Cheerleader Camp
Chapter 1: My Girls go to Camp

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: My Girls go to Camp - Greg, who was roped into coaching a cheerleader squad when his wife was killed, is now going to cheer camp with his squad. This is the offshoot of "Cheerleader Coach" one of my other stories. ENJOY

Greetings, my name is Greg Thomas. I am 26 years old and when my wife got killed in a traffic accident I got roped, or more like seduced, into taking over her position as the cheerleader coach. A bit unusual you say? Well, "you ain't seen nothing yet." If you have read my story "Cheerleader Coach" you probably already know some of my girls. Just as a refresher; at the time of the camp there were: Kim, my stepdaughter and lover, Tammy and Janet who would eventually become my step daughters and of course myself. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

My squad had just gone to Dallas and won the Texas state cheerleading championship in the JV division, a very respectful title for some 14 year old girls. In addition to the trophies and money they also got a free week at cheerleader camp. This camp is held each year to teach the girls some basic routines and generally have fun. Being the squad coach, I was also invited to accompany them. If you think a male being a cheerleader coach is strange try to imagine a male counselor at an all girl cheerleader camp. Envision me, if you will, an unattached man awash in a sea of over one hundred gorgeous bodies all bouncing and having fun dressed in the absolute minimum decent cover and all the girls plagued by very active hormones. I think it starts at 12 for most girls so my girls, at 14, were well on their way.

On Sunday the school district fixed us up with a bus to transport us to camp in Austin. As some of the parents dropped their girls off at the school I was the subject of some raised eyebrows by the parents who did not know their little girl was being coached by a male. It was a three hour trip with me driving the bus and only getting lost once. In case you are wondering, yes, I have a commercial driver's license. We had 16 girls and their luggage crammed into the bus. The noise was deafening at first so Kim, who had been elected cheer captain, got them quieted down long enough to launch into the melodic strains of "99 bottles of beer" and "Bingo was his name oh". I don't care if I never hear those songs ever again.

We arrived at the camp in mid afternoon and went through the check-in process. The camp staff was all aware that I would be there so no surprises there. The other campers were not told ahead of time. As a consequence there was a lot of whispering and giggles as they pointed me out. In consideration of a certain degree of propriety I was assigned a cabin instead of bunking with my girls like the other coaches did with their squads.

That first day we had some free time so my girls decided they would go invade the camp pool and have a swim accompanied with lots of dunking and splashing. I went to the pool to watch over them and was treated to some of the skimpiest bathing suits I have ever seen. Most of the suits were bought new just for this occasion and I could not fail to notice the interesting way the white suits changed to almost clear when wet. I guess that's the hazard when a girl wears one for the first time. I spent the better part of an hour trying to conceal the bulge in my trousers. I did get a few interested stares in spite of my efforts.

My girls got out of the pool and dried off. I dropped them off at their campsite and headed to my cabin. The dinner bell rang at about five so I gathered up my girls and we marched off to the mess hall for supper. We marched in a single file reminiscent of close order drill and singing our school song. They even managed to do it in three part harmony. It truly was a thing of beauty and I was as proud of my girls for doing it. It turns out that Kim was quite the organizer and fit the position of captain with grace and honor.

The head counselor of the camp went through the usual announcements and introduced each squad in turn with their coaches. Everybody would applaud each squad and when it came to my squad's turn you would think there was going to be a riot. The applause was deafening. Well, we were the state champs after all. And I guess part of it was that we were the only squad with a male coach. We ate and then we were dismissed with a reminder that lights out was to be at ten. I told the girls to be back at their campsite by nine and in the meantime they could do as they wished.

I decided to roam around the camp and familiarize myself with what was what and where it was. There were several areas set up for the various activities the girls would go through. On my tour of the camp I was stopped several times by lady coaches wanting to know more about the secret weapon we had used at the competition. I told them that I got the idea from a Las Vegas floor show where the dancers entered that way and thought we could use it with the squad and I found out that it worked quite well. Then I was quizzed about what it was like to be a man coaching a group of girls. Well, I told them that there were some interesting times such as when by accident I would see them dashing from the showers to the locker room covered only with a towel. They chuckled at that one. I even got some knowing grins.

Nine o'clock rolled around and I went over to check on my girls at their campsite. I announced my entrance and when I stepped in I found my whole squad in various stages of getting ready to go to bed. Some were changed into their sleepwear and a few in just bras and panties. Naturally I blushed and told them lights out was at ten and then turned and left with that familiar bulge growing you know where. As I left, Kim came running out and gave me a very un-daughter like kiss good night. I beat a hasty retreat to the dining hall where some of the adults were getting together for a chat. I again got surrounded by the ladies with a gazillion questions. I tried to answer truthfully what I could but some of them were downright embarrassing. One such question from a very foreword lady was "Have you boinked any of your squad yet?" I gave her a slight fib by saying "No I haven't, and won't." I said to myself "except Kim." By that time Kim and I were involved as not only father and daughter but also lovers. I sure wasn't going to tell any of them that.

I made it back to my cabin and turned in for the night. After about an hour I heard my door open and close. In the shadows I could see a girl approach my bed. When she got to me she whispered "Shhh" and climbed into my bed. This girl was a stranger to me but she snuggled up to me and started kissing me squarely on the lips. I was so stunned I couldn't do anything but let her. When I recovered enough to speak I whispered "What do you think you are doing in here?" she whispered back "I am going to make love with you and if you resist I will scream." I really had no choice so we made quiet love for about 30 minutes during which time she had at least three orgasms. She then quietly left and I heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn't ten more minutes when my door opened again and another girl snuck in to repeat the process over again. It happened three more times that night and I managed to hold of coming all but two times. I had no earthly idea who these girls were.

Early the next morning at assembly the head counselor asked me to accompany her in morning inspection. The uniform of the day was shorts and camp tee shirts. As we made our way along the groups they all stood straight faced at attention. There was one group, however, that as we passed by gave me a little sly smile and a wink. Could they have been the ones from last night? At breakfast schedules were handed out telling each group where they were to be and when for the activities. My girls were to go first to the camaraderie area where they worked on teamwork and trust issues. They were off to a good start so I decided to wander around and visit some of the other areas.

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