The Room
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slavery, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Torture, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alyson rents a room from a married couple and when she doesn't pay her rent on time she is punished and later ordered into The Room.

Alyson felt she needed to get away from home, she had lived with her mum and dad for long enough and now she was in her mid 20s she had to make the break. As she worked in Durham it had to be fairly near so it was easy to get there and easy to get back to visit her mum and dad. She trawled through the local papers and found a first floor apartment to rent in a nearby village.

She picked up the phone and called the number. A man answered and told her about the accommodation and she arranged to go round that evening and view it. As Alyson pulled up outside the big double fronted house she thought it a bit strange to see the front left hand window had been blacked out.

She rang the doorbell and a man opened it, held his hand out and said, 'Hello, you must be Alyson, I'm Roger, come in.'

She followed him down the hall and into a room on the right. It was a large lounge and he said, 'This is my wife Fiona.'

Fiona went over and shook her hand and said, 'Nice to meet you.'

Roger beckoned Alyson to sit on a sofa and he and Fiona sat opposite her. They were both probably late fifties and almost old enough to be her parents. Roger was of medium build with a full head of hair and slightly greying. Fiona was a similar height, slim, short dark blonde hair and quite attractive.

They chatted generally for a few minutes and then Roger said, 'Let me show you around.'

As they went out of the room Alyson noticed the door opposite. It was closed and had a sign on it that merely said THE ROOM.

It intrigued her she asked Roger, 'What's in there?'

'Oh that's private, ' he replied.

She followed him upstairs to the first floor apartment. There was a lounge/diner, a small kitchen, a nice sized bathroom and a bedroom with a double bed in it. She liked what she saw and told Roger she was interested.

'Good, let's go downstairs and discuss the rent, ' he replied.

Fiona handed Alyson a glass of wine and they sat and chatted. She was happy with the rent and Roger said, 'I need to check your references but if they are OK then we'd love you to move in. I do have to say though that the rent must be paid on time or I will not be happy, and you won't like it if I'm not happy, will she dear?'

'No definitely, ' Fiona replied.

Alyson finished her wine, shook hands with them both and left. A few days later she had a phone call from Roger saying everything was fine and she could move in whenever she wanted.

They arranged for her to move in at the weekend.

It was a busy weekend but at the end Alyson was moved in and soon felt really at home there. She had her own key to front door and another to her apartment to her door at the top of the stairs. She occasionally bumped into Roger and Fiona on her way home from work.

The rent was really a bit more than she could afford and at the end of the month she realised there wasn't going to be enough money in her bank account to cover the rent so she decided the best thing was to tell Roger and ask him if it was OK if she paid him the following week. She got home from work, had dinner and went down to see him. She knocked on the lounge door and he said, 'Come in, sit down.'

Alyson sat down and Roger and Fiona sat opposite her on a sofa. He said, 'What can I do for you?'

She replied, 'I'm very sorry but I won't be able to pay the rent until next week, I'm sorry, but it will be in your bank this time next week.'

Roger leaned forward and said in a very strict voice, 'Well I'm sorry too but that's just not acceptable, I'm very disappointed with you.'

He sat and thought for a few minutes and said, 'I cannot let this pass without some sort of punishment. I suggest that for every day the rent is late you will get one smack on the bottom, is that clear?'

'Yes, thank you, ' she said.

Alyson stood up and left the room and went back upstairs. As she sat watching TV she couldn't get out of her head what Roger had said about smacking her bottom. Her previous relationship had involved a lot of punishment and it was something that really turned her one and now she could feel herself getting aroused and it wasn't long before she was naked and looking for some clips to put on her nipples. She found some in the kitchen drawer and loved the feel as they pinched her erect nipples. It hurt, but she liked the pain as she knew that after the pain came the pleasure.

She went back into the lounge and masturbated to the thought that in a few days time, her landlord Roger was going to punish her and smack her bottom. She even considered phoning her bank and getting them to delay payment by a few more days so that she would be punished more. Her orgasm, when it came was very intense and satisfying.

For the next few days, the punishment was in the back of her mind and as she was so looking forward to it she found that she always seemed to be aroused and each night when she got home for work she was amazed at how wet her panties were.

Seven days later and Alyson checked with her bank and found that the payment had gone through to Roger's bank. She was in a dreadful state all day as she knew this was going to be the day she got her bottom smacked. She was so horny that it was all she could do to stop herself going to the ladies and masturbating. When she got home her panties were soaking wet. She thought about changing them but quite honestly she liked feeling the dampness of them against her pussy.

She had dinner and went downstairs. She was trembling with anticipation as she knocked on their lounge door.

'Come in, ' Roger called.

She opened the door and walked in. She said, 'I've checked with my bank and they say that the rent money has been transferred to your account today.'

'Oh that's good, ' said Roger, 'so it should have cleared into my account in about 3 days time.'

'No, ' it'll be there now, ' Alyson replied.

'OK so that's seven smacks on the bottom then, ' he said.

He was sitting on the sofa and Fiona got up and sat opposite. He pointed at his lap and said, 'Right, bend over.'

Alyson didn't hesitate and got herself comfortable. She could already feel his hard cock on her chest and just before the first smack came down Fiona said, 'Shall I take her panties down?'

'Good idea, dear, ' Roger said and Fiona went behind Alyson, lifted her skirt and took her panties down, she lifted her feet and slipped them right off. Her skirt was now right up around her waist and exposing her rounded arse.

Fiona picked the panties up and said, 'these panties are very damp are you aroused?'

Alyson felt herself blushing and didn't answer.

Roger said, 'Well come on answer, are your aroused, is this making you horny?'

'Yes, ' Alyson whispered.

Roger said to his wife, 'Hold them to my nose, let me smell her juices.'

Fiona did as she was told and Roger said, 'My, young lady you really are excited aren't you and your cunt juices smell exquisite, now let's get on with this punishment.'

Suddenly Alyson felt the first smack which really hurt and made her arse sting and she winced with the pain but it also made her more aroused and she feel her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wetter. She parted her legs a little more too and Roger noticed and said, 'Would you like Fiona to caress your pussy while I punish you?'

Alyson didn't answer but Fiona moved behind her and knelt on the floor and was soon rubbing her wet pussy lips. Alyson was in heaven as the second smack rained down on her. She winced again but the pleasure of Fiona's finger sliding inside her soon outweighed the pain. Thwack the third and then the fourth smack but the way Fiona was sliding her fingers in and out of wet cunt totally cunt out the pain.

Alyson was rubbing herself up and down on Roger's hard cock which she could feel through her blouse. She wanted to cum, she needed to cum. Then the fifth and sixth smack hit her, her arse cheeks were on fire and she loved it. She knew they would be very red too. Suddenly she realised she was only going to get one more smack and Roger said, 'How many is that?'

Alyson said, 'I think it must be four.'

Fiona replied, 'No, I've been counting and it's only three.'

'OK, four more then, ' said Roger and his hand slapped her again.

Fiona was now sliding three fingers into Alyson's soaking wet cunt and trying to get even more in. Her other hand had found her clit and was soon tweaking it. Thwack, thwack came smack five and six.

'Just one more now, Roger said and down his hand came even harder.

Alyson was disappointed and said, 'Please carry on and let me cum.'

Roger said, 'So you really want to cum do you?'

'Oh yes, I need to, ' she replied.

OK, fine, stand up and masturbate in front of me, ' he ordered.

Alyson, was embarrassed but very horny and was desperate to cum.

Roger, said, 'Come on slut, get on with it.'

Hearing him call her a slut aroused her even more.

Alyson stood in front of Roger, raised her skirt and started fingering herself. Fiona sat next to Roger on the sofa and handed him Alyson's panties. He put them to his nose and sniffed them. Meanwhile Fiona had taken Roger's huge hard cock out and was wanking him while he watched their young guest pleasuring herself.

After a short while Roger said to his wife, 'I want to taste her cunt juices.'

Fiona leaned forward and slipped a finger inside Alyson's pussy and fucked her a short while then took her finger out. As at back beside her husband she sniffed her finger and said, 'Oh, dear her cunt smells exquisite.'

Roger smelt his wife's finger and started licking Alyson's juices off it. He knew he was about to cum and Fiona beckoned her stand nearer. Suddenly Alyson orgasmed and her legs almost gave way as her body gave her the relief she so desperately needed.

She stepped closer to Roger and as Fiona wanked her husband faster he suddenly spurted his hot cum all over Alyson's young body.

Fiona then got down on her knees and licked her husband's cum of her stomach.

Alyson lowered her skirt and with Roger still sniffing her knickers she went back up to her room. She slumped down on the sofa and sat and recovered. Her arse was still sore but she had that wonderful feeling that follows a very satisfying orgasm. She had almost dropped off to sleep when she heard some shouting from downstairs. She opened her door and could hear Fiona but couldn't hear what she was saying.

Alyson started slowly going down the stairs and suddenly realised the sounds were coming from The Room. She stood quietly outside and listened. She could hear Fiona saying, 'No more please Master, I know I have done wrong, but please no more punishment.'

There followed the swish of a cane and the sound of it contacting with flesh and Fiona shouting out in pain.

Roger then said, 'I told you as soon as she came here that she's my slut and my slut alone. I did not give you permission to smell your finger after you had finger fucked her, you should have offered your finger direct to me, you have to be punished for that. As for licking my cum off her stomach without my permission, well I just can't believe you even considered doing that. I was going to get her to wipe it off herself and then lick her fingers clean.'

Alyson was getting very aroused again hearing Fiona being punished. She realised she still didn't have any knickers on and her hand was soon between her legs fingering her pussy again.

She heard the swish of the cane again and again and Fiona begging for mercy but Roger was having nothing of it. The more she heard the more aroused she became and it was only a few minutes and Alyson, with her skirt up around her waist was bring herself to another huge orgasm.

Meanwhile in The Room was Fiona was paying for her behaviour earlier.

Alyson listened for a little longer and then went back up to her flat. She sat on the sofa and kept remembering what Roger had said about being his slut. Amazingly it was making her wet again.

The next day Alyson went to work as normal and what she had heard in The Room wasn't far from her mind all day. When she got home there was a note pinned on her door which read

After you've had your dinner come downstairs, I need to talk to you.

Alyson started getting dinner ready and couldn't help wondering what Roger wanted to see her about. Secretly she hoped he night be going to tell her off again and have to smack her bottom again. The thought of this started getting her panties damp. She had dinner and could feel herself getting more and more aroused.

As soon as she finished she decided to go downstairs. She considered leaving her panties off but knew how much Roger liked smelling them yesterday and if she was going to be punished for whatever reason he might well want her panties.

So she went downstairs, knocked on the lounge door and Fiona opened it and let her in.

'Sit down, ' said Roger, rather severely. 'I've got something to show you. You need to watch this very closely.'

He reached for the TV remote and pushed a button, the TV came on and after pressing another button the DVD started to play. Alyson was looking intently when she realised she was looking at the hallway in the house. Then suddenly she appeared into view. She was clearly listening to what was going on in The Room. Alyson was panicking as she knew what was coming next and almost straight away she saw herself lift her skirt and start masturbating. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life.

All she could say, 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me.'

Roger said, 'When you first came here I remember telling you that that room is private and you have invaded our privacy, you will be punished.'

'Fiona, take her to The Room and prepare her for me, ' he ordered his wife.

Fiona went over to Alyson and said, 'Come with me.'

Alyson said, 'Oh Roger, please, I'm so sorry, it won't happen again.'

'Take her to The Room, ' he repeated.

Alyson got up and followed Fiona next door. She took a key out of her pocket and unlocked the door and they both went in and Fiona locked the door behind them.

Alyson couldn't believe what she was seeing. She knew the windows had been blacked out but was astonished to see that all the walls were covered in mirrors. There were stands holding canes and whips. Another rack had lots of rubber and leather wear. Hanging down from the ceiling were several ropes and hooks. Alyson couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had read about dungeons before but never believed she'd see one, let alone be in one and about to be punished.

Fiona started undressing her and tossed her clothes onto a nearby chair until she stood naked in front of her. Fiona remembered the previous evening when she slipped a finger inside her to let Roger smell her juices and wanted to do it again but to be able to taste her juices herself. She knew that Roger could walk in any moment now and that she would be punished if he caught her.

Fiona said, 'Let me give you one piece of advice, call him Sir or master at all times and although the pain will hurt the pleasure that follows will be very intense and the pain will be worthwhile. Now I have to get some clothing on you.'

She went and got a black silk waspie suspender belt with 6 hanging suspender straps and a pair of sheer fully fashioned stockings and a pair of 5 inch high heeled ankle strap red shoes. Fiona said, 'You won't be wearing a bra as Master will have something in mind for your tits, now let me get these on for you.'

She reached round Alyson's waist and put the waspie on and pulled the zip tightly up. Then sitting on the chair she pulled on the stockings making sure that the seams were as straight as possible and with all the mirrors around it was easy to check how straight they were. Fiona pulled the suspender clips down and attached all six of them to the stockings. Finally she knelt in front of Alyson and put the shoes on and fastened the straps round her ankles.

Fiona helped her to her feet and she took a few steps and tried to get used to them. Alyson admired herself in one of the mirrors and loved her slutty look. Her nipples were quite hard and she had that wonderful feeling between her legs of a very damp pussy.

Fiona said, 'Open your legs.'

Alyson parted her legs and Fiona took her panties and started pushing theminside her until only about an inch was poking out. She said, 'I know master will enjoy smelling these later.'

Suddenly the door opened and Roger came in. He was naked except for a leather strap round his balls, and his cock. Alyson was amazed at the size of it and also because the straps made it stand out straight in front of him. In his hand he held a glass of drink. He handed it to Alyson and said, 'Drink this, it's a combination of a tranquiliser which will free you from all your reservations and Viagra which will ensure that your sexual appetite will be immense.'

Alyson took the glass and gulped it all down in one go.

'I also have to say that you look very slutty but of course the real reason you are here is to be punished for invading our privacy last night, ' he continued.

He said to Fiona, 'Get me the lipstick.'

She handed it to her husband and as he moved closer to Alyson she could feel his erect cock touching her stomach. He took a lip pencil and drew a big red circle round Alyson's large aureola and then with the lipstick coated her whole nipple making sure he put it on very thickly. He was impressed how large her nipples now were. He gave the lipstick a few minutes to dry and then coated both nipples with lipgloss. He stood back and admired his work. Finally he picked up the lipstick again and wrote in big red letters the word SLUT across her stomach.

He handed the make-up back to Fiona and said, 'Get me the rope and tape.'

Fiona handed her husband some thin rope and he started binding it round one of Alyson's tits, making sure he pulled it tightly and then started winding it round the other one, finally tying it behind her back. Then he got some thick insulating tape and wrapped it tightly round both tits. Her tits stood straight out in front of her. They were also soon looking very red as the blood supply was restricted. It also made her nipples stand out even more.

Then suddenly he reached up for a rope that was hanging from the ceiling and pulled it down. It turned out to be an elastic rope and on the end was a metal clip and he attached it to one of Alyson's lipstick coated nipples.

She yelled, 'Ouch, that hurts.'

'That's the plan, it's part of the punishment, ' he replied.

He reached up for another elasticated rope and attached it to the other nipple. Again Alyson called out. Roger released the elastic ropes and they sprang back upwards pulling Alyson's tits up. Although she often put wooden pegs on her nipples the metal ones were digging into them and really hurting and with the ropes pulling them up doubled the pain. Alyson glanced sidewards and could see herself in a mirror. The sight, although very painful was also very arousing and she felt herself getting wetter and wetter.

Roger went and chose a cane and made a few swishing noises with it before bring it down and giving Alyson a stinging blow across the buttocks. As she lurched forward she felt the nipple clamps pulling on her nipples. Then a second and third smack of the cane came in quick succession.

Fiona said, 'Her buttocks are marking up nicely Master.'

Although Alyson was in pain she loved the feeling of helplessness, the feeling of being under the control of a master and it got her more and more aroused. Roger pulled on the elasticated ropes and pulled her tits up higher. Alyson yelped in pain. She was getting to the point where she desperately needed to cum. Her hands were free and she moved them down between her legs.

Roger said, 'Stop that I once, I decide when and how you cum, how dare you do that without asking my permission.'

He put the cane back and got a thin cat of nine tails and said, 'Open your legs slut.'

Alyson did as she was told and he gently swung the flail up between her legs mainly hitting her panties that were still poking out of her cunt. He reached forward and slowly pulled them out. The feeling Alyson got was sensational and she thought she was going to cum there and then.

Roger held them to Alyson's nose and said, 'Do you like the smell of your cunt juices?'

Alyson took a big inhale and loved the smell and then Roger said, 'Open your mouth.'

He started pushing them into her mouth until they were all inside her. She could now taste her juices as well as smell them which just heightened her excitement even more.

Roger swung the flail up between her legs again and she loved it as it brushed against her cunt lips. Roger could see by the look on her face she was enjoying it which was just making him more aroused so he carried on and now made sure it hit her clit.

'Oh master, I'm going to cum, Oh fuck master, I'm cummmmmming.'

Alyson had just had one of the most intense climaxes of her life. She almost collapsed forward but the ropes on her tits and the nipple clamps prevented this.

Roger reached up and undid the elasticated ropes and Alyson collapsed on the floor, her mouth still full of her panties.

'Time for me to cum now, can't decide which hole to cum in first, mouth, cunt or arse, oh I think yiou can suck me off first.'

He went and got two nipple clamps with weights on them and attached them to Alyson's stretched nipples. Although they hurt she loved the feel as her nipples were stretched.

Roger sat on a sofa and said, 'Kneel in front of me and suck me off, I will cum in your mouth and keep it all in there, do not spit it out or swallow it.'

As she knelt down in front of her master, she loved the look of his cock, seldom had she seen one harder. As she opened her mouth and took it in she felt Fiona behind her. She realised that she was licking her arse hole and then trickled something cold which she assumed was oil into it. The feeling was sensational as she felt it run down inside her. She knew what was coming next and she felt the cold hard plastic of a vibrator teasing her little dark hole open. Gently Fiona eased it inside her until all six inches had disappeared. She flicked the switch on the end and the wonderful vibrations were soon coursing through her body.

Fiona was sucking Master's cock and teasing the end with her tongue, she had reached under him and was rubbing his huge spunk filled balls and determined not to let him cum too soon.

Alyson was in heaven and then she felt Fiona's tongue on her cunt lips and absolutely loved it, she felt a finger slide inside her so easily and soon that was followed by a second and a third. Alyson loved the feeling of something so large inside her. But Fiona had other ideas and soon a fourth finger and eventually her whole fist was in there. The feelings Alyson was getting was better than she had ever felt before as Fiona started fist fucking her.

This made her suck her Master even stronger and she was now desperate for a mouthful of his cum, she rubbed and squeezed his balls and licked the head of his cock while still sucking as hard as she could.

She had trouble concentrating as she felt her next orgasm nearing. She so needed to cum again and eventually with the vibrator buzzing away in her arse and her being fist fucked soon she was cumming, her juices just seemed to start flowing and she though they would never stop as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure throbbed through her body.

Roger sensed this and even before she had finished cumming he was pumping his hot seed deep inside her mouth. Alyson loved the feel of it and she clamped her mouth tightly around the head to stop any cum leaking out.

Roger took his cock out and said, 'Now you must lick Fiona's cunt and coat it and soak it with my cum.'

Fiona replaced Roger on the sofa, her legs wide apart and now Fiona moved towards her. She had never had anything to do with another woman before, however, she certainly knew how to lick pussy and she clamped her mouth over her pussy lips and opened it. Roger's spunk gushed out all over his wife's cunt and Alyson started licking her cunt lips and had to admit she loved doing it.

Meanwhile Roger was behind Alyson now and with the vibrator still embedded deep inside her arse he started licking her cunt juices from between her legs. He was amazed at how wet she was and how much juice she had produced.

Her cunt was still gaping wide and he eased a couple of fingers deep inside her and started finger fucking her. Alyson just knew that another orgasm wasn't far away and when she felt his fist go all the way in she was in heaven again. She was also really loving pleasuring Fiona and she moved up to find her clit which she was amazed at the size of it. She licked it a few times and then managed to clamp her lips tightly around it and sucked it. Within seconds Fiona was bucking with pleasure as Alyson gave her such an intense orgasm. Alyson loved the taste of another woman's cum as she more or less ejaculated all over her face.

Now she could concentrate on her pleasure and it was only a matter of a minute or two before her body was thrashing about with another huge cum. She collapsed face down on the floor, her nipples being squashed by the nipple clamps. She was exhausted and ready to sleep but Roger had other ideas. He slipped the vibrator out of Alyson's arse and replaced it with his hard cock. Although Alyson enjoyed gently anal sex this was not what she was getting from Roger as he fucked her arse as hard as he could. All he was interested in was his pleasure, he needed to cum again and he had made up his mind that Alyson's arse was where he was going to cum. At first she hated it but soon pleasure took over for the pain and although she didn't cum again the feel of Master's hard cock ejaculating his hot spunk deep inside her was a wonderful way to finish the evening.

They sat and recovered and shared a bottle of wine. Roger looked at Fiona and said, 'I think we've found our new sex slave.'

Alyson looked at the both, smiled and nodded.

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