Hard Time, Book 4
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Frank Speaks

Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ever wondered what happened to the Sin Loos after Calver left. I did, too. This is what I found out. By the way, I reposted the previous books correcting most of the errors. Hope you enjoy, it's still in progress so may take a while! FS

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Hypnosis   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Harem   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Body Modification   Public Sex   Caution   Violent  

This is a story of some Sin Loos after Calver left. As described previously, the Sin Loos were at a crossroad. Either they adopted the ideas of Jonathon as had Calver and Calveen or continued on the same path that they had followed for hundreds of years. As is usual when there is a major choice, some left to join the Atlantans and some stayed to keep the old ways. This is the story one of those who stayed to keep the status quo. It is a story of sex, cruelty, and adventure. The story came to Jonathon and he recorded it.

My name is Handor and I was a Sin Loos. My father and his ancestors had always been involved in ruling the Sin Loos nation. I am no longer a Sin Loos but I had spent most of my life there or on expeditions organized by my father, Hordan. Our family came again to the forefront when my father was elected to take Calver's place as Charge when he left the Sin Loos people and city to join his son. The Charges also had to choose a new family to provide a man for the council. This decision took two weeks during which the merits of various families were debated before the Charges decided and placed a family name for nomination. Gomer was elected. It was a further sign of our times that two more council families decided to join Calver in leaving Sin Loos. After much debate, the Charges decided to leave those positions vacant and have a smaller Council.

Hordan, Bonder, and Marveen were the Charges and would bring the people back into compliance with our ways.

I had two women that my father had given me. Mar and Ti were young enough and attractive enough. As with all Sin Loos women, they were willing to do anything that I told them to do. At that time, I had attained the age of eighteen years and was now reckoned a full man capable of leadership. Ti was the better looking of the two and younger but Mar was more practiced in sexual matters. I made her senior girl and told her that Ti would have to learn to satisfy me as well as she did herself. It would be up to her, Mar, to accomplish that. I had seen some of Calveen's girls in action before he left. I insisted that they take my cock in their mouths and throats swallowing my load. When I finished fucking them, they were expected to suck me clean and the hole in which I had cum whether it was a cunt or an ass was to be sucked by the other. Ti had to learn to take my cock in her ass but a couple of whippings helped her learn quickly.

The Sin Loos women who were left only had one silver necklace among all of them. It was unlikely that any more of those would be awarded. The training of my two progressed nicely. They had learned to be naked, on their knees, and facing away from me as I entered. I would frequently take one of them in the ass or cunt upon entering my quarters. They were to always be ready for me and for my cock.

We enforced our laws strictly and punishments included the pole dance. We also started a variant. People would be mounted on a pole that was longer and thinner. The intent was that the pole should penetrate the entire body before allowing the victim to die from the punishment.

One of my father's women would be the first to dance on the new pole. She had objected to performing some task for one of his men. That man had whipped her. He then brought her before my father who declared that she should dance since he had warned her of resisting men before this. She was taken to the punishment hall to stay there until the next punishment day, which would occur in twenty days.

When she was brought out for punishment, you could see that she had been used almost constantly from the moment she was condemned until being brought forward. There were three to dance that day and they would die one at a time. Another woman and a man would follow her in the dances of death. They were brought out naked and had been well used, also.

Dad's former girl was tied on her hands and knees over a sawhorse and the new, slimmer pole inserted into her rectum. It had a point but was not as sharp as prior poles. The new pole, or rod, was pushed far up her anal tract. She moaned continuously. When the pole had to penetrate into her stomach, she screamed with the additional pain and some bleeding started. The rod was then pushed further and further until it came out of her mouth. She was suffering greatly and the men performing the execution lifted her into the air and mounted the pole in a socket to hold it upright. She released her bladder when that occurred. She seemed to scream but there was nothing to hear because she had the rod through her throat. She was in tremendous pain from the rod, which was not slick since she would not need to slide on it. Her complete impalement lasted for a few hours before she died.

After she was placed vertically, the man was then brought forward and tied on his hands and knees. A similar pole was inserted into his anus, which was distended from use and was leaking cum. He moaned at the intrusion as it went deeper and deeper. His cock hardened and, when the pole penetrated his bowel and stomach on its way through his body, he orgasmed hard his cum splashing in front of his body. After that, his cock went soft after his orgasm and the pain took over. The rod finally came out through his mouth and he was inserted vertically in another socket.

The third woman had seen the first two impaled. She knew it was her turn and struggled. Her death would be different though. She was tied to a modified stock with her arms and head held in place. The stock was lowered until rest of her body was forced to kneel. She was then tied at her knees holding them in place spread. The stakes holding her knees spread came up and were tied at her waist keeping her from moving side to side. A new unit was brought up and put in position behind her. She couldn't see what was happening but we all could. The new unit had a large blade hanging down vertically and it was behind her hips at the junction of her legs pointing toward her head. The blade pulled back until there was considerable tension and the machine moved closer to her body. At the command of the head executioner, the blade was released swinging forward and going about five or six inches into the woman's body splitting her almost to the waist. As it sliced into her genitals, her head came up and a keening howl came from her throat. The blade was left in place and she was bleeding heavily from the wound that would eventually kill her. She died with a look or horror on her face and many screams. Because the blade was left in place, any movement caused her fresh pain. Like the rod, there was no way she could hurry her death. It had to be monstrously painful.

The Charge presiding over the executions said, "We now have a pole, a rod, and a blade. The method for each person will be determined by the Charge overseeing the executions."

I looked around and saw that a number of women had pale faces from seeing people die in these new ways. One man had bent a girl over and roughly impaled her ass with his cock. I realized that I was erect, too. I took Mar and Ti back to my house and bent Mar over taking her cunt doggy style hard and fast coming deep within her body. When I pulled out, Ti was there to suck me clean and lick my juices from Mar's cunt.

Now, that I was considered grown, I was given command of a brigade and the responsibility of training them for exploring. They would be called the Han brigade. There were twenty and I split them into three groups of six with two assistant commanders. The groups of six were called squads. This was a standard practice for dividing the brigades. As the men trained, a squad that performed particularly well would get Mar for the night so they could take their pleasure. She was there to fulfill every sexual request that every man in the squad might have.

In the morning, she would return to my quarters to rest. I was always easy on her after one of those assignments as she was worn out from sex from the six men. After she rested, I required that she give me a full report of what happened to her during the prior evening. She came back one morning walking with a waddle. She came into my quarters and lay forward on the floor on her stomach with her legs splayed out. I noticed something that looked like rope sticking out of her ass hole.

"Ti," I said, "gently pull whatever is in Mar's ass out. Let's see what she has collected." Ti did as she was told but it took some effort and finally came out with a pop. It was a practice ball about six inches in diameter with a rope made into it. It had been shoved into Mar's ass and left there. "Did the ball hurt?"

Mar answered, "Only going in and just now coming out. If I moved or walked, it was uncomfortable but was okay."

"Very well. Why did they put it in you?"

"They all took my ass one after another and then repeated. They wanted to keep the cum inside me. I also sucked two of them until they came down my throat. I am so tired, Master. May I go rest? I am afraid I will not do a good job serving you until I have rested and regained my strength."

"Very well. Ti, help Mar to the corner room and help her lie down on the pallet. Leave some water and light food for her. When you have finished all that, return to me." When she returned, I had her bend over and take my cock in her ass. Knowing what happened to Mar and watching the ball pop out of her abused ass had me erect.

I used her hard as she moaned, "Yes, Master, use my ass! Use me hard! Cum in my ass! Fill me with your load!" I did. When I pulled out, she turned around and sucked my cock clean. I left to go about my duties for the day.

I never noticed if Ti had cum or even enjoyed my cock. It didn't matter. My pleasure was all that mattered and I took it.

The Brigade trained for six ten-days and I felt my men were ready to travel. Mar had been used ten or twelve times during that time and looked a little worn. Internally, I was debating whether or not to set her aside when my father called me to attend him. He was in the sitting room of his quarters with two new slave girls. He said, "I have three matters for you. The first two are these. They will now serve you in addition to the two you have."

I looked at them. One was about my age and the other was older. She was probably thirty. Despite the disparity in ages, they both had good bodies.

He said, "Have your girl take them to your quarters. They are Sue and Sharn." He pointed first at the younger and then the older.

I nodded at Ti and said, "Take them to my quarters. Teach them how to act."

My father then said, "Are your men ready for a trip?" I nodded. "Then, you will explore north and east. We have promised to leave Jonathon and the Oaks alone. That doesn't mean that we can't still look at other areas for expansion or exploitation. Marveen will be sending a brigade west at the same time. You are to be gone at least four ten-days. Take whatever supplies you need and two wagons. I would take Mar and Sharn for your men and at least one girl for yourself."

He stopped talking and I responded, "Yes sir. We can leave on the morrow." He nodded and I left returning to my quarters. I told Mar to go to my two assistants and the three squad leaders requesting they come to my quarters as soon as reasonably possible. She nodded and left. Sue and Sharn were facing away from me bent at the waist in their presentation posture with Ti between them in a like posture. I opened my pants and forced my cock in Sue's tight, dry ass fucking it hard. She sobbed with the pain. I didn't stop until I filled her bowels with cum. "Sharn, lick her clean. Ti, my cock." I commanded. As soon as I was clean, I closed my pants and sat down. "Ti, get me drink. You other two may leave the room. Sharn, teach Sue how to be lubricated for my cock in either hole at any time or place. Go!"

Shortly, Mar returned and, close on her heels, were my assistants and squad leaders. I had Mar serve them drinks.

"Gentlemen, we have an assignment. We are to explore the territory north and east of here. We have at least four ten-days for the trip and must leave in the morning. We are authorized to gather supplies as we may need them and utilize two wagons. I figure at least five extra horses for the trip. Other than food and other like supplies, what do you think we should take?"

Jamal, an assistant, said, "I think we should take a scribe to map our journey and record our passage."

Lamar, my other assistant, said, "I wish we had some of the weapons from the Oaks. Are you aware that two other parties with similar instructions have failed to return?"

"Yes," I said, "that's why I want to think on what other supplies we might take to help us handle problems we encounter. Does anyone else have any ideas?" No one did. "Very well. Gather the men and let's get prepared. If any of you or any of the men has an idea, get it to me. I will be here making my own preparations. We will leave at the second quarter tomorrow morning. Dismissed."

They left to get started on preparations. Mar and Ti both were wide eyed. Mar finally summoned up the courage to ask what both wanted to know. "What about us, Master?"

"You will both go as will Sharn and Sue. Set out what you believe should be taken for me to view." With those instructions, they left.

No one had any bright ideas. We didn't have any of the magic weapons of the Oaks or any other items. It would be swords, spears, and bows and arrows. We pulled out the next morning with two wagons, my four girls, a girl for each of my assistants, a scribe with his tools, and my Brigade.

Ti was riding in front of me mounted on the horn with my cock in her ass. Syl was mounted in front of Jamal and Haz was mounted in front of Lamar. Mar and Sharn were quickly requisitioned to ride in front of two of my squad leaders. Sue was left to ride in the wagon. I wasn't ready to share her yet. She was young and untried. Strangely, she was looking forward to the trip more than anyone when she heard its direction.

We had had a hearty breakfast planning to make good time for the day and, hopefully, reach the edge of Sin Loos territory by the end of it. We rode steadily and made our goal. We started on an old trail but soon found a good road heading in the right direction that would give us a good start according to our scribe.

We stopped for the evening in a large clearing that would give us a comfortable place to rest and provide water from a nearby creek for us and for our horses.

Ti was glad to dismount. I had cum twice in her ass during the ride and the constant bouncing had left her tired from being fucked by my cock and the horn. Mar and Sharn had been passed around and were well fucked by the end of the day, also.

Sue was assigned to perform most of the duties of preparing my camp while the other three rested. Ti, Mar, and Sharn had gone to the creek to lay in it and let the cum seep out of their holes and relax their muscles. I wanted them rested because Mar and Sharn would be serving the men again tonight.

We had a peaceful group supper. Two of the men in Squad Two were excellent camp cooks and they fixed supper for us all. After supper, I told Mar and Sharn, they were desert for anyone who wanted them. To my surprise, Lamar offered Haz to the group, also. The three women were stripped of what few clothes they had and were quickly surrounded by the men. I took Ti and Sue to my tent and had them suck me as a start. When I had cum and they had shared my load of cum, I had them go into a sixty﷓nine with each other. Sue was on top and I soon got hard again and pushed my cock into her ass rutting there until I came deeply into her bowels. She had learned from her last time and was lubed for my cock.

I fell back and Ti licked my cock clean and then sucked Sue's ass to get my cum from it. I drifted off to sleep waking up with the two girls lying against me, one each side.

We rose in the morning and had a hearty breakfast. After cleaning up and packing, we mounted up. This time, I had Sue in front of me with the horn in her cunt and my cock in her ass. She moaned at the intrusion but seemed to get used to it quickly. She came twice as we rode. We rode until just after noon and stopped for a quick lunch, remounted and continued on our way Sue mounted the saddle willingly this time and took me in her ass without a whimper. Mar and Sharn were back to being switched between the men. Ti rode in the wagon. I noticed that Haz was back in front of Lamar though looking worn. Syl was back in front of Jamal. We rode throughout the afternoon until stopping for the evening. Sue came at least three times during this afternoon just managing to avoid crying out with her orgasm. The third time, she did let out a loud, happy moan.

We stopped close to a creek and all the women went to lie down except for Ti who hadn't been used this day. She prepared my camp and tent. The others returned and we ate a group supper. I then volunteered Mar and Sharn for group fun as was Haz by Lamar. I retired to my tent with Ti and Sue who spent the evening working my cock in all six of their available holes. Sue seemed to enjoy the sex more every time I had her.

We had come to mountains and were following them northwards and eastwards looking for a pass with some paving to make it easier on the wagons. We finally found a likely spot to cross though had veered further north than we had originally planned. The next day, we crossed the mountains and lost a man. We were following an old road and he was riding to the right perhaps a little closer to the edge than he should when the road crumbled and he and his horse went over and fell about one hundred fifty feet straight down. We went on around and came upon him. He and the horse had both died instantly when they hit. We buried him off the road but left the horse for animal scavengers after stripping its harness.

We came down into the valley and set up our camp near another stream. The girls went into soak but didn't stay long as the water was very cold. After supper, there was another night of debauchery. I slept with Ti and Sue after fucking Ti's ass. Sue sucked us both seeming to relish the cum. She asked me to fuck her in any hole. I pushed deeply into her ass and moved slowly but steadily. We came together and I filled her ass with my second load of the evening. She thanked me for doing her ass. I could hear the moans as the other three women were being gangbanged by the men. They seemed to enjoy the men taking their holes.

We arose the next morning. We had a copy of John Moore's maps and I felt we were somewhere close to the West Virginia and Virginia lines. It would help if these were marked on the ground or we had some way to determine where we were accurately. The old roads helped but they were in bad shape from, as we had been told, the many hundreds of years that had passed since they were built or maintained. We found that the mountains were extensive and not well marked as such on our map.

We continued on trying to stay as much on a easterly course as possible. We found another stream and made another camp for the night. Everyone was tired and the night passed quietly without much sexual exercise. I had all four in my tent tonight. Both Mar and Sharn looked like they needed a good night of rest. I let them rest and gently fucked Ti until we came and then lay next to each other to sleep. Sue lay between us sucking my cock and my cum from Ti. She had ridden in front of me and had orgasmed a number of times. It was nice to have her enjoy sex so much.

The next morning found us riding east again after breakfast. We had seen no people and had relaxed our guard. I hadn't put out point riders not thinking that there might be a problem. There was and it became obvious today when we rode into an ambush. We had no chance to fight though three men drew their bows. They died before they could string their bows and fit arrows. The rest of us surrendered. We were told to dismount which we did. I was concerned, as we knew of no tribes or groups in this area. We didn't really know much of this area at all having no records of any lands east of the mountains. I pulled out of Ti's ass, lifted her off the horn, and we came to the ground standing quietly.

We all stood waiting for our captors to appear. After a few minutes, they did. I was surprised. Most of our captors were women!

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