Victorious - Payback Because of Daddy

by David Oberman

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Lesbian, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Daughter, Gang Bang, Interracial, First, Bestiality, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: A sex parody of TV show Victorious where Tori goes to an audition with a friend from school but falls prey to a criminal nemesis of her father, a police detective. She is the subjected to all inds of sexual torment and abuse at the hands of men, and beasts.

Part One

Victoria Vega, Tori to her friends, was getting her things from her locker at her high school, Hollywood Arts, when one of her friends came hopping over to her.

"Hi, Tori!" Cat said in her always chirpy voice.

"Hi, Cat," Tori returned the greeting. "What's up?"

"What do you mean?" Cat asked, sounding as confused as ever.

"I just mean, what's going on, Cat?" Tory told her.

"Oh! Eh-eh!" Cat giggled. "Well, I think I found a job for the summer, singing and dancing."

"Really," Tori cheerfully replies to her redheaded friend.

"Yes," Cat shorted her answer, as she usually always did. "I found this ad in the entertainment section of the newspaper, see!"

The 5'4" redheaded teen then handed Tori the clipping she had cut out of a paper. Tori took it and read the ad for herself.

Singing, dancing an asset
Age doesn't matter
Apply soon
Limited openings
125 Meadow St.

"Wow! That's great, Cat," Tori said, pleased that her friend had found such a good opportunity.

"Err, Tori, could you come with me?" Cat asked somewhat shyly, also one of her quirky characteristics.

"Sure, when do you want to go?" Tori asked.

"We could go this Saturday," Cat suggested excitedly.

"Okay, Saturday it is then," Tori smiled as they headed for their first class of the day.

That weekend, the two 16-year-old students made their way to the address indicated in the ad. It didn't look like much, but the naïve teens thought that it was just a place that had been rented for the auditions. So they pulled the heavy doors and walked right in.

They were immediately surprised that there didn't seem to be any other girls around for the auditions from the ad in the large room. They tentatively walked toward the large desk at the other end of the room.

A few steps into the cavernous room, the heavy doors thudded loudly as they shut, making them jump in surprise. Looking back they were shocked to see a big burly man standing in front of the large double doors, blocking their way to it.

"Err, hello!" Tori called out as she returned her attention to the far away desk. "We're here about the ad!"

"Come in, come in, girls!" A deep voice resounded in the large room.

Tori could finally make out a figure sitting behind that big desk as they tentatively made their way closer.

"My name is Anton," the man introduced himself. "Anton Gorsky. You know of me?"

Both girls shook their heads, indication that they really never had. But in the back of Tori's mind the name did sound familiar to her, but she just couldn't remember where she had heard it before.

Just then, two burly men entered the room from the back and stood on either side of Mr. Gorsky, one of them being a big black man. They could both see that these men were most definitely very muscular under their bulging suits.

'Mr. Gorsky must be an important man, ' Tori thought to herself. 'They must be bodyguards or something.'

"So, you girls wanna dance for my club, yes!" Anton said gruffly.

"Ye ... yes, sir," Tori answered for both of them.

"Well, you look nice," Anton smirked. "Can you dance? Sing?"

"Yes!" Cat chirped in.

"We both go to Hollywood Arts," Tori explained.

"Ah, good school," Anton grinned. "Names please."

"Oh, my name is Caterina Valentine," Cat answered quickly and cheerfully. "But my friends all call me Cat."

"Nice name Caterina," Anton said. "And you?"

He was obviously waiting for Tori to give him her name.

"Err, I'm Tori," she said nervously. "Tori Vega, sir."

"Vega, Vega, why do I know this name?" Anton asked inquisitively.

One of his bodyguards leaned down and whispered into his ear.

"Really?" Mr. Gorsky sounded surprised and then turned his attention back at Tori. "Girly, you know detective David Vega?"

"Yeah, he's my dad," Tori answered, sounding relieved. "Do you know him?"

"Oh, yes, I know detective Vega very well," he smiled devilishly. "Very well indeed."

Tori was sounding more at ease now thinking that this man was an acquaintance of her father. Little did she know that Anton Gorsky was the head man of the local mob, which is where she had heard the name in the first place. Her father had mentioned him many times over the years at how frustrated he was for being unable to arrest this man.

"So?" Tori asked. "So, would you like to hear us sing, or should we dance first?"

"No, no," Anton grinned. "You have job."

Unseen by the two teen girls, Anton had pressed a hidden button under his desk, and a few minutes later three more burly men entered the room, among them was another large black man. Each of these newcomers had a large dog on a leash accompanying them. One was a German Shepherd, another had a large Doberman with him, and the third was holding back a ferocious looking Rottweiler.

Tori and Cat looked nervously at the beasts and them back to Mr. Gorsky.

"Now, you take off clothe, yes," Anton said matter-of-factly/

"ERR, NO!" Tori replied emphatically.

With that answer the three dogs were encouraged to lunge in their direction, while still being held back.

The two 16-year-olds gulped in fear and backed away. Their first thought was to run back out through the door then had come in, but then they remembered the large man guarding it.

"You take off clothe now," Anton repeated.

"Cat, where did you say that you found this ad?" Tori whispered to her petite friend.

"I told you, in the adult entertainment section of the newspaper," Cat replied.

"No you didn't!" Tori gasped. "You just said the entertainment section."

"Oopsie, eh-eh-eh!" Cat giggled.

Unnoticed by Cat or Tori, Mr. Gorsky had made a quiet call in his intercom and another man entered the room and activated hidden cameras strewn around the great hall.

Feeling defeated, Cat was the first to move as she unzipped the back of her short dress. Tori soon followed as she undid the button and zipper of her tight-fitting jeans.

Even before Tori began pulling her pants down Cat had shrugged her shoulders and let her dress slide off her body, revealing to Tori that her redheaded friend wasn't even wearing a bra under it. Her teenaged breasts looked huge with her petite body.

Cat was now standing in the cool hall in only her panties, and shoes.

"And you!" Anton said pointedly to Tori.

Tori kicked off her shoes and then pulled her jeans down to her ankles and then kicked them off as well. The svelte teenager looked fabulous in only a cotton shirt and a pair of g-string panties.

"Top also," Anton urged her.

'Gulp!' Tori thought nervously.

After all, she was still a virgin even though many boys had dated her, and even more had indicated that they too wanted into her panties.

And so, closing her eyes in embarrassment, she lifted her shirt up over her head, her dark hair cascading back over her shoulders as she tossed it to the ground to join her jeans.

"Very nice," Anton Gorsky grinned.

There was a grumble of agreement from his men in the room.

"Undervear also," the man added insistently.

Tori was horribly embarrassed as to what was happening to her and Cat, but she also felt powerless to stop any of this also with all of these muscled men surrounding her. So, reluctantly, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, holding it in place with one arm across her chest.

Then together, Cat and Tori pulled down their panties in front of all of these leering men. They then straightened back up, Tori letting her bra fall to the floor in the process. Both girls then quickly tried covering themselves with their hands over their crotch area and an arm across their chests to cover their tits.

"Yes, yes, you will do nicely," Anton said, sounding almost complimentary.

"Everything will be okay, Cat," Tori whispered to her friend.

"Gregor, you bring chair for Ms. Vega," Anton then ordered.

One of the men walked over to the side and carried a large chair and placed it next to Tori, not missing the opportunity to ogle her teenage body.

"Sit! Sit!" Anton told her suggestively.

Tori followed his direction and sat on the cold chair, relieved that she could better cover her naked flesh from these lewd men while sitting.

"You," Anton then said, pointing to Cat. "Go sit over there."

He indicated a row of chairs next to the windows. Cat did as she was told and demurely walked over to one of the chairs and sat there quietly.

"Now, Ms. Vega," Anton returned his attention to Tori. "Me and your papa have had a number of difference of opinion over the years. So today, you will be my message to him."

Tori suddenly came to the realization that she must have assuredly heard her father mention this man's name as a criminal, not a friend.

"You!" Anton said, waving a finger in Cat's direction. "Prepare girly."

Without any hesitation, Cat got up and walked up to Tori's chair and knelt in front of her beautiful friend.

"Cat!?!" Tori shrieked in surprise.

"It's okay, Tori," Cat replied as she looked up at the brunette. "I like it?"

"Wha ... what?!?" Tori gasped as her eyes popped wide open, more confused than ever.

And with that, Cat pulled Tori's knees apart and lowered her redheaded face into her crotch and kissed her pussy. Tori jumped up in the chair unable to comprehend what was going on.

"Cat, I ... I don't understand what's happening here," Tori stammered.

"Didn't you know," Cat smiled. "That's why everyone at school calls me Cat."

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