Guinevere's Travels
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lolita, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, BDSM, Humiliation, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Guinevere is running with her daughter under the witness protection program. She and her daughter are caught. Can she strike a bargain with her captors?

Guinevere was terrified. She kept looking in the rear view mirror of her new, white fifteen passenger van. It had been modified by the federal officials to be as utilitarian as possible. The inconspicuous van had no windows beyond the driver and passenger seats. It had been equipped with a series of backup cameras to help make the driving easier. It had GPS, a small refrigerator and storage cabinets under the beds built along the sides for her and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Stephanie. They were on the run. The federal government had put them in the witness protection program. They had been issued about eight different passports, driver's licenses, and international driver's license, and a number of different cell phones and computers. The cell phones had chips for quite a number of countries. She had plane tickets from a number of cities, under different names. Even the federal officials didn't know exactly where she was or where she was going. She had a number of credit cards under corresponding names with the passports.

Although her official name was Guinevere, she had been called Gwen all her life. Her daughter Stephanie was asleep in the back.

She had been issued mailboxes to a number of cities so once she knew where she wanted to go, she could mail everything except the ID she was currently using, and not get caught with multiple identities.

The first thing to do was try to get out of the country. She and Stephanie drove in four hour shifts from Kansas City to Seattle. They put the van on the ferry and got to Vancouver Island. From there, they continued from Victoria to Nanaimo, where they boarded another ferry to Vancouver. They were in Canada now. From there they traveled across the country to Prince Edward Island. They spent a few days at the hostel in Charlottetown. The sold the van to some local trash haulers for cash. From there, they boarded an international flight to France. Once they had made it through the maze of escalators, they got two Euro Rail passes for the summer. They could travel and sightsee all day and sleep on the train. Anybody trying to trace their traveling would have no idea where they went or got off.

Gwen and Stephanie finally got off of the train in Marbella, near the Rock of Gibraltar. From there they bought a couple old Vespas. They traveled up the coast, staying in private homes listed on Craigslist under They ended up in Mijas.

Mijas is a small town. It is a small town in number of inhabitants and size. It is sited in some mountains. The houses are all adobe structures of one story. The roof of one house is the patio of the next, which steps back on the sides of the mountain. The white stucco houses seem to have been there for hundreds if not a thousand years. The streets are so narrow that if a car meets another coming from the other direction, somebody has to back up. There is not room to pass. There is not room to turn around.

The Vespa scooters were a good choice. Gwen and Stephanie were able to get a small house at the top of the hill at the end of the street. Nobody ever came up there in a car, because it would not have space to turn around. The floors were brick pavers placed tight together. If anything was spilled, you just poured water on it to wash it off. Stephanie liked this.

Gwen was apprehensive about staying in one place, but they needed to do something besides travel. She was skittish about being in one place too long. Her husband was in jail, but was filing for an appeal. As long as he was in prison, she had a chance, even though he had friends who were determined to keep her from testifying if a retrial came up.

Gwen had married Joe about five years ago. Her original husband had died, leaving her a single mother struggling to make ends meet. She had been working as a waitress in a very exclusive country club. All she knew was that he was a very successful lawyer and stockbroker. He was a tall athletic man with graying hair and slight beard. She was not particularly in love with him as much as her first husband, but needed some security for her daughter. Joe was about fifty. Although he was reasonably fit when they married, he seemed to need more and more stimulation to keep up his sex life.

He had become more critical and more demanding of her. Gwen had to go out of her way to assure him that she loved him. She soon found out that he was not as successful a lawyer and stockbroker as she thought. She finally figured out that he was a bookmaker who ran a large offshore betting business.

As his sexual appetite became more and more insatiable, Gwen had to go overboard more and more to prove her love. Of course she wasn't that deeply committed to him, so she tried harder to offset her lack of enthusiasm for him.

One night, he called to say they were going to have a few of his friends over for dinner and could she go out and get a bunch of Chinese dishes to serve buffet style. Gwen was not happy about the unexpected company, but with Stephanie spending the night with friends, it wouldn't be too bad.

When she saw the lights of the Mercedes in the driveway, she put down her dishtowel and went to the door to greet everybody. When Joe came in, he introduced the three men to his beautiful forty year old wife and handed her a shopping bag from Pygmalion's. These were probably the most expensive dresses in the country. The only thing about them was that they were also notorious about outrageously sexy and provocative clothing.

Gwen was flattered but puzzled. Joe never bought her presents. He certainly had never bought her anything provocative or suggestive either.

"Go upstairs and put this on, honey. I think you will look great in these clothes. I think it is important for our hostess to look incredible tonight. These men are bankers from the Cayman Islands and manage a good amount of my money.

Joe knew she was disgusted with his business once she knew what was going on. She went upstairs to see what was in the box. She poured the boxes out onto the bed. A hand written letter fluttered out of the bag onto the floor.

"I have not asked you to do much in our marriage. These business partners are important to me. I want you to wear the contents of these boxes and NOTHING more."

Gwen opened the boxes one by one. She was a little startled at the contents.

There was a grey silk dress that buttoned up the front; high heeled grey suede boots that zippered up the side; a long strand of pearls and some large hoop ear rings, and some long grey silk stockings. The stockings had a decorative elastic top. She was a little offended that he would tell her what to wear, but this was the least she thought she could do for him.

There was no bra or panties, so she thought he meant for her to wear her own. Jenny put the clothes on as ordered. The only outrageous thing seemed to be that the dress barely came to her thumbs. It seemed to short, but the grey silk stockings covered her more than enough. To her surprise, the buttons on the front did not go all the way down. The last two buttons were missing, which made it close to obscene.

Gwen would be standing to help serve food, and would not eat with them. At least, she did not plan on sitting down in this dress. Other than that, the clothes were spectacular. The dress fit like a glove. If it weren't for being ordered, she would love to have it.

Shyly, Gwen came down the stairs. The men whistled and clapped their approval. Gwen smiled and looked over to her husband for his approval. Instead, her eyes met a cold stare from him. What was wrong?

"Gwen! Go back upstairs and bring down that set of instructions!"

Gwen was humiliated to be called out like that in front of their guests. Humiliated, she turned and went back up the stairs; took the note and brought it back down.

"What does it say?"

"It says to wear the clothes in the box."

"Did it say to wear those panties and bra?"

"I ... I ... I ... th ... thought..."

"Don't think! Do what you're told. Now take off the bra and panties."

Humiliated, Gwen turned with tears in her eyes to go back upstairs. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going upstairs to change."

"No you're not. Do it here. Do it now." Gwen was thunderstruck. He had never talked to her like that.

The room was silent. Their guests sensed the tension. What was going to happen next? Gwen looked around into the faces of the different men and the anger in her husband. She desperately wanted to please him, but not like this. Slowly, she realized that he had been having trouble "getting it up." This must be his way of supplementing his arousal.

Gwen made eye contact with her husband. It was a hurtful, injured and humiliated look in her eyes as she unbuttoned her dress, starting at the top. She unbuttoned it to the waist. She arched her back and peeled one side of her dress over that shoulder. She repeated her movements with the other side. The beautiful dress dropped to her waist.

Gwen stood there for a few moments with her arms at her sides. The bra was the sheer stretch fabric type made like women's hose. It was a quarter cup strapless one from Victoria's Secret. The bra had cutouts that matched the diameter of the pink areolas so that it had a nude effect under a thin top ... Her long-stemmed pink nipples were peeking through the sheer fabric. She stood there under their gaze humiliated. She had hoped this provocative top would entice him in the bedroom. She was not counting on the public scrutiny.

Gwen reached around behind her for the clasp as the tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. She had her eyes locked into contact with her husband, as the bra came loose. She must have felt that if she had an intensive enough eye contact with him, she could shut out the other men in the room.

She put her arms back through the arm holes and re-buttoned the top of her dress. Gwen used the back of her hand to wipe the tears from her eyes. "Are you sure you want me to continue?" her injured expression seemed to ask. Seeing no change in his expression, Gwen continued.

Gwen didn't lean over. She continued starring at her husband as her hands slowly lifted the dress until she had the bottom hem in her hands. Without looking down, her hands searched for the lowest button. She began unbuttoning it from the bottom. Slowly the dress parted until she reached the waist. The already incredibly short dress gave provocative glimpses of the tops of her silk stockings as her fingers worked their way up.

Gwen pulled the sides apart as she stuck her thumbs into the waistband at each side When she did this, it was clear that the panties were completely transparent. It was clear that her pubic hair had been shaved to a "landing strip" configuration above her slit. It was clear that she was bare. Her pouty lips formed the most magnificent "camel toe" in the front.

Gwen peeled the weightless fabric down until it fell and caught on the top of her boots. She pulled the dress around her as she stepped out of the panties. She still had not broken eye contact with her husband. He seemed immune to her humiliation as she wiped the tears away from her eyes again. She had started to re-button the lower half of her dress, when he moved towards her. She had it half buttoned; enough to barely cover her naked crotch, when he hugged her. He hugged her passionately. This was a tremendous relief to Gwen. Perhaps the embarrassment and humiliation was over. Perhaps this was enough of an image for him to keep in his mind to "get it up" for a long time.

Gwen was too humiliated to stay in the same room for very long with the men. They all picked up their food and sat down at the big dinner table. Gwen went around the room and poured refreshments or got beer out of the refrigerator for them.

For the rest of the evening, her husband was radiant. He smiled at Gwen every chance he had. For the next month or so, he was leaving from work early and dragging her to the bedroom. She couldn't seem to get away. Gwen was happy for the much needed attention, but was sad about the price she paid for it.

After a while, his thrill of that memory seemed to wear off. Like a junkie, his appetite for her humiliation seemed to escalate.

Last Friday he asked her to put on the same outfit with no bra or panties. Well, he hadn't asked her to leave off the bra or panties, but she wasn't about to go through the same humiliating experience in front of any strangers, so she had just learned not to wear any when she went out with him.

He had taken her to a theater. They had gone in after the show had started. Joe found a spot near the back of the theater; on the back row, high above most of the others in the amphitheater seating. There were three young men sitting in front of them. They sat there for a while after the show started. The man on the left whispered something to the others and got up to leave. He was getting drinks and popcorn and wanted to know if anybody else wanted anything.

After the man left, Joe told her to go down and sit next to the men that were left. Gwen was shocked. She sat there, unable to process what he had asked. With legs that would hardly move, Gwen walked to the end of her row, dropped down one and scooted her way over. She sat down as though she was oblivious to her error. The two men were surprised by the beautiful older woman who had come to sit with them. The man now next to her started to lean over to tell her that seat was taken. He hesitated and changed his mind.

When the other man came back, he was confused. He looked around as though he was in the wrong row. When he slowly recognized his friends, he sat down. He may have thought the other guys had previously arranged to meet her and he had not been informed. "No, that's nuts." He thought. He knew this was a stranger. He offered her some popcorn. She shook her head. He could see the terror in her eyes. She had been scared spitless. The man next to her on her right had his arm on the armrest. Joe leaned over and whispered into her ear to reach over and put her hand in his.

Gwen had almost gagged. Well, maybe this was just some childish game and it would end at that, she thought. It took all of her effort to make her hand move over. She laid her arm over his and entwined her fingers into his. The startled man looked over at her, stunned, but didn't pull away. Gwen was starting to get clammy. She was starting to shake with nervousness. Where was this going?

Suddenly Gwen felt the man on her left softly pick up her left hand. For a second she was confused. She must have thought it was her husband. She tried to grasp his hand, looking for some sign of assurance and affection. Instead, he thrust her hand down into the top of his jeans. Gwen froze in horror. She could feel him loosening his belt buckle. It sounded like a line of box cars coming to a stop. The sound to her was deafening because of what it meant. The man next to her heard it and looked over.

Gwen's hand froze in terror. The stranger on her left put his right arm around the back of her neck. Next she felt his left hand on her thigh. Gwen almost had a heart attack. To her horror, he was unbuttoning her dress. One button at a time, he was inching his hand up her dress; freeing the sides to her waist.

The light was dim, but she had applied skin lotion to her beautifully tanned legs before they left. Her skin shimmered in the low light as the lights from the movie flickered and reflected off of her.

"Play with me." He whispered into her ear. "Play with him." Her husband echoed to her as he leaned over her from the row behind.

Gwen was horrified. She turned, looking at him making eye contact. It wasn't a suggestion; it was an order. She felt the stranger's organ grow as he finished the command. "This is turning them all on." She noticed.

Horrified and humiliated, Gwen let go of the man's hand. She forced her fingers to inch across the side of his body until she found the front of his jeans. He had seen what Joe was doing, and didn't need any coaxing as he unsnapped his belt and lowered his fly. He reached up to the sides of his jeans; lifted his hips and slid his jeans down to his knees.

The veins on the side of Gwen's neck were pounding like kettle drums as she slid her clenched fist down into his briefs.

As if that wasn't enough, Joe was now moving to the buttons at the top of her dress from behind. One-by-one, he was opening the top of her dress until her entire dress was open and she was completely exposed. In order to un-button the lower buttons, he had used his grip to slide the dress up as he unbuttoned each of them. Gwen now sat practically naked with most of the dress gathered up behind her under her armpits.

Joe was getting aroused too. He got out of his seat and got down behind her. He wrapped his hands around her and cupped her bare breasts. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. Gwen groaned in embarrassment. She was being groped by two strangers on each side of her. For all the men knew, she was being groped by another stranger behind her.

The nightmare continued until she felt a gush of hot sticky fluid in each hand. Gwen was humiliated. She had two hands full of semen. Her dress was completely open, exposing herself to anybody who had noticed the activity. How was she going to button up her dress without getting semen all over the front of her dress? She put her head down on her knees and wept quietly.

After the show ended, the lights came on. Gwen had her wet slimy hands draped over the seats in front of her. Out of some feeling of gratitude and guilt, the strangers beside her stayed, waiting for her to dress. They at least owed her that. When everybody her group had gone, she wiped her hands on the cloth back of the seat. The attendants were coming by to sweep up the popcorn and pick up plastic cups. They only had a few minutes before the next crowd came in. They were moving fast when they came to her row.

"Pardon me, miss ... Oh, excuse me." The young boy exclaimed when he realized what he was looking at. The young boy was practically beside her trying to pick up all the cups. He realized she was practically naked. He rushed around them and left that row alone. Once she had cleaned her hands, Gwen started to button up while she was still leaning over to hide her front.

Joe and the man to her right shook hands without saying anything.

For several weeks after that the cycle of sex escalated like before the previous incident. Gwen knew he would be searching for another idea. First she had been forced to expose herself. Next, she had participated in a mutual grope with strangers in public. This afternoon he called to say he was bringing over some friends for the weekend. She was to greet them at the door naked.

When her husband came in, he was met with a restraining order. She locked him out of the house. It wasn't worth it.

After that, Gwen had filed for divorce. It had gotten ugly. He was not willing to give her any kind of settlement. The Federal Officials had been trying to get something on Joe for quite a while. This was what they needed.

The Federal Officials offered her a deal. If they could use her testimony against Joe, they could send him to jail for many years. As his wife, she was still entitled to whatever money was still in the marriage because they were not divorced yet. Rather than be subject to penalties as a spouse of someone who had not been reporting income or paying taxes, Gwen took the deal.

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