Rayne Falls
Clear Sky's

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Fiction, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Clear Sky's - A college student who is the schools star race car driver who's extremely popular especially with the ladies. The final races are coming down and life is getting in the way.

"Hey, whassup dawg!" is what's normally heard on campus by the guys. "Hey daddy!" is what's normally heard by the staff. Who are they talking to? Just the one and only Rayne, that's normally heard on campus by the girls. "Sir, you're going to be a success one day." Is all. When Rayne is around, that's all you'll here on Earnhardt University's campus in Velocity, KY. When it Rayne's it pours. Funny thing is being popular here is like being popular at any other ol stereotypical college. Rayne's a auto jock. See in Velocity, the automotive industry is strong So most extracurricular activities and some courses are about auto racing or auto repair. Anyway he stands 6'4 250lbs nice and light skinned you'd swear his momma coulda been white. Fine ass abs, six pack, no one pops a clutch like Rayne.

"Are we gonna study after business management class, you promised you'd help me, Rayne." Asked Marisol.

"If that's what I said, that's what I'll do baby. Your dorm, or mine?" Rayne slyly replied.

"I guess my room. Besides the new girl may need some help too." Explained Marisol.

"Cool, I'll see ya later then. Don't forget to tell her the rules of study night." Rayne sexually hinted.

Of course he could have anybody he wanted. Even the chicks him and his crew make fun of takes to getting fucked as an apology. Just to be dissed again the next day. At the scene, outside the cafeteria, the day after the sexy threesome.

"Look at this guy here. Dudes like all nerded out. Lame ass nigga." Joked Cole.

"Ri-ight! Are you serious right now. He looks like he does trigonometry for a hobby." Said Marisol.

"Oh I know pi to the last digit, lookin ass." Yelled Rayne.

"Fuck you, Rayne." Said the guy.

"Aww shit, lil gay Urkel gotta back bone. Let me have a word with you in my office." Ordered Rayne as he Vinny and Cole walked him to the bathroom.

So Rayne get's him into the handicap stall and lays him a punch to the side, while Cole and Vinny hold his arms.

"Are you tryin to be hard, son? I am the best this school has, no car or driver within miles is as good as me. I think you need to apologize to me." Demanded Rayne.

"I don't (cough, hack) owe you shit. You guys strut around here like kings and queens. Some people are getting tired of putting up with you guys. It's funny cause everybody wants to be you or with you or your friend, but it's like nobody has a chance. NO Respect." Said the guy.

"Fuck you dawg. See where jealousy takes you. I have a Mustang, you got a moped, yep I seen it." Rayne goes to punch him in the stomach. "You need to learn respect. And a lil Humility." Rayne grabs his wallet and dibies up the money with Vinny and Cole.

The board is going to hear about this." The guy wheezed.

"Nobodies gon't here shit man, know that." Said Vinny.

"I'm out. Do as you must." Said Rayne, as he walked out the stall.

"Swirly time!!" Yelled Cole and Vinny.

Rayne steps outside the bathroom. To go to the garage, when some guy is about to walk in. When Rayne looks down at him he thinks to himself; damn he's kinda cute.

"You don't wanna go in there right now, no witnesses, please." Pleaded Rayne with non chalant as muffled screams and maniacal laughter creep past the door.

Later that evening after fucking his sixth chick of the day. Rayne is sneaking out to his car to take a small trip around town. To the Stillwall* area of Velocity.

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