You Can Be Next
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was still a virgin when my best friend asked me if I wanted to watch her and her boyfriend have sex. Then she asked me something that changed everything.

When I moved here, I soon met the girl next door. We were the same age, eleven, and were both entering middle school in the fall. We quickly became friends, we were both the same height, close in weight and even looked somewhat alike and some even thought we were twins.

But we weren't, we were just very good friends and became even closer as we went through middle school.

Kay and I spent a lot of time together during the summers and after school, talking about everything under the sun, what we wanted to do when we grew up, where we wanted to go to college, what boys we liked, what our parents were like, everything we knew or wanted to know about sex. After all, we were right at the age where our bodies were preparing us for sex and while we were feeling the hormones coursing through us, all the feelings were theoretical because we were still virgins like many, though, not all, of our friends.

Becky Wilkins, a cute redhead in our class, was the first that we knew was having sex and she bragged quite openly about it to all of us girls. At least she said she was having sex.

But, for me, I was scared to death of getting pregnant. The one time, last year, when I was tempted, I asked the boy if he had any protection and he said no, we only had oral sex, I just was not going to take chances. And after a few times, he found another girl who was on the pill.

So, for Kay and me, our current sexual experience at the time was with mostly with ourselves, our own hands and fingers. We did masturbate together when we slept over at each other's house but it was always under the covers, we weren't the kind that did it out in the open.

And, then the big transition took place ... high school.

Do you remember when you went to high school? For most of us it was a bigger building, much larger in my case, and there were swarms of people I didn't know and it only seemed like a few I did. So, Kay and I tried to hang together as much as we could.

There was another transition, both for me and for Kay. Our mothers each took us for our first check-ups and we both went on the pill.

Then, in November, up in her room after school, Kay told me ... she had met a sophomore boy, Wade Collins, and that they were dating.

"Dating, like boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked her.

"Yeah, and it's so hot, Nora, you need a boyfriend, girl. He comes over every afternoon after school."

"Sounds like you two are, maybe, doing something?"

She laughed. "Oh, girl, are we ever. I was so scared the first time. Well, we didn't do it right away, I mean, I let him see my boobs, they're pretty nice now, like yours are, and he just loved kissing and sucking them. Oh, girl, what that does to your pussy is fantastic, so hot. He'd come over and I was right out of my top and bra and he would suck them for hours."

"Oh, wow, you two really started doing stuff," I gasped.

"It was about a week before I put my hand down on him, where his pants were all swollen up and started rubbing. Then he asked if he could take it out. I almost died. But, oh, I let him and, well, have you seen a boy's dick?"

I shook my head sideways as she added, "Well, I can tell you that Wade's is beautiful. Long, I measured it," she giggled, "six and almost a half inches. And it's really pretty. I started playing with it while he sucked my nipples, rubbing the end, it's so soft, just like velvet. Oh, and a little slippery stuff, cum, I think, comes out the end and I'd rub it around the tip."

"Wow, did you, you know, masturbate him? Make his cum spurt out the end? Was it cool?"

"He showed me how to spit on my hand to jack him off though I use hand lotion now. I keep it in my room, see, right there," she said pointing to a bottle on the bedside table. "And, yes, it's so exciting to make him shoot, oh, does he love it. I love it, too."

"Have you done more?" I asked crouched on her bed, moving so the heel of my left foot was under me, pressing against my pussy.

"Well, it soon turned to him getting naked and me topless with him sucking my boobs as I jacked him off but I decided to try sucking it and, oh, I'll tell you, when you suck a boy's dick they love you forever. And, when you feel them shoot in your mouth and you did it, you made it happen, knowing it gives him so much pleasure, well, it's a huge turn-on."

"Did you swallow it?"

"Yeah, that's the easiest way. Tastes okay, so that's not bad. It's really fun. You need a boyfriend, Nora. This is awesome."

"So, that's all you're doing?"

"No, he wanted to eat me out, give me oral sex and one day I let him. It meant I had to get completely naked for him and open my legs up. Omigod, letting him see everything I've got."

"Was it good? Did you like it?" I asked naively.

"Oh, girl, way better than good. His soft tongue down there, licking and rubbing, oh, it's just the best," she said as I began to grind down on my heel.

"You know how you get off using your fingers? Well, roll five of those together and that's what oral sex feels like."

"Are you going to do sex? You know the regular way?"

She laughed, telling me, "Yeah, tomorrow afternoon, right after school."

"You mean for the first time ever? Lose your cherry?"

She laughed again, "Oh, girl, that was a month ago, at least. No, what I meant was he's coming over tomorrow after school and we're fucking, we do it almost every afternoon, I'm just over my period that's why we're not today."

"So, you and Wade have been doing everything? Sex and oral, all that?"

"All that. And, there's nothing like it. See that mirror right there on my wall?" I nodded and she added, "We like to watch us fuck in the mirror, it's so hot. You should see us."

"I wish."

She laughed, then said, "Well, I guess you could watch us, you could come over and watch us do it. I'll tell you, it's the hottest thing you'll ever see. I can ask Wade if it's okay with him. You've never seen a guy naked, right?"

"Right. Um, this is getting me pretty excited," I said as I moved myself over the heel of my foot, pressing down, feeling those good feelings as she told me more about their sex.

"You could watch him lick me and use his tongue. Oh, girl, nothing's better, nothing. And his cock, oh, you'll love it. So, do you want to watch us?"

"I don't know. It's ... I don't know, just, well..."

"Oh, come on, Nora, I'll talk with Wade in the morning. I'll bet he'd love to have an audience. I think I would, too. This has really got me worked up, I've got to get off," she said as she pulled the covers over her and I could see her moving over her middle.

I laid back, pulled the covers over me, as well, and lifted my knees up and began masturbating and this was the first time we did it in the open where we could see each other with the lights on. About halfway through, Kay said she was too hot and pulled the covers aside and did the rest in the open. I think she might have been turned on by talking about she and her boyfriend doing sex while I watched. It sure had me turned-on. This was the first time either of us had masturbated in full view of the other. So, I pulled the sheet back and enjoyed my fingers making me happy.

We were both watching the other as we masturbated, that was new, a first for us, but, after all, we were talking about me watching Kay and her boyfriend have sex the next day. Boy, was that making me horny as I fingered myself while I rubbed my clitty.

We each got off with really good ones, almost at the same time. It was really good but then I had to get home, now nervous and excited about tomorrow ... and watching Wade and Kay. Fucking. Wow.

She had said to come over a little before nine, that Wade had agreed that I could watch and that he was even excited to have an audience.

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