Katherine's Decision
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lolita, Reluctant, Coercion, Light Bond, Humiliation, White Female, Hispanic Male, First, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Katherine is unwittinly set up as a courier in and out of Mexico. A cartel has caught her and is about to extract their share of retribution out of the family. What can Katherine do for her husband and daughter's safety?

"If I ever get out of this, I swear I will never do this again." Katherine muttered to herself. The waiting line at the Border Crossing into Tijuana stretched beyond her view in the rear view mirror. She could not get out of the line now, if she wanted to. If she did, they would probably come after her for looking suspicious. Her husband, Joe, had deliberately set up their trip to reduce suspicion as much as possible.

He had bought a 1966 Chevy El Camino and fixed it up to look like a Junker. The doors and fenders had been painted roughly with miss-matching colors. Some had only been premiered. The engine, lights, turn signals all worked flawlessly, so she could not get ticketed for defective parts.

Her husband had spent lots of time with the truck bed construction. The truck bed had inner and exterior panels. There were spaces between them. They had driven back and forth across the border with packets of money vacuum sealed and stored between the panels. Katherine had been skeptical, but she was desperate.

Kathy had been happily married until she was ready to start a family. They found out that she could not have children. She and her husband had been devastated to find out. Reluctantly, they felt adoption was their only choice. They were able to adopt a beautiful young girl they named Dakota, after where she had lived until she went away to college.

Katherine looked over at her daughter in the passenger seat. Dakota was oblivious to everything that was going on. Dakota was fourteen years old, and had tuned her parents out. Her chief goal in life was to be accepted. She had resisted efforts to be enrolled in Native Chinese Speaking classes taught by young teachers from Beijing. Her main goal was to be accepted as "American." She felt her slanted eyes made her an outcast. Her less than outstanding breast size made her feel inferior.

"Wo bu yao." She didn't want to learn to speak Chinese. Dakota had no idea what was going on with their trip into Mexico. Dakota knew that her parents had gone into Tijuana and had fallen into some incredible deals before. Her mother had bought several full-length angora sweaters for about twenty dollars. They were going for a thousand dollars at Nordstrom's. She knew that her mother had been selling them on EBay and made a lot of money on them.

She did not know that her mother needed a lot more money. She did not know that her father, Joe, had been losing money on his coffee house and was having lots of trouble making the mortgage payment. She knew her father had quit his position as a marketing executive because he felt he could make a lot more if he started his own business. That left the household income coming from Kathy's job as an instructor at the local Community College in San Diego. She did not know that her mother's job had been downsized from a fully tenured full time job to a part time job. This was done so the college could use her full time, but not pay for benefits or health insurance.

Dakota was oblivious to all this as she sat in the passenger seat, scrolling through newer songs she had pirated onto her MP3 Player. Her ear buds made her oblivious to the honking horns and confusion outside their car as they waited in line to get into Mexico.

Dakota was dressed like a typical fourteen-year-old teenager. Her waist length black hair had been pulled back and pushed through the opening in the back of a baseball cap with Green Bay football colors. Her Blue oxford cloth dress shirt was actually her dad's that she had liberated from his closet. The starched shirt had the sleeves rolled up, and the tails tucked into her very short cut-off Levis. The edges had been hemmed and the pockets shortened so they wouldn't stick out through the bottom of her shorts. She had been on a fad of wearing some chocolate covered lumbering boots with the higher heels. It was a fad some of the young girls had been stuck on this summer. The lumberjack socks were folded up and over the top of the boots. It was too hot for comfort, but it was the latest fad.

Katherine was wearing a very thin pair of sandals that made her look barefoot. Her short, sleeveless green dress contrasted her blue eyes and reddish brown hair beautifully. The dress came to just below mid thigh. She had carelessly left the lowest button close to her hem unbuttoned. It was an inadvertent slip. Katherine's dress rode way up on her legs as she struggled with the manual transmission. You could not drive a manual transmission modestly. Her time in the San Diego sun left her with the typical California complexion of a woman of leisure. Her arms glowed with her Coppertone complexion. Her long slender legs kept the border patrol guards around her truck much longer than warranted. They asked her to step out of the car for no particular concern, other than they did that frequently for their own amusement. Katherine stood beside the car, somewhat annoyed. She stood with her hands crossed in front of her and her long reddish brown French braid hanging down her back. Her looks worked both ways. It gave her lots of unwanted attention; but it also got her out of a lot of situations many other women couldn't.

The situation of two provocatively dressed women was not an inadvertent coincidence. Her husband was used to men's reaction to her looks. He was counting on it. They always seemed to give her the benefit of any doubt.

Katherine knew what she was there for. Dakota didn't. Joe felt it would help to have her along on the trip. Her unassuming and indifferent innocence might make the seasoned Border Patrol easier to fool. People who were up to something devious or illegal tended to project an uneasiness that gave them away. Border Guards were trained to spot that look.

Actually Katherine didn't actually know what she was really there for. She thought she was going to get a few boxes of Angora Sweaters, and sell them on the internet to help pay for her husband's floundering business. She intended to declare her purchases and cover taxes on what she had bought.

What Katherine did not know was that she was an unwitting participant in a drug buy. Joe had been planning on Katherine's trip to Tijuana. He had claimed to be busy and could not go with them. Once there, he would claim his plans had changed, and would have flown into Tijuana from Los Angeles to meet them. He would take the car in for some repairs while they were sunning at the hotel pool, or out buying things. He would go the garage and put a number of bundles of triple bagged cocaine bundles into the space between the inner and outer panels of the truck bed. The panels could then be welded closed to make inspection impossible. It would work because he had done it before.

Things had gone pretty much according to plan. Katherine had gone into the city market and purchased enough angora sweaters to fill the trunk bed. The camper shell was locked to keep things from being stolen. Joe arrived according to his plan. He had transferred the money electronically after they had welded the panels shut. Everything had gone according to plan.

Katherine and Dakota were taking him back to the airport when the two black hummers penned them in at a stoplight. Two Mexicans with Uzi's jumped in their truck. They ordered the family into the back of one of the hummers while one of the kidnappers jumped into the El Camino to drive it away.

Joe, Katherine and Dakota were pushed onto the floor on top of each other. They were bound and blindfolded. They drove about an hour; obviously out of the main city of Tijuana. When the cars stopped, they were rushed into a compound and the gates closed behind them.

They were shoved unceremoniously onto the dusty cobblestone plaza and their blindfolds removed. A huge very dark-complected man with a faint beard and mustache stood above them.

"We have been watching this truck. If you make one trip with a few pounds of Marijuana from Mexico into the U.S, We don't care. We have been watching and know you're taking increasing amounts of cocaine across the border. This is eating into our profits. Do you understand what we do to our competition here in Mexico?"

Joe said: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Manual, the apparent leader who was standing in front of them, turned and fired his Uzi along the side of the El Camino. The gunfire left several holes with white powder pouring out like an hour glass turned upside down.

"You cocksucker. Do you think I am a fucking idiot?" Have you not seen the piles of beheaded bodies just outside of town?"

Joe was stunned. He thought he had everything worked out. He was focused on getting past the Border Patrol. It had not occurred to him that there were other parties he would have to deal with.

Manual kicked Joe in the crotch and knocked him over backwards. He walked over and stuck the barrel of the Uzi in his mouth. His finger tightened on the trigger.

"No; please don't hurt him. I can't get along without him." She screamed as she ran over to him and lay down on top of him.

Katherine's frantic scramble and effort to cover him left her covering him with one hand extended up towards the gun. Her prone position above him left her short, partially unbuttoned dress up around her waist on the side facing Manual. Her green bikini panties were thin enough to show that her tan did not stop there. Embarrassed, Katherine lowered her arm to brush her dress into place.

Once the immediate danger of death had passed, Katherine was now embarrassed at what she had presented to the drug runners. "Please let us leave. I didn't know any of this was going on. My daughter had no idea. We were here by accident. We are not part of this. Please give us another chance. Take the drugs. I promise you will never see us again."

"Stand the fuck up, bitch."

Katherine stood and hugged her daughter, who had run over to stand beside her.

"We have no choice. If we let your husband get away with this kind of thing, we will have everybody else doing it too. There have to be consequences. We have to kill him."

"No, no ... Please give us a chance. Isn't there any way to make this right? We have a business in San Diego you can have.

"I don't want any fucking business in San Diego. I want business here." Manual looked at her for a while. He looked over at the Chinese girl. He grabbed Dakota's hand and walked over to a picnic table in the middle of the compound. Her hands were still handcuffed behind her.

Manual sat down on the bench seat of the picnic table. He spread his legs. He scooted her between them. Dakota stood there trembling. She was no able to balance herself very well with her hands cuffed behind her. Manual grabbed her fishtail braid at the bottom. He slowly wrapped the length of it around his hand, until there was no braid left between his hand and her neck. Not able to keep her balance, she slowly began kneeling down in front of him. She managed to turn her head sideways as he pulled her closer against his crotch.

"Oh, my God; no. Please don't do this. We aren't the ones who have crossed you." Again, Katherine ran over and wrapped her arms around her daughter.

"Look, bitch, I am willing to overlook some of your transgressions. You bastards come into our country thinking you can make lots of money with no consequences." I am going to fuck her and turn her out on the streets to beg. I'll rip her top so her tits show. I can get an old woman to go with her and get a lot of money for her. I can put her on a bus with a paper cup begging for money. I can take her to a whorehouse. They will just think this Chinese girl is some wayward immigrant that didn't get over the border. Take her fucking clothes off and let me see what I'm getting."

"Manual; please don't do this to her. Send her and my husband back. I will stay her and make it worth your time. I promise I will do anything you want. Please ... I'm begging you."

Manual looked at her for several minutes without speaking. He was trying to evaluate her bargain. Manual was not a man known for his honesty, or he wouldn't be killing people and transporting cocaine. "Convince me. Are you a good cocksucker?"

Katherine blanched. It's one thing to do something in the dark that nobody can see. It's another to talk about it in broad daylight with a crowd. Katherine's head bowed. "I don't know if I can do that"

Katherine sobbed as she fought with her mind. She thought about all the times in her marriage when she had given her husband an excuse about how disgusting it was. She thought about all the times she could have eased herself into it so it wouldn't seem like such a monumental sacrifice for her husband and daughter.

"Please give me a chance to get used to all this. I am going to try my best to make you happy." She sobbed into her hands. Can't you get my husband and daughter out of here? Can't we do this without them?" It would be bad enough to submit to this monster without a crowd.

"Take off the fucking dress you cunt. You don't get to make the fucking rules here." Katherine was on her knees between his. She was kneeling next to her daughter. Kate looked over at her husband in outrage. "Do you see what you have done to me? Do you see what you're making me do?" she tried to pass on to him with her eye contact with him.

All Joe knew was that if she capitulated, he would not get killed.

Katherine sat there in the dirt in front of Manual. She made eye contact with him, defiantly, as she reached for the lowest button. One at a time, her hands reached for each button, pushed it through the eyelet and raised her arms to the next. The proud middle aged woman tried not to give him the satisfaction of crying as she opened the forest green summer dress. Katherine sat there with her knees on the ground; her butt on the dusty cobblestone between her splayed ankles.

When the dress was unbuttoned, it hung limply down her sides but pinned between her armpits and ribcage. Katherine reached out with her right hand and began to unbuckle one sandal, like a young girl in her first game of strip poker. She took the shoe off her foot and placed it in his hand; her first offering of capitulation. She held her eye contact with him as she unbuckled the remaining sandal and placed it above the first. Silently she left her hand in his, hoping for a change of mind from him.

She was a magnificent woman who was used to getting her way in any circumstance. People would let her pass through waiting lines. Plumbers would often shave the bill for time spent at her house. Auto garages often did not charge for labor. Katherine was used to privilege.

With her shoes gone, Katherine maintained eye contact as she tilted her head and shoulder back as the garment slid from her. Katherine rose up off of her butt enough to bring it around in front of her. Still looking for some compassion, she folded the dress and put it in his hands above her shoes.

Katherine looked over at her husband in humiliation as she reached behind her. When the clasp opened, she brought her hands around quickly to keep it from falling away. It was a ridiculous gesture. The forest green quarter cup bra was cut too low to hide her nipples. It was too transparent to hide them if they were higher. Her medium sized melons did not sag. There was no reason other than modesty for her to wear a bra.

Katherine folded it and placed it in his hand. Touching was not necessary, but she was trying desperately to make some kind of emotional contact with him, hoping to develop sympathy or some bond. She had read how some girls who had been raped had kept a dialogue with her abductor and evaded being murdered.

There were three lives at stake, and Katherine was bargaining psychologically for her husband and daughter.

Katherine stood. She dusted off her butt. She hooked her thumbs between her waist and the fabric of the last garment she had. It was another ridiculous piece of clothing. The back was a full panel that went to her natural waistline. The front came to just below her belly button. What made it ridiculous was again the fact that it was a transparent green film of silk that hid nothing. Manual could see that she was shaved. Her pubic hair above her cleft was cut into a "landing strip" configuration. Below that, her pouty cleft was bare. He could see a couple of ripples of pink tissue that did not seem to fit snugly inside the smooth cleft. Katherine placed her hands on Manual's shoulders as she raised one foot, then the other to free herself of the thin garment pooled around her feet. She bent over to pick it up. She folded it up and again used it as an excuse to touch him as she placed her last offering in his hands.

Katherine looked over at her husband. Her arms, legs and abdomen seemed to quiver as she lowered herself back to her knees in humiliation before her abductor. The other Mexican savages were silent and transfixed as they watched the scene unfolding before them.

Katherine looked from the tent forming in his jeans up into his eyes, hoping she could see a change in compassion. Katherine rose up and leaned forward to unbuckle his pants and get the belt out of the way. Katherine tried to shut her mind to the fact that her husband was watching; that her fourteen-year-old daughter was quietly whimpering beside her as she lowered his zipper in front of the panting gun wielding men around her.

Manual hooked his elbows over the table top behind him and put pressure on his feet as he raised his rear up off the seat so Katherine could slide the jeans and briefs down past his knees. She just wanted to get it over with. She slid the jeans past his feet as the garment took his sandals with them.

Reluctantly Katherine slid up closer to him between his legs. She slid up closer so she could rest her right forearm and elbow over his left thigh for support. Katherine could not hide the tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she looked over at her husband, glaring at him for the predicament she was in.

Katherine tried to shut out all thoughts. She tried to shut out her images of the men starring at her and holding Uzi's. She tried to shut out the curious expression of her husband. Where was his outrage? Why wasn't he as embarrassed as she was? Could he not feel her humiliation?

Again, Katherine tried to look into Manual for signs of capitulation. Her looks were what were getting her into this predicament; not out of it. Katherine extended her thumb and forefinger and tried to wrap it around his shaft at the base.

Katherine tried to take her mind back so many years to her first time. She tried to shut out any other images in her mind, trying to diminish her humiliation and embarrassment. She tried to tell herself that she was fourteen years old. She tried to tell herself this was the small sacrifice she was paying to avoid getting pregnant. She tried to tell herself this was an acceptable price to pay to be the freshman girlfriend of a nineteen year old freshman in the local junior college. He was a popular player on their football team. She got to invite a college boy to her high school dances. She got to go to the college functions.

In the mind of a fourteen year old girl, this was an acceptable act for her social status. In her mind, putting her lips over the edge of this gargantuan cock was an acceptable act for the preservation of a family stranded in Mexico.

Her social status changed when somebody found her boyfriend's cell phone and downloaded it on the internet. They were only three photos, but there was no mistake that it was her beautiful lips wrapped around this nineteen-year-old black boys cock. Life had been one long humiliating experience the next four years.

The pictures had spread to everybody's Facebook pages. Dying her hair and changing her appearance did not make it easier for her to get a teaching job in her home state either. Once the students found the old pictures, she had a humiliating experience her first year of teaching.

Catherine tried to tell herself this was no worse. She tried to tell herself there was more at stake. She did not know they had her passport and drivers license. She did not know that the sequence of photos taken over the next few days would have the same effect on her adult life.

Sam reached over to his belt and took out his cell phone. He turned it on and switched it to "camera". He had a ten megapixel camera with a 32 Meg chip for almost unlimited video capacity. He tossed it to her husband. "Someday you're going to enjoy this." He said.

Jenn looked over at her husband waiting for some protest from him. He refused to look at her. With her legs trembling, she forced herself to respond, but it seemed to take her mind and body forever to lower herself down to a kneeling position, between his knees, expecting she knew what the next order would be.

She knew there was no way she could endure the next progression of commands. Her feet were crossed at the ankles, and her weight was on her knees. She lowered her butt against her feet. Her arms were crossed in front of her with her palms covering her nipples. Her head was down, and her hair now covered most of her breasts.

Tears could be seen pooling on her knees as her shoulders shook.

Manual reached through her braid; put a hand under her chin and raised her face to look him in the eyes. Her chin was pulled forward and now resting on her right hand. He reached down and used his fingers to comb her hair back over her shoulders to get a better view of her nipples. He took her arms and pulled them straight down. She turned her head to the right, to avoid gazing at the throbbing one eyed cobra between his legs. She caught her husband staring at her with a hint of reluctant fascination in his eyes. Manual looked at her for a while.

He took her arms and pulled them behind her so her hands lay behind her against the crack of her butt, like she was handcuffed. Petrified, she held her position, and fought the urge to vomit.

He reached out with both hands and used his thumbs and index fingers to roll her nipples. She recoiled as if shocked with a tazer gun as she pulled back and covered herself with her hands. The dark Mexican looked at her silently, and with anger in his eyes. She put her hands back behind her and again turned her head away from him. He licked his fingers and did it some more. He grabbed both nipples and pulled on them, forcing her to lean forward so her breasts lay on his thighs. This time she managed to control her revulsion.

You are going to work in a whorehouse if you don't want your daughter there

"This is where you are going to start most of your face-to-face conversations with my clients if you want this job Miss Katherine. Do you want it or not?" he asked.

There was a long silence. Jenny looked over at her husband, then back at the pulsing black anaconda; took off her wire rimmed glasses and wiped the tears from her eyes. As she pulled back, her shoulders sank, and her body shuddered. Her head dropped to her knees and she covered her face with her hands with her elbows on her lap.

Even without any response, the answer was obvious. "I think you know I don't have any choice." She mewed. Her voice was barely a whisper as her tears pooled on her knees and her back shook with convulsions.

Without any words, she knew what was expected of her. So did her husband.

She had her palms flat on the sides of his shaft, and her fingers straight. She was refusing to wrap her hands and fingers around it for fear of conveying some psychological sign of acceptance or willingness to her husband. She looked like a young girl on her knees with hands folded in prayer at bedtime. Like a young child with wet fingernail polish, she couldn't bring herself to wrap and close her fingers around this throbbing shaft and purplish head that telegraphed every heartbeat as it bobbed and swayed like a cobra responding to a flute.

"Look at your husband, Katherine." She turned towards him. Manual nodded to Joe and whispered: "Use the camera." Her hearing seemed to explode in humiliation as the flash went off with her face next to the huge penis between her hands and her naked breasts exposed.

She mind recoiled and her body almost fell backward at the shock of what he was making her do. None of the men said anything. She thought about the threat of them using her daughter. She sat back up just inches from his throbbing monster.

He took her right hand and made a fist with it; then straightened out her index finger. He guided her index finger to make circular caressing motions up and down his penis to stimulate him. "Are you ready to show your daughter how it's done?"

With her head down and turned to one side, eyes closed, and tears streaming, she barely nodded her head once. "O.K. little lady, let's see you kiss it like you mean it. I want to see some passion and enthusiasm. You're going to have to convince a lot of men to spend lots of money." She held her palms out flat with her fingers straight on each side of the shaft. She bent forward, closed her eyes and kissed the tip of his penis ever so softly on the opening, like a mother kisses her new baby goodnight. Sam looked over at Joe again and nodded. She shut her mind off to the flash of the cell phone camera. Manual and Joe had seemed to be able to communicate without talking. He continued to use the camera whenever the Mexican bandit looked his way and nodded.

With her eyes closed, her fingers on each side of this huge shaft, and her lips touching the throbbing tip, Catherine's mind was taking in the view as an impartial fourth person watching the whole scene. She could feel the woman's humiliation at having the slippery seamen covered tip in her mouth, fighting the urge to vomit.

Katherine looked up at Manual to see if that was enough. He was silent. She looked over at her husband, hoping he could stop her.

Seeing no sign of pity from any of the panting abductors or her husband, she leaned forward and reached out with her lips again. Hesitantly, she touched the end with her index finger and wiped some seamen off the end. She wiped her finger off on his thigh.

She leaned back and stood up, knowing this might set off her abductor's rage. She crossed her hands in front of her as she stood and picked up the porcelain pitcher and bowl. Fighting for time to clear her mind, she picked up a shallow bowl, filled it with warm water and put a washrag in it.

She wrung out the cloth towel and softly caressed his semi erect shaft in a cleaning ceremony that was more provocative to the men than she realized. She was fighting for a way to procrastinate giving the blowjob she knew was coming.

She put down the washrag and set the bowl to one side. Unable to avoid this unthinkable act any longer, she again looked imploringly over to her husband as she reached up with her left hand and wrapped it around the huge shaft. She used her tongue to moisten her lips and erase the taste of what she had already done, and subconsciously prepare herself for more of the same.

Closing her eyes, she bent her head back down, moistened her lips and reluctantly placed them against the end of the pulsing monster again. This time she covered more of the head with her lips and flicked her tongue into and around the tip. She held her lips and tongue there for several seconds. She was aware of the flash going off at key situations while her lips and tongue explored him. The camera did not capture her shivering, trying to control her revulsion. The warmth of her beautiful moist lips seemed to send a current through all the observing men. Manual was electrified. Her husband continued taking pictures.

Slowly, she covered the head of it with saliva by using her lips and tongue like a new mother cleaning a newborn kitten. She stuck out her flattened tongue and turned her head from side to side, coating the tip so it sparkled in the sunlight when she pulled back. She looked over at her husband, with a wounded look, hoping for a reprieve as she rubbed the side of her face against his tip to break the strand of spittle between it and her lips.

She struggled with her voice one more time, trying to make it audible. It was hard to make words when her mind and body was fighting with trying to cry at the same time. "I'm begging you to please stop." Her voice shuddered, in an almost inaudible whisper. Her mind had gone numb, and her reflexes took over. Her mind tried to take her back to a more pleasant time in her life.

She took her right thumb and index finger to pinch and roll the end of his penis like he did her nipples. She didn't want to, but it was sort of a habitual act that came without thought when she had tried it before. She felt she could get her way on anything when she acted like this, but in this situation, it was only working against her.

They sat there, with him stroking her hair back out of her face, and she faintly, reluctantly fondling his throbbing shaft; tracing little circles around and along it. He told her she was not going to be giving just "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" blowjobs. She fought the urge to vomit.

She was not going to be just another Mexican Whore, he told her. She was to be more like a Geisha, to talk to them, let them talk to her, keeping them in a prolonged stimulation and in any possible way try to relax them and get more business to come across the border

He made her talk about the weather, her children, and their goals. He made her talk about anything, trying to ease her tension, and to give her the idea she was giving more than just a straight blowjob.

"I want you to practice using your hands, lips, tongue, cheeks, nipples or whatever you have to caress them and get them aroused as much as possible; for as long as possible. I do not want you to get them off quickly so you can be done with it. You are to worship that thing with your lips. You are to make it last as long as possible. You are going to need some practice so you learn to prolong this thing. Do it for a while, pause, and talk to them until they regain their composure; then continue. Do you understand, Miss Katherine?"

She rested one hand around his shaft with her other palm over the end in case he ejaculated before she was ready. She rested her head against her wrists, and nodded her head almost imperceptibly. It was barely a twitch, like somebody at an auction who had just reluctantly raised a bid.

The discussion did nothing to ease her tension or humiliation; just more to think about. Her mind was numb. She knew what was expected, and was trying to summon the willpower to overcome her revulsion.

From time to time, she nodded with her shoulders shivering, in agreement to whatever he asked her. She had one hand encircling his shaft, one hand over her eyes, and her face against his stomach trying to shield her embarrassment. The side of her cheek was against the side of his throbbing slick penis. She wouldn't look at it, knowing that her husband was watching everything. Would her ever look at her again? Would he accept her after seeing her mouth on another man's penis? Her mind was racing at the devastating possibilities.

The constant contact of her soft cheek and hands against him brought a slight film of seamen out of the end, which coated his entire penis and worked its way into her hands. She tried to subtly wipe it off onto the bench seat.

He slapped her hands away. He took her open hand and wiped it across her cheek. He then told her to lick off her hands. Her body shuddered. She wiped the back of her arm across her mouth trying to get used to the idea. She brought one hand up and stuck her tongue out. She tried not to vomit as she cleaned her hand with her tongue. Then she cleaned off the other hand. Again, she used the back of her arm to wipe her lips.

"It's time for either you or your daughter to start sucking. I need to see how much you want this job, and how good you are at it." Katherine had one hand wrapped around it, and one hand between the end and her face to keep it away from her mouth. With her head down, she tried to answer between sobs. "I don't really know what to do, she mewed. I've not done this in such a long time. Even then, I didn't do it long enough to know what I was doing" Her voice was hardly more than an inaudible whisper.

"Is your wife any good at giving blowjobs Joe?" Joe's ears and cheeks reddened, and his head dropped. He couldn't answer. The answer would have been embarrassing either way. It was bad enough to struggle with the idea that his wife was going to be violated against her will, and he refused to be involved in a formal conversation about it. To add insult to injury, it was now brought up for discussion. They had never done this, and he couldn't bring himself to admit any of this to a stranger. The act he wanted most had been denied to him, and was now for the first time bestowed on a total stranger.

"If she doesn't know what to do, Joe, you are going to have to show or tell her." Joe was silent and unable to speak. "Well, Katherine, I'm not sure we have a deal. You can't be running around doing things behind your husband's back and have him dump you when he finds out. If you're no good, I can't use you. We're either all together on this or not. If you can't do this with me, I can take the young woman beside you. She is very young and doesn't have all the hang-ups that you have"

Joe tried to wet his lips to make himself speak. He struggled with long pauses between each word: "You can't scratch him with your teeth, Hon. You've got to massage it with your tongue and lips. He's going to want you to take it down your throat as far as you can without gagging."

There it was; out in the open. There were no misunderstandings between them about what was expected from her. There were clear verbal commands. She could not be accused of willingly doing something against her marriage vows. These were orders with implied consent from her husband.

She had vaguely seen this sort of thing on cable, while her husband had changed channels. She and her girlfriends had made nervous jokes about it when they were giggling teenagers so long ago, but she had never really seriously considered performing such a vile and degrading act after her humiliating experience as a freshman.

Jenny looked at her husband; up to Manual; then a long resigned look at the throbbing semi-flaccid member in front of her. She tried to take several deep breaths to calm herself down. She held it up against his belly, and kissed the bottom of it softly. She repeated the kissing in progressively longer actions trying to get used to the idea and taste.

She straightened it out and pointed it at her mouth. She leaned forward and rubbed the shaft against one side of her face and then the other. She wrapped both hands around the shaft, with all eight fingers in a line, and her thumbs on the bottom against the foreskin.

She was going to try another psychological approach. She would force herself to behave as affectionately as she could to this evil looking cobra, hoping that he would take some pity on her and not prolong this embarrassing scene in front of her husband and daughter.

She kissed the slit softly; once, then again several times with each one lasting longer. The cell phone flashed again! She raised the tip and fondled the foreskin along the bottom with her flattened tongue. She took the purplish mushroom head and rubbed it inside her lips against her closed teeth. She could feel her mouth getting slick. She opened her mouth and let the head in until her teeth rested against the ridge at the back of it. She covered her teeth with her lips and held it there for a long time. She let her tongue flicker and slather around the sides and bottom.

Manual arched his back with his head over the back of the table. He put both hands affectionately on the back of her head and massaged her neck and shoulders. She couldn't bear the thought of letting her husband see this man come in her mouth.

With tears pouring down her face and her stomach in convulsions, Jenn looked over at her husband and them back up at the Mexican with the long glistening shaft. "Please sir; can't you give me the dignity of not finishing this in front of my husband? Can't we just go somewhere else? You are killing my husband and my daughter. Can't you see I will do anything you ask?" Her hands and lips were slowly being covered with a slippery white slime. He thought about it.

"Put your hands back around it. I'll tell you what to do. Put both hands around it and jack it off. I'll let you know when it starts." Jenny had done this to her husband before; mostly out of childish curiosity during their early marriage. She knew what was ultimately going to happen. She knew that with her thumbs on the bottom, she could control the eruption.

Since he was already lubricated, she turned her head to one side, away from facing her husband, with her left palm over the end, and began slowly stroking his shaft back and forth. Finally, he said: "It's going to start, Get your hand away from the end. You can let go now." She looked up at the men thinking she was done.

Joe had now set the cell phone to "video" and was filming continuously. "Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue. Flatten it."

Jenny was horrified at what she knew this sequence of commands implied. She had leaned back, with her hands behind her on the floor. She opened her mouth as instructed, then stuck her tongue out. "Stick it out farther and wider! Lean back, he said."

Katherine took her glasses off and held them in her right hand. She wiped the tears from her eyes and leaned back. She had her hands on the ground behind her. Her knees were spread and her ankles under her on each side of her butt. Her head was back; her hair hung down behind her and her mouth was open as far as she could. Her tongue stuck out as far and wide as she could get it. Her breasts stuck straight out and almost straight up with those magnificent pink nipples gleaming in the Tijuana sunlight.

He scooted her a little closer so he had his penis slapping against her tongue as he stroked himself. "It's going to start. Don't move, Miss Katherine." The humiliated woman closed her eyes, but she couldn't block out the image of her daughter sitting beside her and couldn't stop her body from shuddering at her humiliation. Her stomach wracked in convulsions. She fought the urge to vomit. She turned her face to one side for a moment to ease the strain on her neck. Manual reached out and straightened her back so her tongue was against his penis.

With her eyes closed, she was not prepared for the first scalding stream of fluid that hit her. She jolted, but tried her best to stay stationary as ordered. The first blast missed her mouth and shot streaks into her nose, upwards across her eyes and over her forehead. Manual lowered it to rest on the tip of her tongue. The rest flooded her mouth and oozed out of both sides and down her cheeks as she involuntarily let some of it out. She held still until the eruptions subsided.

"You can swallow it now, young lady." She closed her mouth, trying not to close the opening inside. She turned her head back to one side, and raised her left hand to cover her face and wipe her nose so she could breathe. Eventually the saliva and seamen forced her to swallow.

She bent forward with her head on her knees, trying to wipe herself off with her forearms and back of her hands to clear her face of the hot, slimy vile fluids. Her body continued its convulsions in humiliation.

"It's time your daughter learned to participate. Tell her to use her mouth to clean me off Katherine." She was so humiliated with the seamen dripping off of her mouth and down onto her breasts, that she was not that concerned about her nudity. She shuddered as the words hit her like an anvil. She could not bring herself to follow these orders.

The banter going back and forth between her mother and Manual had not been lost on Dakota. She had been listening is terror and curiosity. Dakota was appalled at what had been asked of her, but she understood the painful position her mother was in. Without any prodding, Dakota leaned forward. The young girl softened her lips and put them over the tip. She recoiled and turned her head away at the taste that was similar to Black Strap molasses. Dakota caught herself and turned back to him. Reluctantly the humiliated girl put her lips back over the pulsing purplish head. Her cheeks hollowed as she tried to duplicate what she had seen her mother do. She sucked and swallowed until his throbbing stopped and the taste left her mouth.

The two women were crying as they both embraced during their humiliation. "I'm so sorry, honey." Katherine cried over and over into her daughter's ear. By the time their crying had subsided, Manual had dressed.

Catherine smoothed her daughter's dress back over her before she took her own clothes.


Will Katherine, her daughter and husband be allowed to return?

Might Dakota, her daughter, be held out as a hostage as Katherine has to work out restitution in Manual's whorehouse?

Maybe while Katherine is separated from her daughter, Manual and the other savages work out some other plan for the daughter, who is coerced into degradation for her father's safety?

If there is enough interest, I hope to continue this story as a series.

I want to know if readers want more chapters and one continuous story, or several separate but connected stories.

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