Chapter 1

My life was now free of her. She had really gotten the best of me. I never even suspected her affairs. Not that she had been very careful, I just never was with her at these parties she went to. If it had not been for a girl I worked with asking me if I knew what my wife was out doing, I would still in the dark. My name is Peter Pipper. Pipper with two 'P's' thank you very much.

I was now a single man again. The PI had been expensive, but he had been thorough; the 'Bitch' had made his job very easy. The lawyers, though, were not cheap. Because the girl had alerted me, most of any cash was salvaged since I waited a day before the papers were filed. That saved a lot, after everything was done, there was enough to pay for the divorce and give the girl a nice vacation in Hawaii, on me, she had earned it.

The townhouse we both had owned. There was not much equity in it. It was actually sold and the money split. I never wanted to see her again, or so I thought then. I really did not want to go on. I really did not want the 'Bitch' to win either. She had made a mockery of our marriage and all our friends knew it. Hell, most of them were screwing her.

We had been comfortable, not wealthy or rich but I made enough to pay the bills. It had not been enough for her though. When the divorce was finally over I had a decision to make. My Job(Same Ad Agency as her), home and social life would keep me seeing her, quite often. This was not something I wanted. I also liked New York. Maybe not the same scenes she did, but life there was never dull. As I found out.

I had rented, not leased a new flat in Mid-town. It was expensive, but as I was not certain of what or where I was going, the month to month option was attractive. The good thing was there we had no kids. Because she had been cheating on me there was no alimony either. One of the benefits of the PI photos.

I did finally quit my job. From the money I had left, $43,000 would not last in New York. I had given the girl, Angela, pre-paid tickets, hotel and two-weeks of all expenses paid. It had cost about $6,000. I did not care, it seemed the right thing to do.

I had been looking in Lower Manhattan for a less costly place, also a job. There was a weekend gig going on, off Canal Street, I listened to the band for a while then decided to grab a bite to eat before heading home. I called the apartment home now.

I had given my cell number to a couple of people at work. It was a Friday, just past 5PM when I heard the ring tone of my phone. If I had not been a walkup away from the music I would have missed it. The lines to the restaurants at or near Canal were horrendous, I was going to Del Monico's, Judy was probably working that night and I would see a smile and a great steak. She was a college girl and had been a shoulder to cry on, nothing more. I needed a smiling face tonight.

By the time I had gotten my phone out, I had missed the call. OH Well! a wrong number since I saw no name on my caller ID. As I was putting the phone away, it rang again. God, I loved this William Tell Overture. I answered, Hello. "Peter, is that you?"

"That or my Doppelganger", who is this."

"Angela, from work. At least your old work. I just got back and had to tell you Thank You, it was wonderful!"

Hey, no problem. You saved me a ton of grief and some money too, so it was my gift to you for that.'

"I'm sorry that I was the one to tell you. So many people were talking about her, the way she was at parties, that, that ... I had to tell You, I am so sorry. We're you at now?"

"Near Wall, I'm going to get some dinner then home..."

"No, I meant work!"

"Hell Angie, I don't even know if I am going to stay here, no job yet, and I have a month to month in Mid-town."

"Yeah, gets expensive, I know. I may go back home if my roomy decides to leave."

"Where is she going? Where is home?" I had never really known much about her, we just worked for the same company. The fact that she clued me in what my Ex was doing made her a friend. Something I did not have an abundance of right now.

"Her name is Julie, I'm not sure, she has been trying forever for a contract. I think the delay has made her want to give up. She is a model, pretty good too. But here good looks are a dime a dozen. I think she was from Atlanta or Savannah, somewhere in the South. Gets expensive here, like I said, if she leaves I may too, our lease is over end of this month."

"Yep, I hear you. Well girl I hoped you work things out and I am really glad you enjoyed Hawaii."

"Oh, God, Peter, it was the best, Thank you again."

I sort of perked up. That steak was beginning to melt in my mouth already. Hey, I remembered the waitress at Del Monico's was Julie, not Judy. I'd remember, her name was the same as her roomy.

The food was OK. I did not have an appetite tonight. Julie, (I'd gotten her name right) was busy on a Friday night, but I did get a nice smile. I left her a generous tip, too. It was 7:30 ish. Train or cab seemed the best. I walked the two over and one up back to Wall and started down for the 35-B to Mid-town.

That's when I saw them. Two small girls and an old lady. I continued, stopped then watched them. The street people and homeless come out early on Wall. She held the girls with one hand while looking for anything of value in the trash can. I approached them, slowly and asked if they needed help. I did not want to frighten them.

The old lady said something. The older girl, still holding her hand softly said. "Please sir, we were not doing anything, just looking for stuff. Grandma does not speak English, only Polish!"

Having been raised by a Polish and Russian family, I actually knew Polish. When I asked again, this time in Polish how I might help, the smile on her face could have lit the whole city. There were many hungry and homeless here, I decided this night there would be three fewer. I took her hand.

"Come grandmother, we are going to dinner first then to let you and your girls clean up and rest." We went back to Del Monico's. We sat in the bar, which was clearing out by now. "Julie dear, my friends here need some of your magic touches. Give them whatever they want, the older lady only speaks Polish so you may have to ask the girls."

To everyone's surprise, Julie started speaking to the old lady in Polish, took their order and gave me a smirk and a smile as she went to the kitchen. I felt a gnarled hand take mine and the teary face of the old woman. "Dziakujemy" she said. "Dziakujemy"

The food she brought out was not the regular meals served. It was everything from soup, salad, meat, fresh vegetables and several desserts. When they were done I asked Julie for the bill. "What bill! I just had them sample some of the food us poor servants get here."

A short, heavy-set man came up, handed Julie a bag which she gave to one of the girls. "For a snack," she said with tears in her eyes. She patted my hand, "You're a good man."

I then explained that I would like them to come home with me. That I lived alone and I would not hurt them. I reached in my wallet, called Julie back and showed them all my ID. I told them Julie would be their witness, that I had asked them to go home with me. As we left Julie whispered, "you better behave Mr. Pipper, I know where you live."

Actually it was still my old address on the ID. We took a cab, this was getting to be expensive. $73 for a cab to Mid-town, on a Friday night, was cheap. The doorman looked a bit askance at the old lady and two girls. I asked Ralph if he could still buy them some clothes tonight and gave him $400. He said, "In New York, he could get anything, anytime, day or night."

Getting them to take a bath was seeming to be a showstopper; that is until Ralph came back with some clothes, and bless him, shoes, socks, underwear and an assortment of girl things. When I mentioned bubble bath, the girls pulled the old lady in, like they were giving stuff away. I asked Ralph how much more? "Well, we have this guy who has a friend, who knows this other guy ... Well you know New York!"

The apartment had two bedrooms and had come furnished. (It should for what they were charging me.) It took a bit longer to convince them I was not an axe murderer, and was not going to sneak up during the night. One of the girls moaned, Awww.

We all made it through the night, alive. I had a service that brought up breakfast for four. As I opened the door, after knocking on the bedroom door, I entered pushing in the food cart. I did not see the old woman and two girls, instead three adult women in some gauze that resembled long gowns.

"MMM, is that for us?" I heard. "I hope you ordered enough, I'm starving again."

I did no know if I should give her a smart answer, run out screaming or sit down and pretend I was dead. I guess that last one only worked on bears, I was not expecting this.

"Do you always treat little old ladies this way, or take little girls back to your room, ummmm?"

Now I knew running quickly was the right choice. "I do, if they are as pretty as you three?" I said.

"Wow a nice man, and a funny one, in New York too. Now, before we give you your wish, what did you bring us to eat?"

If this was a joke or some prank, well, I was easy, this was not Halloween but these three were not hard to look at, either. "Ladies this is but the appetizer, I'll leave it up to you which main course you are in the mood for?"

"Very funny, indeed." I heard. The blond lifted the lid in one dish, "MMM! scrambled eggs and round things."

"Muffins," I said. They started taking things from my $97 cart. "Hey, that's mine I said, as a rye toast vanished."

Whoever had set me up had really done well. These women were good. The gowns they wore looked like something from Macbeth, you remember, the tree witches, but these were more like movie stars. Damn they were good. Cute too.

"Your pretty good yourself, Do you always feed your succubus like this? If so, I want to apply."

Cute and sexy too. A guy could get used to them.

"Well eat up my pretties, I'll be moving on, I guess."

I got this strange look. "Why, we thought you wanted to get even with the 'Bitch'?"

Now I knew someone, maybe I still had a friend, had set this up. "Well my lovelies, it might be I choose you instead of 'revenge', you appear to be the 'sweeter' of the two."

"Maybe you can have both, if you are really, really good." The blond said.

"Any man that treats a poor, old lady and her two defenceless little, young, tender, girls like you did, has a chance with us." Said the redhead.

"Yeah, every Halloween, we search for an honest man and give him a treat" the brunette said."

"Hon, that's the old man searching and this is not Halloween," from the blond again. "Don't mind her, she is new to this. Truth is, we were bored and started slumming. When you tried to pick us up, we decided to see if you were for real. When you started talking Polish, you had us, anyway you wanted us, I think. When you fed us and bought us clothes, I think we all got a little excited, I know I did. By the way, how do you like these?"

As she turned, several slits opened and there was no doubt she was a woman, a very well endowed one. "Hmmm", the Redhead said. "Patience, Patience," and laughed at her joke.

God, if I was feeling down and out because of everything, this was like a wake-up jolt. Whoever arranged this was on my gift list forever.

"Here, honey, this will get you started. She handed my a bankbook. We'll be back and can you get some more of those round thing, they are good?"

"Yes Milady. I shall see to it we have a fresh assortment for you. Coffee, Tea or me too?"

"I think, Yes Milord."

I turned for a second and when I looked back, they were gone. This must have cost a fortune, or somebody had three very professional friends. There was only one person I knew who would want to cheer me up. I used my cell.

"Angela, it's Peter. I give, you really got me. I feel like a million bucks and a little like a schoolboy. You did not have to do it, but where on earth did you find those three delightful women, I think I'm in love?"

"Ahh, Peter, I... , I don't know what you are talking about? Are you drunk or high? Are you OK?"

"Those three women, they were fabulous, didn't you send them?"

I hung up. Had it been some dream, was I just so desperate for a friend that I made this all up. Then I saw the cart of partially eaten food. A bankbook fell from my lap. If this was all a dream, Hell, I wanted more like this.

It was a Saturday morning and banks were usually closed or walk-up in New York.

The book said 'Credit Suisse'. There was a branch in Mid-town, five up and seven over, near Times Square. Hey, it was a nice day, so I walked. Of course it was closed. A guard walked up to me, two guards actually, and asked me my business with the Bank. I laughed, joking I told him a needed a few million for petty cash and presented the bankbook. He took one look at it and the colour, then nodded to the other man and told me to follow.

A call inside, was followed by a walk through security where a tall men met me, asked to see the book then said, "This way Sir."

We entered a secure room, I knew I was in trouble. Intelligence and Humility had always been by weak suits, I would pay for that today I guessed.

"How much money will you be needing Sir and in what denominations and currency?"

Hey, I could play along before the Gendarmes got there. May I please have $1 million in large bills in US and another in Swiss funds and $1 million in Gold. I will need an escort back to my flat here if that is no problem?

"Certainly Sir, I would like to say it is not often we see a Red Book, here. It will take just a few moments, may I please debit your account?"

He returned the book. $497 Million showed as the balance. "Yan will have you taken home. Here is my card. call us if we may be of any service to you."

"What was happening?"

Three very large banking bags were carried up to my apartment. Ralph just looked dazed as 6 men escorted me upstairs. "Thank you. you guys want a coke or juice maybe." I said, "Danke," they replied "Bitte". I would do more of my banking there, they were nice.

I looked at the bags, the bankbook and my shaking hands.

"Did you get any more of those round things, Hon?" As the three visions strolled in from the bedroom. "Milady, we are all going out for something called 'Brunch'. There you will be able to have as many of those round things as you desire."

I took stack of bills from one of the bags. Called to Ralph to see if he could get us a limo.(He reminded me, that this was New York, he could get anything.) Ralph got a $100 tip, so did the limo driver, the hostess and the three waiters who fawned over us. I could not blame them, the gowns on these women kept popping open. I just smiled.

"I know this is all a dream so I'll be bold. Would you not be more comfortable without all those clothes?" As they started to lower the gowns, I heard a "Oh My God" from up front.

"Hey," I shouted this is my dream as I raised the privacy window. "This was getting good now. They were naked. Bare assed naked. "My lovelies I hope you will be having as good a time as me," as I kissed each on the lips.

"Naughty Boy, I'm not sure you have been that nice ... yet." The blond said.

"Patience is a virtue, I had hoped you were not too virtuous?"

I got a little punch to the arm.

"What now ladies?"

"Well, one of our needs has been met, Can you satisfy some others for us?"

"Yes God, even though I know I am dead, I have gone to heaven. Thank You, Thank You!"

I found we were in some palace. "I think this will be better for us." The three, still naked beauties pranced around opening door after door.

"Melody look, like you had in Rome, a pool. MMMM, and a hot spring thingee."

"I think it will do for when we are in the city. I want to see the boat and a warm place now."

"Sweetie, when it is over 100 foot, it is a ship and not a boat. Did you want to see Hawaii or Spain, both are warm this time of year, if I recall correctly? Hon, where would you like to go?"

"If you stay un-dressed the way you are, the bedroom would be nice?"

"I think we love the way you think?" Walking, no gliding to a bedroom, she said, "Walk this way!"

"I can't, something came up! You may have help me out!"

"Sweetie, We girls first, if you are a gentleman, then you might get lucky."

"By the way, do you even remember your ex-wife's name anymore. If you do, we can try harder to make you forget."

"Oh yes, I still remember what's her name, Please, please make me forget." And try, try, they did. I was in-love, or was it lust. Maybe I had hit my head, really hard.

From the bed where I was doing my duty with the three wenches I saw the Bank Bags on the floor. "What?, How? Who?" I started to say."

"Relax boyfriend, you just concentrate on what lays or is laid in front of you, let Mama, worry about the little details. Keep any big things that may come up for us to handle."

I wondered what had happened to my clothes. I was not worried, it was a dream after-all. A very nice dream.

Patience, Melody and Bri were their names. Harmony was on Holiday, but would eventually join us. Man. If this was only real.

"Sweetie, if you still don't realize this is real, come let me convince you. Mel and Bri might want another turn too. I'm glad Harmony is not here, she might wear you out.

"Can we get more of those round things later. I may find a couple nice teats, I mean treats for you to munch on?"

Man, Man, why could I not marry someone like her? Wait a MINUTE, I could, now. YAY!!!!"

They told me that they had only been joking about a wish, that they were rich heiresses whose husbands ignored them and they were teaching them a lesson. It would all stop Sunday.

Damn, damn, damn, I complained. Then Mel said. "Only fooling, nope Baby you are stuck with us. I'm so sorry. We will try to be more fun."

"More Fun? What was she getting us a real palace and 27 virgins for my Harem? Wait, I don't think these girls need any more ideas. My life is complete with them. All in fine, they are fine, very fine. I looked in my wallet, saw my ex's name and told Patience she would have to work harder, that I still could remember my Ex's name.

It was time to eat. Real food I told them. "Clothes my lovelies." A sad look was on their faces. "Well I guess we could go later, but, what would we ever do to amuse ourselves."

They took turns trying to keep me amused. When all three jumped on me, I no longer even knew what day it was, let alone cared about the time.

When clothes did appear, we started a warm shower, dried off, then started dressing, if you call the gauze things they were wearing dresses.

I asked Patience how this was all happening, she said one word, "Magic"

We now had a Penthouse, a very large Penthouse on Park Avenue. The floor attendant readied the lift for us and bid us well. It was like we were old friends. The girls just smiled. Three cars awaited. The doors to the second car opened and two men, bulges showing on both sides of their chest, greeted us in Bulgarian. Mel answered back. "They speak Russian too, brush up, you never know when it may be useful, 'Tovarich'.

We took off. It seemed that where we were headed was full. A man came out front, several men pushed aside the lines and our cars went in. Another man opened our car doors, helped my ladies out, gave me a hand, then hugged and kissed us all in a traditional Russian Greeting. Nikolai was his name, and he acted like our presence made his day, or night even.

When we were escorted by Nikolai to the table, it seemed every eye was upon us. Service stopped, people turned in their seats and many mouths were open. Men and women too. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my girls showing more skin than on the beach in Nice. It wasn't skin that was just showing. I think their display was not legal in this country.

We ate sparingly, what we did have was superb. We never had a menu, nor were we approached by any waiter and when we were done, Nikolai came over and said he hoped we enjoyed the meal. We made our grand exit.

"Show Darling, merely for show." I would understand later.

I asked about the other apartment. Got a raised eyebrow from Mel. Patience answered, "What about 'It'?"

"Well I paid in advance, hey, it was not so bad."

Then I looked around the Penthouse. "OK. maybe this is more room. Hey does that mean we will need more than one bed?"

"NO!" came from three irate girls.

Sunday was a day of rest, so we stayed in bed. No rest for the wicked and were we ever wicked. I think they wrote the Kama Sutra after redacting stuff these girls did.

I called Angela. "Hi girl, how's the prospects?"

"Hi Peter. Not sure, Julie has really been trying. A little bad news, I think somebody may know who told about your bitch of a wife, Ex wife sorry. I am getting vibes to move on. No problem, I told you I would probably go back home anyway."

"Hey, about that, is your lease up?"

"Yep, we want to see if we can stay here for a few weeks yet."

"I sort of may have a solution that will help us both."

"OK, let me guess, you found us rich husbands, or no, let me guess you won the lottery and want us both to start your harem?"

"Well, not exactly, but not far off."

"What, you found us rich husbands?"

"Ahh, no, I... , I sort of have another place now and my Mid-town place is empty. I am paid up for a while so if you and Julie wanted, it's all yours."

"Peter, we can't even afford here."

"No, No. it's pre-paid. I don't need it, so rent free to a couple of friends."

"Don't Joke Buddy."

"Nope. I'll drop the keys off, and tell Ralph, the doorman to get movers to help you and it's yours."

"Your not kidding?"

"Is the Pope Catholic? Nope, your good for 2-3 months, maybe longer. No strings."

"Why are you doing this?"

"I guess you were the only friend who tried to help me. I got lucky, real lucky, so I wanted to help you two."

"Your sure?"

"We'll be over in 30 minutes, It's Sunday and if you and Julie want to join us for dinner you're both more than welcome."

Angie, hung up the phone, told Julie they were going out for dinner and thought they had a new place for a month or two. When she told her it was free, the bedroom door opened up. Julie said, "Who do we have to screw for it?"

Peter got a little ribbing from the girls. Mel put on a pout face, sniffing, she asked what they needed to do to please their man. Bri, said, with her puppy dog look, "I'll try harder, Master. You can spank me, if you want." It was Patience that ruined the acts, "is that the girl from your old work? The one the 'Bitch' is trying to kick to the curb?"

"Yes Ma'am, since you have upgraded me a might, I wanted to do something nice for them They need some help."

The caravan pulled into the front of a, well, not so nice apartment complex. Peter was buzzed in, his ladies now dressed, casually. This meant their breasts and pubic areas were not on display, much anyway.

The door to 12-B opened, Angela answered the knock.

"Here are the keys, Ralph will help you move and here is info, numbers and directions."

Angela just starred at the three girls behind him.

"Don't mind him, we are training him to new things. I'm Patience, this is Mel and Bri. You must be Angela. I know so much about you."

Just then the bathroom door opened and her roomy came out.

"Well aren't you going to inv..."

"Julie! What are you doing here?"

"Mr. Pipper, your that guy who sent Angela to Hawaii?"

"Hi Julie, nice seeing you again, we liked the food!" said my three new girls.

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