Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - First story in The Neighborhood series which will chronical the subjugating of all women in a neighborhood into play for pay sluts


Mike Simmons was in his favorite coffee shop enjoying a slice of banana cream pie and coffee when he saw her. He couldn't believe it, there walking by was Babs Sands, the porno queen. He had first seen one of her movies over 20 years ago while in the Marine Corps stationed at Camp Pendleton CA for Infantry Training School back in 68. He had been in Oceanside CA on a weekend pass and saw her in a poster advertising the film inside the Pussycat Theatre, a XXX chain of theatres in CA. The redhead struck a chord in the 18 year old and he had bought a ticket and saw her take on all comers in a 2 hour long gang bang that had resulted with her face covered in cum and it looked like a gallon of cum between her legs. He had been given a bio on the actress with his ticket and after leaving the theatre had read it and found it was her first movie, made 2 months earlier on her 18th birthday.

Mike had often thought of her through his schooling, 2 13 month tours in Viet Nam and throughout his career. He had seen more of her movies over the years and had even seen her live at the Man Trap Strip Club in Oceanside CA when he worked there as a bouncer on nights and weekends when not in the field at Pendleton. He had been selected to escort her to her vehicle, but never got up the nerve to say anything to her. She had kissed his cheek at the car then gotten in and drove off. Mike swore he could still feel her lips on his cheek all these years later.

Mike had been married 5 times, drove cross country semis hauling frozen foods and produce in refrigerated trailers. Finally he had settled here in Myron and started to set up his business. He had opened a strip club and named it after where he had met Babs Sands, the Man Trap. He owned the adult bookstore and video arcade on the edge of the city and had glory holes established in the video booths and filled the 2nd 5th and 8th of the 9 with prostitutes who would give blow jobs for $10 and back up to the hole to fuck for $20. A book of Polaroid pictures of the girls was there and the customers were shown who was currently working for their selection. A bouncer named Tommy collected and gave the customers a slip of paper with the price and they slipped it though the hole and then their cock and the girl fulfilled the job he had paid for. There were 10 rooms with beds where the strippers took customers in the back of the strip club for private dances and sex.

How could a 42 year old man get away with that and run every prostitute on the streets of a 175,000 population city you ask. The police never bothered him, never bothered his girls, Mike was the king of the city and city hall loved him and the police loved him.

When Mike had arrived in town 5 years ago drugs were easily available in the city, there was a University in town and students want drugs. Within a week of his arrival bodies were found in alleys, not shot or stabbed, with crushed windpipes. The bodies all had what the courts called "with intent to distribute" amount of drugs and large sums of cash. Anonymous tips were called in on where the bodies were and the M.E. ruled time of death within the last hour. Someone was striking their throats and crushing their windpipes and the police were baffled about the instrument.

After six months there were less and less bodies and the word on the street were that drugs available in town were drying up. Finally a snitch told Lt Daniels that a Mr. S was running the dealers out of town. Further questioning got them a description 6'5, 230 or so lbs, fit, Marine Corps tattoo on his right shoulder. Mr. S was approaching drug dealers and telling them to give him the drugs and get out of town and when they laughed, he'd strike with a karate blow to their windpipe. Then the pushers were no longer laughing, but still died. Now, according to Willie the Weasel, they turned the drugs over to him and left town and according to Willie, Mr. S was destroying the drugs he confiscated.

Within a year, you couldn't buy drugs on the streets anywhere in the city. Jack Black, the newspaper owner in town, wrote several editorials on a new man in town that had opened a strip joint called the man trap and had an adult bookstore and video arcade on the edge of the city and was bringing porn and prostitution into the city. He called for police raids but nothing was found that was not on the up and up. Then Lt Daniels read a report on Mike Simmons, the owner of those establishments and the description said 6'5, Marine Corps tattoo, right shoulder. Could he have solved "the executioner" string of murders as Jack Black had called the drug pushers killer in the articles? Mike Simmons, Mr. S, it fit although almost all Marines had that tattooed on them somewhere. He told his Captain about his suspicions and then was called into the Chief's office and ordered to accompany him to the Mayor's Office.

As a result of that meeting, now Captain Daniels and in charge of "the Executioner" investigation, stopped by the Man Trap and asked to see the owner. He looked at the man approaching several minutes after the doorman had pressed an intercom and said "boss, there's a cop here to see you." Mike had taken Captain Daniels back to his office and 45 minutes later the officer had left and Mike had called Tony, the doorman to his office and suddenly things changed at his businesses as the prostitutes appeared at the video arcade, on the streets, and the dancers were suddenly taking customers in the back for "private dances". Captain Daniels had delivered the Mayor's "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" speech to Mike Simmons and as long as he kept drugs out of the city, by any means he saw fit, his sex business was off limits to authorities and Captain Daniels would take the heat for not finding "the Executioner". Tony had been given the bookstore to manage as the prostitutes were moved in.

Mike sat in the coffee shop, rubbing the cheek she had kissed as he watched the porn actress walk past the coffee shop. Suddenly throwing a 10 dollar bill on the table he left the shop and began to tail the redhead. He waited outside stores as she shopped and continued to tail her until 2 and a half hours after he had left the coffee shop, she entered it and sat at a booth. The waitress saw Mr. S enter and went to his table and told the couple seated there that they would have to move, Mr. S was here and this was his table.

Mike sat and after his table had been cleaned he ordered coffee and watched Babs. After she had finished her toasted tuna, fries and iced tea she had left and he waited a minute and followed. She was hailing a cab so he hurried to his Trans Am and pulled out after the taxi she was in. He followed the cab to an exclusive neighborhood and watched it pull into a cul-de-sac. Mike estimated it to be three blocks long, although it was only 1 block, there were no side streets. Only 9 houses were on that expanse of street, 4 on each side and a large house at the turn around. Mike pulled over and parked and saw the taxi drop the woman off at the huge house and leave as she went in.

"Nice," Mike said to himself. Babs should have made a fortune over her career between the movies, strip circuit, and as a high priced call girl. He had heard she had retired two years ago and disappeared from sight. What luck she had moved here but although he owned the town, he was still intimidated by the woman. Just going to her, introducing himself as that bouncer from years ago and say "how you been doing, wanna go out with me?" was out. Approaching her to appear at the club? That might work if people knew who she was. But she had dropped off the face of the earth, he had heard. So maybe she wasn't Babs Sands here, he knew that was her stage name, but didn't know her real name. A group of high school boys were playing catch up the street and he wondered if they went to Hickman. This neighborhood was in that school district and they were undefeated this spring and there was already talk about the state title going to them this year when the tournament was held in another six weeks.

Mike started his car and eased into the neighborhood and studied the terrain as he had in Nam all those years ago, slipping back and forth the DMZ as a sniper. He noticed Miller, Phillips, Phelps and Armstrong on the mailboxes of the first 2 houses on each side of the street and the boys were playing there. He pulled over again and the boys were checking out the candy apple red Pontiac as he got out and approached them.

"Hey guys, can you help me" he asked. "I'm looking for Babs Sands; I heard she lives around here."

"No mister" one boy said, "never heard of her."

"Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Mike" he said.

"I'm Mike Miller," the boy replied. "This is Tom Phillips, Bill Phelps and Bob Armstrong." The other boys all lifted a hand.

"You boys go to Hickman, on the baseball team?" Mike asked.

"Sure do," Mike said, "Tom is 1st base, Bill is 2nd and Bob is 3rd."

"You don't play on the team Mike?" the older Mike asked.

"Yeah, he's the shortstop, cleanup hitter, state RBI leader, Home Run leader and leads the state in batting average with a .775 and is the Captain" Tom said. "The 4 of us have the highest double play numbers in the state also."

"So you boys are about half of the state champions, bookies say" Mike said. Mike Miller laughed

"Yeah I guess we're #1 in the state now, undefeated, but I think the rough half of this season is yet to come," Mike said. The older Mike looked around the neighborhood as if he were casually looking and then looked at the house at the end.

"Nice house there at the end of the street, who lives there?" he asked.

"Oh that's Barbara Sanders house," Mike said. "For an old woman she sure looks good." The boys all laughed and teased Mike about having a crush on her.

"Oh come on guys, green eyes, red hair that if she took out of that braid I'd bet would be to or below her ass, fantastic body..."Mike voice trailed off as he gazed dreamily at the house.

"And old enough to be your mother," Tom said. Mike agreed with the younger one, in her movies Babs hair had been to her waist but was always in ponytail or pigtails for the sex to keep it from hiding her face during the sex scenes. Unless she had shortened it, but if the thick braid over half way down her back was any indication she hadn't, it was in or below her ass if combed out.

A black teenage girl came out of the house to Barbara Sanders house' left and even from this distance Mike could see she was exquisite. She crossed the street to the house to Barbara's right and knocked. A black woman opened the door and the teen entered the house. Mike Miller saw Mike looking at the house and answered the unasked question.

"The girl was Britney Black, the hottest girl in school and no, none of us date her, no one dates her. She's the adopted daughter of Rich and Choung Suk Black, he's white, and she's Korean. They met and married in Korea when he was in the army. The black woman is Naomi Simmons and she was Britney's real mother's best friend, BFF we call it now. Naomi and Choung Suk are friends and when Britney's mother was killed in a car accident and strangely Amos Simmons, Naomi's husband, was in the car with her and also killed. Rich and Choung Suk took Britney in as a foster child. I think Britney was 8. They adopted her when she was 10 and she'll turn 16 this coming weekend. Naomi and Choung Suk are now BFF but Naomi seems to spend a lot of time at Barbara Sanders house. Barbara moved in about 2 years ago and soon after she and Naomi started spending time together." Mike liked Mike Miller a lot, the boy was a fountain of information and not afraid to disclose it.

"So Simmons, Sanders, Black, that's the 3 end houses there? You boys live in the 4 houses behind us, what about these 2?" He asked.

"Oh shit, its 3," Tom said, 'we gotta go, come on guys." The other 2 boys, Bob and Bill, waved and left with Tom, leaving Mike and Mike alone.

"What's that about?" Mike asked the boy.

"On line gaming," the younger Mike answered. "They are a team in a role playing game and at 315 they get on line and are pitted against another team. As for your question, the other 2 houses are Grant and Lee, like the opposing Civil War generals."

"Seems to be a nice neighborhood, too bad no vacant houses to buy," Mike said.

"Yeah it's pretty cool," Mike Miller said. "You have Tom Phillips there, he's a Jr. and his folks are Tom and Linda. He's 18, a senior and has twin 16 year old sisters Dawn and Donna. My folks are Fred and Rose and I have an 18 year old sister, Sarah and a 16 year old, Stephanie, I'm 17." Mike smiled as the boy gave him the demographics of the neighborhood. "Paul and Gloria are Bob Armstrong's parents; he's 17 and has a 16 year old sister Mandy. I think she has a crush on Tom. Bill is 17 with parents Bob and Miranda Phelps and has two sisters, Nancy 18 and Rosalie 16, Patrick and Pamela Lee have no kids, Gerald and Betty Grant with no kids, Naomi Simmons, Barbara Sanders, and then Rich Choung Suk and Britney Black. That's the 9 family's here Mike." The boy looked at the candy apple red Trans Am and sighed. "Nice car, wish I had one like it." Mike thought for a minute, he had the Vette and the Ferrari; he didn't really need the Pontiac and he liked the kid.

"Tell you what Mike, if you are the State Home Run Champ, RBI Champ, have the best batting average, and your team is State Champs; I'll sell your dad that car for $1 to give to you. If I just gave it to you, it could be labeled a payment and make you a pro and we don't want that, do we? All you boys but Tom are juniors, right? One year of eligibility left before the college level?"

"Yeah, 1 more year of High School ball after this." Mike said. "You'll really sell dad the car to give to me if I win all the state batting titles and the team wins state?"

"My word," Mike said and then pulled the sleeve of his T-shirt up exposing his tattoo, "the word of a Marine." He stuck his hand out and Mike shook it.

"Marine, huh" he said "Real badass, right?" Mike laughed at the boy and headed for his car, "if only you knew kid" he thought.

As Mike drove to the club he considered what he had learned. Babs Sands was going as Barbara Sanders and no one knew her by her professional name. If the boys didn't know, no one knew because they would have overheard something in the 2 years she had been there. Must have bought the house and moved here as she retired from her porn career. Approaching her about appearing at the Man Trap is out; she's hiding that part of her life and won't appear at the club and blow that.

He parked his car and entered the club. Reaching over the security counter inside the door he grabbed the phone there and hit 2. It was picked up on the 2nd ring.

"Tony," the voice on the other end said.

"How's business out there?" Mike asked.

"Hey boss, we're so dead 2 of the girls cashed in their tickets and went to work the streets," Tony said as he looked at Bobby behind the counter watching the CCTV monitor that showed all the booths and the back room. They had a nice collection of tapes showing the girls working and there was a tape from last night, an amateur and her husband or boyfriend, they had wedding rings on, came in and entered one and she had sucked 5 guys off before they left. Since it was after midnight, there was no one else here but Bobby and he didn't know what was going to happen until that bitch had sucked her first cock so hadn't collected a fee for it. All 5 customers dropped cash through the hole so the bitch had been paid for her services. After she had started sucking the 1st cock Bobby had written down everyone who went back there, they were all regulars, just in case one of them tried for a freebie. The man had gone to the counter as they were leaving and saw the tape as Weird Harold, that ugly motherfucker, lifted his face to the camera and shot his load in the woman's mouth. The man had smiled and told Bobby to enjoy the show. Bobby had checked the woman out and saw she was some kind of Oriental.

"Tony, do we have any Babs Sands on DVD there at the bookstore?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I think I saw Gangbang Slut 13 the other day on the shelf, unless someone bought it," Tony said as he walked that way and saw the DVD with that nice looking redhead on the cover. "Yeah boss, we got it."

"OK grab it and put Bobby at the door and call Tommy in for the counter and come down to the club," he ordered.

"OK boss but we had an amateur in here last night with her husband or boyfriend, want I should bring the surveillance video with me?" Tony said as he grabbed the DVD and headed up to the counter.

"Yeah bring it, we'll see if we have a good shot of her or her husband's face that we can put out around town and see if anyone recognizes them" Mike ordered. He was always looking for new talent.

Tony waited for Tommy to arrive and then headed to the club. He enjoyed working for the boss and managing the adult book store was an easy job. The benefits, all the prostitutes and strippers you wanted, were great and he paid good. The only thing better than managing the store would be managing the club but Rick had that sewn up. The boss had talked about doing private parties, stags, bachelor, those kinds of things but they didn't have the staff or girls to do it right now. The boss wanted fresh things for the out call business and they hadn't had a new girl apply for a job in months. If it did get started Tony was going to ask the boss if he could have that as chief of security. Tommy was ready to run the bookstore and Tony would get the new job because of his credentials.

Mike was waiting as Tony entered and handed him the DVD and security tape. He popped the tape in and fast forwarded to midnight and then let it run as he looked at the picture of Babs Sands on the cover of the DVD. It was definitely the woman he had followed today and he now knew how to get her. Get her hell; he was going to fuck that fine piece of ass. That black woman spent a lot of time over there? Babs had done girl-girl movies also, could Naomi know her secret and was blackmailing her for sex? Be something to check out. If he could get 2 of the 9 women in the neighborhood, might he find dirt on them all? He didn't know what all the girls looked like there, but that Britney, that was a fine piece of ass and would make an excellent out call girl and he could charge hefting prices for those 16-18 year olds. There, he had a good shot of the man and woman's face as they entered the booth and paused the tape. He pressed zoom and closed in on them.

"Hey Tony, that bitch look Korean to you?" Mike asked. Tony was another Marine vet, the only one to work for the boss and his credentials to get the Chief of Security for parties and out calls if that got going, and both had served in the Orient extensively.

"Yeah boss, she does," Tony said. Mike had a thought, what if she was that black girl's adopted mother? She was Korean according to Mike Miller. Have to call him something else to keep him and the boy apart. No, he'd found Babs Sands, having that Korean be Britney Black's mother was too much of a long shot.

The next morning at 10 AM a fire red Ferrari F40 roared into the cul-de-sac and to the house fronting the street. Mike got out of the car and knocked on the door and a minute later Babs Sands aka Barbara Sanders opened the door. She had on a sheer nylon black robe that barely covered her ass and a white bra and panties were visible through it. If Mike could see her ass, which he would in awhile; he'd see it was a thong panty.

"Can I help you" she asked the man before her. She took in the car behind him and thought the man must have money to have that as she thought they sold new at almost half a million dollars.

"Barbara Sanders?" Mike asked and when she nodded he smiled. "Might I come in a minute, I'd like to talk to you." Barbara looked the man over, and while he was good looking and well built, she didn't let just anyone into her house, and men not at all.

"I think you can say what you have to say here," she responded and the man shrugged. He was wearing a sports coat over a T-shirt, like Don Johnson on Miami Vice and he pulled a box out of the lower pocket and held it up before her. Barbara gasped as she looked at herself on the cover of a DVD of one of her porn films.

"Please, come in" she said and stepped back. She took a look over the neighborhood to see if anyone was out and looking this way before she closed the door. The man had balls she thought as he didn't wait but walked through the living and dining rooms and into the kitchen and sat at the table. He looked out the sliding glass door and noticed a large shed or building of some sort out back with a dog house on both sides and 2 German shepherds lying before the dog houses.

"What do you want?" she asked as she sank into the chair across from him.

"Coffee would be nice, black" he said and Barbara looked at him and then went to the cupboards, got a mug, filled it from the pot and brought it back. When she had reached for the mug, her robe had rose to her waist and showed the thong wale tail above the crack of her ass. When she got next to him to set it down he placed a hand on her ass. Barbara swung at him to slap him and was surprised when the man reacted quickly enough to catch her arm and stop her when still a foot from his face. He chuckled and turned to the side and pulled her into his lap.

"Come on Babs," he said, "the last time I saw you, you kissed my cheek, now you want to slap it?" Babs looked at the man, she didn't remember him.

"We've met?" she asked.

"Friday night, Oct 3, 1976. You appeared at the Man Trap in Oceanside CA and a bouncer escorted you to your car after the show and you thanked him and kissed his cheek. You and I were both 26 at the time and I've never forgotten it" he said.

"Fuck, you expect me to remember that? Hell, you remember that? I've met thousands of bouncers in my life and why would one stand out?' she asked and when she tried to get up, he allowed her.

"Sit down, bitch" he snapped and Barbara looked down into the man's eyes and what she saw there scared her. The man wasn't crazy, didn't seem angry, but she suddenly realized this was a very dangerous man. She thought about a chair but then sat back down in his lap. "That's better Babs, here's where you kissed me that night" he touched his cheek "why don't you renew it?" Barbara leaned down and kissed his cheek and then sat back up.

"Is that all you want, will you leave now" she asked, knowing his answer.

"No Babs, it's not. My name is Mike Simmons and I own the Man Trap here in town. I know you are hiding your past but I want you to appear at the club tonight, 8PM, and dance. I know you are hiding your identity from your neighbors but I doubt any of them would be there anyway. But I will allow you to wear a mask and since you keep your hair in a braid, wear it down; I love long hair on women anyway." Barbara sat there in a panic. She couldn't do that, she would have to move and hide somewhere else and then the man's name and the name of the club sank in.

"The Man Trap, just like the one you saw me perform at back then and you're Mike Simmons?" she asked. She had heard of the man, she using call blocking to avoid her name and number appearing on caller ID and contacted old business acquaintances every once in awhile. She didn't want any of them knowing where she was, or that she had reverted to her real name. During a conversation with one, this man was mentioned because of his sex businesses in town and she was told the man was dangerous. Now he was here, in her home, wanting her to return to that portion of her life she was attempting to hide and leave behind.

"If I appear tonight, do you forget where I am, who I am, and me in general?" she asked, again feeling she knew the answer.

"No Babs, I don't think I can do that" Mike said. "We were both 18 when you made your first movie, The Gangbang Girl, and I saw it in Oceanside while at Pendleton receiving training to go to Viet Nam. I fell for you then in 68 and meeting you 8 years later was one of the highlights of my life. Right up there with my first kill as a sniper in Nam. I was too scared to say anything then but now I think I'm going to keep you in my life, for awhile at least." Barbara had felt his cock on her bottom while sitting in his lap and she felt it twitch. Maybe all he wanted was to fuck her and then he'd leave, but no, that never worked. She was thinking of a way out when he spoke again.

"Nice dogs, but what's that large building between the dog houses? It looks like there's a sign above the door," he observed. Barbara thought quickly, what could she tell him? Devil and Lucifer would attack him if she ordered it but the man might be armed and she didn't want the dogs shot.

"It's a storage shed and exercise room," she said. "It's where I work out." She didn't add the workouts were with the dogs.

"Nice, I'd like to see that, let's go take a look" Mike said and waited for her to get up. Barbara didn't want to take him out there. If she entered the building the dogs would follow her in, expecting her to assume the bitch position for them or they'd lie on their backs for her to suck them. Unfortunately it felt as if he was going to stand and dump her on the floor if she didn't stand but as she got ready to rise, he suddenly placed one arm under her legs and one around her back and stood, with her in his arms. Barbara was shocked at the ease he had stood with her and when he got to the patio door with her and said "open it" she had done so without thinking.

Mike carried her across the yard to the building watching the dogs for any sign of aggression. They had sat up as he approached but just watched him, it was about time for their bitch to come out and get her daily ration of dog cum and it didn't matter to them that another male was bringing her to them to get it. Mike stopped in front of the building and read the sign above the door.

"My Playroom, it says Babs, not My Exercise Room or My Shed," he told her. He wondered about the dogs running free. But a look around the spacious back yard saw a privacy fence, probably 8 foot high and without a gate, ran from the house all around the yard. The only way into the back yard was through the house. A sudden suspicion crossed his mind and he checked one and then the other shepherd and both had several inches of their cocks exposed.

"Babs, it looks like you are my fantasy woman," he said as he set her down. He opened the door and both dogs rushed by them and into the playroom. "After you" Mike said and swept his arm indicating she should enter. Babs stalled, wanting time to think of a way out.

"Tell me about your car first," she said.

"The Ferrari?" he asked and at her nod he continued. "It's an 87 F40; they were made from 87 till 92 with about 1300 produced in those 5 years. This year a new model, the F50 I hear, is coming out. It was the first road legal car to break 200mph with a top end of 201.4. It'll go from 0-120 in 11 sec. The original msrp was about 400 grand but I found mine on line and went to Italy to check it out and paid 600 grand for it." Barbara looked at him in surprise; a strip club allowed him that kind of income, to pay $600,000 for a sports car?

"If you're wondering, yes, running all the prostitutes in town, owning the only strip club and adult bookstore makes me that kind of money. No, I have no illegal sidelines. In fact I'm the one who got drugs out of the city and keep them out" Mike said. Seeing the look on her face and realizing he wanted a real relationship with her, he admitted something that no one but the police, Mayor and Tony knew, "Yes, I'm "the executioner" as Jack Black named me in his paper. Yes, the police know I'm him, but can't prove it and have no desire to. I've saved them millions in trials and imprisonment costs, all the bodies had enough cash to pay funeral expenses and donate to the city treasury on them." Barbara thought back to those articles on the bodies and involuntarily looked down at his hands. He had crushed their throats with karate chops if she remembered right. Was he left handed or right, which hand had killed all those men?

"Stalling time is up Babs, let's go inside and see what the dogs are up to, shall we?" Mike said. Barbara knew what they were up to but had hoped they'd come back out because she hadn't entered and then she could get Mike and her inside and close the door and keep them out. Then she'd do anything he wanted, she'd call Naomi over and they would do anything he wanted, she'd have Naomi do anything he wanted, if the dogs were left outside. But he'd probably want to watch the dogs, so she had to leave Naomi out of it. She didn't want to give her up to him.

The two entered the room and Mike closed the door. The dogs were both on their back with purplish cocks showing about 5 inches out of their sheath. Babs looked at them and then at Mike and he was smiling as he looked at the dogs and then finally looked at her.

"I'll do anything you want, please let's go back to the house. I'll fuck you, suck you, and give you my ass and pussy, anything you want" she begged. Mike just looked at her, unmoving and not offering her an out. "I'll come to the club and strip every Friday night, without a mask. You're right nobody in the neighborhood or that knows me would see me. I'll take customers to the back rooms I've heard about and fuck them. I'll let you advertise me at your glory holes. Yes, I've been to both those locations and checked them out, it was hard not to go into a booth and see if anyone would shove their cock through the wall for me." Mike just continued to look at her and Barbara realized she was going to have to do her normal morning routine with the dogs. Maybe not the entire routine, maybe just jack them off and not suck on them and take them both at the same time in ass and cunt.

Mike held out his hand and Barbara finally gave up and removed her robe, but put it where she normally did, on a shelf above the dogs reach so they wouldn't tear it apart over the scent of her body on it. She looked at Mike and he had folded his arms across his chest and was waiting. She finally turned and went to the dogs and knelt between them facing their rear and reached out and took a cock in each hand and began to stroke them. She looked over at the man and he was shaking his head at her, he knew this wasn't all she did. Finally she leaned forward and licked Devil's cock and then Lucifer's.

Finally Barbara caved. The dogs cock had tasted delicious as always and she took Devil's into her mouth and slid down it and began to bob her head as she gave him a blowjob. A dozen head bobs and she shifted and went down on Lucifer's. She took her right hand off the cock it was gripping and plunged it into her thong and rubbed her clit as she continued to alternate between the two dogs. As she sucked one, her other hand stroked the other. Mike stood there watching with his cock at full erection. Barbara was going to be his; she didn't want exposure as Babs Sands but would be even more concerned about being exposed as Barbara Sanders, dog slut. She had played into his hands instead of telling him to get out, expose her as the porn star, she didn't care. Did Naomi 'spend a lot of time' as Mike Miller put it here mean having sex with Babs, or was she also a dog slut? Finally he had enough of the sucking; he wanted to see them fuck her.

"OK Babs, let's proceed, what's next in your routine" he said and Barbara's shoulders slumped. She was more than ready to mount Devil and lean forward and let Lucifer mount her and claim her ass but she had fought the urge. She didn't want to show him any more than she had to. Maybe she should stay on her hands and knees and continue to suck one and let the other mount her and fuck her. He still wouldn't know she loved dog cock up her ass.

Deciding on that course of action she kept Lucifer's cock in her mouth and released Devil's. Her free hand went to a breast and pinched and pulled the nipple there. Devil took the hint and got up and moved behind her. Barbara pulled the thong aside to allow him access to the goodies that both of the dogs wanted. His tongue licked up juices flowing from her cunt and she gasped. His tongue then ran up her slit from clit to asshole and played there a second and then he started back at the clit but his tongue slid into her as it got to her cunt and then he shoved more tongue in her and began lapping at her inner walls. Barbara's ass began writhing and she pushed back trying to force more tongue into her. She felt the fire begin stoking in her belly and was now deepthroating Lucifer as his delicious pre cum jetted down her throat. Barbara couldn't take it anymore and pulled her mouth off Lucifer.

"Fuck me baby," she panted. "Come on Devil, fuck mommy's cunt." Lucifer took her releasing his cock as the sign to fuck and he rolled over and crawled out from under her but Devil then rose and jumped on his bitches back and wrapped his forelegs around her and jerked her back. Barbara felt the hot pre cum jetting in her crotch area and then Devil's cock slammed into her buttock to the left of her anal passage. Realizing she was too low she was about to lift her ass higher, when Devil's cock scored a bulls eye and ripped through her asshole and up her shit chute.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" she moaned as the cock invaded her. "Oh baby that feels so good, fuck mommy baby, fuck me." Mike came over as the other dog seemed to be attempting to find a way to fuck the bitch. He knelt and looked under her and saw the unoccupied cunt and the stuffed ass. He looked up as the other dog howled in frustration and Mike thought he was not used to being made to wait. Barbara was too vocal in her talking to the dog fucking her to be sucking a cock as one fucked her; the bitch was used to being dped by them.

'COME ON BABY ... FUCK MOMMY ... DEEPER ... DEEPER ... OH FUCK BABY YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE MOMMY CUM ... OH BABY I'M CUMMIIINNNGGGG" she screamed and thrust back harder looking for more cock, getting lost in her lust and forgetting she was being watched. "FUCK MEEEEE" she screamed again. Her ass thrust back and away from the dogs cock, she'd bury it in her and then rotate her ass and grind on it. 'OH FUCK, WHERE'S YOUR BROTHER ... WHY AREN'T BOTH MY HOLES FILLED ... FUCK ME BABY ... FUCK I'M CUMMING AGAIN ... OH FUCK I FEEL IT ... BABY IS CUMMING ... PUMP THAT CUM UP ME ... FUCK YOUR BITCH ... CUM IN ME BABY ... MAKE ME HAVE YOUR PUPPIES" she cried. The dog finally stopped hammering in her and collapsed on her back as Barbara's head sank to her crossed arms on the floor. Fuck she hadn't cum like that in forever it seemed. Could having an audience been the reason? Did she loved being watched? Of course she did, Naomi watched her all the time but she didn't cum like she just had. Devil pulled out and she felt a flood of cum flow from her ass but then Lucifer jumped on her and stopped the flood by jamming his cock into her ass also.

"Oh yeah Lucifer, now you fuck mommy," Barbara moaned but kept her head resting on her arms. Mike had sat on the floor beside Barbara's head and brushed a strand of hair from her face.

"You normally fuck them both at the same time, don't you" he asked. Barbara had started at his touch; she hadn't seen him in her passion and then post orgasmic bliss. But his voice was soothing and she relaxed again.

"Yes, that's why they were on their backs when we came in," she said. I'll suck on them a bit and then climb on one and take him in my cunt and then the other will mount me and fuck my ass. However I get into the doggy position and only fuck one if" Barbara suddenly realized what she was saying and stopped.

"If Naomi is here to get fucked by the other," he continued for her. Barbara began to cry as she realized she had given her lover away.

"How..." she began but Mike cut her off.

"I talked to some boys yesterday and they said Naomi spent a lot of time over here and I had put two and two together and knew you had a lesbian relationship," Mike explained. "Then when I saw the dogs excited by you when we came out, I put one and one together as I realized they were also your lovers. That's why I said you were my fantasy woman, I have wanted you since that first movie, and I have always wanted a free and totally uninhibited woman that was open to anything. You filled that bill but I also wanted my woman to do animals and hadn't thought you would do that." Suddenly Barbara's head came up off her arms.

'OH FUCK YES LUCIFER BABY ... POUND THAT COCK IN MY ASS ... FUCK BABY MOMMY'S GONNA ... GONNA ... FUCKING CUM!!!" she screamed. "YES BABY, FUCK MOMMY ... OH FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD" Barbara felt the cock within her swell and then jet after jet of hot doggy cum erupted into her anal passage, painting her bowels like Devil had earlier. "OH FUCK YES BABY ... PUMP MOMMY FULL OF THAT PUPPY BATTER ... GIVE MOMMY A LITTER OF YOUR PUPPIES!" she screamed. Mike smiled at the thought of her having puppies. She must really love fucking these animals and taking their cum to want to have a litter of pups, especially as they were in her ass and not her cunt.

He knew he had Babs, but how was he going to get Naomi? After Lucifer dismounted Barbara had slumped to the floor and Mike got up, planning to carry her back to the house when he heard a noise and looked out the window of the playroom. Naomi was walking across the patio and headed this way. He had heard the patio door close and either Babs had not locked the front door or Naomi had a key to the house. Not thinking of his car in the driveway he looked around and saw an old refrigerator box in the corner.

"Don't say anything about me being here," he warned Barbara and hid behind the box as the door into the playroom began to open.

2. Add Naomi

Naomi had come over to Barbara's for a morning of fun and frowned as she saw the red car in front of the house. She didn't know what is was but the yellow shield and black rearing on hind legs horse, told her it was a Ferrari anyway. She knocked several times and when Barbara hadn't answered she had used her key to get into the house.

"Barb," she called as she entered and then locked the door behind her. "Hey Barbara, you home?" Checking the house and not finding her friend and lover the black woman looked into the back yard and didn't see Devil and Lucifer. That meant Barbara was in the playroom with the dogs. Hurt that she had started without her, Naomi had told her last night she'd be back about 11, Naomi went out the patio door and in her anger pulled it closed a little harder than necessary and heard the door bang. As she reached for the door knob to open the door into the playroom she saw the Redhead, dressed in bra and panty, lying on the floor with a pool of cum between her legs.

"Hey Barbara," she said as she opened the door. "What's with that Ferrari sports car in the driveway?" Barbara managed to look up to see Naomi as she thought fast.

"It's from a used car lot," she said. "They dropped it off earlier for me to test drive and see if I wanted to buy it. It's too expensive, but I wanted to drive it awhile, so I told them I was interested and put a refundable 20% deposit down on it so they'd let me have it for today."

"Wow, what's the price on it?" Naomi asked as she fell to her knees and bent over to kiss her lover. She straightened back up and joked. "Couldn't you wait for me before you started playing with the boys? Now roll over so I can suck that delicious cum from the pussy I just love to eat." Barbara rolled over and spread her legs. She had decided that if Mike Simmons was going to own her, and he now had everything he needed to do that, he might as well have Naomi also so that the two of them could continue their sexual relationship.

"The car is $600,000 and I gave them $120,000 to get the car delivered this morning. That's where I went yesterday afternoon and I wanted to surprise you. I thought we'd cruise around town showing off in it this afternoon," Barbara said and then moaned as Naomi dug her tongue into her pussy. She pulled it back out and raising her head looked at the other woman.

"You nasty bitch," she said. "There's no cum there, you let them both fuck your ass, didn't you? Roll over and get it in the air so I can get my protein, I haven't had breakfast yet. You wore me out last night and if I hadn't set my alarm for 1030 I'd probably still be in bed." Barbra rolled over and got on her knees and rested her forearms on the floor and laid her head on them.

"You eat my ass you nasty slut," she told the black woman. "Make sure your ass is in the air also, maybe one of the boys is ready for round 2 and will fuck your ass."

"Now you know I don't do that, the boys will never get my ass and I'll never suck on one of them, but they can have my pussy all they want because I love it when you suck it out for me," Naomi said. She made sure she kept her ass high enough so the dogs would hit her cunt and not her ass and then leaned forward and licked over Barbara's anal opening, licking up the cum oozing from there. "Oh that tastes good," she said after swallowing that bit of dog cock cream.

"Well if it tastes so good, why won't you suck the boys off and get it straight from the source? Get your tongue in there and dig some more out," she ordered.

"I love it when it's in you but have no interest in sucking them off for it. I'll wait for them to deposit it and then I'll withdraw it, just like at the bank" Naomi said and then leaned forward and began to work her tongue into Barbara's ass.

"Oh that's good baby. Eat my ass, suck out the boys cum. They both made deposits there so there should be enough for even a cum sucking bitch like you," Barbara moaned as she looked at the dogs, hoping one would come over and mount Naomi and leave her a deposit to suck out of her cunt. If she was lucky the other would give her his cock to suck as his brother fucked Naomi.

Mike, who always carried a digital recorder, had turned it on when Naomi had entered the room and was smiling as he recorded everything being said. He had turned his cell to vibrate so it ringing wouldn't alert the black to his presence but if a dog mounted her, he's use the camera there to record it. A picture is worth a thousand words and he knew he now had both these women over the recording, a video of her taking a dogs cock in her cunt would definitely seal the deal with Naomi. He thought that was going to happen and got ready to tape as one of the dogs started for the women and he hit record as it sniffed at Naomi's crotch and then licked it.

"Oh baby, that feels so good. Eat Naomi's pussy baby, eat my pussy and then mount me and fuck my cunt. Fuck me like the doggy bitch I am for you," Naomi said and then dug back into Barbara's ass to lick out more cream. Mike smiled as he watched the screen on his phone, knowing he was going to get everything he needed on the beautiful black woman. Now if he could find that Oriental sucking cocks at the glory hole, he's have a stable with the 3 of them, but how to use them?

"Oh fuck baby that feels good ... oh fuck ... lick my pussy ... oh baby Naomi is going to cream on your tongue," Naomi moaned as she pulled back from Barbara's upturned ass again. "OH FUCK YEAH BABY ... SHOVE THAT TONGUE UP MY CUNT ... FUCK I'M CUMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!" she screamed as her ass writhed on the dogs tongue, attempting to suck more in but the dog pulled out instead. 'NO BABY ... EAT MY FUCKING CUNT ... PLEASE EAT ME ... OH FUCK YES" she screamed as the dog landed on her back and wrapped his legs around her waist and pulled her back into him as he humped that air and sprayed her with his lubricating pre cum. As that dog prepared his bitch, the other came over with his cock fully exposed, aroused by the bitch in heat scent in the enclosed room. When he got close Barbara grabbed his cock and gently pulled him close enough to lick over the head.

"OH YES DEVIL FUCK NAOMI ... OH YOU SICK SLUT, SUCK LUCIFERS COCK" Naomi said as she saw Barbara prepare to do just that. "Suck that cock bitch, I want to see you deep throat that big boy, suck it you dog cock crazy slut." Barbara did as Naomi said and took the entire cock to the knot into her mouth and throat.

Mike didn't know if Naomi knew Barbara's secret of her previous life but from the sounds of things she might. Once the dog got started hammering into the black, Mike shut off the phone, the digital recorder would get everything and he had her begging the dog to fuck her on the video, that was enough there.

"OH YES DEVIL YOU BASTARD ... FUCK MY SLUT PUSSY ... MAKE ME YOUR BITCH ... OH FUCK YES I'M CUMMINNNNGGGGG," Naomi screamed. "SUCK THAT COCK YOU WHORE ... EAT THAT CUM BITCH," she yelled at Barbara as the redhead's head was bobbing faster and faster on the dog's cock and then she began gulping the cream as he began to unload his balls into her mouth. She kept just a few inches in her mouth so she could taste and swallow it. She'd try to keep a mouthful so she could get over Naomi and let it run from her mouth into Naomi's. Finally Devil began to shoot his load into the eagerly clasping cunt of one of his human bitches.


Mike took that moment to come into the room and approach the women. Barbara was still sucking on the one dog and Mike saw her hand between her legs and several fingers flying in and out of her cunt as she bobbed her head rapidly up and down on it. Naomi shuddered through her orgasm as her dog continued to pump his cum into her. When beside the black's head and Barbara's ass Mike decided to make his presence known.

"Which one of you dog loving slut whores wants to relieve my tension and suck my cock," he said. Barbara just continued sucking as the cock in her mouth began to empty his balls into her mouth. Naomi's head came up and she looked up at the man and Mike saw the look of a deer, caught in your headlights, on her face. Neither spoke as the dog got off Naomi and lay down to lick himself. Then Mike spoke again

"You should do that for him Naomi, I know you say you don't do that but I suddenly think you'd like to do that for me," he said as he turned on the recorder. Naomi rose and sat on her feet, kneeling before the man as she heard Barbara and her talking and then what she was saying she was going to do with the dog cum in Barbara. Barbara had drained Lucifer so she also sat back on her heels as her tongue licked her lips to ensure she had all his cum.

"Naomi Simmons meet Mike Simmons," she said and laughed. "Some how I don't think you are related." The name struck Naomi instantly. She had read one of the Editorials of Jack Black when he accused this man of bringing porn and prostitutes into the town. She had also heard about his combat record, or at least he was a Marine sniper.

"How you know him Barb, from your porno career," she asked as she studied the man.

"No he knew me from it and was a bouncer at one of the clubs I did my striptease act in many years ago," Barbara answered. "He saw me and followed me home yesterday. This morning he shows up in that Ferrari you asked about and showed me the cover of one of my movies on DVD with my picture on it. So now, after he's also seen me with the boys, I guess he owns my ass and I'll be working at his strip club and sucking cocks at his glory holes and the neighborhood will find out who I am. I'm hoping that if I do that, what has happened in the playroom will not get out. I'm sorry you showed up because I guess he owns your cute ass now also." Naomi looked up at the man and decided to tell him that it was ok; she'd do what he wanted.

"I read about you in the paper before Barbara moved here and fantasized about you. When I had a suspicion my husband Amos was fucking around on me, I fucked a Private Investigator several times as payment for catching him and giving me proof. The car accident came first, or before he was tired of fucking me anyway, and gave me the proof. When I read about you I fantasized he was still alive and you killed him for me in exchange for me being your fuck slut sex slave. I masturbated to thoughts of you making me dance at the club, fuck customers in the back, suck cock at your bookstore's glory holes. I had never seen a picture but now that I see you, I'll be more than willing to do anything you want, if you don't tell anyone about me and Barbara or us and the dogs." Naomi then unzipped the man's pants and pulling his cock free told him, "Master, I'll gladly suck your cock unless you want me to clean Devil's cock for him. If you want me to suck the dogs and let them have me in the ass, I will do it to keep our secrets."

When Mike didn't say anything she began to lick on his shaft, running her tongue from the base to the tip. Barbara hurriedly knee walked over and looked up at him and also agreed to be his sex slave as long as the lesbian and dog relationships were kept quiet and began licking the opposite side and when Naomi placed his cockhead in her mouth, Barbara dropped down and began to lick and suck on his balls. Mike sighed contentedly as the two woman worked on him.

"Oh that's it you bitch, suck that cock. Suck harder and apply more suction. Suck that nut into your mouth and tongue it you whore," he told them. "Oh fuck yeah, this feels good. I want to paint both your faces when I cum. I'll tell you when and you put your heads together and keep your mouths closed. Then you'll lick each other's face clean." Both women left their duties

"Yes Master," they said and went back to working him to the point he'd paint them. All the dog sex, something he had seen in Tijuana while in the Marines, had him at a high state of arousal and then with two women working on him it wasn't long before he said "now" and they backed away as he grabbed himself. He pointed his cock at Naomi and several strokes later he pointed at Barbara after his first jet of cum was airborne, that hit Naomi dead between the eyes but she had closed them as the large glob of cum approached. Her eyelids and nose were covered as the glob splattered out and the second jet her way impacted on her closed lips. Mike's second spurt left his cock and he stepped forward and hit Naomi's lips with that shot. The first gob for Barbara had impacted on the tip of her nose and splattered her eye lids lips and the nose itself. Since he had moved closer as he fired at Naomi, the 4th spurt managed to impact the center of Barbara's forehead and Mike thought about that black teenager next door as he finished milking his balls and then told Barbara to open her mouth and shoved his cock in to get it cleaned.

His luck had held, seeing Barbara and then finding a willing slut slave in Naomi, he knew the woman next door was not the glory hole girl. That would just be too much luck. Mike watched the two women lick his cum from each other and then had his two new slaves enter the house. He brought Barbara's nylon short robe and threw it on the table and then looked at Naomi. She had come over in a halter top and cut to the crotch cutoff jeans and he considered for a moment.

"Hey Babs, what kind of lingerie you have upstairs" he asked. "I like the sheer white bra and thong but I think you need a sheer black half cup bra that exposes your nipples and thong, matching garter belt and stockings and "fuck me" heels. Boots, shoes, sandals, doesn't matter as long as the heels are a minimum of 5 inches. If you and Naomi are the same size..."

"Master, we're not," Naomi said "but I have a white set like you described and can go home and get it."

"Fine, go home and change into it and then return here in just that, nothing more," he ordered.

"WHAT" she shouted. "I can't go from my house to here in just that lingerie set."

"Is there a jacket or robe to go with it like that," Mike asked and pointed to Barbara's black one on the table.

"I have a white bed jacket Master" she admitted, "its sheer white nylon with fur around the bottom and the ¾ length sleeves. It would barely cover my ass in the rear, and like I said it's sheer and see through."

"Bitch, listen to me, both of you" he said. "When I tell you something like that all I expect is yes Master, not a discussion. Your asses belong to me and if I tell you to walk naked hand in hand up one side of the street to the end and then back the other side, I expect yes Master and to see you start stripping. Be glad I prefer a panty covered cunt to a naked one or you would be running around nude. But I like my pussy in a pretty package, so string bikinis, thongs, Tanga cut and g-strings are the entire panty I ever want to see, but I always want to see the panty. I like matching garter belts and stockings with the panty and bra, although bra is optional. Have I made myself clear, you fucking sluts?"

"YES MASTER," both women shouted. Mike picked up his coffee mug and stood.

"You may put on that jacket, I think it will be cute, but I expect you both here within 10 minutes, dressed as ordered" he said and headed for the coffee pot.

"Yes Master," both women said and Barbara headed upstairs to her bedroom and Naomi hurried out of Barbara's and broke into a run for her house, fishing her keys out of her pocket as she went.

Barbara was back down in about 5 minutes with the black lingerie as he had ordered but not the half cup bra. Mike removed the full cup bra from her and handed her the black jacket and picked up his coffee.

"I saw some chairs on the porch out front, let's go out and have a seat and watch Naomi come back," he said and took her hand in his free one. Barbara opened the door when they reached it. As they stepped out Mike automatically scanned the surroundings looking for danger. Britney Black was sitting on her patio front porch and the boys were congregating around a car up the block. Checking his watch Mike thought they might have a practice to get to. They all looked at the red sports car in front of the house and Mike raised his hand and waved. The boys piled into the car and it backed out but headed up the street to Barbara's not down the street to the cross road.

Naomi peeked out the door and saw Britney on her porch and then the boys went by and stopped before Barbara's house and got out and started across the grass to the Ferrari. Naomi didn't want to go out but her 10 minutes was about up, she'd have to hurry to make it to Barbara's in time so she timidly stepped out and pulled her door closed. She saw Britney wave with a puzzled look and she waved back and continued on her trek. Choung Suk suddenly appeared on her porch as Naomi saw Barbara sitting in one of her chairs, face beet red as the 4 boys ogled her body and talked to Master about the car.

Master came off the porch and opened the car for the boys to check it out and then they saw her. Mike Miller gave a low whistle and Naomi was paying so much attention to them she didn't see or hear Choung Suk running up to her and she jumped when her friend grabbed her arm.

"What's wrong, are you sleep walking? Why are you outside dressed like that?" the Korean asked. Naomi looked at her Master and thought that he was watching her.

"That man there with the car?" she said and Choung Suk looked at the tall man. "He's an old friend of Barbara's and asked us to do this as an audition for him. He owns the strip club and adult bookstore in town and we may go to work for him." At the mention of the bookstore Choung Suk looked at the man again.

"OK, we talk later" she told Naomi and hurried back home where Britney was waiting on the porch. Naomi started for Barbara's again.

Mike had seen the woman running after Naomi and dismissed her and continued telling the boys the specs on the F40. When he saw the woman stop Naomi in his peripheral vision, he looked back at her. "Holy shit," he thought, "she's the woman from the store, the amateur blow job queen. You and your daughter are now mine bitch."

The boys reluctantly left, they did have ball practice but hated to leave with the two women there in lingerie. They climbed back in the car and took off.

"Fuck did you see Barbara Sanders tits," Bill asked. "She didn't have a bra on under that jacket and it was see thru."

"Yeah and Naomi Simmons just as well not had her jacket on," Bob added, "You could see her tits right thru it and her bra."

"Damn, I hope Mike spends more time here," Mike Miller said. "Trans Am and Ferrari, wonder what he'll drive up in next? Of course the show he made the women put on wasn't bad either." The boys talked about the mysterious stranger all the way to the ball field.

Unknown to the boys, Mike had taken a liking to them and as he sat on the porch with the two women he realized how to encourage the ball team to win the state championship. He also wanted to know what Choung Suk Black had said to Naomi.

"What did Choung Suk want?" he asked and both women were startled her knew her name. Naomi took a deep breath.

"Master, she wanted to know why I was out dressed like this" she said.

"What did you tell her?"

"I pointed you out and told her you owned the adult bookstore and strip club and that Barbara and I might go to work for you and we were auditioning. She then said we'd talk later." Naomi replied. Mike smiled, that's why she had suddenly gone home, because of the bookstore and what she had done at the glory holes.

"I want you to go over and talk to her, tell her what is going on, you are my slave and I'm blackmailing you to do this. When does her husband get home" he asked.

"He works till 6, he's a shop foreman for a trucking company," Naomi said.

"OK, when I leave this afternoon you go talk to her, do you think she'll tell her husband, maybe have him try to free you?" Mike asked.

"I don't know Master," Naomi said. "She'll probably tell him because she says they have no secrets from each other, but I don't know if he'll try to defend me."

"OK, go over there now then and tell her your story, keep Britney in the room for it and ask her to tell Rich but he shouldn't do anything," Mike ordered. "I don't know how long the boy's will be at practice but I'm sure they'll come back here if I'm still here to look at the car and the two of you so you have an hour to talk to Choung Suk and Britney and then get your sexy ass back here."

"Yes Master," Naomi said and stood from her chair and started for her friend's house. She put a little extra swing into her sexy ass because she knew Master was watching it. As she left the porch steps and started around the car her Master stopped her.

"Take that jacket off and put it in the car, the windows open. I want to watch your ass with nothing in the way as you go over there" he ordered. Naomi froze, sure the boys were gone, but what about everyone else? It looked like she was going to be dressed like this in public around the neighborhood so she might as well start getting used to it. She had made up the audition, but they were really showing their willingness and ability to be semi nude in public. She shrugged the jacket off and threw it through the window of the car and keeping the exaggerated wiggle in her ass, strutted over to her friend's house. She was allowed to put it back on when she returned and reported she had done as ordered.

"What were their reactions?" he asked. "Britney was there right?"

"Yes Master," she said. "Choung Suk was shocked and asked if I was sure I didn't want Rich to help but I think Britney was excited by what I was saying. Her breathing was sure fast and her eyes were glassy as if she was fantasizing about something." Talking they had not been watching the street and the two women jumped when car doors closed. The four boys started across the grass towards the car and house, but mainly their minds were on the two women.

"Hey guys, how'd practice go" Mike asked as they approached. The boys all said "great" as they ogled the two lingerie clad women.

"You boys have cameras at home or on your cell" Mike asked. Mike Miller and Tom Jr. both said they had cameras and all 4 boys admitted their cells had cameras. "Then why don't you take them out and get some pictures, they'd last longer than just looking." The boys all pulled their cells and began taking pictures as their Master had the women spread their legs and invited the boys to come and get close-ups. They boys all gasped when he ordered the women to pull the crotch of their panty aside for the boys. Both women looked at him and the expression in their eyes was plain, "please no". "The boys are waiting, so do it NOW!" he ordered. The women both pulled the crotch aside and the boys clicked away again.

"Mike, Tom go home and get your cameras," Mike said. "We'll all be inside when you return so just come on in, the door will be unlocked." The two boys ran towards Tom's car, jumped in and roared back up the street.

"What the fuck is that about," Tom asked as he pulled into the driveway of his home.

"I don't know, but hurry and get your camera and let's go find out" Mike said as he leaped from the car. "When we get back let's go up her drive and park behind the Ferrari." Back at the house Mike was looking at the other two boys.

"Bill and Bob hold your hand out to the ladies and help them up and escort them into the house for me" Mike said. The boys hurriedly thrust a hand out and the two women, knowing they had no choice, took them and allowed the boys to hold their hands as they went into the house.

"Naomi and Barbara, you need to go upstairs and freshen up your make up. Eye show and lipstick and then brush out your hair for your modeling assignment" Mike ordered and they obediently went up the stairs to the second floor.

"Oh fuck, are you as horny as I am right now" Naomi asked Barbara as they entered her bedroom. "My pussy is soaked, I didn't know giving control over to a man and do as he orders was so fucking exciting." Barbara handed her a blue eye shadow and pale blue lipstick as she picked out pink for herself.

"I've been fucking horny since he showed me my movie and I realized he was going to blackmail me" Barbara admitted. "I refused to believe it but all the signs were there as my pussy juiced up, my nipples hardened and my breathing became labored."

"When you introduced us I was the same way," Naomi said. "Oh fuck, do you think he'll make us fuck and suck the boys when the show is over? I hope so; I need a cock right now."

"Naomi Simmons," Barbara gasped, "they're only teenagers!"

"But if he orders us, it's not our decision remember," Naomi said as she began to brush out her hair. "We have no say in the matter and have to do as Master says. That's what's so fucking great, we can always tell ourselves we're being made to do it and it's not our fault. We're free to do anything that he can think of and I have a feeling he can think of some weird shit for us to do. As long as we're not hurt."

"I was just wondering if you'd see it that way and yes, I hope he orders us to take care of those four cocks," Barbara said as she put on the finishing touched. "As for being hurt, he'll provide security for anything we do to ensure our safety. Also, I'll bet they are all cherries and we can take two boy's virginity each. (Barbara would find out later she was wrong about the boy's sexual experience, they were not cherries) If not the boys, he has to make us go out back and fuck the dogs." Naomi shuddered and Barbara realized the black woman had cum. "What is it baby?"

"Oh fuck I just had an orgasm at the thought he'll have the dogs fuck us as we suck two of the boys as the others take pictures," Naomi gasped. "Oh fuck, that would be so hot!" The women finished their preparations and return to the main floor and the living room where Master and all four boys waited.

"Barbara, I want you to do a striptease for the boys and Naomi I want you to watch, because you're next" Mike said. "Boys, once they have their negligee jack, bra and panties off, feel free to have them pose any way you like and the more slutty the better."

Mike had gone through Barbara's records, tapes and CDs and found several "Dance Mix" tapes and hoped they were what he thought they were. He had one in the stereo and as Barbara moved to the center of the room he started the music. The Stripper by David Rose came from the speakers and he smiled, they were the tapes she had given the DJs and used while on the strip circuit.

Hearing the music Barbara looked at her Master and smiled. This was her music and her thing. She had loved stripping and turning the men in the audience on and she began the bump and grind she had used to the song back then. Mike and Tom both began taking pictures with their cameras and Bill and Bob continued using their phone camera but were selective of what pictures they took as they'd soon have full memory cards. Barbara swayed and ground her hips for the boys and then started to remove her sheer nylon jacket. She slid it down one arm and then the other and then swirled it around her head and let go. Master snatched it out of the air and smiled at her. He had seen both women's juices on the inside of their thighs and realized they were both submissive exhibitionists and would do as he wanted how he wanted and where he wanted. Looking in Barbara's eyes as she watched the boys take pictures, he saw the lust and knew she'd fuck all the boys if he told her to. The same look was in Naomi's eyes and he knew he had her also.

Barbara had turned her back to the cameras and bending over from the waist, placed her hands on the floor and shook her ass at the boys. Both of the boys with cameras saw her juices flowing down her legs and zoomed in for close-ups of that and her crotch. Barbara finally straightened and reached behind her to unfasten her bra. Mike thought he should have had them dance together so they could remove each other's bra and panty. Once the bra was unfastened Barbara turned back to the cameras and slid the left strap to her elbow as the left hand held the bra in place and then switched hands. She took the right strap completely off and switched hands and finally took the left off. Placing both hands on her breasts she suddenly threw her hands above her head, still holding the bra with them. She then swirled it like the jacket and then flung it at her master also. She let the boys get pictures of her nude breasts before turning her back again and grabbing the waist of her thong. She eased it down her ass and then her thighs as she bent from the waist again. When it was at her knees she spread her feet as far as possible and then reached between her legs and pulled her pussy open for them. Then she moved her hands up and grabbing a buttock in each hand, spread her ass open for them. She then shoved the thong to her ankles and placing one hand and then the other on the coffee table before her she stepped out of them. Again she twirled and flung and again Master caught them but he raised the soaking wet panty to his nose and inhaled her essence.

Barbara then sat on the coffee table, she hoped it would hold her and began crossing and recrossing her legs. She lay back and spread her legs as far as possible and then grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them as far apart as possible. She then lay on the floor and repeated the leg spread except she grabbed her ankles and pulled them towards her, lifting her ass and letting nature spread her two lower openings and smiled at the boys as she heard their zooms moving in and out as they took their photos. When Barbara stood she moved to the couch and sat on a towel Naomi had gone upstairs to get so their pussy juices wouldn't stain the cushions and then Naomi repeated the performance as best as she could. When she had finished everyone looked at Mike to see what was next and he saw all the boys had erections creating tents in the front of their pants.

"I'm sorry boys, you're going to have to take care of those on your own," Mike said. "But here's the deal, I think the town would love to see the state title here and so I have an incentive for the team. Take your cell phones and cameras to practice and show everyone what's on there; do not make copies although you can download onto your computer. Tell the team that there will be a victory celebration here if they win and that Barbara and Naomi at least, hopefully more women from the neighborhood, will be here to fulfill all your needs and fantasies. They'll suck you, fuck you, and pose for pictures, anything anybody on the team wants. If you win the title Naomi and Barbara will then allow you and the rest of the team that have pictures of them, to send them out to your friends so you can show them what champions get. Now get your asses out and go home, these two sluts have something to do." The boys left and Mike looked at his two slaves. "Get your asses out to the playroom and I want to see a dog cock in both mouths. We'll go to the Shelter tomorrow and get a couple more so that you both will have 2 of your own so you can fuck and suck at the same time. I think we'll show your dog fucking skills to the team, if they get the party." The women both looked at him in shock. They thought he would keep that a secret.

"Face it sluts, your exhibitionist asses can't wait" he said. "Admit it, my ordering you to pose turned you both on like crazy and the idea of the party does also. Then to have an audience as you fuck and suck a dog has you ready to cum." He moved closer to the women and cupped each of the cunts and both women groaned as they soaked his hand as they both orgasmed. He then took them out in the back yard, in the grass and in the open and had the dogs fuck them as they kissed. Both women had intense orgasms at the thought someone might see, it was too bad the fence was 8 foot high.

After their show for him, Mike had them suck his cock together. Barbara sucked his balls as he watched his cock slide in and out of Naomi's lips. The white cock into the black face was erotic and soon he had her pull back and Barbara move up and painted both faces with string after string of cum.

"Clean each other's face but listen up, I'll be here at 10 tomorrow morning" he told the women. "Babs I want coffee ready when I get here and you dressed like when we were out in front. Naomi you are to be ready at 10 and when you see us come outside, you come over dressed like today. Here's $100 apiece, go to the mall and get more bra panty garter belt sets. I only want thongs, g strings or string bikini. No full side bikini, hip hugger or granny panties, understand?" The women, having licked the cum from the other's faces turned back to Mike.

"Yes Master" both women said as they took the extended bills. The boys were back outside discussing Mike's offer if they won state and wondering what he had meant by "more women from the neighborhood" when they heard the Ferrari roar to life. Choung Suk and Britney were on their front porch talking about Naomi's visit when the car started. Mike headed out to the end of Barbara's arced driveway and waved at the mother and daughter and then roared up the street waving at the boys as he went by. He stopped at the stop sign and getting a break in traffic he pulled out and everyone heard the high powered sports car roar off into the distance.

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