Fuck Me & My Girl


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Group Sex, Black Male, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: New York playboy Maré has an evening of bliss with his exotic hot friend, Tazzy and her girlfriend Kaylani Lei.

I was back in New York City enjoying my day. Riding around Manhattan in my navy-black colored Conquest Evade with Rick Ross' "3 Kings" blaring from the system had me feeling like a King. I checked my V-Race timepiece and noticed it was getting close to the evening. I wanted to do something before the night ends, but did not know what. Then my smartphone rang; it was Tazzy. I smiled. Every time we are together, we have fun! The last time we were together, we did it BIG in Australia!

"What's up, Sexy?" I answered my phone. "How are you?"

"I'm chillin'; are you busy?" Tazzy asked.

"No, I'm just riding around. What's good?"

"I have my girl, Kaylani Lei with me at my Dakota apartment and we want to do something with you. We want to fuck! Are you with it?"

"Of course, I'm with it! I'll be there in twenty minutes, sexy."

"Okay, I'll see you when you get here."

"No doubt,"

"Bye." Tazzy hung up.

A proposal like that has a way of motivating me. I drove to the famous Dakota, the co-op apartment building where John Lennon once lived and died, at record time. As I walked down the hallway on the third floor, many erotic thoughts roamed in my head. Tazzy and Kaylani were a pair of freaks, who loved to fuck! I rang the doorbell twice and had a smile on my face. The door opened, and Tazzy stood there clad in a white sheer robe. I ogled at her provocative curves. Tazzy had an aura around her that made her radiant. I wanted to pinch those delicious dark nipples of hers.

"What's up, baby girl?" I said.

"Follow me Maré!" She said. We walked hand in hand and entered her Asian-styled living room. She called out, "Kaylani, Maré is here!"

We sat on the leather couch and got comfortable. Tazzy cupped my face and pulled me close. We kissed, with our eyes open. In 30 seconds, Kaylani pulled back and smiled.

"You're one hell of a kisser, sexy." I told her.

"Thanks," Tazzy said. "I love your lips."

I averted my caramel tinted eyes to the door when Kaylani appeared from the bedroom clad in a red and black Derrick Rose basketball jersey and nothing else. The jersey seemed to enhance her voluptuous figure. The bottom of her jersey barely concealed her lovely pussy, or the creamy moisture that still clung to her toned thigh. The sight of these hot girls aroused me to the max!

"What's up, Kaylani? You look so hot in that jersey, girl!"

"Thanks, hun!" Kaylani replied. "It's good to see you."

Her eyes darted shamelessly at the noticeable bulge in my pants, and a sultry smile spread across her cherry lips. Kaylani struck a pose, thrusting her chest out like an exotic dancer. Her nipples were already erect and the jersey rose a little higher. I wanted to stick my tongue out, lick, and suck her tits. I knew Kaylani was blatantly teasing me.

"I'm ready to pull my dick out and fuck the shit out of you!" I replied.

"Do you think you can handle a bad girl like me?" Kaylani asked with a smile.

"Judging by your erection, I know you like what you see! I always say a man with hardness is a good observer!" Tazzy teased me.

Kaylani put her arm around Tazzy and snuggled her face. Her eyes were fixed on the bulge in my pants.

"Are you ready for a little party and the pleasure, Maré?" Kaylani purred.

I grinned and said, "I'm always down for a party and some pussy."

"I bet you could make me scream your name with that BBC." Kaylani swooned. "Follow me into the kitchen and have a drink with me, handsome!

Kaylani took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen. I was standing behind Kaylani peering into the platinum fridge. She could not stop teasing me as she rubbed her fat ass up and down my erection. I moved my hands under her jersey and massaged her firm boobs. I licked her neck and nibbled on her ear. The sensation turned her on.

"Maré loves to keep it Up!" She commented.

I laughed and took a bottle of Armand de Brignac. Kaylani poured me a glass and she grabbed herself a cold bottle of Tequila Sunrise. Tazzy decided to sip on a Stoli martini. We wandered into the living room and I sat between them. As we drank and listened to the music on the radio, it was clear that we were about to gets it poppin' any minute. The sexual tension was definitely high in the room.

"I cannot wait any longer. Fuck us now!" Tazzy said, her eyes dreamy with lust. "We need to feel your cock inside us."

Her words excited me and had my heart racing. I was already aroused and ready to beat up their pussies. Tazzy laid her hand on my lap and let her fingers roam along my bulging length.

"Woo, you girls are BAD!" I exclaimed. "I like bad girls!"

John Legend's "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" started playing on the radio. Now, it was on! Kaylani pulled her jersey over her head; her long raven hair cascaded down her back. Her nipples stood proud, hard as eraser tips. She pulled my hungry mouth to them without hesitation as Tazzy unzipped my fly and drew out their unexpected treat! I was devouring Kaylani's tits as Tazzy slid her small hand up and down my thick shaft, marveling at the length and girth. She unfastened my pants and slid them to my ankles while Kaylani and I were in a lusty, wet lip lock. Our wet tongues wrestled, enjoying the exquisite taste. Tazzy crawled between my legs and licked my throbbing shaft from balls to the tip, inserting her moist tongue into the tiny opening and swirling around the enormous head. Damn, that felt so good! Tazzy definitely had skills with her magical tongue!

Kaylani's hand got into the act; she cupped my dangling balls, stroked up and down rapidly while Tazzy popped the head into her mouth. Then she joined Tazzy in a sexy kiss on the head of my cock. Their wet tongues met mid lick, then went in different directions, and homing in on each other's again as I laid back with my hands behind my head. I was in paradise!

"Let me see those sexy asses, ladies!" I demanded.

Kaylani and Tazzy happily obliged, jumping up and shaking their asses good-humoredly. The sight of those fat asses made me slapped each cheek at my leisure as they squealed like wild freaks. They continued to shake their booties even more as my hand left happy red blotches on their sexy bottoms.

"I need this big black dick in my pussy NOW!" Kaylani announced as she jumped up, fisted my erect dick, and straddled me.

"Face me while you fuck him so I can lick your clit," Tazzy told Carol.

"My pleasure, hun, I love you so fucking much!" Kaylani cried as she kissed Tazzy.

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