The Unlikely Lovers

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Blackmail, Fiction,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Prologue - Snow's life is about to change.. For better.. Or will it get worse..?

-Snow Raven-

It was a dark, cool, summer night, the full moon was shining fairly brightly, even through the shadowy midnight clouds. The street lights were barely on even though a few on the street were flickering.

Snow was in her attic bedroom, staring out at the moon. Her three story house, which was really her father's who has long since passed and left the house to her step-mother and the woman's daughter so long as they were alive. Her father had also left her step-mother and step-sister their own trust fund to live on, the rest of his money he'd left in a separate account for his only blood relative, her. Of course, she couldn't access the account until she moved out of the house, but with the way things were going for her right now that wasn't likely.

She thought it was a bit ironic what her name was, being her first name was Snow and her last name being Raven. She thought it ironic because her skin was so pale and clear that it shown like snow in winter moonlight and her long hair, that came to rest at the top of her nicely rounded ass, was black as a raven's feathers, even with the slightly blue tint to it.

As she stared out at the moon she caught the glimpse of movement down on the sidewalk, which was odd for this time of night and where the house was. Considering that the house was almost in the middle of no where and was on the outskirts of the woods. Her house was smack in the middle of the outskirts of the small town she lived in and the woods that surrounded the area. The only odd, creepy thing about the place was that large, mountain like hill that at the top there stood a old, decrepit castle.

Snow had thought many a time of going for a walk to the castle just to see what had everyone so worried about, but she always decided against it for a few reasons of her own. Mostly because she never had any free time to herself except when she was sleeping or taking a shower, and even then she rarely had more than an hour for each. But one of these days her curiousity will get the better of her eventually, just not any time soon.

Little did she know her life was going to change, could it be better or worse in the end? Only time would be able to actually tell.

-Zaiin Silver-

Zaiin had been sitting on the front steps of the God's Museum, he'd been waiting for what seemed like hours for his mother to finish the tour of the place for the newcomers and the "tourists". He was tired of having to wait for things all the time, he may be the next in line for the title of his family's power and his father's seat on the throne to rule his people, if you could call Godly Beings people, but that didn't mean he had to be patient constantly. As he sat there waiting, he began to wonder what his other siblings were doing. He just shook his head at the thoughts.

He had figured his brother Cal was probably out chasing other women, though he was married. His sister Kat, who every one called Kitty, was probably out playing with the animal's again. Out of his two siblings she was still the only one who was still young and innocent, it made him laugh because she'd always looked up to him, as naive as the girl was, she still had one of the sharpest tongues around, aside from him, Cal, and his mother.

He kept looking to the sky to track how long a time had passed since his mother had forced him to come and wait for her while she did the tour, it was already beginning to get dark. He just sighed to himself and shook his head, it was going to be a long night, but at least he had the company of the people who were coming and going of the museum and the bird's that they had in the area as high up in the mountains as their dwellings were, it was a wonder that the animals there could survive. He was just glad for the company.

-Calfarious Lake-

Cal had been waiting for this day for a long time, his plans were finally being set into motion. Everyone of their kind had always thought he was just a mindless male that was always on the hunt for some tail, even though he had a loving wife and two sons at home. He had to admit, he didn't mind a side piece while he was out of his house for a while, even in the entire population knew what he was doing. In all actuality he was planning and scheming to get his elder brother thrown from their mountainous, skyward loft.

He had a plan, he was going to frame the murder of his youngest son on his brother. As much as he probably shouldn't kill his own child, he'd been sure that it wasn't his to begin with. After the first one he rarely ever bed his wife because she claimed to never be in the mood and when low and behold she becomes pregnant with child the second time, it had been when they'd stopped their love making for over three moons. All he had to do now was lure his "loving" wife and eldest son from their home for the night so he could do the deed.

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