Oh, That's a Good One
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I like older women; it's just as simple as that. So, when I moved into a six-unit apartment building and found that the other apartments each had an older, attractive woman living there, well, let's say, I've met them all and I've mated them all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Interracial   White Couple   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex  

I work for a big insurance company by day as an actuary. If you don't know what that is, don't bother asking. It's not exciting, not at all.

If that was all I did in my life, well, I think I'd be a bit crazy. But I do have a hobby, photography.

Yes, I do still lifes, lots of nature and architectural shots but what I really love is photographing women.

Okay, you're thinking, what guy wouldn't?

If I showed you my collection of photos, I'm not even sure you would like them. They're all kinds including lots of nudes but there is a difference and it has to do with my own personal taste.

I like older women, women with some experience that I can capture with my camera. Maybe it's a fetish, I don't know.

Oh, I've dated girls and women my own age, I'm now twenty-six, but there's never been anything very serious.

But when I get an erection, it's almost always in the presence of a woman, twenty or more years older.

Okay, that may not be your thing and that's fine with me, that leaves more of them for me.

My first model was my Aunt Betsy when I was fifteen. I had gotten into photography a few years earlier and when she was staying with us and my mom and dad were off at work, I asked her if I could take some pictures of her. It was summer and she had on a sundress that was low in the front; this was my aunt who liked to show her charms, so to speak.

I took some shots, moving around her, then had her sit and when I moved up over her, I could see the tops of her breasts when the front of her dress hung open. I quickly took a few shots, then she looked up and me and right back down and started laughing.

"Oh, Alan, were you trying to get my boobs, honey?"

"Uh, oh, no, um, I..." I really was caught and didn't know what to say but she did.

"Look, Alan, you're, what, fifteen now? You've seen the Playboys and Penthouses and looked at girls on your computer, it's all right. Actually, I'm rather pleased that you want some pictures down my top. I think that's quite flattering."

"You do? You're not mad?" I asked, revealing that I certainly knew nothing about women at my age.

"Actually, I think it's rather charming, Alan, and, as I said, rather flattering," she said smiling up at me. "Perhaps I should slip these straps off my shoulders so you could get a few pictures for yourself. I know how boys are at your age. They might help you get some relief," she added grinning at my reddened face.

She pulled the straps down and gave a tug to the neckline of the dress, lowering it nicely to reveal the tops of her breasts fully blossoming out the top of her bra.

"Go ahead, Alan, have fun, I know I can't compete with the girls in Playboy but, well, these are real," she said as I snapped away.

"Here, get these," she said as she stood up and leaned forward, dropping the dress more open at the top and even pulled her bra down some to where I could almost see her nipples.

"Just don't tell your mom, Alan. This is just our little secret."

I took several more pictures, these last she said were just for me and then she said that was enough and I took my camera to my room and downloaded them onto my computer and jacked-off to the final five or six that I had taken.

She fixed lunch and, as we were eating, she asked, "So, have you used my pictures yet, Alan?"

I instantly knew what she meant though I just couldn't dare admit it.

"Um, I've looked at them, they're nice," I answered noncommittally.

"And did it feel good when you did it? Did I help?"

We both, of course, knew what she meant.

"Come on, Alan, I know how boys are, girls do it, too. In fact, this morning kind of turned on your Aunt Betsy, so I went and had a little fun myself. Probably right when you were doing it, too. So, did it feel good? After all, if I helped, it would be nice to know."

Well, what was I to say?

"Um, yeah, it helped, it helped a lot."

"I was going to get some sun this afternoon, maybe we could take some more pictures? Are you up for that? Or should I not put it quite that way?" she laughed.

"That's good, I've always got my camera charged up so whenever," I answered trying to be nonchalant.

She looked down at my shorts and said, "Looks like there's more than your camera that's charged up, Alan. Maybe you should go to your room and look at the photos again while I go change."

I didn't answer, I just got up and went to my room and jacked-off while I looked at my aunt's pics on my laptop. Then, I grabbed my camera and went downstairs and looked out the back slider.

There she was, stretched out on a chaise lounge in the sun. I went out and saw that she was wearing a bikini that I hadn't seen before; it was bright yellow and pretty sexy, barely covering her nipples and pussy. She had to shave to wear it, that's for sure.

"Ah, here you are. Did you have a nice one, Alan? Hope I was a help."

I didn't answer, instead I began taking a few pictures as she stretched out in the bright sunlight.

I got several of her on her back, then she sat up and leaned forward, looking at me looking at her boobs as I snapped more pics.

"Can you keep some of these secret, Alan, just for yourself?"

Omigod, my dick almost blew up when she asked me that.

"Oh, sure, it's just between the two of us, Aunt Betsy, of course," I told her as she reached around and loosened her top, catching and holding the small cups against her breasts.

"You ready?"

I nodded and her hands fell away revealing her beautiful, large breasts to both me and my camera. They were large, I learned that they were D-cup, and they had a beautiful shadow of under curve beneath them and her soft pink nipples were wide and erect in the centers.

I was clicking away and as I came nearer to get a couple of closeups of her bared boobs, her arm reached out and I felt her palm press against me erection and rub.

"Hmm, so maybe your Aunt Betsy turns on a certain nephew?"

"Oh, you sure do, you're really beautiful," I panted as I took more photos.

"Kind of a shame that you get to see me but I don't get to see you, Alan. Can photographers work without their pants on?"

I laughed and asked if she was serious. She told me to step over to her and find out and when I did, she began undoing my belt and fly and pulled down my shorts to stand there in my briefs, all stretched out.

She gripped the elastic and pulled them to my feet and I stepped out of them as her fingers curled around my throbbing erection.

"My, my, looks like my nephew has gotten a lot bigger since I last saw him in the bathtub. I remember washing this and it has much improved since then. Come here, with this," she said as her hand gently pulled me toward her.

I watched in awe as she ran her tongue around her lips, wetting them, then slipped them over the end of my dick as her mouth softly sucked while her tongue caressed around and around the head.

I was already very turned-on, as you can imagine, and it didn't take long before I was about to cum in her mouth. I'd had blow jobs from two girls already when I was a freshman in high school. They were each other's best friends and when the first one told the other that she'd begun sucking me off everyday after school, her friend wanted to do the same.

There was, of course, some mutuality to it, I was providing oral sex to the girl and would now be pleasured by both in return for my licking them off. One of them, I forget which, told me that a boy should always tell the girl before he cums the first time, in case she wants to finish him by hand. But these girls eagerly swallowed lots and lots of my cum.

But this time, with my aunt, I didn't want to mess this up at all. She was my sexiest aunt, the one that I sometimes jacked-off to and I was hoping this was just a beginning.

"Mmm, oh, I'm gonna cum, Aunt Betsy, if you want to stop and finish by hand," I moaned but she went right on, just like the two girls had done, sucking me right into an orgasm, spurting into her warm, sensual mouth.

She sucked a minute more, it was just delectable as I stood there so happy as she stood up and kissed me, running her tongue into my mouth which I sucked on as her hand held my still-hard cock.

Then, her face pulled back and she looked at me and said, "Whew, I think taking my picture has kind of gone a little farther, huh, Alan? You're certainly becoming a man. Let's take this back to my room and she just how you can make me happy with this," as she gave a gentle squeeze.

We went back into the house, taking what clothes we had already shed with us and went into her room where she pulled off the bottom of her bikini, then pulled off my teeshirt.

She got down on the bed and spread her legs apart, inviting me to my first-ever sex. Yes, I'd had oral sex with the two girls but it never went any further than that. But, now, well, now, I was going to get my first sex and it was with my sexy Aunt Betsy.

"I'm ready, Alan, you certainly look ready, too. Come make love to me, Alan," she asked stretching her arms open for me as I got up on the bed and waddled up between her legs.

She took my dick and gently pulled me to her as I moved so I could press into her. As I began to push, I was looking down and it was so hot to see my hard dick disappear from sight as such exquisite feelings took over as I went ever deeper.

"Oh, Aunt Betsy, oh, this feels so good," I panted.

"Is this your first time, Alan?"

"Yes, omigod, it feels so good. Better than even what everyone says."

"Well, take your time, sweetie, lets enjoy one another," she said softly as she began moving her hips around in a circle as I went back and forth.

I knew that even with her sucking me already that I couldn't last very long, it was just so new and exciting and erotic for a fifteen-year old boy.

But I had been through sex-ed, such as it was, and knew about birth control and that flashed through my head.

"Oh, do I need to pull it out? Are you protected?"

She laughed, saying, "It's okay, honey, I'm on the pill so it's safe. Just go ahead when you feel like it. Am I getting you there?"

"Yeah, oh, yeah, it feels incredible, just the best thing in my whole entire life," I gasped as my cum began pouring out into the first pussy of my life.

She hugged me to her, whispering, "Mmm, I'm so happy to be your first, Alan, I'll never forget it."

"I never will either. You'll always be my favorite aunt," I told her, then realizing that she was my only aunt. "Well, you're the only one I have but, still, you're my favorite. I love you, Aunt Betsy."

"I love you, too, Alan," she whispered as I kept moving back and forth.

A few minutes later she had a beautiful orgasm, one that I caused with my cock; she looked so beautiful when it happened.

She stayed three more days and we had sex every day, oral and vaginal, and I took more pictures of her though she wouldn't let me take any of us together.

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