Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lolita, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gabriella and her daughter leave on sabbatical to a remote island. They have no legal right to be there and are humiliated in savage rituals.


Niihau is a very forbidding place. It is smaller than Kauai, larger than Lanai and slightly off of the alignment of the rest of the islands formed by volcanoes millions of years ago. The topography seems similar to Lanai in that it has a tall range of mountains that form the main spine of the island. The only seemingly habitable area is along the northern side, away from Kauai.

Very little is known about the island or its people. It was bought by Elizabeth Sinclair in 1864 and private ownership has passed on to her descendants, the Robinson family. The island is designated as a critical habitat for the Brighamia Insignis, what is thought to be the original Hawaiian inhabitants who have lived there since the islands were inhabited.

Nobody is allowed on the island. The only people who live there are the Robinson Family and the indigenous Hawaiian people.

On the north end of the eighteen mile long spine of mountains that stick above the clouds is the outcropping of Lemua. It is about a mile across. It is the three-quarters of a volcano crater that sticks up out of the water.

Hardly anything is known about the island or its inhabitants. Nobody is ever invited to the island. The original Hawaiian residents, like the American Indians, suffered severe bouts of chicken pocks, measles and many other diseases common to Caucasians but were devastation to others not normally immune to these sicknesses. People, who flew in, uninvited, were not met at their meager airport. Many were lost and some never heard from again.

Gabriella had worked for many years at the University. She had received dual degrees in Linguistics and Social Anthropology. She had a Master's and Doctorate in both and had written many papers about groups she had studied in Papua New Guinea, and New Zeeland.

She was due for a one year sabbatical and was determined to take it. She was waiting for the end of the school year so she could take her fourteen-year-old daughter with her. It would be an experience she would never forget. She had been denied any formal invitation to Niihau, but thought it was more out of medical concern for the native population than anything else. She had applied for and been given all kinds of medical documentation that she and her daughter, Stephanie were disease free and non carriers of any kind of viruses.

They would be re-examined by local doctors on Kauai just hours before they tried to enter the island. Stephanie was not happy about the trip. She would be separated from her friends for the summer before her freshman year. She knew she would not have cell phone coverage, internet access or any kind of meaningful television programming. She was not happy.

Her husband was not in the picture. She had married him as a very young girl. He had been a popular and eminent professor she met in her first year at University. She was seventeen and he was forty. She had been beguiled by his scholastic standing. He was relatively wealthy by her standards. He could easily make up the difference between the scholarships she had and the exorbitant tuition and living expenses her family could not afford.

She figured she would grow to love him in the eight years it would take for her to finish school. In the meantime, she had the prestige of being a college wife. Probably the most beautiful college wife the city had ever seen. She was stunning. Gabby had turned down a number of track scholarships because she was so serious about her studies.

Her husband was so eager to show her off at faculty dinners and parties. Gabriella was tall and thin. She looked like a faun just getting her footing. Long-legged and lean, the seventeen-year-old was captivating to the other faculty men.

She easily qualified to be a professor within her own right because of her academics. The fact that she was the most beautiful woman on campus and wife of a prominent professor helped, but didn't need to be considered to get tenure.

As time went on, her husband Joe was aging as many men do. He was still physically fit and handsome. His six foot frame and athletic build still made him popular with the students. His waning libido, however, was a different story. It took more and more excitement for him to perform. Viagra was one choice, but he wanted more of an intellectual stimulant.

Gabriella had gone to marriage counselors for advice. She had grown to understand his position. She tried to get over her reluctance to dress provocatively to raise his interest. She had begun to accept the shorter and shorter dresses he brought home. She was appalled but resigned to try his suggestions. She was shocked and humiliated at his suggestions to consider not wearing a bra.

They had gone out one night with a new dress he had given her. It was a form fitting thin stretch fabric that left little to the imagination. It was all she could do to come downstairs in it without the bra. Her wire rim spectacles helped hide her embarrassment. She tried to comb her long reddish brown hair over in front of her to hide the proud perky nipples that strained against the thin fabric. Gabby refused to look in the full-length mirror as she walked down the stairs and past it. Her cheeks flushed as she stood in front of him. She tried to slide the large leather hand bag hanging over her shoulder around in front of her.

Joe took her purse and put it on the dining table. He brushed her hair affectionately over her shoulder. "You are spectacular. I love you so much." He said as he took her hand and walked her out to the car. Their sex life was great for a long time after that. He was intoxicated by the looks she got as she tried to walk behind him into the restaurant. Instead, he put his arm around her and guided her first, in front of him. The restaurant was silent as she walked by. That lasted for a while.

Gabriella was crushed at the next incident. He had come home with a box from Camellia's, one of the most exclusive clothiers in the city. Not only was it expensive, it was notorious for its section of provocative clothing like Victoria's Secret.

When she dumped the clothes on the bed, the selection seemed innocuous enough. There was a pair of high-heeled sued boots that zippered up the side that came up to just below her knees. There was a pair of grey silk stockings. Not hose that covered her crotch, but individual leg coverings that stopped just below her crotch. The dress seemed ok until she put it on.

The thin form fitting dress was a mixture of silk that fit snug against her breasts. The fabric hung straight enough, but the hem barely came to the middle of her hands. The buttons that ran down the front stopped several inches above the hem. There were no panties. She had seen this coming. He had mentioned several times about seeing women he thought had no panties. He discussed how much nicer the dresses fit. She knew women did these things; but not her.

Tonight was the night. She knew it. All of his comments about other women were meant to bring the concept up to her and prepare her. She reluctantly accepted that his waning libido was leading to this.

Gabriella knew she had to do it. She braided some of her hair at her temples and pulled it back around the back of her to hold her hair back behind her. She knew this was part of the look. She shuddered as she reached up behind her to clip the hair behind her. Her melon sized breasts rose and spread. Her long-stem pink nipples pointed up and out. She didn't know if she could bear to go to the faculty reception for the newly tenured professors like this.

Gabby put her thin wire rimmed spectacles on. She wrapped a long strand of pearls around her neck twice. The pearls would provide some distraction wouldn't they? As an afterthought, as she walked by the closet, she grabbed a very short, long sleeved bolero jacket. It was a shade darker than the grey dress and seemed to fit perfectly. The bolero had no buttons and didn't come close to meeting down her front, but it did hide the overt protrusions that fought to escape from her snug dress.

Gabriella descended the stairs slowly; unsteadily. She was not unsteady because the heels were so high. She was unsteady because the very short dress was missing a few buttons and she didn't know how big her steps could be and not show her newly shaved vagina.

That had been part of the unspoken command the night before. He had skillfully let her know how much better she would look if she was shaved. He came into the bathroom with her. He got in the shower behind her. When she finished shaving her legs, he guided her to sit on the edge of the tub. He got down on his knees between hers. With great care and interest he began with his safety razor. Gabriella was humiliated to be sitting there with her legs spread and her husband down between them with a razor.

She was hesitant when she walked down the stairs because she wasn't sure what he could see. She wasn't sure what the faculty would see. She would not be able to sit down unless they had some very long white tablecloths she could use for cover. They were only serving appetizers, so maybe she could avoid sitting down.

"You look spectacular, honey. It is no wonder why I love you so much. You will be the envy of every husband at the party tonight." He said as he walked up to her and hugged her. She could tell the dress was working. She could feel it when he hugged her. It would be a feeling she would encounter many more times that evening. Most of the professors had been drinking a little. They all took the opportunity to greet her the same way. She became familiar with the united contact against her belly.

Things seemed to be tolerable the rest of the evening; everything considered.

Finally, when they were ready to leave, her husband brought over a towering young man from Nigeria. "Honey, I want you to meet one of our new professors; Abah Abbas. We just call him Adam."

"I'm pleased o meet you sir. This is a wonderful school and you will enjoy your time here. I hope you will not get homesick. Do you have a wife or children?' Gabriella asked as she extended her hand.

"Abe has been studying her a long time. He is a little homesick, and no, he is not married." Her husband replied. "As a matter of fact, I thought we could invite him over a little longer this evening before he goes back to his apartment. This raised her concern, but she said nothing.

As they said their goodbyes, Joe ushered her out first and Abe tagged along behind. When they got to the car, Gabriella started for the back door. "Nonsense, honey, there's room for everybody in the front. You are so tiny; you don't take much room at all. Gabby was horrified. She suddenly realized how she was dressed. She stared daggers at her husband as he held the passenger door open for her.

"Did he understand the position he was putting her in or was he just a crass ignorant boor?" she wondered as their eyes met. They stared at each other. Then she knew. She knew he knew what he was doing. This was part of his increasing simulation. He was humiliating her for his own libido. "I'll just get through this somehow." She said to herself as she slid over the passenger seat. She flipped up the armrest in the middle so that she had the makeshift third position in the front seat in front of the gearshift.

There was no modest way to get into the car with that dress. She sat down on the passenger seat with the help of her husband's extended hand. The curb was level with the rocker panel, so she had to lower herself even more to rest on the seat. Her incredibly short skirt was unable to provide any modesty as she lowered herself. Her high heeled boots and long legs stuck up way above the seat as she lowered herself. Her left hand was held by her husband as her right hand braced itself against the right side of the seat. The dress fell open as she lowered herself. Too late, she realized that the top of her thighs exposed above her stockings and her vulva were exposed.

Gabby tried frantically to smooth down her dress as she scooted over to the middle of the car. Abe slid his massive six foot six frame in beside her. Gabriella struggled to find the right ends of the seat belt as she vainly tried to keep the sides of her dress together. He knows what he is doing. This is what he wants, she thought as she struggled in humiliation with the dress and belt. Abe was uncomfortable. Was this intentional on her part? How was he supposed to act?

Abe looked over at Joe as he slid into the driver's seat. He watched his smile. He watched as his eyes went from Gabriella's dress to her eyes, to his. Joe was setting them up. He and Gabriella came to realize it about the same time. She turned to him in shock and humiliation, realizing that she had been put in that position on purpose.

Abe thought he could see some tears behind her wire rimmed spectacles just before she bowed her head. Abe helped her with her seat belt. She had been too devastated by the sudden events to buckle up. She sat there numb as he tried to bring the two clasps together. The sides seemed to clang together like prison doors. She was trapped and practically naked to the two men.

Gabriella sobbed quietly and seemed oblivious that her dress had ridden up, exposing her bare thighs at the top of her stockings. In a weak attempt at modesty, she put her hand holding the tiny clutch purse over her faintly visible vulva. "Who really cares? It's inevitable that he is going to see it tonight anyway, isn't he?" She sobbed to herself.

And so the night went. She had given herself to the popular new professor, with her husband watching. The two men had sat on the couch watching the TV. She had been ordered to serve drinks. She had been ordered to disrobe; not in a mean way, but in a demeaning way. Gabriella had stood naked in front of them until she was ordered to kneel in front of the monster. This was her first blowjob; at least was since high school. She had been coerced at the age of fourteen by one of the older boys she who she was desperately and hopelessly in love with. It wasn't an entirely humiliating experience. She didn't realize how humiliating the experience was until his video showed up on his Facebook page and was circulated on the internet. Her desperate attempt for acceptance had boomeranged. She had gone through high school in constant humiliation. She had been invited weekly to "Rainbow"parties.

She didn't know what they were when she accepted to the first one. She was skeptical when the boys were all seniors and the girls were all freshmen, eager for popularity. She ran all the way home sobbing when she realized what they were.

Now she was an adult. Now she had a doctorate. Now she had a family. Life was supposed to be great. Now she felt she was back at the rainbow party she had run out of.

She had kneeled in front of him. She had sucked the gargantuan thing until it filled and covered her with an ocean of semen. She had been forced to sit between the two men on the couch, covered in semen while her husband fingered her.

That was pretty much the end of their marriage. Gabriella and her daughter moved out.

Today was a new day. Today was her new life. They had landed on the Big Island, taken a puddle jumper to Kauai and rented a room from an old woman they found on Craigslist. They spent several days going through grueling physicals, giving blood and peeing in bottles. Finally they had been declared disease free and had the documents to prove it.

Gabriella had leased a small motorboat from the harbor in Kauai. She would need it to get back and forth. Gabby had a map and headed towards the inlet where she thought the beach was. It would be impossible to get across the entire island on foot, so Gabby though they would take a tour by boat around the island. The mountain range bled into the ominous clouds. How high were they wondered? The mysterious clouds extended beyond sight like the King Kong movies with Jessica Lange. She could imagine the giant gorilla thundering along the canyon bottoms.

When they got to the far side, away from civilization, the motor started to sputter. What she would do, Gabriella wondered. She tried not to telegraph her panic to her daughter. "We'll just pull up into this small cove and pull it out of the sand." She thought. Once on shore, they couldn't even get the engine to fire. There must have been water in the fuel filter, but that was beyond Gabrielle's technological knowledge. A person who writes papers on linguistics and Social Anthropology can prove the relation between African, Samoans, and Peruvians, but is not expected to find or know about water in the gas.

With little choice, Gabby and Stephanie took two small backpacks and left the rest of their belongings in the boat. They started down one of the fern filled canyons trying to find the main compound on the other side of the island. "What a stupid idea." She muttered to herself as she stumbled over a moss covered fallen pine tree.

Stephanie slapped at a mosquito as she turned with an exasperated look to see why her mother was taking so long. They hiked for several hours with Stephanie grumbling and whining all the way.

Stephanie's knee-high burnt umber logging boots were getting scuffed and covered with mud. Her already short -short cut off Levis did little to keep the mud and fern off of her. Her but was green from sliding over moss covered boulders. Her braless snug t-shirt was perspiration stained, making it almost transparent where the long pink nipples bulged out of her medium melon sized breasts. Fortunately nobody was around to see her or she would have been embarrassed.

Gabriella wasn't in much better shape. She had dainty little sandals strapped to the bottom of her bare feet. Her short, sleeveless summer dress belonged on a beach; not on a woman perspiring and hiking through the jungle. Her thin wire rimmed glasses kept sliding down her nose. Fortunately both women had their reddish brown hair in fishtail braids that at least kept it out of their faces. Gabriella wound hers into a bun and pinned it to the back of her head.

After a few hours following a small river they found themselves at the bottom of a water fall. They hiked down through the wild orchids and hibiscuses to the edge of the pool. The women were hot and waded in for a brief respite from their frustrations.

After they cooled off, Gabriella had a sense they were not alone. When she noticed the huge dark silhouettes, she dropped down into the water for cover. Their thin wet clothes had become transparent.

Gabrielle watched as the dark silhouettes came towards them and slowly came into focus. There were four huge tattooed men dressed in cutoff Levis like her daughter. They had no shirts, but looked like they had fully automatic Uzi's over their shoulders.

"What are you women doing here? You have no right to be on the island. Nobody is permitted here." Gabriella was frightened. She was ecstatic. These people spoke English. She had been led to believe they only spoke the true native Hawaiian dialect. That was the whole point of keeping them segregated; so their language and customs could be studied. This was the reason for her sabbatical here.

They pointed the guns at the girls and told them to get out of the water. Both women stood and walked towards the men with their arms crossed in front of them. "Get your hands up in the air." The terrified women raised their arms. Of course there was no security reason that the men needed to be afraid of the women carrying or concealing weapons, but they weren't about to pass up an opportunity. Their culture and history was ancient, but their urges were twentieth century.

"Do you women have any weapons?" The terrified women shook their heads. "Do you have any drugs?" Again they shook their heads ... Stephanie's perky long nipples were exposed through the wet, transparent wispy shirt. Gabriella was in the same situation. Her thin wet dress hid less than a bikini. At least a bikini was built to conceal a woman when it was wet. Gabby's thin dress had nothing to hide her long pink nipples other than the different colors that tended to confuse the eye. The lower part of her dress clung to her crotch, showing the camel toe in her thong panties.

Gabriella was much more humiliated by her situation than her daughter. "Please, please, please let us put our arms down. We cannot possibly hurt you men, she pleaded in embarrassment.

"We have drug runners who try to grow stuff on this island because it is so hard for us to cover. How do we know you aren't doing the same?" The women looked at each other. They did not know how to defend themselves against such ridiculous arguments.

One of the men opened their backpacks. The concern of disease was real. When they saw the medical documents absolving them of any danger, they closed the backpacks but didn't acknowledge what they had found.

"We are still going to have to search you" The women looked at each other, not sure where this was going.

One of the men put his gun down. He came up to Stephanie and pulled out a huge switchblade. The women screamed when it clanged open. Stephanie raised her hands higher but could not control the shaking. He slid the point under the bottom of her blouse with the dull edge against her. He pulled up and out. The garment parted like soft butter against a red hot blade. Stephanie's blouse parted from the tension of her raised arms. Her alabaster white breasts shone in the Hawaiian sun. Her nipples seemed to poke straight up in the air as she kept her arms up in surrender.

He slid the point up under the leg of her short Levi shorts and pulled up effortlessly. The wet fabric didn't make any noise as it fell to the ground. The silent abductor poked the long point into the fabric to pick it up. He used the knife to fling it into the pond. Stephanie watched in horror as she watched it sink out of sight.

Knowing she was next, Gabriella reached for the buttons of her summer dress. She wanted something to wear when they were through with this ordeal. She was not going to wait for them to shred it and throw it into the bottom of a pond. It wasn't covering her anyway. She opened the buttons of her already transparent dress. She took it off and folded it and laid it on the rocks in front of her. Gabby stood there momentarily in her transparent sheer panties and bra. The waterlogged material had sagged so that her pink nipples were peeking over the top of her quarter cup bra. Gabby shrugged and pulled the fabric up fully realizing the gesture was ridiculous.

Gabby reached behind her to undo the clasp. She tried to blot everybody out of her mind as she bent over and placed the useless garment on top of her dress. She stood and self-consciously crossed her arms. Her mind throbbed at the useless psychological exercise of modesty. She couldn't cover both breasts. Her shaved labia were in plain view.

Gabby cupped her breasts with one arm as she tugged at her panties with the other. She struggled to get the wet panties down. They would not slide of their own free will. She had to stoop to get them off of her feet. That left her bare bottom open to view.

Gabby dropped to her knees and put her hands over her face and her face over her knees in an attempt to cover herself. She was humiliated and embarrassed to be naked in front of her daughter. She was humiliated to be seen with her vagina shaved in such a wanton display. It was her husband's doing; not hers. She had done it for him and it was only meant to be seen by one person.

"What the fuck.' She thought. She had bared herself in front of Abe. He had seen her. She had sucked his gigantic cock in front of her husband. What dignity did she have left? It was different however. These people were not privy to the previous events. Gabriella sobbed into her knees in humiliation.

"Stand the fuck up, you miserable Cunt" The words stung. She had never been spoken to like this, but she and her daughter were at their mercy. Her daughter's welfare might depend on her conduct. Gabrielle stood as ordered. Her hands were pulled behind her. Somebody pulled out two lengths of rope; about twenty feet each. A loop was tied around her right ankle. The rest of it was looped around both arms above the elbow. She could move her arms below her elbows, but her arms were pulled back and her breasts were pulled tight away from each other. Her long pink nipples strained up into the air. A brief look sideways told her that her daughter was bound the same way.

They lay the girls down on the ground. Their legs were spread apart wide Gabriella had her head back and her eyes shut. She could not stand the humiliation. She screamed at the pain. When they let her go she struggled to get up with her arms bound behind her. She looked over at her daughter. They had booth had something inserted; probably some kind of large carrot. It had a stainless steel eyelet screwed into it, and a nylon rope of about a quarter inch in diameter had been tied to it. It was about ten feet long. The men led them through the dense foliage with it. The men knew that with their arms bound, they could not release the tether. Like a bull with a ring in its nose, these girls could be led or tethered wherever they wanted.

The women were so humiliated at their own situation; they could not bear to look at each other ... they were led silently along the canyon foothills; over moss covered boulders; over fallen giant pines; around the hanging banyan tree vines.

Finally they came to a clearing. There were about eight huts built about ten feet up off of the ground in the trees. There was a large, almost ceremonial fireplace in the center of the gathering. It was probably not visible from the air. A small river ran by. Under different circumstances Gabriella would have been overwhelmed by the endless field of ginger that grew on both sides of the small brook.

Right now, she was humiliated at being bound with her arms tethered behind her, being led around naked by a rope up her vagina like a bull with a ring in its nose and her long-stemmed pink nipples whipping back and forth with each step she took.

By then, the women were covered with pollen from the foliage. They were covered with mud from crossing the stream several times. They had slipped on she steep sides. They had mud on their butts and breasts. Their vaginas ached and were puffy from the constant pushing and pulling of the rope.

The women were freed from their entire tether after agreeing not to try to escape. The men spoke together in their native language. They smiled, laughed and argued. Finally, they were led back into the water and bathed. They were washed and dried. As the evening sun started to set, they were led to the large, ceremonial fireplace. The rocks around the perimeter were large flat boulders. Gabrielle was placed by herself on one large flat stone. She was ordered to stand with her arms out. Somebody came up and rubbed scented oil all over her. It was some kind of body lotion. It shone when it was applied. It was rubbed in until there was only a soft dry sheen. Gabrielle was humiliated as the man stood naked behind her rubbing and cupping her breasts. He inched his way down her body, rubbing the oils into her. He made her bend over so her legs were straight but parted. He rubbed her labia; slowly; needlessly. He gave himself away by his growing excitement. As Gabriella stood legs apart and face almost between her legs, she could see him growing; like a stud horse ready to breed.

"If I must, I must" she reasoned with resignation and tears in her eyes. Anything to divert attention from her daughter. She would bear any burden to protect her daughter. The man straightened her up. He raised her hands up and straight out from her shoulders. He came back with another vial. This was a pigment of some kind. He worked it into her scalp. He worked it into her skin; everywhere. He took much longer than he needed to on her breasts and vagina.

The herbs seemed to have some faint glow. As the sun went down, there was a noticeable luminescent glow; like a firefly? A large dark man came up and sat on a much larger stone atop the "stone altar" that she was on. She was led over to him. The man was easily a good six and a half feet tall and there was not an ounce of fat on his two hundred eighty pounds. He looked like a Samoan tight end in the NFL. His arms and back were covered with tribal tattoos; dots in rows; bands around his arms; large feathers across his back. He was naked.

He had taken Gabby by the hand and led her to the foot of his stone stool. He sat down. He used his hand to guide her down to her knees. She knew instantly where this was leading. A wave of humiliation crept across her in the form of Goosebumps. She could feel it. Her daughter couldn't help but see it; to feel it. She was paying attention because she knew full well she was next.

He held her hands in his. He opened her hands and clasped them together in an almost prayerful pose. She held the pose. He slid her clasped palms over the end of his massive penis.

"This is going to fucking hurt!" she thought as she fought the urge to gag. Gabriella refused to move. He pushed her hands away. He pulled them down and positioned them behind her like she had been bound again. He grabbed the bottom of her long fishtail braid and wrapped it around his left hand like a rodeo rider readies himself to be let out of the gate. Instead of riding her, he grabbed the massive organ in his right hand. She closed her eyes and turned her head away as best she could. He rubbed / wiped the front and sides of his penis along the side of her face. He rubbed it across her nose. He rubbed it across her eyes.

He turned her face towards him. She looked up at him. Their eyes met. "These savages were the same as her husband, All of her husband's and her education had not changed them. He was no different than these savages." She thought.

He pushed he end against her mouth. She softened her lips, but would not unclench her teeth. He rubbed the tender tip against her clenched teeth. He rolled her hair tighter around his hand. Gabby opened her moth to grimace from the pain. He did not force it down her throat. He just let her know if she did not open, he would tighten it again.

Gabriella brought her hands around in front of her. She could not balance herself with her arms behind her. She leaned her right forearm against his left thigh. She brought her left hand up and wrapped her left hand around his right to support her weight.

Like an expensive polo horse, she reluctantly responded to his pressure. When she felt the hand on the back of her head, she leaned on his right hand and accepted what she could into her mouth. With her lips over the back of his crown, she pushed back on his right hand slightly. He responded by releasing pressure on the back of her head.

To her surprise he let her up. Relieved, Gabriella backed up. To her surprise, her luminosity left a firefly light ring around the back of his crown. It shown in the dark. He pointed to another man who stood. The man walked over to the edge of the fireplace. By then, he was naked. He was just as naked and just as big as the last man. Humiliated, Gabriella knelt in the sand in front of him.

There was movement to her right. Before she leaned in, she could see that her young daughter had been taken to the fireplace. She had been bent over by now and they were applying the final pigment. It was a deeper rust orange compared to her pale yellow. She was being needlessly rubbed down along her back as she was bent over with her legs spread out wide; hands on the ground and head almost between her legs.

From her position on her knees, Gabriella could see the humiliation in her eyes as the man's erection came to life between her legs. She almost screamed when he reached down between her legs. Instead of just rubbing the lotion in, his finger was disappearing inside of her.

The two girls were passed around during the night. Every so often, they were rubbed down with different pigments until the men had various rings of different colored pigment around their massive organs.

In the morning, there would no doubt be search planes and helicopters looking for them. They could look all they wanted, the two girls had no legal right to be there and the authorities had no legal jurisdiction in the area.

Gabriella had many confused thoughts running through her mind as she knelt in front of another behemoth.

There was no doubt that she was humiliated and embarrassed beyond imagination. She was also puzzled how much alike these men isolated from civilization for hundreds of years were just like all the men she had grown up around. These and many other questions had her stumped. How could she get out of this? How could she get her daughter out of this? She wondered as the eruption of semen splattered down her throat and all over her face for the sixth time that evening. They had not bothered to clean the girls off with anything, so now she and Stephanie were now covered with sand over large parts of their bodies where it had mixed with the fluids on their bodies.

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