Fun With the Colte Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Blackmail, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Humiliation, Light Bond, Spanking, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, First, Fisting, Lactation, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Squirting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - All Sarah wanted was to have a little naughty fun. It wasn't her fault that things got a little bit out of control ... for her, and her whole family, too!

Sarah Colte peeked through the curtain of her bedroom window, watching as the last car in the driveway finally started to pull away from the house. A nervous, naughty smile crept across the beautiful blonde teenage girl's lips. As the car began moving down the street, Sarah leaped away from the window and onto her large, canopy bed, bouncing excitedly up and down for a few moments before she began undoing the buttons to her jeans.

"About time," Sarah whispered impatiently to herself. "Finally, finally, finally ... alone at last." She tugged off her jeans and her panties, tossing them into a messy pile clothes in the corner of her bedroom. Her t-shirt and bra followed, and soon the nubile fifteen-year old high school sophomore lay naked atop her bed, the nipples of her pert breasts rock hard with excitement.

Sarah lazily stretched out her arms, arching her back and kicking her feet high in the air, letting out a long sigh of relief. It seemed like she'd been waiting forever for everyone to just get the fuck out of the house and let her be alone. The Colte family lived in an enormous, sprawling two-story mountain ranch house on a relatively secluded cul-de-sac. The house had an enormous pool and jacuzzi in the backyard, as well as a three-car garage ... and Sarah often still felt smothered there, living with her parents and three brothers.

Sarah's twin brothers Chris and Adam, both seventeen and seniors in high school, seemed to always be doing things around the house. Though they were fraternal, not identical, they certainly appeared to be nearly alike. They both were tall, athletic, and handsome, with the only obvious difference between them being that Adam having short blonde hair, and Chris having a shaggy mop of dark hair. They also shared the same dry sense of humor, and – unlike Sarah, much to her irritation – did extremely well in their classes at school.

Adam was a member of the high school swim team, so when he was home, he either was in the gym downstairs, the pool outside, or eating what always seemed to be a mountain of food to Sarah, even though he always stayed lean and fit. Chris, meanwhile, was the editor of the school paper, always scribbling things down in notebooks that he always seemed to carry with him ... and always lounging on one of the big couches in the family room, or the family study, or just about any room besides her own bedroom where Sarah wanted to be.

Bobby – Sarah's younger brother by a year, and a freshman in high school – was shorter and less athletic than the twins ... but somehow, he still managed to be everywhere. Slightly skinny, with his dark hair trimmed in a crew cut, Bobby seemed to play video games twenty-four hours a day, at least until their father would make him stop for a while. When he wasn't in his own bedroom or the family room playing one of the various game consoles on a big screen television, his thumbs were busy twiddling away at one of his many portable gaming systems, often walking from room to room in the house, muttering to himself as he killed monsters or leveled up or did whatever else went on the games he played. Sarah actually liked Bobby better when he was playing games than when he wasn't – she thought he was loud and obnoxious, and even though he was younger than her, he seemed to just love picking on her, and saying mean things to her – but either way, she wasn't a big fan of Bobby. He had an absolute knack for getting in her way, or interrupting her at the worst possible time...

... and lately, Sarah definitely didn't want to be interrupted.

As annoying and as in the way as Bobby could be, Sarah's mother Judy was often worse. An attractive, trim blonde in her late thirties, Judy was constantly wandering all over the house, chatting on her cell phone, taking care of a million things for Sarah's father Martin when she wasn't taking care of things for her children. Judy was always asking Sarah about her day, and how she was doing at school, and how her friends were doing, and a million other questions. Sarah supposed that at least her mother meant well – unlike Bobby, who just seemed happy to annoy and torment her – but she hated the attention, she hated all the questions. Sarah just wanted to be left alone.

Part of Sarah, though, felt more than a little bit sorry for her mother. Judy always seemed to be smiling, but Sarah often wondered if her mother was actually happy. Though her mother seemed to constantly be doing many, many important things for her father, Sarah usually only heard her father expressing his disappointments in whatever her mother did – she never heard any thanks, or gratitude. And she couldn't remember the last time she saw her father even smile at her mother, let only give her a hug, or a kiss, or show any other sort of affection. Still, her mother did whatever her father asked without complaint, always with a smile ... even if it wasn't a happy one.

Then again, Martin Colte rarely – if ever – showed affection to anyone, including his own children. Martin was a large, heavy-set man in his fifties, always dressed in finely-tailored custom suits. An incredibly successful trial lawyer who represented some rather unsavory criminal types, Martin was nevertheless a rich man who'd managed to provide handsomely for his family ... a family that mostly lived in fear of him. He was a perfectionist, expecting only the best from his wife and children. And usually, no matter how hard any of them tried, they invariably disappointed him, leaving them with Martin's infamous cold, dissatisfied stare and a vicious tongue-lashing of bitter insults. Sarah had run to her room on more than one occasion after her father verbally tore her apart, reduced to nothing but a sobbing mess ... fortunately, when he was home, he kept mostly to himself, in his study. And because he worked so much from his office downtown, he rarely was home to begin with.

But everyone else ... well, they always seemed to be home. And Sarah – restless Sarah, who always felt smothered by her family – wanted just to get away. That, and to have some fun.

So she did.

Over the past summer, mostly to escape the house, and to get away from all her family, Sarah had started going out with one of the boys in her class, a lanky, affable football player named Tommy. They went out for nearly six months, and had lots and lots of sex for five of those months ... usually without a condom, since Tommy insisted it felt 'way better' without one. To be fair, Sarah hadn't exactly protested or disagreed with Tommy, since she also thought that as awesome as sex was for her, it felt a million billion times better when Tommy fucked her bareback ... and besides, she was never able to orgasm when he wore a rubber. When he didn't wear one, she'd squirt like a garden hose and cum at least half a dozen times while he fucked her rotten. She also loved the wickedly dirty and fantastic feeling of him spurting his hot, messy cum inside her pussy, so she hadn't minded at all...

... until the three weeks after Christmas break, when her period had decided to be very, very late. Fortunately, it finally decided to show up, but not after many sleepless nights for Sarah, as she wondered what might happen if Tommy had actually knocked her up ... and what her stern, disapproving father would do to her. She had never been happy to get a period before, but when that one finally arrived, it was one of the happiest days in her life. Sarah had no desire to go through anything like that, ever again.

So, after from getting the scare of her life, Sarah decided to break up with Tommy. Apart from the fact she didn't want to risk another scare – and she knew, even after that, he still didn't want to use protection – she also couldn't believe how fast he'd wanted to distance himself from her when she told him she might be pregnant. He'd stopped answering all her calls and texts, saying that he was suddenly busy ... until he found out that the scare was just a false alarm, and then he suddenly wanted to get together with her again, which left her feeling utterly furious with him. So, she dumped him.

A week or so after the breakup, Sarah suddenly found herself catching wind of a few 'rumors' about how much she liked to suck dick ... and then discovered that Tommy had been busy showing some of his friends more than a few risqué photos on his phone, most of them involving a very happy-looking Sarah fellating him.

Sarah had needed to hunt Tommy down, and after screaming at him for the better part of an hour, had learned what she really needed to know – he hadn't actually forwarded the photos to anyone, and he'd at least kept them all on his phone. She'd gotten him to delete all the pictures, which was a good thing. However, deleting the photos didn't do anything to get rid of the rumors around the high school about what an enthusiastic, insatiable cocksucker Sarah was ... rumors that were totally true, since Sarah loved sucking cock about as much as she loved getting fucked – and she loved getting fucked.

Still, while true, the whispers weren't something that Sarah exactly wanted floating around the school. So, as much as she loved sex – especially the sweaty, nasty, slightly kinky variety of it – she reluctantly thought it'd be better if she didn't have a boyfriend for awhile, or even a friend with benefits. Her experience with Tommy had taught her that she couldn't trust a guy to keep any of her filthy, perverted little secrets ... and, adding onto that the pregnancy scare ... she thought that guys just weren't worth the trouble.

Of course, thinking that was easier said than done.

The first few weeks without a boyfriend went fine for Sarah. She hung out some more with some of her girlfriends, who she hadn't really talked to while she'd been dating Tommy, and done a couple of fun things with them. But mostly, she was back in the house again. And worse ... she realized how much she loved being fucked with a nice, thick cock like Tommy's. She'd loved sex ever since her first boyfriend Bobby took her cherry, but with Tommy, she'd really started to love fucking. A lot. She constantly found herself craving a sweet, nasty fuck, being naked between the cool sheets of a bed with a lover, the excitement of spreading her legs and feeling a hard dick pushing inside her, being called a slut and a whore while being pounded mercilessly like one...

Her fingers and imagination worked overtime for a while, trying to take care of her cravings. So did the "massager" wand that she ordered online, that massaged nothing but her dripping twat for what seemed like hours. It just wasn't the same. She found herself in school, at the dinner table, just about everywhere daydreaming about getting fucked senseless by a lover with a big, big cock. She tried thinking about other things, but she couldn't. She felt like a nympho, and almost went back to Tommy one day after school ... but then she thought of all the bad things that had happened with him, and why she couldn't trust any of the boys in school, so she didn't. Fortunately, right when Sarah thought she was about to lose her mind because of her naughty, sex-starved desires ... she learned that Duke had some rather unexpected – and pleasurable – talents.

Duke, of course, was the Colte's family pet. A four year-old black Labrador Retriever, Duke was a hulking monster of a dog, standing just over two feet tall at the shoulder and weighing close to seventy-five pounds. Sarah's father Martin had originally purchased Duke as a puppy from a top dog breeder, intending to make the retriever a guard dog for the family's secluded house. Duke, though, proved to be a little too rambunctious to be a good guard dog, which earned the canine a lot of ire from Martin – and a lot of affection from the rest of the family.

The big retriever was gregarious, curious, and incredibly energetic ... as well as quite a bit aggressive at times. Especially with Sarah. If Sarah entered a room, Duke always came over to her immediately, playfully rubbing himself against her, usually getting the dark hair of his thick coat all over her legs. And the big dog always demanded her attention, no matter what she was doing ... and if she didn't give it to him, he didn't go away. Once, Duke had practically knocked Sarah down in an effort just to get a pat on the head from her.

Much like Bobby, Sarah had thought Duke was just an annoyance to put up with ... until last weekend. It had been an unusually warm Saturday in March, and Sarah had decided to take advantage of the day by lying out by the pool and working on her tan. Mercifully, everyone else that afternoon had gone out for one reason or another, so Sarah had just been happily lounging on a towel by the poolside, minding her own business ... and then she felt hot dog breath blowing on her legs, and a big, wet tongue lapping at her thighs.

Her inner thighs.

Sarah had almost jumped out of her skin at the big dog's touch. She'd been idly daydreaming about getting fucked again, so when Duke's moist tongue had started caressing her skin, to say it surprised her was the understatement of the year. She'd almost shooed the dog away, wanting him to go back inside and leave her alone ... but then his wonderful tongue had fluttered over the tiny triangle of cloth that was her bikini bottom, gently grazing the outline of her aroused slit. That delicate, wonderful touch had send a decadent chill of wanton pleasure down Sarah's spine, making her tremble with delight ... and suddenly, she thought she'd found a solution to not having a boyfriend anymore.

And ever since that moment, Sarah had been using that solution whenever she possibly could.

"Duke?" Sarah called out. Her voice shook raggedly with excitement. "Come on in, boy. I know you're there. And I know you want this." She spread her lean, supple legs open lasciviously on the bed, grinning naughtily as she lay there completely naked. Her sex was already slightly damp with desire

Duke pushed Sarah's bedroom door open with his nose. Panting happily, the massive Labrador retriever padded into the room, jumping up on Sarah's bed without being asked. The big dog didn't need to be asked anymore. Sarah had taught him well the past few weeks.

"Oh Duke," Sarah whimpered excitedly, "I missed you, doggie ... I think my pussy missed you most, though." She giggled, and slapped her wet, glistening snatch impatiently with the palm of her hand. Sarah kept the area around her pussy neatly smooth and shaved, except for a neat, thin landing strip of curly blonde hair rising above her slit. "Why don't you ... oooOOOHHH!!!"

Duke knew what to do. Dutifully, the black Labrador retriever planted its furry face between Sarah's spread legs, and began lapping earnestly at the teenage girl's cunt. As the big dog ravished her pussy with its pink, floppy tongue, a small river of drool dripped down the crack of her ass, pooling on her bed sheets. Sarah scarcely noticed. The horny teenage was in heaven, with Duke's tongue beautifully running up and down the length of her slit, earnestly working its way into the moist, soft folds of her sex, teasing her hot little hole and her sensitive clit with each slurping stroke.

Squealing sinfully with glee, Sarah arched her back on the bed, her small hands gripping her bed sheets tightly as Duke worked his wet snout over her eager pussy. Already, the big dog's talented tongue had worked her into an intense state of extreme arousal, slithering lewdly across her pussy with long, tender licks, even giving the tight, tiny pucker of her anus a couple of loving, slobbering swipes. Sighing loudly in utter bliss, the randy teenager opened her legs even wider for her canine lover, pointing her toes towards the canopy of her bed. With one hand, she spread her pussy lips wide apart with her fingers, giving Duke even more access to the succulent depths of her dripping snatch ... with the other, she pushed the dog's face even closer to her cunt, gasping with wanton pleasure as Duke's hot dog breath tickled her golden patch of pubic hair.

"Mmmm ... god, Duke, you're such a good pussy eater," Sarah wailed, as she began shamelessly humping herself against the Labrador retriever's furry muzzle. Duke didn't seem to mind. In fact, the big dog started licking his young mistress's tasty, wicked twat with even more enthusiasm. "Oh god Duke ... who needs boys when I've got a lover like you!"

Sarah found herself feeling sorry for Duke sometimes. While the big dog clearly loved lapping at the teenage girl's naughty cunt, Duke usually wound up with a raging hard-on after he was done eating Sarah out to a couple of loud, filthy orgasms. Sarah often found herself looking at Duke's huge, red cock after he'd finished with her, wondering if she should, well, take care of her pet. After all, the dog did such a fantastic job of pleasing her ... she supposed she could at least jerk Duke off. Once, she even thought of taking care of the dog with her mouth. It'd been such a long time since she'd given a blowjob, and she did love giving them ... but she always chickened out, slightly scared and grossed out by the thought of actually doing that to, well, a monster of a dog. And besides, Duke always slunk away to the backyard after a few minutes, when Sarah didn't give him the attention he wanted. She'd watched the poor dog from her bedroom window, crawling dejectedly into his kennel and furiously humping his pillow for a couple of minutes, feeling sorry for him.

But she could never bring herself to ... well, to do more with Duke. Whenever she thought about it, part of her got incredibly excited and horny. She'd fingered herself on more than one occasion thinking about doing more with the frisky Labrador, creaming herself as she imagined the canine mounting her and making her his bitch. But the forbidden thoughts also frightened her a little as well ... and she thought it might be more than a little disgusting as well.

What kind of perverted, slutty girl fucked a dog?

And besides, it wasn't like she needed Duke's cock. Not when Duke had such an amazing tongue.

"Mmmm ... right there, doggie, right there, yes, yes, yesyesyesYESYESOMIGODYES!!!!" Sarah shrieked, as her lean, lithe body began wildly thrashing about in unabashed ecstasy on the bed ... and as she began shamelessly creaming herself all over Duke's snout. Glassy-eyed, Sarah looked up and saw nothing but bright lights, her head pounding so hard she could barely think. Wanton ecstasy washed all over the naughty teenager' naked, writhing body, and her hips bucked happily against Duke's lapping, faithful tongue as she came again, and again, and again. Sarah was utterly lost in her delightfully dirty pleasures, so much so that she didn't even hear the sound of tires crunching on the gravel driveway outside ... or the creak of the front door opening downstairs.

As Sarah shamelessly writhed around on her bed in lewd ecstasy, she suddenly realized that she was starting to slide off the bed. With a cry of surprise, she plopped down on the floor, her bare ass hitting the pink shag carpeting with a dull thud. Embarrassed, Sarah tried sitting back up on the bed ... and all of a sudden, she felt Duke's paws pushing down on her slender shoulders as the big dog jumped up with her, propping himself up on top of her. His wonderful, slobbering tongue began lapping at her hard little nipples ... and Sarah's eyes grew wide in shock as she felt the dog's big, slippery cock pushing earnestly against her wet slit.

"No," Sarah mewled, "Duke, you can't, stop it, stop iaaAAAAHHH!!!" She screamed as Duke thrust his massive prick into her sopping cunt ... and, to Sarah's shame – and surprise – the feeling of the dog's cock inside her felt fantastic. There was a tiny part of her brain screaming at her, telling her that was she was doing was just absolutely revolting, and perverted, and wrong, and that she needed to get off the bed and make Duke stop ... except now that he'd entered her, she didn't want to. At all. Because as the big dog began enthusiastically pistoning its giant red cock in and out of her pussy, Sarah realized that she'd never been fucked so hard – and so damn good – by anyone in her entire life.

"That's it," Sarah gasped, "oh yeah, Duke, fuck me, fuck me, good doggie ... mmMMM!!!" The depraved teenage girl began slamming her hips violently against Duke, trying to cram even more of the Labrador retriever's big, beautiful cock into her slutty cunt. The slick walls of Sarah's pussy gripped Duke's cock tightly as her drove himself frantically in and out of her, filling her completely as he brutally fucked her. The feeling of the giant dog's cock pumping deep inside her pussy was simply wonderful and thrilling. It was so good, she felt almost dizzy, unable to think about anything but the depraved, sick pleasure that Duke was giving her ... and she certainly wasn't able to hear the sound of her bedroom door being opened just a crack.

Or the sound of jeans being unzipped, and a soft, astonished moan.

Or the sound of a digital camera occasionally clicking and whirring.

Sarah didn't hear any of that. Instead, the naughty teenage girl happily put her hands on Duke's haunches as the dog plowed steadily away at her pussy, sliding her fingers over his furry hips, amazed by how hard and fast the dog could fuck her ... and just how pleasurably rough it was, as his canine cock started to relentlessly batter her tight, tender twat. Tommy had fucked her really rough a couple of times, slapping her ass and pulling her hair and calling her a slut, a whore, and a slew of other filthy names ... that had been the best sex Sarah had ever had.

Until now.

Crying out in wanton pleasure, Sarah knew for sure that the Labrador Retriever was the best lover she'd ever had.

As Duke began earnestly penetrating Sarah's tight pussy at an even more frenzied pace, the horny teenage girl felt a depraved sensation of incredible pleasure beginning to spread all throughout her svelte, sexy little body. She felt giddy and lightheaded ... she knew she was about to cum, and cum hard. She also was dimly aware of something strange – she could feel the base of Duke's cock expanding or something, almost like it was ballooning up inside her slick, slutty twat. The sensation felt weird, and a little bit scary, but a lot bit fantastic, so she didn't want to stop ... and besides, all of a sudden, she was orgasming all over the big brute's dick, and she didn't care about the strangeness at all.

"MMMM!!! FUCK!!! YES!!! OH, SHIT, DUKE, YOU... MMMFFFF!!!" Sarah sobbed in wanton delight, as her slender hips bucked wildly against the Labrador retriever's invading, savage cock. The big dog's tongue had already made her cum with wicked delight, but the animal's thick, wonderful dick ramming deep inside her pussy ... Sarah had never known such overwhelming, decadent pleasure before. To the horny teenager, it was just perfect. Tears of joy streamed down her pretty cheeks as she came, her lewd juices gushing wetly all over Duke's red, pistoning cock, and she wrapped her legs around the dog's furry back, locking her ankles together, hugging the giant Labrador in lewd bliss as he kept relentlessly plowing her sweet, sloppy cunt.

As Sarah came, she suddenly heard Duke let out a rough, savage growl ... and then she felt the dog's giant dick begin to pulse strongly inside her snug, tight twat. She felt the Labrador retriever flooding her pussy with a torrent of its semen, spurt after powerful spurt of Duke's cock completely filling her insides with his bestial sperm. As Sarah felt her pussy being drenched with doggie cum, with hot rivers of Duke's seed spilling out of her overflowing hole and down her thighs and her ass, she felt utterly dirty, and humiliated, and ashamed. She'd just let herself get fucked by a dog...

... and she couldn't wait for Duke to fuck her again. It had been amazing.

Sarah lay there on the bed for a good five minutes, maybe more, not saying anything, just breathing hard as her heart thumped wildly inside her chest, smiling as Duke let out a soft, contented whine. Her skin still tingled with depraved excitement, and she felt as though she'd been struck by a bolt of lightning. She couldn't ever remember feeling so alive before, every inch of her body just ready to explode. Duke still lay on top of her, his furry belly resting on her taut, sexy tummy, his paws resting on her shoulders ... and his big, knotted cock still filling her cum-drenched cunt.

The giant Labrador retriever licked Sarah's face, and with a naughty grin, Sarah licked the dog right back, kissing her new favorite lover passionately as she wrapped her arms around his furry coat. She gazed happily into Duke's eyes, utterly in love – or at least, certainly in lust – with the big brute of an animal. Her heart still pounding, she hugged the dog tightly, loving the sound of its panting breath, loving the feeling of its canine heart beating against her chest. Sarah was completely enthralled by being with the big dog as its bitch ... so much so, in fact, that she never heard the heavy breaths and the low, quiet moan coming from the direction of her slightly open bedroom door.

"Ohmigod, Duke ... that was fantastic," Sarah murmured weakly, as the hulking Labrador retriever finally managed to pull itself out of her. A stream of dog jism ran out of Sarah's freshly fucked twat and onto her bedsheets. Sarah didn't care one bit. She sat up on her bed, staring admiringly at her canine lover ... and to her utter delight, she saw that the big dog's cock was starting to stir again.

"Well, if you're ready, I'm ready," Sarah said with a giggle. "Mom and Bobby aren't going to be home for at least another hour, so I think we've got plenty of time to fuck again."

Taking a deep breath, Sarah flipped around on the bed, getting on her hands and knees. She spread her knees far apart, wiggling her ass and her messy, sperm-filled cunt at Duke. "I think this is your favorite position, right?" Sarah asked the dog teasingly. "After all, it's the one that's named after you."

Duke didn't hesitate. The big dog clambered right back up onto Sarah, resting his furry chest on her sweat-covered back as he mounted her. Sarah let out a low, wicked moan of delight as she learned what it truly meant to be fucked doggy-style, as Duke rammed his hard dick into her welcoming pussy with renewed vigor, nearly smashing Sarah's lust-filled face into the headboard of her bed as he jackhammered away at her once more.

"Yes, yes, oh fuck yes," Sarah wailed in ecstasy, "so fucking good, you wonderful dog ... fuck me, Duke ... fuck me!" Her screams of perverted joy rang gleefully throughout the empty house.

Well, the house that Sarah thought was empty, anyway.

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