Terror in the Woods
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Clayton Baxter is a disturbed man who has grown more paranoid and violent over the years. When Nicolette Larson is sent to deliver a summons she finds out just how true the rumors about the crazed mountain man really are.

The sun began its descent behind the tree lined horizon. The heavily wooded area surrounding Snowy Pines Lake was falling into the ever deepening darkness of night. Fireflies danced with their lights aglow in the murky twilight. Nicolette Larson's older metallic blue Honda Civic pulled slowly onto the long gravel road that lead to Clayton Baxter's property. She had been sent to deliver a summons to Mr. Baxter. Rumors about the loner left her to wonder just how much of his reputation was based on fact and how much was simply hyperbole. The two most consistently mentioned tidbits were about his affection for violence and his hatred for strangers. It was a combination that would not bode well for the 23 year old.

She drove for miles down the deserted rural road until all signs of familiar life were long gone. The road came to an abrupt end with a large metal gate barring entry to the remainder of the worn dirt path. The heavy brush and downed trees that lined either side of the road made driving around the gate impossible. She would have no choice but to continue her quest on foot to the house. The sunlight was fading fast amongst the trees. The path was barely visible in the best of conditions. The vanishing light did not help matters in the least. On top of it all, her choice of footwear made the trek treacherous. Her three inch heels were not intended for such terrain. Still she had to continue on.

Nicolette locked her car, bringing only the papers and her keys with her on the expedition. Within the first 10 minutes of walking she managed to make decent time. The hard packed mud was relatively flat and easy to walk on even in heals. The further back it lead into the woods the worse it got for the young lady. Deep tire tracks replaced the smoother surfaces making each step harder to safely take. Between the ruts and the rock lined center hump there was nowhere to get sure footing. It was a miracle that she hadn't twisted her ankle or tripped over a large chunk of stone yet. The diminished light made seeing the nuances of the rough terrain much harder.

The faint smell of a wood fire gave her hope that she was getting closer to the home she sought. A very uneasy feeling also came over her as she crept carefully closer. Periodically she stopped, taking a moment to look around to see if anyone or anything was there. The feeling that she was being watched was growing stronger with each step. Every little noise from the surrounding woods made her more frightened that she already was. Out of the corner of her eye she swore she saw a tall dark figure following to the left of her but she could not seem to get a good look at it before it vanished into the trees again.

"Hello? IS anyone there? Mr. Baxter?" She timidly asked as she stopped.

The only response she received was the symphony of chirps and croaks that filled the woods. It unnerved her to the point that she considered turning back and running toward the car. She could hand the job off to someone else in the office and let them deal with the eerie walk. She stopped, looking over her shoulder once more. Just as she turned her head a rock came whizzing from the nearby trees and struck her solidly in the head. The blow left her dizzy, dropping her to her knees before she knew what was happening. Her hand reached up and touched the large bump. Blood trickled from the wound. She scrambled to her feet. Her heart was racing as she turned, looking around to see where the rock had come from. Several feet behind her loomed the figure that she had seen repeatedly. This time instead of disappearing it started toward her. Nicolette's heart raced as she started to back away. It moved swiftly toward her, causing her to turn and run like a scared rabbit. The gap between them was closing quickly. The filthy beast of a man had little trouble catching up to her.

Within seconds of his gaining on her she felt another sharp pain in the back of her head. This time it was the steel pommel of his bowie knife that struck her skull. The blow caused her to stumble and fall to her knees in a heartbeat. The angry figure moved in closer, standing above her as she stared up in terror. It was then that she realized that the shadowy man looming over her was the exact man she sought, Clayton Baxter. Before she could say a word he was on top of her with his large, dirty hands around her throat.

"Mister Baxt..." Was all that she managed to say before the lack of oxygen dragged her under.

When Nicolette awoke she had no way of knowing how long she was out. Her body had been flipped over onto her stomach. Her white silk blouse had been stripped from her body and was now in tattered strips. The others were used to secure her ankles and knees as well as her wrists which remained stretched above her head. His hand gripped her ankles as he dragged her over the rough forest floor. The strips of her destroyed blouse held a wad of the wasted material in her mouth to keep her from screaming as he pulled her along the ground.

Her arms, face, and torso were covered in scrapes and cuts from the debris that littered the woods. The girl began to flail wildly. Her hands desperately clawed at the earth in hopes that she could get a grip on something that would help give her a chance to pull away from his grasp. Her manicured nails broke and chipped as they dug into the soil. Her fingertips were soon bleeding. The front of her thin pale pink camisole shredded as the back remained untouched. The cups of the lace trimmed sheer white bra that she worn were torn as well. Blood soaked into the fabric around the underwire.

She screamed into the gag as her body passed over sharp rocks and several bramble branches that lay upon the ground. The majority of her sounds were muffled by the gag. Even if they hadn't been there was no one around for miles. People generally steered clear of Clayton and his property. She was completely at the mercy of the filthy beast of a man. Her mind held little doubt that he would be the last human being to ever see her alive.

After what felt like hours, they finally approached the large log cabin he resided in. In front of it house sat a large stump that he used for splitting wood. An axe remained partially embedded in the wood from its last usage. Without a word he hefted her small frame and threw her face down upon the rough wooden surface. She let out a loud humph into the gag as she landed on her stomach with her arms pinned painful beneath her. He reached for the large knife on his belt once again. This time the blade sliced through the camisole with the same ease as it cut the air. He then used it to liberate her from her bra, slicing through the thin straps. He did not bother to remove the item since it held no significant purpose. His attention turned to the tweed skirt she wore. The front of it was covered in a damp, muddy mess.

The knife made a careful incision from the bottom hem all the way to the waistband. It fluttered uselessly to the stump. This left her wearing just sheer pantyhose, her panties and her shoes. The pungent smell of urine filled his nostrils as he cut away the waistband of the hose. The fear of her current predicament caused her to empty her bladder. Shame rushed through her as she felt him tearing away the nylon covering. He did not bother to lift the sides of her panties as he cut through them. He simply slid the tip of the knife under the material and cut it away. It had been quite some time since Clayton had felt the touch of a woman. The sight of her displayed on that stump made his blood pump faster.

"Stupid city cunts. You think you belong earning a living when all your lot is good for is cooking, cleaning and the occasional breeding. I am going to remind you of what a woman is really worth." His voice was harsh as he spoke.

Her heart felt like it had stopped beating as she heard him unfasten his belt. Her body twisted and wriggled hard as he unzipped his dirt crusted denims. The way she was positioned made her notice the razor sharp axe blade that stood only several inches in front of her. He guided her body forward until her thighs pressed firmly against the large stump. He positioned himself to enter her. The large bulbous head pressed against her lips for a brief moment before pushing deep inside. She howled into the fabric gag as his thick shaft filled her tender folds.

His fingertips dug into her pale flesh as he held her in place. He showed no mercy as he rammed the full length into her with slow, yet powerful strokes as if they would drive his message home. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks, leaving trails through the dirty and blood. She tried to kick and buck free.

"Bitch either you stop squirming like that or I will split your worthless cunt in two and I don't mean with my cock." He growled.

He noticed how her body lurched forward with his thrusts. Each time it moved it pushed it closer to the sharpened blade. A cruel smile formed upon his lips as he gave harder thrusts. He was battering her delicate sex so hard that he caused her to bleed. Her shoulder came to rest against the blade. She shook and sobbed as she felt it pushing into her skin. He moved his hands from her hips, placing them on either side of her waist. He leaned forward, pumping her with all his might as the blade sliced into her flesh. Blood flowed freely from the wound as he ravaged her cunt.

The scent of blood and the anguished screams quickened his stride. His cock throbbed as he grew closer to his final stroke. He cared little for the suffering she was enduring at his hand. All he cared about was the feel of her walls gripping his swollen shaft as it hammered away inside her. He grunted as his thrusts came faster. The tip of his cock banged painfully into her cervix. It would surely be bruised once he was finished with her. His hand came up, tangling in her chestnut locks. Without warning he drew her head back and growled into her ear.

"Maybe you are worth keeping as a breeding sow." He grinned.

Her sobs renewed with the hideous thought of being forced to birth children for this crazed hermit. With that she felt the rush of hot seed filling her womb. He released her hair as he pulled her back onto his cock, holding her there until every drop was emptied from him. He withdrew, dropping her hard onto the stump. He pulled the shredded camisole from the ground and used it to wipe his cock before throwing it at her trembling body.

"Now to get you cleaned up." He smirked.

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