Ashley II
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Violent, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Returning home from a blacksmith conference, Bill finds that three men have attempted to kill his family. When he learns that they are part of a lunatic fringe group, his only option is to eliminate their leader and the other members of the group.

Character List

Characters returning from the first story:


Retired assassin, Blacksmith, 5’-11” tall, 185 pounds, 49 years old, dark blond hair, hazel eyes


Bill’s wife, former victim, 5’-2” tall, 122 pounds, 25 years old, 36C+-25-36, auburn hair, green eyes, some freckles and very cute


Retired Green Beret medic, now Bill’s father-in-law, 5’-11” tall, 165 pounds, 62 years old, gray fringe of hair, blue eyes


Ashley’s mother, Ed’s new wife, 5’-3” tall, 135 pounds, 36C-26- 36, 50 years old, auburn hair, green eyes, only a few freckles, still cute

New characters appearing in the story:

Carry and Chris

Bill and Ashley’s twin daughters, 10 months old at the start of the story, auburn hair, green eyes and freckles. Cute as can be.

It was Sunday the 6th of June 2010, and I was on my way home from Memphis, after having spent an entire week there. I had left last Sunday and spent Monday, Tuesday and a part of Wednesday at the National Ornamental Metal Museum. It’s located near De Soto Park and close to the river. I had worried that the floods in Memphis in early May had damaged the displays there, and had been prepared to help with restoration work. To my relief, I found things to be in good shape, and really enjoyed touring the museum and talking with the people that worked there.

Wednesday afternoon, I went to the Agri Center International for the ABANA (Artists - Blacksmith’s Association of North America) conference. It had started that day and ran through Saturday. I really enjoyed the classes and demonstrations that they put on and spent quite a bit of time each day attending them.

I also spent time admiring the exhibited work of various participants, and took pictures for ‘inspirational’ purposes. They also had a large area devoted to tool sales and swaps. Oh lord, I could have spent a bunch of money there, but managed to control myself - at least somewhat. Of course they had all of the latest goodies, but I could pass on a lot of those as I didn’t need them in my work. They also had power hammers: pneumatic, electrical and manual, or foot operated ones. There were enough to make you dizzy with choices.

Some of the manual ones were interesting and easy enough to put together yourself. I took pictures of several that had ideas or features that I liked. The pneumatic ones were expensive, really larger and more than I needed. The electrical / mechanical ones were very interesting, especially some of the DIY designs that looked fairly simple to build. I did buy a set of plans for one that I especially liked.

There were also all of the traditional blacksmith’s tools available from hammers and tongs to gas forges, fire pots and blowers. There were more punches, cutters and other small tools than you could count or look at in several days. They also had a good assortment of new anvils, plus there were a number of used ones for sale. Of course there were always groups of guys and some ladies bunching up and bullshitting on some subject, but that’s just the way blacksmiths are and a lot of other trades also.

Saturday afternoon was the close of the conference with an auction and a dinner. I got to bed early that night, as I needed to drive home on Sunday and it’s a 450 mile plus drive to my house outside of Atlanta.

I was up by 6:00 this morning and on the road shortly after that. I had breakfast when I stopped for fuel on the Interstate on my way to Nashville. I still have my old diesel truck, and it ran a lot better, and got better fuel mileage empty than when loaded and towing my trailer. I had cruised at around 70 mph most of the way home except around Nashville and Chattanooga.

Now it was almost 2:00 PM and I was on the gravel road to my place when the warning light on my dash alerted me to trouble at the house. It appeared that there were visitors, unwanted visitors, at the house, as Ashley hadn’t reset the alarm system.

My pump shotgun had been kept in a case and out of sight all week while on the trip. I had only carried a small pistol while there and it had felt strange not having the shotgun near me. After the stop for breakfast I took it out, and set it in its usual place for the rest of the drive home.

I slowed now and quietly proceeded to my alternate parking spot. After I grabbed the shotgun and a belt of reloads, and quickly exited the truck as quietly as possible; I made my way through the woods separating the entry road from the house and slipped up to the house unobserved. While staying as concealed as possible, I could see that there was a strange car parked next to our SUV and Esther’s blue car, but there was no one in any of the vehicle. Apparently Esther was visiting us.

Just as I was feeling better about things, a strange man staggered out the front door of the house with a pistol in his hand and blood on his clothes. I didn’t hesitate at all when he pointed the pistol in my direction and blew him away with two rounds of double ought buckshot from the shotgun. I waited a few seconds, but no one else came out the front door, so I went up the steps to check the guy on the porch. He was in real bad shape as those magnum loads of double ought buckshot pack a real wallop. I turned him to face me but didn’t recognize him. He was still just barely alive.

“He can’t be allowed to... !” was all that he managed to say before he died. Damn, what was he trying to tell me?

Well, there wasn’t time to worry about that now. I needed to find out what was going on here, and where my wife, Esther and the girls were. On the way into the house, I noticed that my front door was broken, again. Damn, that was the third one and now it was broken and had buckshot holes in it to boot - my buckshot. Just damn!

There wasn’t anyone in the living room, but there was a guy lying on the stairs about half way down. He was dead from the load of buckshot he had taken. He had a pistol, and I collected it as I had the first guy’s. There was no need to leave functioning weapons behind me. As I approached the top of the stairs, I called out.

“Ashley! Ashley, are you all right?” I shouted.

“Bill?” I heard from the direction of our bedroom, as I hurried down the hall toward it. There was another guy on the hall floor. He was bleeding all over the carpet runner and there was another pistol (the third) still in his hand. There were buckshot holes in the hallway plaster and probably in the door frame in the room and the door as well. Damn, this was going to take a while to both clean up and fix things, that was sure.

I found Ashley sitting on the floor in the bedroom. She had both double barrel shotguns on the floor with her and was trying to reload her 20 gauge with 12 gauge shells and trembling fingers. Tears were running down her face from her closed eyes.

“Ashley, Sweetie!” I called quietly from the doorway not wanting to startle her. Her eyes instantly flew open, as she looked in my direction.

“Bill! Oh Bill!!” she moaned, as more tears started. I hurried into the room and helped her up, leaving the shotguns unloaded on the floor for now. I took Ashley in my arms and held her while she cried like a baby. I also managed to engage the safety on my shotgun. We didn’t need an accident now.

I held her and kissed her ear and hair, as I tried to get her calmed down so I could find out what was going on. After a time she was better.

“What happened?” I asked, as soon as she was calmer.

“Mother was here and we were going to take the girls shopping. Mother was getting them ready while I changed clothes. Suddenly, the alarm went off and men broke into the house. I came out of the bathroom at the first sound of the alarm, as I thought that it was you returning. When I heard the front door crash open, I grabbed my shotgun and went around the bed to get yours as well. Suddenly a man appeared at the bedroom door and fired a pistol at me. My bubble came on instantly and I fired my shotgun at him,” Ashley said, and drew in a ragged breath before she could continue.

“That’s the man in the hall. There was another man behind him and I grabbed your gun and fired it through the doorway, as the second man was running down the hall. There was a third man in the hall too, who may have been hit. He was coming from one of the bedrooms down the hall,” Ashley stopped there for a second as the realization hit her in full.

“Oh my God! The girls, mother - are they dead?” she moaned in panic. We hurried past the dead man and down the hall to the girls’ bedroom.

The twins, Carry and Chris, had been born early last August and were now ten months old. We found them sitting on the floor dressed to go out, and on either side of Esther, their grandmother. They appeared to be as happy as could be there playing with Esther, who was shaking like a leaf, and had tears running down her face.

“Esther, are you all right?” I asked, and then added, “What happened?”

“A man came to the door, and there were shots from down the hall - loud shots. He fired a pistol at the girls, but they have the bubble too and it came on and protected all of us,” Esther told us through her tears. “I’ve been sitting here scared to death that he would come back,” she added before she totally broke down.

I went over and helped Esther up and held her to me while she cried for a while. The girls were upset that Esther had gotten up and began to make a fuss. Ashley picked both of them up and gave them a big kiss through her tears. I pulled Ashley to me also, and held both of these precious women.

The twins finally noticed that daddy was home, and they wanted a kiss too. Eventually everyone settled down some.

“We have a lot to do,” I told them, and turned to Esther first.

“Get on the phone and call Ed. Tell him to come over here quickly, but to be careful. Ashley and I will start on the cleanup while you watch the girls.”

“All right, Bill. I’ll give Ed a call. He’s at home doing a little repair work for a customer,” Esther told me. Ed is Esther’s second husband and a Master Cabinet Maker. I have known him for a long time, actually much longer than Ashley. He is also a retired Green Beret medic and is now my father-in-law.

“Ashley,” I said turning to her, “it’s going to be the same thing as when Blondie was here, only this time there are three of them. Let’s get busy. They’re already starting to stink up the house.”

I went downstairs to get the large plastic refuse bags and tape. I made a stop in the den to reset the alarm system first though. Esther went with me and used the phone to call Ed. Ashley brought the twins into the den, also.

“You may as well stay in here with the girls, Mother. I don’t want them to see any more of the dead bodies than necessary,” Ashley told her mother, as she deposited the girls with Esther.

We were still upstairs working on cleaning up the mess from the first body in the hall when Ed arrived in his pickup. He had his pistol out as he came in past the body on the porch.

“Esther, Ashley, Bill? Is anyone here?” he called just before Esther ran over to him, and he held her for a while as she cried. We went downstairs again to talk to Ed, and fill him in on what had happened. Ed was still staring at the bodies on the porch and the stairs, as I explained what had happened. He was a little pale by the time I finished.

“What were they after? What did they want? Do you have any idea?” Ed asked when I had finished.

“No, I have no idea,” I told him. “Ashley said they just broke in and started shooting. The two in the house were dead before I got here. The guy on the porch was still alive after I shot him - well just barely. All he said before he died was, ‘He can’t be allowed to’.”

“He can’t be allowed to what?” Ed asked.

“He never finished. That was all he said before he died,” I told him.

“Do you think they’re from your Agency?” Ed asked.

“No, definitely not. They aren’t professionals, that much is obvious. Just look at their clothes and weapons plus the vehicle is all wrong for the Agency,” I assured him.

“Could they have been with Diversified?” Ed asked next.

“Don’t know. After we get this all straightened out, we’ll have to find out. For now though, we need to get this mess cleaned up. Let’s get the guy on the stairs out on the porch. There will be more room to work on him out there. Besides he is making a mess on the stairs, and I will need to bring the other body down here soon,” I told Ed.

I handed Ed a couple of pair of disposable gloves just like I was wearing, and we moved the second body outside. Ed got some trash bags and tape and started on the two bodies on the porch.

“Are you getting more walnut trees?” Ed asked, as I dragged the first body out on to the porch in its plastic cocoon.

“No, I have all of the walnut trees that I need,” I told him. Damn, this guy was heavy - dead weight as it were.

“What are we going to do with them then?” he asked.

“Put them in their car and drop them somewhere. Let the cops figure out who they were and what happened,” I said. “Did you remove that guy’s wallet and empty his pockets, as I did with this one?” I asked Ed.

“Yes, the stuff is in the box over there,” Ed answered pointing at a small box.

“Where are you going to dump them?” Ed asked next.

“That’s the question. I haven’t figured it out yet, but somewhere far from here. Somewhere without any cameras recording things” I answered.

“Yes, they have increased quite a lot lately, haven’t they? I guess that means that we move after dark also,” Ed said after a few seconds deliberation.

“Yes, there are a lot of traffic cameras also,” I answered.

Once we had all three of them bagged, we dragged them over and put them in the back seat of their car. Luckily, it was a large car and they all fit. I removed everything from the glove box, while Ed checked under the seats.

“I’ll follow you in my truck,” Ed said, “once we figure out where to drop them.”

“Yes, the same as last time,” I answered remembering the four bodies from Diversified that we had gotten rid of. (See chapter 3 of Ashley)

We helped Ashley finish cleaning up the mess in the house. There was blood on several of the stair treads and on the floor in the hall, as well as in the carpet runner there.

“Looks like you have another long repair job,” Ed remarked when he saw the buckshot holes in the hall.

“Yes, and they broke my third front door, too!” I said, upset remembering the fact.

“Well, at least we have the other two repaired,” Ed said good-naturedly. “We should replace it before we leave,” he added.

We took the carpet runner down and hosed it off on the porch, which needed washing off anyway, because of blood from the third guy. We hung the wet carpet runner on a line out behind the house.

Esther had started dinner when the twins took a nap, and we all ate when they woke up. They were excited that Grandpa was here, as he often brought them something new to play with.

“Ashley, did any of those men say anything before they started shooting,” Ed asked during dinner.

“The first one saw my bubble come on as he pointed his gun at me and fired, He said ‘mutant’ just before ... just before my shotgun went off and killed him. I didn’t hear anything else for a while, as the shotguns are very noisy in the house,” Ashley told him before she began to shake again. I pulled her into my arms and held her again until she was better.

“I killed two of them!” she mumbled through her tears.

“Yes, but they would have killed you, Esther, and the girls if they weren’t stopped,” Ed reminded her, somberly.

“I know, but I... !” Ashley started, but couldn’t finish.

“Esther, did you hear them say anything?” Ed asked next.

“No, Ed. The one that came to the door just fired his gun at us, but the twins have the bubble too, and it came on and saved us. He didn’t say anything. He just ran after that,” Esther told him.

“Mutants?” I asked Ashley.

“Yes, that’s what he said, ‘Mutants’,” she answered with a sniff.

“That’s not very informative. Maybe we can find out more when we run them through a couple of sites on the computer,” I said. “That’s after we get rid of the bodies somewhere far from here.”

“Yes, it looks like this is starting out just like the last time,” Ed volunteered.

“Let’s hope not,” I said. “I don’t need all of that action.”

“Look who’s talking. I wish I was forty-nine again,” Ed said with a smile.

Esther was feeding the twins in their highchairs then, as they had gotten fussy at the lack of attention while we were talking.

“Don’t worry, Honey,” Esther told Ed, as she continued to feed the twins, “you still seem fine to me.” I wondered if I really needed to know that.

After dinner, Ed helped me remove the damaged front door and we carried it to the wood shop where it would eventually be repaired. We had spent considerable time repairing and restoring the other two broken doors. We took door number 1 up to the house to replace the broken front door.

After that I got out maps of the local area and started looking for a good location to dump the bodies. Most of the places that I thought of initially were too far away.

“How about this?” I finally asked Ed. “If we take state route 20 up to the 985 and then take that North to the upper part of the big lake, we can dump them and the car off of one of these winding roads up there into the lake. Maybe set the car on fire, too.”

“Yes, a fire would get rid of a lot of evidence. How much gas is in their car?” Ed asked.

“I’ll have to check. If it needs gas, I’ll have to get it before we leave in the car.”

“How would you do that?” Ed asked.

“I have two five-gallon gas cans for the lawn tractor,” I told him.

“OK. I’ve been up there fishing some and know where some of those winding roads are. Some of them are almost in the lake they’re so close,” Ed explained.

I checked their car and found that they had almost a full tank of gas. I went down to the wood shop and opened the vault. After a short search, I found a fuse lighter, fuse and got a non-electric blasting cap out of its box. I placed all of this in a small wooden box to move them.

By this time it was starting to get dark. I returned to the house, got the full five-gallon gas can from the barn, and put it and the small box in the car along with my shotgun. Ed and I kissed our wives and set out.

It was a long drive in the growing darkness, and we were careful not to exceed the speed limit or draw any attention to ourselves. The route that we took was pretty much camera free. Ed took the lead when we neared the lake, as he knew the area better than I did.

We finally stopped on a winding stretch of the road by the lake. It wouldn’t be hard to go off the road here in the dark and into the lake, especially if you were going too fast, or had a bit much to drink. I poured the gas from the can over the bodies in the back seat. After doing a test of the fuse to determine the burning rate, I cut the fuse to a length that would give us twelve minutes after starting it, and carefully placed the fuse and blasting cap in the back of the car so the blasting cap would ignite the gas on the gas soaked floor. After pulling the fuse igniter to light it, I removed the fuse igniter to leave no evidence. We pushed the car off the road and down the steep embankment. Only the front of the car was under water in the lake.

We quickly returned to Ed’s car and left the area. We hadn’t seen anyone, and were a good distance from the location before we stopped. There was a bright glow in the sky where we had left the car, and then an explosion when the gas tank of the car went off. Ashley was at the front door with her shotgun when we returned at close to 11 PM after a long, but very uneventful return drive.

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