The Rent a Man Blues

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Incest, MaleDom, Light Bond, Harem, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Prologue - After Megan's husband died, she invented something to support herself and her daughter with. The invention works perfectly. A Japanese industrialist is interested in manufacturing it. He's even coming to America to negotiate the deal. But he thinks she's a man, and her interpreter knows him to be the kind of traditional man who won't do business with a woman. So suddenly, she needs a man to front for her. Sort of a Rent-a-man kind of thing. But who can she trust to do something like that?

Megan Tomlinson graduated from the school of hard knocks, before she graduated from college. Of course most people have problems to deal with as they grow up, but Megan seemed to have more than her share. Like when she'd gotten pregnant at sixteen, and decided to keep the baby. Along the way, she learned that, with each problem, there usually came an opportunity as well. Such as happening to get hired at the same fast food restaurant as Sam Tomlinson. She knew of him, but had never talked to him. He ran in different circles than her boyfriend, Randy, whose family had mysteriously moved away once she told him she was pregnant.

Sam was friendly to her, which was rare. A lot of her friends found little time for her as her belly swelled. They seemed to think her condition was 'catching'. But Sam had been in puppy love with her for years, and was less concerned with the fact that some other guy had gotten her pregnant, than that she was willing to give him a chance now. Of course she didn't know about his years long crush on her, and he had no idea she was basically being shunned by most others.

Still, it seemed like an unlikely match as their budding friendship moved outside the fast food joint. She was tall, over six feet, and had been a setter on the volleyball team before she got pregnant. He was five-eight, genetically beefy and a whiz at math. He tutored her, in fact, in the math class she was having so much difficulty in, which changed both of their lives. That was because he had a knack for explaining things that helped her understand years of fuzzy mathematical concepts, so that they all made sense. Her current class started making sense too, until she didn't need his help any more. Now math was fun, which was something she'd never experienced at all.

They grew closer and closer, but their future looked dismal. Her parents wanted her to go to college, despite the baby, and her mother was willing to care for the grandchild while Megan went to classes. Her test scores suggested she should pursue engineering, and they lived in Atlanta, home of Georgia Tech and one of the finest engineering programs in the country. But there was the money issue. Her grades hadn't generated scholarships, and her family wasn't wealthy.

Sam was also from a family of few means. He also wanted to go to college, but his plan was to join the military and use the GI Bill for that.

A solution to that problem had arisen on prom night, when Sam had proudly escorted his six month pregnant girlfriend to the dance. He heard the snickers, but didn't care about them. He considered those people idiots. As they danced, the baby turned in her womb, and he felt the movement. It astonished him. They'd held hands before, but before this night they hadn't hugged, or kissed, or traded any of the sweet nothings that most sweethearts do. He was her steadfast more-than-just friend, and she was his most appreciative wounded dove. But feeling that baby move in her changed everything in Sam Tomlinson. After the prom, while they sat, munching on fries and burgers in the car, he asked if he could feel her belly. She had changed into maternity pants and a T shirt, and simply pulled the shirt up to bare the stretched skin that covered her unborn daughter.

As his hand moved over that skin, the baby moved again, almost as if she recognized the hand of one who loved it. And he realized he did love her. He was in love with Megan, and the baby under his hand was simply part of her.

"I wish I was her father," he whispered, without realizing he'd spoken aloud.

She leaned over and kissed him with warm lips. It was impulsive, unplanned, and almost shockingly pleasant.

"I do too," she whispered back.

He was startled, as his brain tried to understand what had just happened. Then she was kissing him again, as her body and soul reached for the love and closeness she had been denied, before this. She was like a starving woman, who had suddenly been offered a feast. His reaction was similar, as unbelievable things happened between them, things he had only dreamed of on long, lonely nights as his fantasies ran wild.

She would have let him have her, sexually, except it was impossible in the car, in such a cramped space. Instead she did for him the only thing she'd never done with any other boy. She used her mouth on him until he exploded in hysterical joy, convincing herself that swallowing was mandatory, to show how much she needed his love.

It was a wild night, and both were a bit dazed the next day. He proposed the next night, in front of her parents. They weren't impressed, until he laid out a surprisingly well thought-out plan, wherein he joined the Army, which came with the kind of benefits for his wife that Megan did not currently have, including both medical care for her, but also for the baby. There was a housing allowance, and Fort McPhereson, right there in Atlanta had services available, such as the PX and Commissary. She could still go to college, and her mother could still provide the daycare while that happened.

Once he'd laid it out, her parents stopped frowning. Her mother looked at Megan, who looked like a pale marble statue.

"Do you love him?" she asked, almost immediately wishing she hadn't. It wasn't fair to either of them.

"Oh, I love him all right," she whispered. "I just can't believe it, that's all."

There was more talk, hours more, but at one point Megan just shouted "Yes!" at the top of her lungs. That came in the midst of a discussion about what he'd be doing in the Army (something he didn't know yet) but everybody present knew exactly what her screamed affirmative meant. There was a brief pause while the two youngsters hugged and kissed each other, and then it was back to making sure that everything had been thought of.

It had.

Well ... except for the needs of the Army, which, at the moment he enlisted, meant they needed bodies to fill slots in the Military Occupational Specialty numbered: 11B. That was infantry. His scores on the entry test qualified him for many other MOSes, but the recruiter had been told to fill infantry slots, so that's what he did.

On the "don't-tell-anybody-I-told-you-this" recommendation of the same recruiter, they got married before he joined. That made things much easier, and made her benefits kick in immediately, so she could get a military doctor and make all the plans to deliver in a Military hospital.

Then they sent her husband to basic training, after which he went to his first unit, which just happened to be on the next rotation for Iraq.

He did two tours which, with extensions, meant that out of his four year enlistment, he was actually only stateside for a total of thirteen months. The problem with that was that "home" was defined as Megan's parents' house, because she was still in school. He, on the other hand, was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. It was tough on them both, but they bucked up and just called it a down payment on the rest of their lives, because soon he'd be out. The problem with that was that she was in a five year engineering program, which meant he'd have to find some way to support her for a year before she could get a job and then he could use the GI Bill to get his own degree.

They were young. His bright personality had taken some hits because of what he had seen over there, but they were still full of hope.

Which is why he extended for a year, with his commander's promise that he could stay stateside.

His commander lied, and it wasn't in writing, so there wasn't anything Sam could do about it.

So he went with the unit when they deployed again. An IED killed him five days after he arrived in country.

He was survived by his wife and four year old daughter, who bore his name, if not his genes.

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