The Wedding of Spider-Man


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Desc: Action/Adventure Story: Shomari, the black Spider-Man, overcomes his anxiety and finally marries the love of his life, Shadiyah.

The morning sun streamed in through the skylight of a Manhattan penthouse so brightly that Shomari and Shadiyah brown bodies seemed to glow. They woke up at the same time, staring at each other and smiling.

"Good morning, goddess." Shomari said.

"Morning," Shadiyah replied.

"So, now what," Shomari touched her hair.

"What do you want to do? I have the day off."

"Well, I think today is a great day to get married."

Shadiyah smiled. "Are you excited about the wedding?"

"Yes, I can't wait to see you in that pretty dress."

After taking a shower together, they were sitting at the dining table having oatmeal for breakfast. On the TV, there was a news broadcast about Spider-Man saving a baby from a burning high-rise yesterday evening.

"You're on TV again, handsome," Shadiyah said, as she turned the volume up to the television

Shomari grinned. "Well, I am the most popular New Yorker in the city. I'm happy that no one was harm in the fire."

"Yes, and the important thing is you saved that baby from burning to death. It's just a reminded how great of a superhero you really are."

Shomari looked up at the clock, and ran into the bedroom. He came out clothed in the traditional red-and-blue Spider-Man costume. This was his first time wearing it, and he felt like a new, fresh person. He also had a small big bag on his back where he kept his street clothes in.

"Wow, look at you handsome!" Shadiyah smiled triumphantly up at him. "You looked sexy in that multicolor costume. What made you wear that?'

"Well, I feel brand new, gorgeous. I am about to get married and ... I am in a very good mood. I'll be home for dinner, goddess."

Shomari kissed Shadiyah and pulled the mask over his face. In a split second, he leaped off the balcony and web-swing to building-to-building at an incredible speed. The weather was perfect in the city. It was warm and sunny, and Spider-Man loved the fact there was not any crowds or traffic twenty feet up. He had the air all to himself. The rush of air as he swooped down in each long arc was exhilarating; and he took delight in the sheer physical thrill of it.

Below, sirens howled down the streets of the West Side. It was police sirens, and the noise caught Spider-Man's attention, as he decided to follow the racing police cars. He knew this was not going to be an ordinary morning. As he picked up his pace, a news helicopter soared over him, trying to capture the disturbance to broadcast it to the public.

Spider-Man paused and looked at the scene ahead. Cars were crashing into office buildings, explosions going off, and pedestrians running for cover. Spider-Man recognized the person that was causing the disturbance. It was the Rhino.

The Rhino was a minor muscle man who foreign spies chose for a top-secret experiment in which he gained superhuman strength and an artificial, bulletproof hide. For a big man, the Rhino was fast and agile. Over the years, Shomari read many news articles about the battles Peter Parker as Spider-Man had with the Rhino.

Taking down the Rhino, was not going to be an easy task. Spider-Man loved a tough challenge, and he was ready for it. Spider-Man lowered himself gradually in front of the Rhino. This was his first encounter with this legendary villain and even Spider-Man had to admit that Rhino was very imposing.

"You," Rhino bellowed.

"Yes," Spider-Man agreed, landing on his feet. "The king of New York, let's get it poppin'!"

"Come on, spider!"

Rhino threw a punch; Spider-Man ducked and landed a few hits to his face, which staggered him. The onlookers applauded as if they were at a sporting event. Spider-Man fired a spider web to Rhino's face temporarily blinding him, and continued his onslaught. He delivered an 18-hit combination to Rhino.

"How does he move so fast?" A blond-haired woman said.

Rhino recovered fast and caught Spider-Man with a right hook, which knocked him off his feet. Spider-Man got up slightly dazed, and felt his left cheek bruised. Rhino quickly charge Spider-Man sending him flying through the plate-glass front window of Starbucks.

"Damn, I got sloppy."

As Spider-Man got himself together, he could see Rhino approaching his way. He decided it was time to end this charade. Spider-Man fired a web-line, which wrapped around Rhino's sturdy legs. Spider-Man found himself spinning Rhino around at the end of his webbing. He let go, sending Rhino flying toward the wall of a building. The horn of Rhino's head was stuck in the wall, ending the battle.

After Spider-Man wrapped a ring of strong webbing around Rhino trapping his arms at his sides, he leaped to the sky and swing away. New Yorkers were cheering and waving at Spider-Man. To see their champion save them from a super-villain up close, was a treat for them. Even when Spider-Man swings out of sight, some of the citizens on the sidewalks continued to stared and wave.

Twenty minutes later, Shomari was in street clothes, hurrying down Fifth Avenue. He pulled out his BlackBerry and contacted his fiancé.

"Did you see me on TV, baby?" Shomari was so excited.

"Yeah, it was exciting watching you fight. I knew you could stop him." Shadiyah laughed.

"I feel great; I'm so full of adrenaline. I wonder if anybody put my fight on YouTube?"

"I'm on YouTube now watching it. Your fight already had over 50,000 views. I'm about to watch a Trey Songz video."

"Trey Songz? You're so crazy..."

Shomari walked inside Barnes & Noble where his childhood friend, Paul, was waiting for him. Paul was sitting at a table for two in the café section of the place, having a cup of coffee.

"There you are, playboy!"

"Hey, what's up?" Shomari said. "It's good to see you, man. Paul, you do not age at all. What is your secret?"

"I drink a lot of water, old timer." Paul joked.

They talked about nothing in particular, as best friends will, for the better part of an hour. While other topics came up such as fare hikes and career change, the subject soon went to the wedding.

Paul said, "How do you feel about the wedding?"

"I have to admit, this whole wedding thing makes me miss the good old times." Shomari continued. "I remember dealing with so many gorgeous women, having sex four times a day, and partying every weekend. I don't know if I can be the husband Shadiyah needs me to be."

"Are you ready to be married?" Paul asked.

"Yes, I am." Shomari answered. "I love that woman so much. I'm ready to be her husband."

"I believe you, playboy. It is amazing that you are the first out of the group getting married. 2010 has been a weird year so far."

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