Billy and Wili: Wound Too Tight. 5 in STOPWATCH
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Coercion, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Slavery, Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Horror, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, non-anthro, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Torture, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Flatulence, Exhibitionism, Needles, Slow, School,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - William Sutherland and his twin sister, Wili, are run out of town in 1963 for incest. Tripping, they end up on the Oklahoma, Texas border. Bonnie and Clyde, fleeing from law enforcement, have somehow come to the future. The bank robbers gift the twins with a bag of the loot. There is a broken watch in the bag. Wendytoo and David, the younger, find them hitchhiking in 2001. Oh My...

William and Wilhelmina Sutherland left Lodi, Ohio in the late spring of 1963, heading west. San Francisco and the Haight were calling. Billy had scored some Sandoz Clinical and like most kids ... the acid just plain blew them away.

Clinical is so pure that your normal acidhead is tripping for many many hours. Billy and Wili had smoked pot ... twice ... and liked it. Neither of them was prepared for the acid. First Trippers!

Twins, stuck in an abusive home, if you can call rabid pentecostal christians abusive, were just beginning to see the dead-end Lodi actually was.

The preacher had plans for both of them. Billy, he of the blond locks and brilliant blue eyes was pegged for Preacher Reed's horse ugly 13 year old daughter, while Wili had already been promised the the wealthiest farmer in the congregation.

Not that she knew anything about it but money had changed hands and that fat tobacco chewing flatlander was going to marry up with the prettiest girl in town. No matter that she was free spirited ... old Benson had broken four previous wives to harness ... barren bitches every one of them ... useless as tits on a nun or balls on a priest.

A judicious application of the strap and she'd fall in line, just like the first four. As soon as she'd given him sons to carry on his domain, he would sell her south to the houses in St. Charles Parish in Louisiana ... just like he'd done to the other four. "I dunno Judge, she run off." "Divorce granted"

Billy was going to be caught in a 'compromising' situation with butt ugly Katie and the the judge ... a fine upstanding pillar of the church would make the choice plain ... Marriage or Vietnam.

But Billy and Wili, twins pushing 17, didn't have a clue what was up when they dropped that mighty ray of sunshine and committed the ultimate sin.

Fucking on the schoolhouse lawn in broad daylight.

The County Sheriff took them home, packed their paisley backpacks with the bare necessities, hauled them to the Lodi Road and gave them the best piece of advice he'd ever given any violator of the Good Book.

"Git. I'll tell your parents you left. Don't ever come back. Here's Fifty bucks. Stand here ... a trooper is coming to take you to the Indiana Line. Your kind ain't welcome in Ohio."

Not that they understood a word he said ... they were heavy tripping and wouldn't come down for another eight hours ... maybe.

Still trippin', they'd been picked up by a traveling evangelist and hauled all the way across Indiana, Illinois and dropped on Route 66 in Missouri. Preached to the entire trip (pardon the pun.) they were too lost in the F i E l D s of w A v I n G grain and the Denny's F L A G S, to say nothing of the flashing RED lights on the firetruck that passed them to understand a word he said ... Billy and Wili were lost in the secrets of an opened mind.

The next ride was a 1959 Micro Bus was so smoked out that they were still stoned to the max when they were dropped off in Kansas.


"Just stay on 66, you're only in Kansas for a little bit. We're headed to Wellington and you wouldn't like that at all. This'll take you through Okie City and to Texas."

"Groovy, Dude."

"Here, have a joint for the road."

"Thanks, man."

"Peace Out ... your sister's hot, dude. Love her grannie glasses."

The next ride was another bus of stoners and before they knew it ... Billy was getting blown by the skinny chick in the back and Wili was getting ass fucked by some black dude.

The sensations on acid were killer!! She came for what seemed like a week.

Billy thought the skinny chick was going to suck his balls through his hose.

The driver couldn't convince Wili to dump Billy and work Vegas for him so they got dropped just outside of Shamrock Texas, at the Shamrock Gas Station. The bus filled up and Billy and Wili were looking for the next ride.

The owner was working on an old oval window bug. He was able to break Billy's Fifty and they bought a soda each and some peanuts. Wili used the facilities and Billy stepped behind the only little tree in miles and watered it. This was the first piss since they had dropped the clinical in Lodi.

Reality moved in like a Kansas tornado. If you piss you lose the acid.

They were pretty high still and walking ... not too steadily ... away from the station when a car ... an OLD car ... an OLD FORD car ... a thirties Ford V8 sped by them in a cloud of dust. A lady waved as the car cruised by.

"Wow ... great looking ride!" Wili commented to Billy.

"Hey ... they stopped. RIDE!!"

But the car spun a U turn and flew past them ... made another U turn and pulled up beside them. The lady in the passenger seat passed a canvas bag out the window. "Get yourself a car!" and they sped away.

Wili squeezed the bag ... it crunched ... and the whole world changed.

There was a fence between them and the road ... the Shamrock station was mostly gone, a couple of shattered pumps, a tortured Shamrock Gas sign and an old oil furnace was pretty much all that was left. The cars on the road on the other side of the fence didn't look a thing like the cars of 1963.

The road between the Shamrock sign and the fence was crumbling and the weeds were growing up between the cracks. The tree Billy had watered was a huge cottonwood.

There was definitely something going on. Still, there was the road and the Haight beckoned.

Wendolyn saw the pair standing at the side of the road, looking lost. Matching paisley backpacks, wide flare bellbottom jeans and smock shirts aren't something you see everyday, not in 2001. She pulled over, David pulled in right behind her.

There was that, "I've been wasted for days" look about the two of them that made Wendy jump out of the car and answer the question, 'Where are we?' with the answer of 'Where were you?'

"Texas, just inside the border." Billy replied.

"That's where you are," Wendy answered his original question. "Let me guess, early Sixties? Who are you?"

"I'm Billy Sutherland, this is my sister, Wili ... Wilhelmina." 'Whoa ... this is really weird.'

The Texas State Trooper pulled up behind them and hollered, "Ya'll can't stop on the freeway."

Billy and Wili kind of jumped ... in 1963, they would have called it 'freaked.'

Billy didn't know who the lady with the nice looking cars was but it'd probably be a good idea to let her lead because he sure couldn't.

When she said, "Billy, you ride with uncle David. Wili, you ride with me." He climbed in the red truck like a lamb to the slaughter.

Then she hollered at Dave, the guy with the shiny red truck and neat trailer, "Shamrock ... just up the road, we'll get breakfast!" or something like that. Really all he heard was breakfast and his stomach decided his throat had been cut 'cause it sure was empty...

They pulled out on the four lane, and That was going to take some getting used to, and, to make matters worse, Dave's pocket rang ... I mean, Dude! His pocket sounds like a home phone.

Dave pulled out a little flat box and flipped it open ... and then he put it on SPEAKER!! The lady in the car ahead said ... Shamrock, food, I'll buy. The man closed the little box AND THERE WEREN'T ANY WIRES!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!??

"What's that?"

"Cellphone ... just another thing you're going to have to get used to ... it's 2001"

And that was when he realized that something was basically wrong and passed out.

Evidently, Shamrock was a lot farther up the road than anybody thought because it was thirty minutes later when his door opened and Wili ... oh yeah ... sister ... did we really do THAT on the school yard lawn? Where are we ... this don't look like Lodi...

"C'mon, Billy, get it together, man. The cop followed us. Come on ... Wendy is buying and I could eat a horse."

His mind struggled to get it together and suddenly ... his SISTER ... his beautiful sister ... Slapped his face ... hard.

"Billy! Wake up!!" She yelled! "It's time to eat!"

She turned to look at David..."That worked! Food, Billy, Get out of the truck and go with Aunt Wendy."

The youngish looking older guy, Dave? ... yeah, Dave ... started laughing. "Food and teenagers ... get's 'em every time!"

Even the cop was laughing.

Billy, Wili and 'Aunt' Wendy entered the restaurant and FOOD Assaulted his nose. His stomach growled so loud the first three tables looked around for the Lion!

"Feed Me! I have money! One of everything, please!"

The entire restaurant broke out laughing...

"Hey! This is serious ... it's time to eat!"

By the time Dave had gassed both rigs, checked the air and washed the windows, cranked another notch on the trailer hold downs and checked fluids, the cop had decided he was harmless.

Still, he got grilled a little. She was satisfied and walked in the lobby to get some water while he stopped to pay. The clerk handed him a receipt...

"The lady paid ... she said you get to pay for the teens food."

The clerk cracked up at the look of total dismay that crossed David's face. "Yeah ... the gas will be cheaper!"

The cop dropped her bottle of water!

Billy did eat damn near one of everything on the breakfast menu ... and half of Wilis' ... and this before David ever sat down. Wendy was guarding David's breakfast with her fork. The four red dots on the back of Bills' hand showed it was necessary.

After Breakfast, David paid, they all had showers, David paid for that too.

Billy and Wili showered together. When they came out to the lobby, every trucker in the truck stop gave them a standing ovation. Wili blushed down to her toes and Billy danced around like a fighter who had won by a knockout.

"C'mon, you two ... We're going to the park."

The park is really where this story starts. You can read all about the shooting and Wendolyn and Violet in: Wendolyn Chapter 16. I suggest you do 'cause I'm not going to tell you!! Shit ... splattered my screen. Note to self: Never give the 'razzberry' to people who can't see you do it.

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