An Invitation to His Granddaughter's Sleepover

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Daughter, Grand Parent, Spanking, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Joshua always tried to go by the Good Book but his thoughts kept straying to the nubile young bodies of the 16 and 17 year old girls who often visited his Granddaughter Sally. It was always a pleasure to have these lovely nymphets bouncing on his stiff cock in innocent yet pleasure laden play. A golden opportunity is presented with an invitation to be chaparone at their Halloween sleepover.


Joshua was a very religious man. At least, that is what most of his family and friends in the neighborhood thought of him. Actually, Joshua was a little twisted way down deep inside. He knew all the words of the Good Book and never hesitated to use them to make a point.

Poor Joshua's weakness was his proclivity to young girls with bouncy butts. He was not a pedophile, at least not in the legal sense, because he preferred those nubile youngsters in the eighteen to twenty range who were either virgins or possessed of very little sexual experience. His own housekeeper's granddaughter was only eighteen years old and he knew for a fact she was still a virgin. He had convinced the young girl to allow him to "inspect her innocence" and he had physically felt all areas of her hymen to make sure she had not been penetrated by a cock or any other implement. Sally confided in him that his fingers were the only ones to ever explore her "female place". Despite his deep-seated need to bounce Sally's bottom, Joshua restrained himself because of an aversion to any hint of an improper relationship. He had been sorely tempted by her mother's pretty bottom almost two full decades ago but consoled his desires with periodic spankings and inspections of her pussy and anus for basic health needs. He allowed her to bounce on his lap to her heart's content more than once and accepted the spilling of his seed inside his trousers as normal emissions to rid his body of devilish thoughts.

Lately, the recently graduated Sally had taken up the same practice and Joshua was fully aware of his housekeeper looking jealously in their direction when her daughter was "caught up" in her playful riding exercise.

Just before Halloween, Sally's mother told him her daughter was having a "sleepover" for her friends from the riding stable. They were all eighteen and nineteen year old students taking instructions in equestrian activities. He had met most of them at the last couple of meets and marveled how mature they all looked in their riding clothes and boots.

He had an interested eye on Alice, Sally's constant companion. She was a young Anglo-Saxon princess with flaxen hair and a posterior that was sorely pressed to fit inside her tight riding pants. The cleft of her flanks was a veritable ski slope with very dangerous curves. Sally told him that Alice had lost her mother in a car accident and lived alone with her moody father.

On the evening of the sleepover, Sally's mother told Joshua he was the "official" chaperone for the sleepover as she had to visit husband's ailing mother in Montreal. It sounded like a responsible job to Joshua and he promised to keep all the girls on the straight and narrow whilst she was away.

Since all the girls were wearing their Pajamas, Joshua put on his own relaxed evening clothes consisting of supple soft cotton shorts and a Tee shirt. He liked wearing the abbreviated costume because now his confined pole could swing about freely and when he accidently brushed it with his hand, it tended to spring right up to attention in the presence of all the young nubile flesh around him. He could tell Sally saw right through him and she did not hesitate to hop up and rub her soft young cheeks on his quickly rising appendage. She smiled coyly at him most flirtatiously and went over to whisper something in Alice's ear.

The girls were all playing some silly game about matching a film star with one of the other girls at school and telling tall tales about what they did together. It was starting to get a little "over the top" when Alice moved over to his lounge chair and perched her unfettered jingly ass right on his still hard cock. His shaft jumped to and fro trying to get up deep in the young girl's wide spread cleft. With Alice's ample ass surrounding his cock, Joshua let her bounce with tantalizing slowness like she was posting a new stallion for the weekend meet.

Much to his dismay, Joshua was forced to shot off a load of creamy cum right through his cotton briefs and straight through Alice's thin pajamas depositing a puddle of his happy juice in her tender young arse crack. She looked back over her shoulder at Joshua and smiled happily like he had given her a present of some value.

Alice ran up to the bathroom and Joshua changed his briefs in his bedroom pushing them under the bed before donning a fresh pair from the dresser.

When his door opened behind him, he saw the excited Alice standing in the doorway holding up her soiled pajamas. He could see they were drenched with his spunk and felt a bit ashamed that he had not managed to restrain his excitement.

"What did you do to my PJ's, you dirty old man?"

Joshua was taken aback but then saw that Alice was smiling and was not in the least bit out of sorts. She came up next to him and reached inside his briefs to stroke his hard erection. He could tell she was well experienced with the handling of male equipment and he attributed it to her stunning good looks and fine figure.

"I may be a virgin, sir, but you can stick it up my backside if you are a mind to. Your housekeeper's daughter told me you didn't want to do her back there because her mother is your servant and she lives in the house with you. Do you mind if Sally watches you when you give it to me good? I promised her I would let her see me get it up my bum hole. I am afraid I sort of need her moral encouragement to take it all the way up."

Joshua pulled down his shorts and watched his housekeeper's daughter come through the door. She was looking intently at his long thick business.

"Thank you sir, I just want to see Alice get it real nice in the ass. She told me she would not squeal loud like the silly girls at the stable when the grooms check out their seat. Do you want me to help spread her cheeks for you?"

There was no getting around it.

Sally wanted to be part of the action. He told her to pull Alice's butt cheeks wide open and to lubricate her arse with the KY tube on the nightstand. The sight of little Sally's fingers probing Alice's anus with the lubricant made him tingle with anticipation of testing the tightness of Alice's pucker hole.

When he placed his hard shaft on Alice's brown eye, she shuddered and Sally kissed her face to get her mind off of being skewered on Joshua's long thick rod. Her little rosebud opened delicately and fluttered around his sensitive cock. Joshua tried hard to keep his self-control and started to give it to her nice and hard in her buttocks. Sally was holding both of Alice's hands and kissing her face and mouth telling her she was a "very good girl".

The eighteen year old heart-shaped bottom was bouncing every which way but up and the old man still stuck it to Alice as hard as he could just to see Sally's look of intense satisfaction at her friend's anal pounding.

Poor Alice was whimpering and moaning something terrible now and Joshua had feelings of remorse for giving it to her so hard. If it were not for Sally urging him on to get her even deeper, Joshua probably would have eased up a bit. Bottom-line, Alice had a wonderful anal orgasm and convulsed about so energetically that he was forced to shoot his load deep up her sensational rectum.

After he pulled out, Joshua was astonished to see the innocent housekeeper's daughter bend down and lick up all vestiges of her friend Alice's anal cream pie with her surprisingly talented tongue.

Joshua went and cleaned up and left the two girls giggling on the bed.

"Sir, one of the girls wants to lose her cherry tonight. Her name is Deana, but we all call her "DD" because of the size of her tits. Alice and I want to know if you will bust her hymen real gentle like because she is really very shy and afraid of most boys."

The Deana that they spoke of was a dark-haired girl of eighteen who was part Gypsy and seemed to be like one with the horse whenever they took a hurdle. It seemed strange to him that she would still be a virgin because all the girls joked about her "boyfriend" doing it every weekend.

In any event, Joshua agreed to it as long as the girl was fully consensual with the arrangement. They were all to meet in his bedroom at midnight for the ceremony.

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