Experiencing Joy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Workplace,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My career took me to Singapore to manage the company's local office. That's where I met Joy Lim, my administrative assistant, who took care of my office needs. It was when she began taking care of my private needs that everything changed.

I earned a technical degree in college but after a few years working for a major company, I went back part-time and got my MBA. The reason? Well, I was promoted into a managerial position that, while it still used my technical background, made me realize that I needed much more business and management knowledge, especially for my future with the company.

I was moved around every four or five years, each time with a promotion, taking on more and more responsibility and the latest of these came to me when I was asked to take over the company's office in Singapore.

I, by now, was having much more contact with customers and this office was an important source of revenue for the corporation. So, I knew it was a position of trust and responsibility that I was being offered and I eagerly accepted it.

I had been to that particular office many times, there were about one hundred and ten employees, many clerical, quite a few technical and some marketing and sales people as well. I would head the entire operation with a small staff of managers I already knew well.

So, it was a happy promotion, one that I readily accepted, after all, I liked the area, its food, culture and people, so that part was easy.

Also easy was the fact that I was basically unencumbered, without a wife and children.

It's not that I never took an interest in women, it was more that I was a busy guy and, while I did date, it was sporadic and never really led to a permanent relationship.

So, I went to Singapore, knowing that the assignment would probably be for only two to three years.

My immediate staff were all Singaporeans, mostly women, most of them fairly young, mainly under forty with many under thirty.

My direct assistant, what would be my administrative assistant, was a very capable young woman named Joy Lim who, I knew from personnel records, was twenty-seven.

Like many there, she was short, quite short by our standards, with dark black hair down past her shoulders, sometimes in a ponytail or a short braid. Joy was quite a pretty young woman and her English was excellent which, I'm sure helped her in her career with us. She often spoke with our people stateside and was held in high esteem by all.

Quite a few of these young women dressed in ways that made their small stature stand out, complete with small, tight skirts that made their legs look longer, I suppose. Their tops were often somewhat sheer and they often wore a contrasting bra that tended to show through.

Joy, in particular, wore tiny skirts and often white or ivory blouses with a black or navy bra underneath, usually one that left the tops of her breasts exposed, not quite to her nipples but not far from it, either.

That suited me just fine, I was enjoying working in an office full of cute Asian beauties, mostly in high heels and bare, light-brown-skinned legs. She would often come in my office and sit opposite me, sorting through the mail and memos, faxes and emails, taking notes as we went along.

I'm sure she must have noticed, more than once, when she shifted in her chair, that my eyes darted downward to get a glimpse of her panties and I often wondered if it wasn't somewhat deliberate. She would always catch my eye and smile then go right on with what we were doing.

I was there about a month and a half when I arranged to take my immediate staff out for drinks on a Friday after work to provide them all a chance to get to know their new American boss a little better and for me to know them all a little bit out away from the office.

I had thought to take everyone to the bar in question directly from our office but the girls got together and asked me if they could go home first and change into something more 'after-hours' and meet, say at seven. I saw nothing wrong with that and agreed; better to keep the staff happy than not, right?

So, as I sat at our table for eight, they started coming in and I immediately saw why these young women wanted to go home and get ready for a night out ... they were dressed in what I would describe as 'especially-not-for-the-office' outfits.

I'm no expert on women's clothing but if there's still a thing called a micro skirt, that was what they were mostly wearing. Many had low-cut tops on and high heels, some in stilettos. They, of course, they were all petite and sexy-looking, ready for a night out.

Then Joy came in wearing a tiny black leather skirt with a little, white gauzy cropped top that, when she moved just right, showed the bottom of her lacy black bra and a lovely, smooth tea-colored stomach down to her abdomen. Her hair was in a short braid and her lips were a glossy, lush cerise.

I looked over at the long bar opposite our table and every male eye was on this bevy of diminutive Asian cuties as they filled up our table. They all knew they were hot-looking and were loving it, giggling with each other in a mixed patois of English, Chinese and Malay that I heard a lot around the office.

Joy Lim sat next to me, her skirt riding up, showing the very tops of her thighs, as we all ordered drinks and passed around bowls of salty bar snacks.

Everyone seemed to have fun, there was some drinking of course, and some of the girls danced with others in the bar, so slowly our table emptied and at the end, about ten-thirty, there was just Joy and me. I paid the bill then we went out to the taxi stand and there was a single cab.

I told her to take it, that I would wait, but she told me that we lived near each other so we should share the cab.

We hopped in the back, giving the driver her address to go to first. We were soon up on the main road, even at this time of night, moving slowly through the dense traffic and I couldn't help but took down at Joy's skirt which had edged up, just barely now showing the crotch of her panties.

I'd had a few drinks, not too many, but the view of her creamy amber thighs was quite wonderful as we eased along in the traffic. She had moved closer, now directly next to me as I felt her head lean to my shoulder as her hand settled on my thigh, about half way up.

We rode along as I felt her hand begin to move, rubbing softly along my thigh, coming closer and closer to the bulge in my pants. The driver changed lanes and as that happened, I felt her hand brush over my cock, then back the other way, again settling on my upper thigh. There was little question what was on Joy Lim's mind and, now, on mine.

Another mile or so and her hand moved once again, now resting firmly on my cock, her fingers closing, sensing the size of what she was holding. Then she shifted her body and began tugging my zipper open.

The driver drove on as she slid her tiny hand inside and worked it through the opening in my boxers to grip my cock. I slid my arm up around her, over her shoulders, as her hand wrestled me out.

She looked up at me, smiled her pretty smile, then her head bent down over my lap as I felt Joy's full lips slide succulently over the crown of my cock, taking it into her mouth, sucking while her tongue slipped slickly over the rounded head sending waves of such wonderful pleasure across my body as our taxi slowly edged along.

I sat there being exquisitely pleasured by my assistant as the miles slowly ticked by on the meter and my heart beat faster pumping blood to my cock being so exquisitely sucked.

There was no way I could keep from groaning and I knew I was getting close to cumming. This was no doubt the best blow job I'd ever had, she was fantastic.

I think she also sensed that I was near cumming and she raised up off me, smiling, her small hand still slowly stroking my wet cock, leaning close to my ear, whispering, "You are close, right, close to cum?"

"Oh, I sure am, Joy, it feels wonderful," I softly gasped as her hand moved over my lap.

"Not yet, I don't want you to cum yet. We go to my apartment, we have more time to make you cum?"

"Yes," was all I could get out and she leaned forward and spoke to the driver then leaned back and slowly masturbated me until we pulled up at her building. I quickly put myself together, paid the cabbie and followed her cute little butt into the building and up the elevator to the sixth floor, then down the hall and into her small apartment.

She took my hand and led me into her bedroom and began taking my clothes off as I stood there.

"Now, we can have some fun, I hope you want me, Russ?"

She used my first name, something that just never happens in business life in this part of the world but, of course, this was not work, this was pleasure.

"Yes, Joy, I want to be here with you but I want to make sure that you want this, too. That it's not because I'm your boss or that you think this will get you more money in your paycheck."

"I want you, Russ, to make you a happy man, you need a woman to help you with needs and be happy. I want to do that and I enjoy it, too. For me, it's very good to have American man to be with in sex, do you understand?"

Even though I didn't exactly, I nodded and she squatted down to pull my pants, then boxers, to the floor; her hand took my cock as I watched her ruby-red lips slide over me softly sucking and tonguing the head of my cock again, her eyes angled up watching me, knowing how good she was making me feel.

"Mmm, Joy, that feels wonderful, just wonderful," I moaned as she sucked and licked around my cock head.

She sucked me a minute or two more, then stood up, raising her slender arms up in the air, asking me, "You pull off top, please, Russ?" and I pulled the little top up off her body and dropped it on the foot on the bed.

She turned, looked over her shoulder, asking me, "My bra? Off, please?" and I unhooked her bra which she also dropped on the bed. She turned partly back, lifted one arm and said, "You open zipper for me?" and I tugged down the zipper on the side her tiny skirt which now fell to the floor as she gently swept it aside with her foot.

Joy turned back to me as I looked down at her perfect little body, exquisitely sculptured in warm, olive-tones, her breasts so nice and full on her petite body, tipped with small, dark nipples that were standing out very erectly.

"Now, my panties?" she asked and I knelt down and pulled her small, black lace boy shorts panties to the floor exposing her black, furry mound. I leaned forward and kissed her right in the middle of the dark, curly forest between her thighs as she smiled down at me.

"You don't mind that I am natural on my pussy with hair?"

I took a few licks along the middle, then stood up, my hands feeling the firmness of her breasts, and told her, "No, Joy, it looks quite pretty on you. You're quite beautiful."

"Thank you, you are beautiful, too, especially here," she said grinning as her dainty hand lifted my cock. "You want me in bed now?" she asked as she swept the cover off her bed.

"Only if it's what you want, Joy? If you really want this?"

"Yes, Russ, I've wanted you in my bed since the first day you come to the office."

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