A Casualty of War
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was scared to go home after four years in German prison camps

The train pulled into the station in a hiss of steam, all those around me grabbed their bags excitedly and hurried to get off, I could hear the cheers of the waiting crowds, they weren't for me though, they were waiting for their warriors, their heroes, I was neither.

It took about ten minutes before the guard came in checking the carriages,

"We stop here sir" he said kindly, "You have to leave"

"Yes" I said and smiled weakly, Have you ever not wanted to go home?"

He looked at me for a second or two and then reached up for my kit bag, "Come with me sir".

Obediently, I was used to taking orders, I got up and followed him down through the empty carriages to the guards van, he pulled out a bottle of Scotch and two tin mugs from a cupboard and poured out two generous measures.

"Cheers" he said as he sat down. "Kick me"


"I said kick me, kick my leg"

I tasted the whisky, the first in four years and lashed out with my right foot.

There was a clang and he laughed,

"Dunkirk" he said sadly, "I didn't want to go home then, but my wife cried when she saw me, "You're back" she kept saying, "You've come back to me"

"I was taken prisoner"

"I know" he said, "I can see it in your eyes"

"The last letter I got, before I was taken, she said she was pregnant, I've got a kid"

"Go home sir, go home and meet your child"

"I'm scared,. What if she's found someone else?"

"It happens" he said softly, "Meet it, face it and deal with it, you and me fought a war, we have the right to know, I'll come with you if you like"

"You'd come with me?"



"I just told you, we fought a war, we help each other, where do you live?"

"Penge, south London, but thank you, you've given me the strength to go home"

Stepping off the train,. I looked around at the almost deserted platform, a woman turned forlornly and then stopped and looked round, she held the hand of a little girl, slowly they began to walk towards me, I walked towards them,

"Frank" the woman screamed, "Frank" and then they began running, she was crying as she ran into my arms, I was crying and the little girl cried because her mummy was crying.

It took an age for us to speak as we clung to each other,

"Say hello to Poppy your daughter" she smiled,

"Are you my daddy?"

I looked at the heart shaped birth mark on her wrist and nodded,.

"Yes my darling, I'm your daddy"

"Mummy says you've got a mark like mine"

"Yes it's exactly the same and in the same place as yours"

"You made my mummy cry"

"I cried too sweetheart"


"Because I sometimes thought I'd never see mummy again, or you"

"But you don't know me"

"Oh yes I do, your name's Poppy Brown, you're four and a half and I think that apart from your mummy, you're the prettiest girl in the world"

She looked up at me with the biggest bluest eyes I'd ever seen and then threw her arms around my legs, I picked her up and held her tightly, she smelled of soap, her hair smelled of shampoo and she squealed with laughter as I rubbed her face with my unshaven chin.

Just then a voice behind me said, "Oh ye of little faith" and the guard winked as he walked past.

"Is that man your friend daddy?" Poppy asked, but my wife interrupted,

"I think so darling, now can I borrow daddy for a minute please, mummy's like hugs too you know"

Her lips were as I'd remembered them, soft and full, she gave them to me completely and I tasted her tears.

"Why didn't you get off until then?"

"I was scared, I thought maybe you might have found someone else"

"Is that what he meant, the guard?"

"Yes, he gave me a glass of whisky"

"To give you courage?" she asked with a smile,


"Was it really bad?"

"Thinking about you two was the worst"

"Frank let me tell you something, I must get this out of the way before we can move on"

"Ok" but my heart stopped, I was dreading her next words,

"When I heard you'd been shot down, I thought my life had stopped, I already knew I was pregnant, I cried, I prayed, I even thought about killing myself and then the Red Cross informed me you were alive and well I was overjoyed, mum and dad too, dad settled a large amount of money on me and bought me a house, for us three Frank, I've spent the last four years bringing up this little treasure and waiting for my man to come home"

"Am I a little treasure daddy?"

I felt a lump in my throat as I picked my daughter up and hugged her,

"Absolutely darling" I said softly, but Laura hadn't finished yet,

"No one else Frank" she was almost in tears again, "Not even close to it"

I looked at her for a long minute and I saw the pain in her eyes,

"I love you" It came out as a whisper so I cleared my throat to say it again but a finger on my lips stopped me and I felt her lips at my ear,

"Save it Frank darling, save it for when we're in bed"

She'd been eighteen when me and my Spitfire plunged into the water just off the French coast, but she was a woman now, a beautiful, confident woman.

The taxi dropped us off outside her parent's house after trundling through the bomb damaged streets of London and Poppy ran squealing into her grandmother's open arms,

"I'm staying here for a few days daddy" she laughed, "Mummy says you want some time alone"

Laura blushed prettily and smiled as her mother kissed me,

"Welcome home Frank" she said with genuine warmth, her husband just about crushed me in a bear hug as he echoed her sentiments, "Come on in, dinner's on the table, we need to put some meat on them bones"

Dinner was roast chicken with home grown vegetables and a thick, dark gravy,

I cleared my plate rapidly and my mother in law beamed as she refilled it,

"Do I take it that you liked it Frank?"

"Absolutely superb" I said truthfully, "I could only dream about a meal like that for the last four years"

"In that case Frank, you'll like what Laura has for you at home"

Laura glanced over at me, "Have you ever heard of a fridge?"

I must have looked puzzled because a little giggle next to me made me smile,

"You ARE silly daddy" Poppy chirped up, "A fridge is where mummy keeps food"

"Oh I see" I laughed, "Yes I've seen advertisements in the paper for them"

"We've been very lucky really" my wife said, "With mummy and daddy having the smallholding, we've been able to slaughter one or two animals for meat, God knows how people have managed on their rations"

We spent a lovely afternoon with my in laws, chatting and enjoying the late summer weather, so when my father in law dropped us off at our home it was early evening.

"This place is huge" I said as we entered the hallway and I looked in awe at the staircase which curved up to a wide landing off which I saw many different doors.

"Poppy calls it a palace" she smiled, "Come let me show you the gardens" and she linked an arm through mine, It took half an hour to walk through the gardens, I could feel the softness of her breast against my arm and I didn't know how to react.

"I'm nervous Laura" I said softly,

"So am I" she said and we stopped to sit on a bench overlooking a little stream,

"You're my life Frank, my reason for being, you and that little nutcase back with mummy and daddy"

"Have you got a phone?"

"Of course, why?" she looked surprised,

"Ask your dad if he would bring her home, I'll put her to bed and then you and I will go too, I just want us to be a family"

"You're a nice man Frank Saunders" and she kissed me tenderly,

Poppy arrived like a whirlwind and grabbed my hand, "Come and look at my bedroom daddy, mummy sometimes let's me have tea parties up here, me and my dollies"

I spent a delightful hour with my daughter and her dolls, something I never thought I'd live to do, I watched her stifle a yawn,

"Come on Princess" I smiled, "I'll fetch mummy to get you undressed for bed"

"Let daddy do it" said a voice behind me and my wife reached over to put Poppy's dolls away,

"Will you put me to bed daddy?" she said and I melted,

"Of course I will darling"

"Will you undress me too and put me to bed?"

I smiled into Laura's eyes as she handed me a glass of whisky,

"You bet"

We tucked our daughter in and both kissed her goodnight before going downstairs again into the huge front room, I took her into my arms again and kissed her with a passion I thought I'd never feel again.

I don't remember going back upstairs, I just remember her soft moans of pleasure as I knelt to remove her panties, I remember the beautiful, womanly smell of her and how she tasted, I remember how she squirmed round under me to take me into her mouth as I explored her moist cleft with my mouth, but most of all I remember how beautiful she looked as I entered the warmth of her sex,

I fucked her how I remembered she liked it, slowly and with long, deep strokes, every stroke bringing a gasp from her lips,

"Frank" she sighed, "Oh God Frank" she held onto my hips and wrapped her lovely long legs around my back as I gradually increased my pace,

"I can't last Laura" I gasped as I sensed my orgasm approaching,

"Frank" was all she could utter and I knew she was about to come too,

I felt the almost forgotten tingling in my toes which quickly spread up my body, my brain seemed to explode at the same time as I erupted, Laura was clinging to me crying as she came, saying my name over and over again.

Incredibly I stayed hard and she chuckled wantonly as I began moving again inside her,

"I'd almost forgotten what a stud you are" she whispered in my ear and I laughed,

"I saw stars" I said as I gripped her sexy little bottom,

"Oh my God, this is beautiful Frank" I kissed her neck and her breasts, I chewed on her nipples and all the time she pushed herself against me,

"Give me another baby Frank" she whispered, "Make me pregnant again, fuck me darling, fuck me"

We rolled all over the bed, she put her legs over my shoulders, she pushed me onto my back and lay on top of me whilst I inserted a finger in her little rear hole, she squealed and bit my neck,

"Frank I'm going to cum again, Frank oh fuck Frank, FRANK I'M CUMMMMINGGGGGGGGG" I felt her wetness around my groin, I'd forgotten how she squirted when she had a really strong orgasm, I felt my second orgasm coming quickly so I gripped her hips and jammed her down on my cock just as it blew, she squealed again and came just as strongly as before.

We lay panting still joined when a little voice asked if she could share our bed,

"Can I cuddle you?" I asked and she nodded, "Yes please, I like cuddles"

"You'll love mine then" I smiled and picked her up, I lay down a happy but tired man, my daughter in my arms and my wife spooned into my back!

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