess it didn't occur to me either, it was just a given in my mind."

I started to say something more, but stopped.

Sally tilted her head at me and said, "What?"

I thought for a minute. Then I said, "I hope this doesn't sound insulting to anyone here, I don't mean it to be. But you're supposed to tell your true feeling when you're asked.

"Once I saw Parker fuck Mom, something changed inside me. I was jealous, of course. But at the same time I saw how much she loved it."

I thought some more. "I hated, hated, hated it when Parker took Annie, then Kelly away from me. But for some reason it didn't really bother me to see him fucking them.

"And it didn't bother me to see Parker fuck my sister and then Margot. And Sally and Allison and Mikey.

"I guess something shifted in me once I saw him fuck Mom. After that nobody else seemed that important to me."

I knew what I said came out wrong, but Sally came to my rescue.

"Nobody's insulted, honey. We all knew that what you and Connie had between you was so magic. So of course seeing Connie and Parker was a watershed for you. As much as you love the rest of us, your mom was in her own league."

Helen said, "Nice try, Mattie, now answer my question. How will you feel when Sylvie starts fucking other boys?"

Everyone was looking at me, curious. But for once I knew what to say. "Well, part of me, the petty jealous part, won't like it. But if Sally doesn't divorce me, if I still get to be married to her, then I'll probably be okay."

Sylvie said, "Speaking of Sally..."

Sylvie pointed Parker's cock at her. Sally stood and slipped out of her robe. But she didn't go to Parker. She walked over to Jane and held out her arms for Kelly.

Sally said, "Parker finished me for the night, he's all yours, Jane."

Kelly didn't open her eyes as Jane transferred her to Sally. She just nestled into Sally's lap and started suckling.

Sally smiled at Sylvie and said, "I meant what I said, Parker wore me out. So you can have your fiance back for the night, I'll sleep with precious here."

Jane was holding hands with Parker and she turned on the stairs. "Mr. Matthew should come now, Miss Sylvie. Then he'll be just right for you at bedtime."

Helen patted the couch and I sat down where Parker had been. Helen bent down and took me in her mouth. Sylvie stroked me until I shot off. Helen kissed my cum into my mouth.

Sylvie said, "Poor Matthew, he just doesn't get much cum anymore, does he?"

Helen said, "Oh, don't be so sure of that. I bet Sally is giving him plenty of second hand cum, right baby?"

I blushed, I'm not sure why. Everyone knows that I love the mixed taste of pussy and cum. Usually after Parker finishes in her, Sally sits on my face and opens herself wide for me.

Sylvie said, "We should have told Jane to call for Matthew when Parker cums."

Kelly jumped down from the rocker and scampered toward the stairs, "I'll tell her."

We laughed, knowing that Kelly would stay and watch Jane fuck Parker, probably cumming once or twice herself.

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