Saving Her From Herself
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After surfing the new member posts at his favorite site Nate finds more than he bargains for.

It was late and the house was quiet and dark with the exception of one of the upstairs bedrooms. The room was awash in the pale glow from Nate's lit up laptop screen. He had just gotten back from bar and was in need of some relief. He had just logged on to his favorite forum and began to skim through the long list of the latest posts when he saw it. It was a post by a new member that called themselves PunishmePlease that had caught his eye. The introductory post was brief but for some reason it quickly piqued his interest. She described herself as a 5'6" busty brunette in search of some physical pain to wash away the emotional pain of a recent break up. At the bottom, in the signature area was a link to her newly posted photo album. He clicked on it eagerly and waited for it to redirect him to the page. As the photos began to load his cock started to stiffen. He stared lustfully at several shots of her body from various angles that had obviously been taken by another person.

He soon sat his laptop aside only long enough to release his swollen cock from the confines of the navy blue cotton boxer briefs that he wore. He repositioned the laptop to his side on the bed as he laid back and got comfortable once again. He reached over and began to click on the next button once again. His other hand reached down and wrapped his fingers firmly around his swollen shaft. Each picture made him hornier than the previous one. He was so focused on the naked girl's body that he did not even notice the surroundings in the background.

Quiet moans of pleasure slipped out occasionally between his staggered breaths. He continued to stroke his meaty cock. The sight of her upon the screen displaying herself in such an intimate way pushed him further and further toward the point of no return. The aching need for release drove him to push the next button again and again. He grew even more aroused as he reached the section that showed her on all fours being taken from behind. He imagined it was his cock slipping into her wet folds as he started to stroke faster. He was getting closer by the second. Each time he clicked for the next photo to load he held his breath. He wanted to hold out as long as he could despite the growing desire to empty his load into the sexy vixen he was staring intently at.

The sight of her firm young body bent over the arm of the sofa with her creamy white cheeks covered in red hand prints from where she had been spanked made him shudder. Her soft pink lips glistened with the wetness that had seeped from within her while she was being spanked. He wanted so badly to drag his tongue along her lips and taste the sweet honey that was beaded on her flesh. He groaned in agony as he continued to fight the urge to cum. He clicked on the next only to see the cock sliding between those lips. He could almost hear her moan as it was being pushed inside her. His imagination was running wild as his grip tightened on his throbbing cock. For a moment he closed his eyes and focused on how wet and tight her pussy would feel as he slipped his cock into it. He knew that he couldn't last much longer.

As one of the final photos loaded he groaned loudly. The photo of the girl with her mouth open wide and tongue sticking out to display the pool of creamy cum resting on it pushed him too far. Nate could have blamed it on the alcohol or the level of arousal for not realizing why the girl who looked so familiar before that moment. Suddenly the alarms went off and he could hear the voice in his head screaming for him to stop but he couldn't. He just had to cum. His fingers continued to swiftly glide over his rigid cock as he struggled with the realization that it was his little sister's face staring back at him. There was a sparkle in her dark brown eyes as she stuck her tongue out to reveal her prize. Despite the instant sick feeling he got in his stomach he found himself still wishing it was his load coating her tongue. Thick spurts of his seed spattered his bare abdomen as he continued to milk his cock dry. His eyes closed as he laid his head back and caught his breath. The entire time his eyes were shut he kept telling himself that it couldn't have been her. There was no way that seeing his sister being violated by the worthless prick that had dumped her could have turned him so much that he had to cum while staring at it.

After a few minutes he finally built up the courage to open his eyes and face the girl that was looking at him from his computer screen. He immediately felt sick as any self-delusion and doubt melted away in an instant. He could not escape the fact that he blew his load while fantasizing about her. He still could not take his eyes off of her. He had always assumed that she was still a virgin. She did not seem like the type of girl who would give it up to just any guy. Now that he had seen her naked and in such a compromising way he could not thing of her in any other way. He suddenly felt guilty about it but it was a short lived emotion. The orgasm had left him drowsy and sleep was quickly luring him away from his thoughts. As he drifted off to sleep she was still on his mind. Unfettered by his waking mind he began to dream of her.

The sun was beating down on him as he walked out the door. Her hair was pulled up into a loose, messy ponytail like she normally did. The vision of her in that tiny blue bikini made his cock twitch in his shorts. His hand moved involuntarily to the uncomfortable bulge as he adjusted it. Her skin glistened with the thin sheen of sweat mixed with coconut scented tanning oil. Her head turned languidly in his direction as she noticed him approaching her. He could see his own distorted reflection in the finish of the dark grey lenses of her sunglasses. He could see her thick pink nipples standing erect under the fabric. He tried not to stare but she caught him before he could look away.

"Mind rubbing some oil on for me? My nails are wet so I can't do it." She purred.

His mouth went completely dry as he looked down at the bottle of bright pink nail polish that sat on the small table beside her chair. He could only give a slight nod. Just as she reached for the bottle of oil she cleared her throat.

"Help me get this top off first. I don't want to have ugly tan lines." Her request left him dumbfounded.

She sat upright to make it easier for him as he moved to straddle the chair she was on. He could hardly believe what was happening. His fingers numbly fumbled with the knots for several seconds before he could get them untied. She sat back and waited for him to remove her top. All he could do was stare at her bare breasts in awe. His tongue rolled across his lips longingly as his focus landed on her pert pink nipples.

"What are you waiting for?" She chuckled. "You don't want me to get sunburn on my tits do you?"

He reached for the bottle, nearly knocking it over. His thumb flicked the plastic yellow lid open as he lifted the bottle and aimed the opening at his palm. A heavy stream shot out into his palm as he gave the bottle a slight squeeze. He sat the bottle back down and his eyes returned to those creamy white mounds of flesh. He rubbed his hands together as he reached for them. He hoped that she did not notice how his hands trembled slightly as he touched her pillowy soft breasts but she did. Nothing seemed to escape her attention.

She inhaled sharply as he began to massage her flesh. The slippery feel of her oiled skin added to his pleasure. His shorts were straining to keep his swollen cock imprisoned inside them. Her heavily glossed lips parted as she let out a soft moan. She arched her back which pushed her firm breasts harder against his hands. Her nipples felt like two little pebbles rubbing along his palms as he kneaded her flesh. He could not stop himself. He lowered his head to her chest and hungrily sucked the small bud into his mouth. He hated the vile taste of the tanning oil but he couldn't bring himself to spit out her nipple yet.

She moaned again, this time louder than the last. Her chest began to heave as she grabbed his wrist and brought his hand down to her hip. She placed it on the knot that sat there waiting to be untied as well. He was shocked but managed to get his fingers to work a little faster this time. The strings fell away as he gave the fabric a slight pull. He was so turned on that he was certain he would end up blowing his load in his shorts any second. His fingers trailed along her newly exposed skin until they reached her shaven mound. She bit her lip as the tips barely brushed against her clit as they pushed the fabric further aside.

"Mmmm oh god yes." She moaned softly. "Don't stop."

He flickered his tongue against her nipple as he continued to suckle. She was starting to breathe harder as she squirmed against the seat. He caught her clit between his fingertips and gave it a light squeeze. The way that her body reacted to his touch made it very clear that she was as turned on as he was. He gave her clit an ever so slight tug which readily forced another beautiful moan from her lips. His teeth caught her nipple and bit down softly on it just as he released her clit. His fingers traced down her wet lips and then back upward. Her honey had begun to seep from her as her arousal increased. In that moment all he could think about was tasting his sister's sweetness.

When he finally spit out her nipple and looked up at her he paused and brought his glistening fingers to his lips. He sucked them in his mouth and moaned with delight as he tasted how sweet she really was ... His hand then moved to the other knot that was holding her bikini bottom on. This time he managed to undo it without fumbling. She lifted her shades, placing them on top of her head as she watched him pull the rest of the azure fabric away to fully expose her pussy. The look on her face could only be described as sheer and utter lust. She watched with anticipation as he repositioned himself between her legs.

He gently spread her legs further apart as he leaned down. She shivered as his warm breath kissed her delicate flesh. He could not wait another second. His lips met hers as intimately kissed his sister's moist folds. He could hear her let a quiet moan slip as his tongue probed deeper inside her. The faster he lapped at the source of her wetness the more flowed from her. She was grinding against his face as he swirled his tongue inside her. He knew that she was getting close but he had to stop himself for a moment. He wanted to make sure that there was no way she would deny him the pleasure of feeling her pussy quivering around his painfully swollen cock. He once again reached for the oil. This time he carefully squirted some on two of his fingers, making sure to fully coat them. He grinned up at her as he pressed the slick tips to her puckered little hole and began to push. His mouth went back to work on her as well as they worked in and out.

Instead of immediately sliding his tongue back into her he decided to work on that sensitive pink pearl just above her lips. He flickered his tongue against it as his fingers continued to sink deeper into her. It did not take her more than a second to start pushing back against his hand. His lips closed around her clit as he began to suck on it gently. His tongue was wildly lapping at it the entire time, causing her to writhe and moan. As each grew louder he knew she was about to explode. His mouth moved back to her slit and he once again began to lick at her most private of spots. Her hands landed on the back of his head as she held him there. Her body jerked as copious amounts of her honey rushed over his tongue. He greedily swallowed as much as he could but some still managed to dribble out of her in tiny rivulets. He felt them flowing over his fingers as he held them in place and wriggled them inside her. She was in complete ecstasy.

When her small hands left his head he grinned up at her. All around his mouth was glazed with her juices. He did not bother wiping it away. He stood up beside the chair. Before he could do it himself her long slender fingers were working quickly to unfasten his shorts. He allowed her push them down so that he could step out of them. He moved swiftly back onto the chair and knelt between her legs once more. His fingers gripped his swollen cock and guided it toward her lips. His hips inched forward as the helmeted tip of his cock breeched her lips. He let out a loud groan as he sank his cock deeper into her.

The sudden and loud banging of a fist on wood tore his attention away. His eyes opened groggily as he looked around in disappointment. The dream had been so vivid and real that he fully expected still be inside her. The door swung open, causing him to quickly bunch the blankets over his throbbing cock. His father stared at him suspiciously for a moment. "Get up Nate. You said you had to leave by 9. You got 30 minutes."

For now, all he could do was sit there and wonder if his father somehow knew what he was dreaming. There was no way that he would ever be able to look his sister in the eye without risking her seeing the lust that lurked inside him. Still, there was no time to worry about that. He only had a few minutes to get rid of his raging erection and get dressed so he could get out of there as fast as he could so he wouldn't have to face her.

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