A New Horse for Amanda

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Size, Military, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Staff Sergeant Ramon Castillo was lucky at cards, lucky with all females, and lucky in finding a new ready-made family with a Killer-ass blond widow, a virginal teenage daughter and twin sons of above average intelligence. His problem was that he possessed the largest cock ever seen on a man his size. It was a blessing until his new stepdaughter revealed it was the reason why she suddenly owned a brand new horse.

Harry had only been back from the combat zone for less than a month when he received orders to report to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He was less than happy because he had been hoping for orders to Camp Pendleton, California and a chance for another shot at all the prime and sassy California girls.

Camp Lejeune was not all that bad except the ticks and chiggers drove him to distraction whenever he had to wander through the forest in pursuit of a make believe enemy. At least in this forest the enemy was firing blanks and not live ammo.

The fact that not just one but both of his ex-wives lived in the immediate area was not a source of comfort. He often regretted the fact that neither one of his marriages had produced offspring thinking perhaps that was what was needed to keep a family together. His first wife was a good girl and he knew the divorce was entirely his fault for letting himself get caught with the minister's wife right in the rectory after services. Of course, it did not help the situation when he found his first love being banged from behind by the same sanctimonious man of the church busy consoling the soon to be young divorcee. He had to admit however that it was only fair that the minister pay him back for being cuckolded by sticking it to his first spouse, the still attractive but terribly naïve Diane.

Diane saw him watching her "taking it" over the kitchen sink with the red-faced and sweating reverend in a pounding mode and not a praying mode. She smiled and didn't curtail her explosive squeals each time the tall slender man bottomed out in her flooded vagina. It was almost like she was "rubbing it in" for his benefit because she seldom gave any verbal form of appreciation when her husband performed his similar spousal duties.

After that episode, Harry made no effort to contest anything.

Now his second wife Simone was an entirely different story. She was probably the most sensuous female he had ever met. She had shown up for an assignment with Harry as a paid escort girl at his motel room on a quiet Friday afternoon. On Sunday, they were married by a justice of the peace angry at being delayed from his bible reading meeting by a drunken marine and his floozy.

Simone was all deception and deviousness. She never said what she actually thought and you had to figure out what she really meant or it was all your fault. Harry tried several times to get her to quit the escort trade but she was adamant about having her own source of income and a degree of privacy outside the marriage bed.

It was money that ruined Harry's second marriage.

Surprisingly, it was not the lack of money, but the excess of money being earned by Simone in comparison to his meager military pay minus a good hunk for his ex-wife's alimony. When she called him a "pimp" on a very stormy Saturday night, Harry decided it was time for him to "move on" and started the divorce proceedings without a single word of recrimination.

Simone in a very typical "Simone" fashion just accepted a "bachelor party" assignment and became a popular kinky sex-toy for 5 very drunk partying macho guys trying their best to show her who was able to make her have a "perfect" orgasm. It really was not that one of them was superior to the others, but the cumulative effect of 5 cocks repeatedly impaling her squishy vagina soon made Simone shudder in absolute ecstasy and drove her some very kinky excesses in a very long and hard night of total abandon.

Harry met her about a year later and gave her a really hard ass-fucking with absolutely no lubrication that relieved him of his repressed anger and absolved Simone of her internal guilt for her slutty ways and absolute regret for being a terrible wife.

Other than a very dark complexioned and willing air hostess who helped Harry join the "mile-high" club, Harry was living the life of a virtual monk in an environment that was notoriously lacking in female companionship.

The unit that Harry joined was a haven for "prima donnas" in a somewhat disreputable occupation even for the "Killer elite". He seldom mentioned to new acquaintances exactly what it was that he did because he knew most normal people would quickly find an excuse to be somewhere else as soon as possible. His new partner was an equally oddball type by the name of Staff Sergeant Ramon Castillo.

Staff Sergeant Ramon was handsome. The fact is he was a lot more handsome than the average-looking Harry.

Because he was married, Ramon lived in the Staff quarters. That meant he was entitled to a three bedroom house located right on the base and didn't have to pay any rent. He had gotten hitched to a recent widow of an Officer who had managed to get himself waxed by falling out of a perfectly good helicopter flying a rather high altitude at the time. There was some speculation that the unfortunate Captain might have taken the easy way out of a very embarrassing situation with missing funds from the officer's mess on a foreign base. The poor widow was on the verge of being kicked out of a plush officer's residence right on the water. The sympathetic base commander had arranged a job for her at the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer's club at the main base. Strangely, the widow had suddenly become an embarrassment for the other officer's wives. It was really more because of her very sexy figure and charming smile that seemed to dazzle any male with a cock that still got hard at such temptations.

It was her pending eviction from base quarters and Staff Sergeant Ramon's desire for more spacious accommodations that sparked a germ of an idea for the two of them to merge their needs by joining together in spousal bliss.

It was a big comedown for the very lovely Mattie from officer's quarters to Staff NCO accommodations but she needed a stable place for her three growing children, her younger sister, and a way to stay in the base school system.

The fact that Ramon had already consumed 4 stiff shots of Johnny Walker Black may have had something to do with their fuzzy thinking process. Other than the fact that Staff Sergeant Ramon was married to a "fox" of pussylicious proportions, all Harry really knew about his new partner centered on three main facts. First and probably not foremost was the fact that Ramon was the most lucky and ambitious of gamblers in almost any bet. He was extremely skilled at card-playing in almost every game imaginable. Secondly he was well respected for his ability to "sweet talk" any pussy from 18 to 60 into spreading their legs with very little difficulty. Finally, Staff Sergeant Ramon was the proud owner of the longest and thickest cock Harry had ever seen in any locker room.

It was the confluence of these factors that most likely led to the scandal with young Amanda and her beautiful horse Arabia in the junior equestrian competition at the State finals.

Harry was pretty tight with Staff Sergeant Ramon and before the wedding and Ramon's move to base housing they both resided at the newly built Staff quarters with all important air conditioning but strict rules on female visitors. Harry was surprised to find Ramon screwing a really young girl of 18 late one night in the room. The girl as the daughter of a high-ranking officer and all Harry could see was the possibility of court-martial and a long time in the brig at Quantico. He kept mum about it and sat in the dimly lighted room watching the huge cock of Staff Sergeant Ramon slide in and out of the petite girl's pussy. It surprised him that she was almost humming with excitement and making very little noise despite the scope of her deep impalement. Obviously, the young girl was removed from the roles of virginity and well-acquainted with cocks of above average length. Ramon offered him use of the girl's pussy or ass on a "loan only" basis. The very attractive Eve pushed her ass up high on the bed looking over her shoulder in a very inviting fashion to the sorely tempted Harry. He declined only because he knew his average-sized cock would suffer in comparison to Ramon's magnificent cock-stand.

When Harry was invited to an outdoor cook-out at Ramon and Mattie's house, he thought about how lucky Ramon was to have a beautiful young wife with a cock-teasing bottom and a ready-made family with young Amanda the 18 year old younger sister of his new bride, and the trio of 12,14, and 15 year old hell-raising boys, Mark and Luke and John. The boys were all off to military school for the summer and Amanda would be getting ready for the equestrian competition in the fall.

Amanda sat next to Harry and talked to him non-stop about the joys of jumping horses and how much she wanted a horse of her own. He had never seen a young girl so obsessed with the thought of riding horses and doing things with them that he considered more dangerous than defusing an IED. (Improvised Explosive Device).

It was hard for him to believe this beautiful girl was 18 years old. She had the poise and the looks of a much more mature woman. They laughed at how Ramon had talked some of the guys into betting on something really silly and walking away with all their money and a smile on his face.

"He does that all the time, Sergeant Harry. My sister's new guy is so much fun. He always knows what to say to make me feel better. I am so jealous of Mattie for marrying him. If I were older, I would be so happy to have him for a husband."

"What would a young girl know about husbands? You need to play the field with some of these young studs away from home for the first time."

"Oh, Harry! I don't like the young boys. They are so boring. Besides my sister's new man Ramon has something any girl would love to play with."

Amanda giggled and pointed to Harry's groin in an unmistakable inference.

"How would you know anything about Sergeant Ramon's business, girl?"

Amanda blushed but blurted out,

"I saw him doing it to my sister over the back of the sofa this morning. His thing is so long, I don't know how she was able to take it all in back there."

Harry was a little shocked but knew from experience that she was telling the truth. Ramon's cock was forever sliding in and out of female holes whenever the opportunity arose.

"Harry, can I hold your thing in my hand? I only want to know what it feels like and I promise not to say a word to anyone."

Harry was reluctant but since Amanda was too enthusiastic to be denied, he went with her up to her bedroom and let her play with his cock long enough to cause him to shoot long spurts of creamy cum right on her face. Amanda giggled and laughed while Harry wiped the sticky stuff off with his shirt tail.

Feeling a little guilty, Harry resolved to stay away from the Sergeant Ramon household and far from the delicious Amanda who was so determined on learning new tricks.

Harry saw the young Amanda talking to her sister's hubby behind the barracks on a school day and watched Ramon give her a wad of cash rolled up in a ball. It seemed a bit odd but after all he was her head of the household and it was none of his business.

The very next day, an agitated Ramon packed up his locker contents and told Harry,

"I got a family emergency. Take care of my Camaro for me and give the keys to Amanda."

That was the last Harry or anyone else saw of Staff Sergeant Ramon at Camp Lejeune or anywhere else for that matter.

The news broke shortly after about the scandalous sodomy of an 18 year old girl by a Marine Staff Sergeant. The local newspaper very salaciously left the readers no doubts as to exactly where the young girl was taking the cock of the older Marine. Young girls asked their parents if girls had to take it "back there" to please boyfriends or even husbands. Not all answers were the same depending on the preferences of either fathers or mothers.

It was, of course, Ramon and the girl was none other than Amanda. Apparently, the older sister, who was the widow of an honored Marine officer, caught her new husband fucking her 18 year old sister in the ass in the garage of their base housing unit. The fact that the perpetrator had recently bought a horse for the young girl confirmed his sly intent to rob the innocent young girl of her flower of youth.

Since Amanda had admitted to Harry her desire to take her sister's spouse's unusually long cock in as deep as she could, he was a little suspicious of the illusion of innocence.

Speculation ran rampant about Ramon's disappearance but Harry figured he was probably in a card-game somewhere winning lots of money and impressing young girls with the size of his huge cock.

The victim's fund that was set up for Amanda was enough to insure her full-paid college expenses and she suddenly acquired a liking for much younger boys with ability for deep penetration and minimal chatter.


My name is Amanda Stewart. No, that is not entirely correct. My name is Amanda Castillo now ever since my starry-eyed sister married a Marine called Ramon Castillo and we had to move into the Staff dependent quarters. It is a nice house and all but I have to tell you it is a big let-down from the officer's quarters right on the lake.

It was ever so nice to be the sister-in-law of a Captain and have so many young guys acting like my poop didn't stink. Now, that I am the sister of a female married to a Staff Sergeant, most guys figure I will put out just like all the other slutty senior girls in the base school. Actually, I have found that to be a big plus because I just love to be "taken advantage" of by horny young guys.

My sister told me she married Ramon because we had to have a house on base so I and my three nephews could still go to the base school and we all would have valid military ID cards to maintain our health care benefits. I suspect she was not being entirely honest because once I saw how big Ramon's cock was, I knew she was totally hung up on spreading her legs for it. Sometimes I would sneak down the hallway and peek in at Ramon "giving it" to her real good doggy style. I was pretty certain a few times he was sticking his cock in her ass and not her pussy. The size of Ramon's cock made me shudder just to think how deep he was going up inside her.

Even though I was only 18, both my sister and I were about the same size and I figured my pussy would also have a hard time accommodating a cock that size. In all honesty, I was still a technical virgin and needed to get my cherry busted big time.

After my sister's husband died in a training accident right after my 18th birthday party, I had been on a spree of sucking any cock ready, willing and able to be buried in my teenaged throat. By the time I got around to Ramon, I had swallowed cum from about 40 some odd young guys and a lot of older guys willing to "take a chance" with an 18 year old girl. A lot of times I didn't like the taste but I just loved the look on all their faces when they were spurting the goods inside my mouth. I knew at that time, they would be willing to do anything I wanted just to finish shooting it all right down my throat.

When I really liked a guy, usually a much older guy, I would play with their tight little brown eyes and make them really pound my face with their cock. Generally, the smell of the older guys was a great turn-on for me. It was something to do with the scent they gave off when their cum was starting to flow and their balls were swinging hard into my chin.

My sister never even knew I was sucking off guys and just assumed I was taking care of my business in my bedroom with the dildo I had stolen from her months ago.

It was true that I liked to use the dildo late at night. Sometimes it was to drown out the silly noises she made when Ramon was pounding her pussy or her ass in the room on the other side of my bedroom wall. It used to drive me up the wall to hear her begging Ramon to stick his huge dick up deeper.

Lately, I had been doing it face down with my fingers buried in my twat and shoving the big black dildo deep into my well-lubed pucker hole. I tried to imagine Ramon sticking it to my sister's ass just like I was getting it from Mr. Blackie.

My favorite thing was to go down to the stable each day after school and help take care of the horses. I had been an accepted rider as a Captain's dependent and a shoo-in for the equestrian team of riders from the base. After I got downgraded to a mere enlisted man's dependent, my prospects were suddenly curtailed with no explanation. So now I was more of a stable hand than a real rider like the officer's brats who all had their own horses. I didn't really mind that much because at least I still got to brush and groom the sleek skin of my favorite mounts. I know they all liked me because they all perked up whenever I was in the area.

I think things started to get out of control when I came home early from school one day because the class was given a half-day to complete their projects for the up-coming science fair. I had already completed my project so I was looking forward to some quality time with Mr. Blackie behind my closed bedroom door.

When I went into my bedroom, I saw my brother-in-law face down on my bed with my pillow between his legs. He had a pair of my dirty panties wrapped around his huge cock and another pair wrapped around his face.

"Ramon, what the fuck are you doing?"

He jumped up with a very guilty look on his face.

I had to giggle because my panties were drooping off the end of his huge cock with big globs of pre-cum dripping right on the crotch area.

"Geez, Amanda, you scared the wits out of me. I am real sorry, honey, I was so darn horny because your sister has been having a problem down there in female territory and we haven't done it for over a week."

I thought it had been unusually quiet in the mating lair the last few nights but I figured it was just early nights because they were both tired.

"I don't think you should be shooting your stuff on my panties, Ramon. I know you are my sponsor and all but it is not very nice without asking me first."

Ramon looked at me with a strange look on his face.

"Do you mean you would consider letting me use your panties to get off on?"

I thought about that for a few seconds and then made the mistake of telling the truth.

"Well, Ramon, I don't really mind since they were dirty already. I just think you might want to rub your thing on my panties when I am still wearing them. I don't mind helping out if she can't take care of your needs for a while."

Ramon smiled and led me to the side of the bed. He bent me over the edge and lifted my buttocks up to fit snugly into his groin. The touch of his huge cock right inside my crack was so exciting that I let loose a small spurt of my pent-up pee right onto the vinyl floor. We could both hear it splash down with a sensuous trickle. Then his enlarged bulb head was knocking right on my tight little rear door.

It was a good thing that I had been practicing with Mr. Blackie. My tiny sphincter trembled in anticipation and thinking it was the familiar black dildo opened up inviting Ramon's huge cock to take up residence inside my teenaged rectum.

"Please, Ramon, go easy. I am very tight back there. I am still a virgin after all. But you can do it to me back there just like you do to her sometimes."

Ramon's cock was digging deeper and deeper with each wiggle of my heart-shaped bottom. Soon the entire 12 inch monster was buried to the hilt and his balls were swinging hard into my pussy slit dripping with heated pussy juice.

I heard my whimpers and my groans getting louder and louder as he used my inexperienced buttocks for his perverted pleasure. My skirt was pushed up to my waist and I rolled my hips to let Ramon know that I was enjoying his ass-pounding just as much as he was enjoying making me "take it" from behind.

It seemed to go on forever, but in reality it only lasted about 30 minutes. Right at the end, I felt my body go all spastic and I started to jerk and convulse from my internal orgasms even before he shot his load off inside my clutching rectal walls. The warmth of his spurting cum and the throbbing of his final ejaculation sent me into another orgasm and I lay motionless under his weight. The beautiful stretching of my rear door muscle and the sensation of being completely filled made me feel so submissive that I panted waiting for my next instructions.

When he finally pulled out of me, I begged him to put it back in, but he just laughed and said,

"Your sis is going to be home soon. Maybe when she is taking a shower tonight you can come down to the den and take care of me with your beautiful lips?"

I nodded my head in assent and we started a relationship that flowered into a volcano of oral and anal sex that overflowed the rim several times each and every day. Just before my 19th birthday, my Ramon bought me a fantastic new horse that insured my placement on the equestrian team and made me obsessively submissive to his every demand.

I was totally satisfied with everything and only regretted his reluctance to relieve me of my cherry and make me a woman in technical fact. I wanted it badly but I was also still fearful of taking his huge cock into my little pussy.

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