It's Easy, Lisa
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cousins, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I started doing video calls with my cousin, Suzi, and she asked me if I wanted to have her brother join her on the calls. It was far more than I ever expected. Was it ever.

I have a cousin, Suzi, who lives about three hundred miles from us and we get to see each other several times a year. We're pretty close, she's a year older than me, I'm fifteen, she's sixteen and we each have an older brother. Hers is Mark, he's seventeen and mine is James, sixteen. It's funny how we both have brothers one year older.

Since we don't get to see each too often, we text one another and also do instant messaging and, most recently, we've begun making video calls from our computers. Actually, I talk with her from my laptop, she's got an iPad.

We talk about all kinds of things but, being teen girls, well, you know the main thing we discuss is boys and sex. So, about three months ago, our discussions took on a new level of interest.

It was the beginning of summer recess and we'd had just gotten online, when she said, almost breathlessly,"I did it, Lisa, I really did it."

Well, we'd just started talking so I had no clue what she meant.

"Did what, Suzi? How am I supposed to know what you're talking about?"

"Sex, Lisa, sex."

I sat there stunned. We had both been virgins, though now it appeared that I was the only one now.

"With a boy?" I asked. It was kind of a dumb thing to ask, after all we'd never talked even a word about sex with girls.

"Lisa ... damn, sure a boy. What are you thinking. A boy, okay?"

"Who, someone from school?" I asked her knowing that she hadn't mentioned dating anyone.

"Um, no, not exactly. I can't say. But it was fantastic. We do it every day."

It was getting strange but I went on, "Is it as good as everybody says?"

"Oh, girl, way better. You just wait until a boy puts his dick in you. It's heaven. And oral sex, too."

"Oral, he gets down and, you know, with his mouth?"

"The first time he got me off that way I screamed so loud, I hope the neighbors didn't hear me," she giggled.

It seemed odd that she didn't seem concerned that her brother might hear her ... then I knew.

"It's Mark, isn't it?" I asked and there was silence as she sat there, her eyes staring at me.

After what seemed like a long time, she said softly, "You've got to promise me you'll never tell anyone, promise."

"I promise, Suzi, I'd never tell, you know that. I promise I won't ever tell anyone."

"Okay, I think I'll need to tell him that you know, though."

"So, what was it like, him being your brother?" I asked realizing this was probably the most intimate and personal question I could possibly ask her.

"Well, it's funny, the way it happened, well, I just don't think I really cared. And now, well, I hardly think of him as my brother and why shouldn't a brother and sister love each other any way they want?"

"So, how did it start? When?"

"Um, about a month ago. I came home and walked by his room. He was at his computer with his headphones on and he was totally naked. And, girl, he was sitting there jacking-off, had no idea I was there watching him. It was so sexy, I'd never seen a guy's dick before and it was beautiful, long and thin and pink with a pretty round head on the end.

"Anyway, I just stood there and pretty soon he started to groan and then ... have you ever seen a guy cum?"

I shook my head and she went on, "Well, you've just got to. It is so cool. This white goo starts shooting out in globs, like spurts, one after the other and you can tell it feels really, really good."

"So did he see you?"

"No, I watched until he shot his stuff and then I went back downstairs and came back in the house, this time making lots of noise. So, he never knew."

"Well, how did you two start doing it?"

"I told him that afternoon that I'd come home and watched him and could I watch up close the next day when he did it again."

"And... ?"

"He laughed. He said he did it four or five times a day. I almost fell over. Four or five, can you imagine?"

"That's a lot. I guess boy's get pretty horny, huh?"

"Oh, girl, you just don't know. Wait until you start having sex, it's all they want to do. Not that I'm complaining."

"So he let you watch the next day?"

"Right then. He told me he'd do it right then and we went to his bedroom and he got undressed. Oh, was it sexy. My brother's beautiful when he's naked. You should see him. Anyway, up close, oh, girl. He looked so big, it was stuck right out and he put some hand lotion on it, that's what he uses, and started doing it.

"My pussy was all warm and my boobs, my nipples were tingly, just watching him. I could tell after a few minutes that he was getting close, he started moaning and was going faster."

"It sounds so hot," I managed to get out, now just enthralled at what she was telling me.

"Oh, then it all came out of him again. Globs of his cum, lots of it. It was so hot. I didn't even realize it but I had my hand down between my legs rubbing my shorts. He started to laugh and I asked him what was funny. Then he said, look at you, and nodded down. Oh, god, I almost died."

"So he saw you, huh? Rubbing yourself?"

"Yeah, well, it was kind of funny, you know? So he asked me if I wanted to get off? He really did."

"Did you? Did you do it?" I asked excitedly.

"I told him I didn't know if I should. That I'd pretty much have to take my clothes off to do it. But he said, well, look at me, I did, and so, well, I did it."

"Oh, god, you got naked? Right then, right there? With him looking at you?"

"I'm telling you it was so sexy. You just don't know. Sexier than anything I'd ever felt before. Then he asked me if I wanted to touch it? Play with it?"

"His thing? Omigod."

"Well, Lisa, just wait. There's nothing more fun than a boy's dick," she said like it was one of life's central lessons. Perhaps it was.

"It was hard, right? Stiff?"

"Yes, but soft, too. Hard kind of inside but the outside was soft, especially the top, the end, you know, the round end. It felt really silky and smooth. He told me it really felt good when I rubbed it there. Oh, he liked me playing with it. And, girl, so did I."

"Did you ever get off for him?" I asked her. I just had to know.

"Oh, that's where things really got intense. I told him I would and I took my clothes off. I was just thinking, well, we'd both do it so the other could see, after all, we knew we were both doing it alone in our separate rooms. But, when I got naked and he was standing there naked, all hard and naked, well, things changed somehow."

"Changed? What do you mean, changed?"

"Well, it's kinda like we forgot we were brother and sister. I know that seems weird and all but that's what happened. We were just so attracted to each other. You know Mark, well, he's a hot-looking guy and naked he's awesome-looking. And, you know, I'm not bad myself. You've seen me, right?"

"Oh, girl, you're beautiful, no other word for it. So, explain what you mean."

"Well, there we were, right there, both naked, Mark with his dick straight out, well, we kind of came together in a hug."

"Yeah, okay?"

"Well, it was a kiss, too, and one that you wouldn't expect for a brother and sister. With our tongues and everything. It was hot, Lisa, I mean, really hot. That's when I think I knew how far we were going to go."

"So you were really making out?"

"Oh, our tongues, our hands, he was all over me, my boobs, my pussy, I was squeezing his cock. Oh, girl, it got kinda crazy. He sure didn't seem like a brother right then."

"So what happened?"

"Well, I never masturbated for him but he did put me in his bed and did oral sex on me."

She stopped right after she said that, I guess waiting for me to say something. I knew what it meant, of course, he ate her out. All my girlfriends talk about it all the time. The ones who have boyfriends that do it to them just rave about how impossibly good it feels and that their orgasms are so good, so strong.

"Was it good?"

"It was the best thing I've ever felt in my life. Incredible. He made me cum that way and he just stayed down there licking me and putting his tongue inside. I went off twice, twice. Just awesome. I love it every time he so does it. He just did before I got on with you right now. I just got dressed."

"Just now, before we started to talk?"

"Right. Oh, girl, it's so good. My pussy is so happy."

"Do you suck his?"

"Wait until you suck a boy off and he cums, he cums because you made him feel so good. And when he shoots in your mouth and you know you've made him so, so happy, well, I love it and you will, too. Just wait."

"So, okay you both are doing oral. That's sex all right. Um, is there more?"

Would they really be doing it? I wondered. Brother and sister?

"Now that it's summer and we're home alone all day, as soon as Mom and Dad leave, I go crawl in bed with Mark and we fuck right then. Oh, and then it's sex all day long. Everything, oral, fucking, sometimes now I jack him off. Sometimes he gets me off with his fingers, oh, we do everything. And oral, I suck him and he eats me out. Just everything. You should see us."

"Yeah, my god, you two are really something. I still can't believe it."

"Well, you better believe it. I know he wants me back in his room so we can do it again before lunch."

"How much do you do it?"

"I told you, just as much as we can. Just wait until you see how good it feels and how hot it makes you feel. Then you'll know. Well, I gotta go, I'm getting horny," she said and we each got off and I sat there in a daze.

Sex, my cousin Suzi was having sex. And with her brother, my cousin, Mark, I thought, as I realized I was rubbing between my legs. I got up, pulled my shorts and panties off, wet my fingers and took my time, trying to make it feel maybe like a boy might feel. But, how did I know?

The next morning, I got Suzi online and she told me more.

"After we talked, I told Mark that you knew about us and that you promised not to ever tell anyone. He really seemed okay with that, he trusts you, too, Lisa, and wasn't really upset. In fact, he said something that really surprised me."

"Yeah, what?" I asked, now really wondering where this was going.

"Well, I see you're sitting down. Ready? He asked if I thought you'd like to watch us?"

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