Granny Nan, Otis, and Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, Bestiality,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A long woman learns sex from a 'Foster' Grandparent and her houseboy, along with Simon and Arthur.

I had known Granny Nan all my life. Now, right before my 28th birthday, we are still dear friends, as well as lesbian lovers. She was the first to introduce me to sex, both straight and lesbian, and to say I learned a lot would be an understatement.

Let me tell you a bit about myself before we go too far.

I stand at 5 feet, 3 inches, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Yes, I'm white. I'm on the thin side with small breasts and small nipples. My hips are fairly flat, at least to me they are, but I've still got that 'girlish' figure that most girls my age love to have. I keep my hair around shoulder length and straight. I couldn't keep a curl in it if I wanted to. I've tried everything from perms to frizzing and teasing, but nothing lasts too long and if it's very humid outside then you can completely forget even trying to get a curl to take, cause it won't last 10 seconds in weather like that. I graduated college when I was 24 with a degree in Accounting and I'm due to take the tests for my CPA certificate sometime in the next 6 months and I can hardly wait.

I've had a lot of comments as to my living arrangements with a woman, but I don't pay any attention to them. I'm not a racist and I have no problems with anyone, be they black or white. I've known Granny Nan all my life and she's been like a mama to me for as long as I can remember.

I learned to suck a cock with her instructions, from both watching and actually participating. Learning deep throat techniques took a while to master though. For some reason I had a hard (no pun intended here) time actually taking a cock all the way into my throat. But, Granny Nan was patient with me and I soon learned to hold my breath just long enough to get that cock into my throat and to learn to breath slowly and let the breaths come by their own, and it worked.

Making love to another woman just seemed to come naturally for me. After all, I know what I'd like to have done to my body, so why wouldn't I want to do the same thing to another woman, especially one I loved? Granny Nan was also quite helpful in that regard as well. She gave me pointers, encouraging me when I was hesitant at doing something for the first time. She showed me how to use my lips when the occasion called for them, my tongue when it was needed, and the use of my teeth, especially on her clitoris. I was taught how to use my fingers (But I'll have to admit I just couldn't take the fisting thing, so we never did it after I complained of the pain the first time. It hurt like hell and I knew I didn't want to try it again, much less actually do it to another woman).

My birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks and Granny Nan told me that she had not one, but two surprises for me. All I had to do was be at her house on my birthday and she'd take care of the rest. I had an idea of what her surprise could be, but I was also hesitant to hazzard a guess, in case I was wrong.

The next two weeks were pure torture for me, for everytime I'd ask her to give me a hint as to what the surprise was, she'd put me off and change the subject, which totally frustrated me to no end. I couldn't get angry with her, since she'd told me it would be a surprise, but it sure would've been nice to have gotten at least a little hint as to what they were to be. Alas, that wasn't to happen though.

Two days before the event I got home just in time to see Granny Nan tell her yard man, Otis, that she'd require his services later and that he shouldn't be late.

Oh yes, perhaps is now a good time to tell you that both Granny Nan and Otis are black. Granny Nan's in her early 70s while Otis is much older, perhaps into his early 80s, but I'm not sure, as I've never asked him. Otis is perhaps the blackest man I've ever seen. Granny Nan is of a medium shade of black and doesn't have the lips you generally see on a black person, and for that matter, neither does Otis. Granny Nan stands just over 4 feet, 6 inches, and Otis towers over her at a little over 6 feet, 3 inches, and is broad, but not fat. He works at the local concrete plant and does a lot of heavy lifting and he's quite fit. I've seen him without his shirt on as he tends to the lawn every week and that man's built alike a brick house. When he smiles his teeth seem to shine like sunshine and I've never seen him in a bad mood. He's always got something nice to say to you, and the same goes for Granny Nan as well. I can't remember ever seeing them mad at someone. Not once!

I've secretly had a crush of Otis for the past 2 or 3 years, and fantasized about getting him in bed on several occasions. My secret desire was to have both him and Granny Nan in my bed at the same time. But that's just a dream right now, maybe it'll come true one of these days, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

Anyway, whenever Otis is at the house he's got his Great Dane, Simon, with him, usually tied under the shade tree in the back yard, with his bowl of water right where he can get to it. Simon's the nicest dog I've ever known. He'll sit in that shade and let you pet him as long as you want and every now and then, if you stop, he'll nose your arm or leg until you start again. His favorite thing is to lay on his back and have someone scratch him on his stomach and when you hit the right spot his back legs will jerk around in the air and it's so funny that I can't help but laugh at him. Every now and then Otis will let me undo his chain and we'll run around the yard chasing each other and generally just having a good time. It's during these times that I almost feel like a child again and can forget all the things that are bothering me.

When I was 12 years old both my parents were killed in a car accident when a drunk driver T-Boned their car, instantly killing my mom. My dad would die on the way to the hospital and I'd be left all by myself, since I don't have any siblings. The day before the viewing at the funeral home, Granny Nan asked me to move in with her, since I had no other relatives to take care of me. I figured that she was the only thing that even resembled a grandmother to me, so I accepted her offer and moved in that night. I've been there ever since and have no regrets about my decision at all.

It wasn't until after my 22nd birthday that she and I got together in her bed one night.

For some reason I'd started have bad dreams about the accident and would end up in her bed, wrapped in her warm embrace as she would rock me back to sleep. Eventually one thing led to another and we began to feel each other. First it was just arms and legs and that touch felt so good, not only to me but to her as well. She'd tell me how much she loved to feel my touch on her skin and I had to admit that I felt the same way when she caressed me, too. One day she suddenly kissed me, and I don't mean a 'motherly' kiss, either. It was as passionate a kiss as one can give, including pushing her tongue between my lips and caressing the inside of my mouth. I soon returned the gesture and we just stood there for a while, enjoying holding on to each other while we continued to kiss. Once we broke apart we looked at each other, perhaps a little embarrassed at what had just happened, but we both smiled and started giggling. Pretty soon we sat at the table and laughed harder and eventually we both got our wits together and started talking. We held each others hands as we did and it wasn't long before we both realized how much we had both wanted to do something, like kiss, and perhaps more.

One night soon after that, as we lay in bed, we once again began to feel each other, but this time we both knew where it was going and for once we weren't ashamed to admit our feelings for each other. We started kissing again but now, instead of our hands wondering over just our arms, we began to feel up each others legs, heading towards that one spot we each wanted to get to, our pussies. Neither one of us had worn any underwear that night, both of us anticipating what was to come. We weren't disappointed to discover that our 'regions' were unblocked and we quickly started rubbing our outer lips and eventually began to push our fingers into each other. I think I was the first to pull my fingers out of her and stick them into my mouth and taste her juices for the first time. Soon after that I once again probed into her, but this time when I withdrew them, I put them to her mouth and let her taste me for the first time. Soon she was doing the same thing do me, as well as for me and from there it was only a matter of time before we turned around and planted our heads between each others legs and planted our mouths on the pussy in front of us for the very first time.

Since puberty I've kept my pussy shaved. All that hair irritated me and I felt so much better without any down there. I never thought about it. It just seemed natural for me and I enjoyed the feeling so much. When Granny Nan first found out my 'condition' she gasped and raised up to look at me.

"How long have you been doing this?" she asked me.

"For years, Gran. Why?"

"I never considered doing that to myself, but I've always wondered what it would feel like to not have any hair down there."

"Well, you should try it. I love the feel of my panties on my lips and besides, all that hair just bothered me all the time and trying to keep it cut short wasn't working for me, so I decided to shave it off and see what it would feel like. I've been doing it now for almost 10 years. I never thought to share that with you, but then again, we weren't as close as we are now, were we?"

We both laughed and returned our attention to what we'd started earlier.

I put my mouth to her pussy and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could, tasting her nectur for the first time directly from her honey pot. I cupped my tongue and pulled out more, relishing the taste and savoring it as it slid down the back of my tongue and into my throat.

And then I felt her tongue for the first time on my clit and the feeling caused me to raise up my hips, wanting to drive my pussy into her mouth so she could slather that sensative spot with her tongue even more. Damn, that felt good. Until that time I'd only experienced either her finger or mine down there, never imagining a tongue could feel so good.

"HHHHHHUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM," I moaned into her pussy, pushing my tongue onto her clitoris for the first time, eliciting the same moans of pleasure from her as well.

The rest of the evening was quite a night for me. I've never felt so fullfilled in my life and Granny Nan sure knew how to use her mouth, her tongue, her teeth and everything else, to make me feel good.

To make me feel loved.

To make me feel wanted and desired, at the same time.

Needless to say, I was in heaven that first night.

I never wanted it to end and I did what I could to ensure that she was getting the same sensations that I was. Whatever she did to me, I did to her. Sometime during that first night we untangled ourselves from each other and I crawled between her legs and munched on her pussy for a while and then, without even thinking about it, I pushed her legs back until her knees were pressing into her small breasts, and exposed her rosebud of an asshole and wrapped my lips around that bud and licked all over it, probing into her as far as I could get my tongue to go, eliciting many more moans of bliss form her with each swipe.

Once I finished that I returned to her sopping pussy and licked her clean and then began to move up her body, stopping at her nave and lavishing it with kisses and continuing to move upward unti I got to her tiny breasts, which were almost nonexistant. Her nipples were quite large and when they were hard would stick out almost a full inch, and would get extremely hard. Those were some great nipples to suck on, and I would do just that until she'd push me away, unable to take all the pleasure I was applying to her. Then she'd push me back onto my back and would attack my body much in the same what that I'd done hers. She even paid attention to my rosebud and did the same things to me that I'd already done to her. She also moved up my body and paid a lot of attention to my breats. As mine were only slightly larger then hers, she spent a lot of time there as well. I think she had a boob fetish though, as she'd nibble on mine, around my nipples, leaving little 'love marks' all over them and finally attacking my nipples. While mine never got as big as hers did when they got hard, it was still enough for her to lock her teeth on and to nibble them until they got quite sore, but the pleasure he administered to them was loved just the same. It's a good thing I don't have to wear a bra, since there's not really any need for it, because if I did I don't think I'd have been able to. They'd be so sore after a night of such attention that'd I'd never be able to get it on and fastened.

Before I go any further let me clear up some things. Granny Nan's been in the neighborhood for as long as I can remember. I think every kid around here called her Granny Nan from the time they were first introduced to her. She'd in her mid 80's and quite fit for a lady of her age, and well versed in sex! We had a lot of talks about her 'love life' and who she's been with, as well as what she'd done and had done to her. We talk quite openly about sex and are never embarrassed by it.

Soon after we became lovers she introduced me to oral sex with one of the men from the neighborhood, a man in his late 50's with a cock at least 7 inches long and uncircumsized. This was my first look at the male organ, which she told me we'd call a cock. I had used the word penis, and she'd laughed so hard at that remark that she cried.

"We never call it a 'penis', dear," she told me. "Around here it's always referred to as a cock, so get used to it," she told me. Since that day I've never said 'penis' again.

Anyway, we got in bed with this gentleman, who's name was Wilson, and she proceeded to 'introduce' me to his cock.

"All cocks are about the same, some are bigger and some are smaller. This one here's a nice size for someone just getting use to one."

I stared at her as she manipulated the limp organ. She could see the question I wanted to ask in my eyes, so she told me, "Don't worry, dear. It does get bigger, as well as harder. It's the only way you'll get it into that sweet little pussy of yours."

"Do you really think it'll fit me down there?" I asked.

"I'm positive that it will."

I had my doubts, but she'd never lied to me, so I decided to trust her experience with this cock of Wilson's.

As we sat on the bed she began to manipulate that cock and I watched as she stroked it up and down, allowing the foreskin, as she called it, to move over and behind the cockhead. I watched in amazement as the cockhead would appear and disappear with each stroke. I noticed the hole at the tip of his cock and she told me that that was where he peed from, as well as from where he shot his semen when he had his orgasm. Now I was familiar with the term orgasm, since after all, both of us had had our share while we were together every night and they felt so good each and every time. I wondered how good they felt to Wilson when he 'shot his load', but that would have to wait until later to find out.

I watched as his cock went from limp to quite hard in only a matter of minutes. Granny Nan assured me it was because he was getting excited about what was going to happen next. I sat there and watched as she lowered her head and took his cockhead into her mouth and began to bob up and down, much the same as she'd been doing with her hand. She'd told me that working with the cock with her hand was called 'jacking him off', while using her mouth on him was giving him a 'blow job'. It seemed kind of funny to me, but I realized she knew what she was talking about, and I didn't. Up until then I'd never seen an actual cock in my whole life, so I know she had to experience to back up what she told me, and I sat there and paid rapt attention to what she was doing to Wilson.

After a while I noticed his cock was going deeper and deeper into her mouth until, eventually, her nose was brushing the coarse hairs at the base of his cock, and she didn't appear to be struggling to get it in that far, either.

"I'll never be able to do that!" I said to myself, but knowing that I'd love to try, just the same.

She continued to use her mouth until Wilson told her he was almost ready to shoot, at which point she pulled his cock out of her mouth and jacked it until a while fluid erupted form the hole in his cockhead. And when I say 'erupted', I mean just that! I reckon his shot went almost 2 feet in the air, before falling back down and landing on his belly, where Granny Nan leaned over and licked it until it was all gone. She sat up and stuck our her tongue, showing me the what was left in her mouth before she swallowed it all. The she pumped his cock until he shot no more, leaving another trail across his belly. She indicated for me to lick it up and I went right to it, savoring my first taste of man-juice, getting that salty-like taste on my tongue for the first time. It's thickness startled me at first but she assured me that it was all right. So I continued until it was all gone and then she motioned for me to take his cock in my hand and feel it for the first time, which I did.

Since this was my first cock I was amazed at the feeling and texture of the skin. The foreskin amazed me the most. When Wilson's cock had shrunk down to it's limp state the foreskin completely covered his cock and bunched up over the end, almost looking like one of Granny Nan's nipples, only this wasn't hard and had a hole in the end of it, which was leaking some of his cum.

"When a boy is born his cock has this foreskin on it. Most of the time, especially nowadays, the doctors remove that foreskin, or circumsize the cock. That leaves a scar ring around the cock, just below the glans of the cockhead. Now a lot of older men still have their foreskin and I much prefer a cock with it's skin still attached. It makes the cockhead much more sensitive and the man gets a lot more enjoyment out of fucking our pussies that way, as well. With each movement of his cock in to and out of our pussies, the foreskin will withdraw or cover his cockhead and cause all sorts of extreme feelings to his cock and that's what causes the friction that allows him to cum and shoot his cum, or sperm, into the woman. It's the sperm that gets the woman pregnant."

"I know that, Granny Nan!" I sad a little shocked. "I learned all that in school. I'm not completely stupid you know."

"I never said you were, child. It's just part of what you'll need to know, that's all. I ain't trying to embarrass you here, just educate you."

"OK," I answered.

That was my 'formal' introduction to a cock. While I much prefer making love to a woman, licking and sucking on her pussy, I've learned to enjoy a good cock or two, as well. While I'm still technically a virgin, meaning that I've not had a cock in my pussy just yet, it doesn't mean that I don't want to try one. Granny Nan tells me that while making love to a woman is great, there's nothing like feeling a hard cock inside your body, especially once the man starts shooting his load into you. She'd told me that the favorite thing she likes to do after getting fucked is to pull out his cock and suck it dry, swallowing his remainder of cum at the same time.

The next day I made an appointment with my doctor and got on the pill.

The last thing I wanted was to end up pregnant. I didn't want any children and was going to make sure that there would be no 'accident's' in my future.

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